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Myiasis, Intestinal, W. H. Deaderick-149,
Oct., p. 247.
Incomplete, J.
McWilliams-60, Oct., p. 411.
Narcosis and Lecithin (Narkose und Leci-
thin), Nerking-143a, Aug. 18, p. 1733.
Nephritis, Chronic Interstitial, Etiology and
Pathology of, L. A. Levison-6, Oct., p.
Nephritis, Chronic, with Urmia, Subtem-
poral Decompression in Case of, with
Especial Consideration of the Neura-
retinal Lesion, Cushing and Bordley-
8, Oct., p. 484.



in Syphilitics, Treatment
(Traitement des nephrites chez les sy-
philitiques), Louste-18k, II, 17, p. 1307.
Edema, Persistent Hereditary, of Legs
(Oedème persistant héréditaire des
jambes), Hope and French-158b, May-
June, p. 177.

Ophthalmic Reaction in Tuberculosis, Fur-
ther Results of (Weitere Ergebnisse der
Conjunctivalreaktion auf Tuberculosis),
Fabian and Knopf-93, Aug. 24, p. 1565.
Ophthalmo-tuberculin Reaction, E. F. Glaser
-35a, Oct., p. 353.
Ophthalmo-reaction, Colmette,

Objection to Employment of, for Tuber-
culosis, F. P. Weber-62a, Oct., p. 315.
Ophthalmo-reaction, Symptoms and Compli-
cations of (Sur les symptomes et les
complications de l'ophtalmo-reaction à
la tuberculine), Aubineau-64g, Sept. 5,
p. 701.
Ophthalmo-reaction, Tuberculous (Sull' of-
talmoreazione tubercolare), Maragliano
and Romanelli-64c, Aug. 23, p. 1065.
Ophthalmo-tuberculin Test, Campbell, Mc-

Kee and White-143, Oct., p. 730.
Opsonic Index Theory in Its Relation to In-
fective Processes, W. H. Birchmore-
165, Oct., p. 625.

Opsonic Technique, R. E. Walker-80a, Oct.,
p. 237.

Osteitis Deformans; Case, H. Herbert-185,
Oct., p. 460.

Pancreas, Primary Sarcoma of (Primäres
Sarkom des Pankreas), Schirokogoroff-
201a, Sept. 4, p. 395.
Pellagra Research, Progress in (Fortschritte
der Pellagraforschung), Sofer
Aug., p. 292.
Peptic Ulcer, Diagnosis of, D. Roberts-123,
Oct. 17, p. 657.

Personal Factor in Disease, B. Robinson-
123, Oct. 17, p. 663.

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Phthisis, Septicemic, A Subacute Form of

(Sur une forme subaiguë de phtissie sep-
ticémique), Landouzy and Laederich-
179d, Sept. 10, p. 765.

Physical Signs, Importance of, S. C. Delap-
111, Oct., p. 555.

Plague, The, T. J. West-58, Oct., p. 207.
Pneumonia, S. E. McCully-122, Oct., p. 332.
Pneumonia, Croupous, Post-mortem Findings
in Case of, S. M. Hobson-52, Oct., p.

Pneumonia, Lobar, Serotherapy of (La siero-
terapia nella polmonite, etc.), Tran-
quilli-64k, Aug. 15, p. 421.

Pneumonia on Isthmus of Panama, W. E.
Deeks-123, Oct. 3, p. 563.
Pneumonia, Rational Treatment of, E. W.
Stokes-122, Oct., p. 339.

Pneumonia, Traumatic; Influence of Latent
Pneumococci (Pneumonie traumatique;
influence d'une pneumococcie latente),
Halipré and Sans-179 I, Aug. 25, p. 297.

Poisoning, Benzene (Zur Kasuistik der Benzinvergiftung), Federschmidt-217, Sept. 20, p. 653.

Poisoning, Chloroform, J. V. Shoemaker-200, Sept., p. 501.

Poisoning, Lead, Cause of, in Tinning of Metals, G. E. Duckering-83b, Sept., p. 474.

Poisoning, Phosphorus, Tetany in (Tetanie. bei Phosphorvergiftung), Wirth 208, Sept. 17, p. 1325.

Poisoning, Veronal and Glycosuria (Veronalvergiftung und Glycosurie), Neumann93, Sept. 14, p. 1682.

Pulmonary Disorders, Non-tuberculous, Colorado and, G. R. Pogue-58, Oct., p. 154. Pupil in General Disease, Suggestions of, E. Jackson-8, Oct., p. 556.

Renal Function, Tests for, W. A. Dennis183a, Oct., p. 565.

Rheumatism, Bees' Stings and, E. W. A. Walker-29, Oct. 10, p. 1056. Rheumatism with Heart Complications, Spiroform in (Spiroform in Rheumatismusfällen, etc.), Bast-154, Sept., p. 169. Septicemia, with Acute Fibrino-purulent Pericarditis and Hypopyon Iritis, Caused by Meningococcus, C. W. Duval-80a, Oct., p. 259.

Serodiagnosis, Present Status of (Der heutige Stand der Serodiagnostik), Piorkowski-91c, Sept. 14, p. 985.

Sleeping Sickness, Prevention of, H. F. B.
Walker-29, Oct. 10, p. 1061.
Sphygmomanometer, Indication for Use of,
F. H. Humphris-15a, Sept., p. 325.
Splanchnoplosis, Rational Treatment of, J.
M. Taylor-123, Oct. 17, p. 660.
Stokes-Adams Disease, Final Report in a
Case of, H. F. Vickery-28, Oct. 1, p.

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Stomach and Bowel Disturbances, Commonly Overlooked Causes of, R. T. Morris32, Oct., p. 142.

Stomach and Intestinal Gases, S. Basch150, Oct. 10, p. 684; Oct. 17, p. 738. Stomach, Case of Carcinoma of, Grafted on Chronic Ulcer; Its Frequency, J. T. Moore-195, Oct., p. 144.

Stomach, Treatment of Diseases of (Traitement des maladies de l'estomac), Pron -179b, Sept. 1, p. 590.

Temperature, The Terminal, S. W. Sapping

ton-68, Oct., p. 727.

Thoracic Colic Following Injection of Blue Ointment (La colique thoracique consécutive à une injection d'huile grisé), Dubois-Havenith-174e, Sept. 6, p. 845. Thoracic Periosteædema of Angioneurotic Origin, H. Stern-123, Oct. 24, p. 697. Thrombo-angiitis Obliterans; A Study of the Vascular Lesions Leading to Presenile Spontaneous Gangrene, L. Buerger-8, Oct., p. 567.

Tuberculin Reaction, The Urethral (Ueber urethrale Tuberkulinreaktion), Oppenheim-208, Sept. 10, p. 1294.

Tuberculosis, Etiology and Diagnosis of, A. Davidson-201, Oct., p. 235.

Tuberculosis, Early, and Malaria; Their Differentiation, P. H. Ringer-123, Oct. 3, p. 567. Tuberculosis Exhibit, A Stroll Through the -104, Oct., p. 415.

Tuberculosis, Family, W. C. White 150, Oct. 31, p. 832.

Tuberculosis, How Does the Colorado Climate Influence? C. Denison-58, Oct., p. 141. Tuberculosis, Intestinal Infection and Immunity in, A. Calmette-123, Oct. 31, p. 741. Tuberculosis, Medical Treatment of, as Interpreted by Sajous, J. M. Taylor-200, Sept., p. 472.

Tuberculosis of Lungs, Roentgen Ray as Aid to Diagnosis of, Engelbach and Carman -77a, Oct., p. 790. Tuberculosis, Philadelphia Conference on, F. J. Hupp-206a, Oct., p. 124. Tuberculosis, Physicians in Colorado for, A. C. Magruder-58, Oct., p. 152. Tuberculosis, Prophylaxis of, W. F. Hamilton-201, Oct., p. 241. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Expectant Treatment of, A. B. Judson-150, Oct. 31, p.. 830. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, in Women, Observations on 1200 Cases of, W. S. Mills68, Oct., p. 721. Tuberculosis, Relation of Nasal Catarrh to, C. Patton-401, Oct., p. 391. Tuberculosis, Roentgen Rays as an Aid to Diagnosis of, Engelbach and Carman85c, Oct., p. 209. Tuberculosis, Sixth International Congress of, J. N. Hurty-75, Oct., p. 151. Tuberculosis, Transmission of, Through

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Milk, R. A. Pearson-167, Sept., p. 567. Tuberculosis, Vaccine and Tuberculin Therapy in, H. B. Weaver-41, Oct., p. 255. Tuberculous Infection, Normal Modes of

(Les voies normales d'infection tuberculeuse), Calmette-94b, Sept. 19, p. 741. Tuberculous Patients, Psychological Tests Made Upon, W. S. Mills-150, Oct. 3, p. 638. Typhoid Fever (Typhus), von Oppolzer 68a, Sept., p. 321.

Typhoid Fever, Contagious Character of (La

contagion interhumaine de la fièvre typhoïde), Auche-64f, Sept. 20, p. 597. Typhoid Fever, Is It Preventable? R. G. Eccles-4, Oct., p. 1299.

Typhoid Fever, Minimal Therapeusis in

(Thérapeutique minima de la fièvre typhoïde), Mongour-64f, Aug. 30, p. 551. Typhoid Fever, Nourishment of Patients

During, L. Litchfield-163, Oct., p. 36. Typhoid Fever, Pathogenesis and Specific Treatment of, A. G. Brown, Jr.-202, Oct. 9, p. 294.

Typhoid Fever, Pathology of, L. G. Heyn45, Oct. 24, p. 475.

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ABDOMEN, Post-operative Gas Distention

of; Prevention, F. J. Moennighoff85c, Oct., p. 193.

Abdomen, Surgical Emergencies of, H. R. Chislett-52, Oct., p. 565. Abdominal Conditions, Obscure, Diagnosis of, M. Thorner-75, Oct., p. 133. Abdominal Neoplasms, Differential Leucocytic Estimation in Diagnosis of, W. A. Repp-86b, Oct., p. 494. Abdomen, Reflex Gastric Symptoms a Factor in Surgical Diseases of, J. P. Reilly --86a, Oct., p. 237.

Abscesses, Chronic (Des abscès chroniques), Reclus-78b, Sept. 19, p. 593.

Adenites, Cervical, R. P. Farquharson-115, Sept., p. 182.

Adrenal Origin, Tumors of, with Special Reference to Hypernephroma, H. C. Moffitt -28, Oct. 8, p. 457.

Amputate the Injured, When to, E. C. De Moss-188, Oct., p. 462.

Amputation, Interscapulo-thoracic; Fracture of Ribs, Depressed and Incarcerated, Operation for; Fracture of Patella, Different Operations for, R. E. Fort-178, Sept., p. 22.

Anæsthesia, Local, New Method of Producing, G. E. Beilby-2, Oct., p. 811. Anesthesia, Practical Points in (Concluded), F. E. Neef-11, Oct., p. 307.

Anæsthesia, Scopolamine-Morphine, with 229 Cases, R. R. Smith-190b, Oct., p. 414. Anæsthesia, Spinal, by Tuffier's Method, 679 Operations Under, A. S. Gubb-95, Oct. 24, p. 1213.

Anæsthetic, General, Choice of a, J. K. Patrick-66a, Oct., p. 259. Aneurysm, Arterial, Ideal Operation in (Ein Beitrag zur idealen Operation des arteriellen Aneurysma), Enderlen 58a, Sept. 10, p. 1581.

Aneurysm, Popliteal; Case, S. C. Red-195, Oct., p. 143.

Aneurysm, Treatment of, by Gradual Arterial Closure, R. T. Stratton-35a, Oct., p. 339. Appendicitis, J. M. McLeod-111, Oct., p. 557.

Urine and Gastric Juice, Modern Methods

for Examination of, by General Practitioner, C. F. Weiss-95, Oct. 17, p. 1140. Urine, Possible Fallacies of Fehling's Solution as Test for Sugar in, J. D. Mann-113a, Oct., p. 31.

Urine, Practical Points in Microscopical Examination of, L. W. Bremerman-15, Sept., p. 390.

Urine, Reagent Tablets in Quantitative Estimation of Sugar and Albumen in (Ueber die Verwendung von Reagenztabletten, etc.), Merck-154, Sept., p. 179.

Appendicitis, Acute Suppurative Perforating, Complicating Typhoid Fever, J. McH. Dean-118, Oct. 10, p. 479. Appendicitis, Acute, Treatment of, by General Practitioner, P. Phillips-95, Oct. 17, p. 1138. Appendicitis, Early Operation in (Opération précoce dans l'appendicite), Idelsohn-158a, Sept. 13, p. 246.

Appendicitis Resembling Unilateral Calculus, M. G. Seelig-190b, Oct., p. 485. Appendicitis, So-called Chronic, Fixation of

Cœcum in (Fixation des Cocum mobile bei Fällen von sog. chronischer Appendicitis), Wilms-40a, Sept. 12, p. 1000. Appendicitis, Varieties, Causation and Treatment of, G. T. Beatson-72b, Oct. 3, p. 7. Appendicostomy; Case, J. B. Anderson-76, Oct., p. 305. Appendicular Artery, B. Robinson-139, Oct., p. 325. Appendix, Carcinoma of, G. H. Monks-23, Oct., p. 563. Appendix, Primary Carcinoma of, Garrow and Keenan-23, Oct., p. 560. Appendix, Review of Work on, W. Jones26, Oct., p. 189. Bile-duct, Common, Cause of Sudden Fall in Blood Pressure While Exploring, J. L. Ransohoff-23, Oct., p. 550. Bile-duct, Common, Rupture of; Double Laparotomy; Recovery, P. N. Gerrard 87a, Sept. 15, p. 277. Blastomycosis; Two Cases Resembling Bone Tuberculosis, E. W. Ryerson-10a, Aug., p. 79.

Bone Disease, Tubercular, X-ray in, L. E. Bartz-174g, Oct., p. 327.

Bone Lesions, Plea for Exactness in Diagnosis of, by Roentgen Method, E. H. Skinner-119, Oct., p. 444.

Bone Pains (Beinbeiden), Bronn-58i, Aug. 20, p. 121.

Brain, Points About Puncture of, H. Tillmanns-95, Oct. 24, p. 1212. Brachydactyly, Hereditary; Case, P. W. Mathew-29, Oct. 3, p. 969.

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Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis Should They Be Considered Medical Affections, and What Are the Consequences of So Treating Them? C. B. G. de Nancrede173, July, p. 303. Choledochotomy for Cholesterin Stone; Case with Absence of Gall-bladder, J. Niemack-190b, Oct., p. 487. Cholelithiasis, The Time for Surgical Intervention in (Du moment de l'intervention chirurgicale dans la lithiase biliaire), Mongour-64f, Sept. 6, p. 568. Chyle Cysts of Mesentery, W. B. Brinsmade

-23, Oct., p. 565.

Cœcum, Cancer of, Removal; No Return, A
B. Atherton-36, Oct., p. 104.
Cœliotomy Done Through Transverse Supra-
pubic Incision, Experiences with, A.
Brothers-174, Oct., p. 855.

Colon, Cancer of, 72 Cases, H. S. Clogg-95, Oct. 3, p. 1007.

Colotomy, Brewis' Appliance for Use After, J. Ingram-29, Oct. 24, p. 1235. Concussion and Shock, J. P. Blankenship76, Oct., p. 321.

Costal Arch, Osteoplastic Resection of, Followed by Resection of Lesser Curvature of Stomach and Esophagus and Esophagostomy, J. Wiener-23, Oct., p. 530. Coxa Vara, W. Moncure-41, Oct., p. 247. Dislocations of Shoulder (Luxations de la épaule), Tédenat and Rives-158a, Aug. 30, p. 193.

Drainage, C. R. Shinault-33, Sept., p. 103. Duodenal Ulcer, Diagnosis of, B. G. A. Moynihan-190b, Oct., p. 449.

Elbow, Osseous New Growths at, Following Backward Dislocation of Radius and Ulna, D. M. Greig-62a, Oct., p. 297. Embolism, Pulmonary, After Operation, H. A. Leipziger-178, Sept., p. 35. Emphysema, Subcutaneous (Emphyseme sous-cutané), Oddo and Corsy 104a, Sept. 1, p. 521.

Empyema: Etiology, Symptoms and When to Perform Thoracotomy; Cases, J. T. Burrus-26, Oct., p. 374.

Exostoses, Gonorrhoeal, of Os Calcis; Case
Complicated by Metatarsalgia, A. J. Da-
vidson-123, Oct. 3, p. 570.
Extremities Mutilated, Treatment of, R. L.
Ramey-195, Oct., p. 147.

Fever as a Surgical Complication, M. A.
Austin-401, Oct., p. 394.

Foot, Flat, Traumatic (Le pied plat traumatique), Labeyrie and Rio-78a, Sept. 12, p. 363.

Fracture and Refracture of Patella, with Points in Treatment, E. M. Corner 174a, Oct., p. 498.

Fracture Basis Cranii, with Diastasis of Left Temporo-parietal Articulation; Complete Recovery, G. Tarnowsky-73c, Oct., p. 426.

Fracture, Colles, Treatment of, R. E. Kinloch-4, Oct., p. 1328.

Fracture of Femoral Shaft; Three Cases Treated by Open Method, T. W. Huntington-163a, Oct., p. 246.

Fracture of Femoral Shaft, with Illustration of a Splint, W. Moncure 163a, Oct., p. 253.

Fracture of Hip, G. Kessel-178, Sept., p. 17. Fracture of Lower Epiphysis of Tibia, F. S. Coolidge-28, Oct. 8, p. 470.

Fracture of Metacarpal Bones, J. A. Mackenzie-174a, Oct., p. 517.

Fracture of Neck of Radius, J. A. Nutter143, Oct., p. 727.

Fracture of Patella, Sutured with Silver Wire (Fracture de la rontule, suturé avec fils d'argent, guérison), Bilhaut18b, Aug., p. 225.

Fracture of Skull and Trephining; Case in Railroad Practice, G. B. Thornton-76, Oct., p. 329.

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Fractures, Obscure, Discovered by X-ray, S. Lange-45, Oct. 3, p. 395. Fractures of Clavicle, Operative Treatment of, A. Staples-178, Oct., p. 73. Fractures of Long Bones, Necessity for Endto-end Apposition in, H. T. Gray-174a, Oct., p. 533.

Fractures of Lower Extremity, Treatment of, J. H. Downey-122, Oct., p. 323. Gall-bladder, Two Cases of Squamous-celled Carcinoma of, G. W. Nicholson - 88a, July, p. 41.


Gas Cysts of Intestion, J. M. T. Finney-79, Oct. 17, p. 1291.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer, Acute Perforating, E. Eliot, Jr.-11, Oct., p. 289. Gastric Disease, Preoperative Treatment of Non-malignant, A. E. Barker 174a, Oct., p. 489. Gastric Ulcer, Perforated, 10 Cases of Operation for, C. A. Morton-28a, Sept., p. 207. Hæmorrhage and Shock as Post-operative Complications, W. W. Lynch-195, Oct., p. 151.

Hand, Injuries Resulting in Suppurative Processes in, L. P. Allison-90, Oct., p. 353. Hand, Treatment of Injuries to Soft Parts of, W. W. Harper-76, Oct., p. 303. Hands, Conservatism in Surgery of, J. A. Hofheimer-150, Oct. 10, p. 691. Head Surgery; Cases, with Conservative Treatment, B. M. Barnett-90, Oct., p. 361. Healing by Primary Union, What Factors, in Addition to Asepsis, Are Necessary to? R. W. Westbrook-123, Oct. 31, p. 755.

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Hernia, Inguinal, Its Importance to Employe and Employer, R. W. Corbin-178, Oct., p. 60.

Hernia, Inguinal, Use of Cocaine as a Local
Anæsthetic in Radical Operation for, W.
G. Nicholson-207b, Sept., p. 196.
Hernia, Management of, J. Wiener-11, Oct.,
p. 299.

Hernia, Oblique Inguinal, Radical Operation for, F. G. Connell-190b, Oct., p. 481. Hernia Operation, Large Ventral, Peak and Humphrey-91d, Oct., p. 607.

Hernia, Umbilical, Technique of Radical Cure of (Zur Technik der Radikaloperation der Nabelbrüche), Martin 58b, XCIV, 3 and 4, p. 201.

Hip, Gymnastics of (Gymnastique de la hanche), Desfosses-174c, Sept. 16, p. 594.

Hip-joint Disease, C. B. Schulz-85c, Oct., p. 221.

Hip-joint Disease, Tuberculous, Influence of Weight-bearing on Treatment of, V. P. Gibney-10a, Aug., p. 21.

Ileus, Acute Mechanical; Case; Operation; Recovery; Remarks on Diagnosis and Treatment, G. T. McKeough-38, Oct., p. 185.

Injuries, Minor, J. B. Richardson, Jr.-101, Oct., p. 129. Instrument Sterilization, A Device for; Combined Grooved Director and Spoon Curette, F. Griffith-114, Oct., p. 374. Intestinal Anastomosis, Method to Facilitate Avoidance of Infection During, J. Halpenny-23, Oct., p. 554.

Intestinal Obstruction, Acute, Early Recognition and Operation in, R. M. Curts86a, Oct., p. 225.

Intestinal Obstruction, Acute, Principles Underlying Treatment of a Study of 121 Cases of, C. L. Scudder-28, Oct. 15, p. 491.

Intestine, Myxosarcoma of (Contributo allo studio dei mixosarcomi dell' intestino), Fioravanti 180a, Aug. 3, p. 841. Intra-abdominal Tumors, Principles Concerned in Treatment of, G. P. LaRoque -202, Oct. 9, p. 301; Oct. 23, p. 326. Intussusception, St. G. Cooper-33, Sept., p. 100.

Jaw Resection, Osteoplastic Replacement of, by Pieces of Rib, Pedicled to Chest Wall or Transplanted Entire (Ueber osteoplastischen Ersatz nach Kieferresektion durch Rippenstücke mittels gestielter Brustwandlappen oder freier Transplantation), Payr-40a, Sept. 5, p.

1065. Jejunal Artery, B. Robinson-148, Sept., p. 402.

Joint Disease, Cause of Atrophy in, A. T. Legg-10a, Aug., p. 84.

Joint Tuberculosis, Further Report on Treatment of, with Marmorek's Serum, A. H. Freiburg-10a, Aug., p. 69.

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