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Pyarthrosis of Knee in an Infant (Pyarthrosis du genou chez un nouvrisson), Venot -64f, Aug. 23, p. 534.

Rachitic Erosions of Permanent Teeth Associated with Lamellar Cataract, Abt and Frank-79, Oct. 3, p. 1130. Rachitis, D. E. English-167, Oct., p. 620. Rickets, Early, Clinical Research on (Klinische Untersuchungen über Frührachitis), Wieland-58a, Sept. 3, p. 1545. Rubeola, Rubella and Scarlatina, E. Sweet185, Oct., p. 473. Scarlatina, Hydrotherapy in, D. S. Hanson79, Oct. 17, p. 1304.



INTERIOR POLIOMYELITIS, Acute, C. F. Clowe-2, Oct., p. 799. Anterior Poliomyelitis, Subacute, Study of, in Adults (Studio della poliomielite anteriore subacuta degli adulti), Medea64d, Sept. 7, p. 349. Anterabic Treatment, Paralytic Accidents During (Accidents paralytiques au cours du traitement antirabique), Remlinger— 174c, Sept. 12, p. 586. Apoplectic Stroke, Pupillary Modifications During (Les modifications pupillaires pendant les ictus), Rodiet and Cans-179, Sept. 10, p. 316. Apoplexy in the Classification of Diseases, F. P. Foster-150, Oct. 3. p. 648. Apoplexy, Its Causes and Treatment, J. D. Bonnar-150, Oct. 3, p. 643.

Apraxia; Case, with Autopsy, J. H. W. Rhein

-86, Oct., p. 619.

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Scarlatina in the Child, Elimination of Urea in (L'elimination de l'urée dans la scarand latine chez l'enfant), Nobécourt Meeklen-197a, Sept. 5, p. 549. Scarlet Fever, Observations on 325 Cases of, J. McCrae-106, Sept., p. 335. Scarlet Fever, Personal Observations in, C. G. Kerley-79, Oct. 24, p. 1407. School Child, Phases of the, J. W. Van Derslice-167, Sept., p. 558. Scrofulosis, Treatment of (Die Behandlung der Skrofulose), Soltmann 58a, Aug. 27, p. 1497.

Serum and Vaccine Therapy, Present Status of, M. W. Richardson-8, Oct., p. 511. Sulphonal, Prolonged Use and Toxic Action of, J. E. Talley-8, Oct., p. 581. Tuberkulin Reaction, von Pirquet's Cutaneous (Ueber die cutane Tuberkulinprobe nach von Pirquet), Brückner-89c, Sept. 2, p. 261. Tuberculosis, Urinary, in Children, Diagnosis of, C. A. Leedham-Green-28d, Sept., p. 388.

Urinary Infection in Children, J. Zahorsky— 167, Sept., p. 543. Inoculation Treatment of, Churchill and Saper-79, Oct. 17, p. 1298.

Vulvovaginitis in Children,

Brain, Traumatism of, J. W. MacDonald-

73c, Oct., p. 433.

Caisson Disease, Experiments on Influence of Fatness on Susceptibility to, Boycott and Damant-83b, Sept., p. 445. Cerebrospinal Fever, T. G. Stephens-118,

Oct. 26, p. 492.

Cerebrospinal Fever, Epidemic, Clinical and
Pathological Phases, B. F. Royer-25,
Oct., p. 721.
Cerebrospinal Fever, Serum Treatment of,
Abnormal Reactions of Horse Serum to,
J. R. Currie-83b, Sept., p. 457.
Cerebrospinal Fever, Serum Treatment of,
in Glasgow Fever Hospital, Currie and
Macgregor-95, Oct. 10, p. 1073.
Cerebrospinal Fluid, The (Sul liquido cere-
bro-spinale), Bergamasco - 178d, Sept.

5, p. 569.

Chorea, W. G. Dietz-68, Oct., p. 765. Chorea, Fatal, Case (Un cas de chorée mortelle), Méry and Babonneix-64a, Sept. 15, p. 1251.

Chorea, Huntington's Case, J. J. W. Evans

95, Sept. 26, p. 940. Combined Sclerosis, Acute; Case, G. Howland-36, Oct., p. 107.

Death from Emotion, Suggestion, Inhibition,

etc. (Mort par émotion, suggestion, inhibition, etc.), Farez-179k, Sept., p. 73. Degenerations, Secondary Descending, of Reticular Formation (Etude des dégénérescences secondaires descendentes de la formation reticulée), Long and Roussy -179h, Aug. 15, p. 757.

Dementia, Mental Confusion and (Confusion
mentale et démence), Toulouse and
Mignard-179a, Aug., p. 321.
Dementia Præcox, Confusional Insanity and,
P. C. Knapp--86, Oct., p. 609.

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Insane, Personal Experience of Patient in
Hospital for-2, Oct., p. 813.
Insanity and Social Problems, Relation of
Hereditary Predispositions to, E. Cohn
-79, Oct. 10, p. 1224.

Insanity, Traumatic, J. W. Hartigan-150,
Oct. 17, p. 743.

Lumbar Puncture; Technique and Value of
Cystodiagnosis in Differentiating Tuber-
culous from Epidemic Meningitis, E.
Burville-Holmes-25, Oct., p. 738.
Malingering and Functional Paresis of Low-
er Extremities, New Sign for Detection
of, P. Zenner-79, Oct. 17, p. 1309.
Maryland Hospital for the Insane-104, Oct.,
p. 422.

Meningitis, Acute Cerebrospinal, Other than
Tuberculous, Etiology, Pathology, Symp-
tomatology and Diagnosis of, A. S. Ham-
ilton-82b, Oct. 1, p. 388.
Meningitis, Cerebrospinal, A. S. Talbott —

91, Oct., p. 290.

Meningitis, Cerebrospinal, Résumé of Treat-
ment of, with Antiserum of Flexner and
Jobling, F. Smithies-173, July, p. 295.
Meningitis, Cerebrospinal, Treatment of, by
Flexner's Serum, C. B. Ker-62a, Oct.,
p. 306.

Meningitis, Epidemic, H. L. Staples-82b,
Oct. 1, p. 395.

Meningitis, Epidemic Cerebrospinal, Serum
Treatment of, with 22 Cases, F. T. Ful-
ton-28, Oct. 22, p. 537.
Meningitis, Epidemic Cerebrospinal, Treat-
ment of, with Especial Reference to
Flexner's Serum, S. M. White-82b, Oct.
1, p. 391.
Meningitis, Epidemic, Serum Treatment of,
L. W. Ladd-79, Oct. 17, p. 1315.
Meningitis, Serum Treatment of, F. J. Sla-
den-79, Oct. 17, p. 1318.

Meningitis, Tuberculous, H. W. Jones-82b,
Oct. 1, p. 387.

Mental Alienation and Wassermann's Reac
tion (Aliénation mentale et réaction de
Wassermann), Raviart and others
174c, Sept. 2, p. 564.

Mental and Nervous Diseases, Relation Be-
tween Pelvic Diseases and, G. H. Moody
-195, Oct., p. 146.

Mental Patients, Examination and Certifica-
tion of, J. Neil-29, Oct. 24, p. 1225.
Mind Physiologically Interpreted, A. H.
Ring-147, Oct., p. 457.

Myasthenia Gravis, Pseudo-paralytic (Con-
tribution à l'étude de la myasthénie
grave pseudo-paralytique), Marinesco-
184a, Sept. 2, p. 421.
Myomeningo-encephalocele, A, A. L. Douglas

-114, Oct., p. 372.

Nervous Diseases Caused by Alcoholic and
Metallic Poisoning, J. C. King-26, Oct.,
p. 210.

Nervous Diseases, Relative Curability of, J.
Punton-90, Oct., p. 349.

Nervous Disorders in Colorado, H. T. Persh-
ing-58, Oct., p. 158.

Nervous Prostration, Significance of, L. H.
Mettler-117, Sept., p. 276.

Nervous Stress and Longevity, L. M. Crafts
-117, Sept., p. 275.

Nervousness, How Can We Prevent? R. J.
Baze-163, Oct., p. 589.

Neuralgia, Injection of Air in Treatment of,
A. P. Condon-59, Oct., p. 598.
Neuralgia, Severe Trigeminal; Case Suc-
cessfully Treated by Excision of Gasse-
rian Ganglion, E. W. H. Groves-28a,
Sept., p. 234.

Neurasthenia, Clinical Aspects of, G. G. Sav-
age-147, Oct., p. 451.
Neurasthenia, Effect of Urotropine Upon,
Langheld-196a, Oct., p. 115.
Neuritis, Central, R. E. Mitchell-147, Oct.,
p. 447.
Neuritis, Central, E. M. Somers-143, Oct.,
p. 713.
Neuritis, Multiple, with Case, D. R. Neil-
188, Oct., p. 457.

Neurological Literature, Recent, Review of,
W. Harris-174a, Oct., p. 556.
Neuromuscular Co-ordinations Having Edu-
cational Value, L. H. Gulick-150, Oct.
17, p. 732.
Neuropsychic Syndromes, Glandular Disor-
ders in (Les troubles glandulaires dans
les syndromes neuropsychiques), Laig-
nel-Lavastine-197a, Sept. 12, p. 565.
Psychiaters and Psychiatry of the Augustan
Era, S. E. Jelliffe-34, Oct., p. 308.
Psychopathology, Desirability of Instruction
in, in Medical Schools and Its Introduc-
tion at Tufts, M. Prince-28, Oct. 15, p.
Psychoses, Alcoholic; Chronic Alcoholic De-
lirium, S. E. Jelliffe-150, Oct. 24, p. 769.

Renal Changes in Case of Hæmorrhage Into the Pons, with Consequent High Blood Pressure, J. M. Clarke-28a, Sept., p. 230.

Sciatica, G. E. Cannon-33, Sept., p. 104. Sciatic Roots, The (Sur les sciatiques radiculaires), Lorrat-Jacob and Sabareanu197a, Sept. 19, p. 581.

Sclerosis "en Plaques," with Hypotony; Case (Un cas de sclérose en plaques avec hypotonie), Lambrior-179h, Sept. 15, p. 906.


Sensism and Cognition, A. O'Malley
Sept., p. 415.
Sleepiness, Morbid, J. R. Horner-52, Oct.,
p. 605.

BLADDER, Interesting Case of Stone in,

J. M. Parrott-41, Oct., p. 245. Bladder, Tuberculosis of, W. Karo-202, Oct. 9, p. 289.

Calculus, Urinary, Roentgen Diagnosis of, P. Brown-106, Sept., p. 355. Calculus, Vesical, Hairpin as Nucleus of, in a Woman, G. W. Warren-174, Oct., p. 870.


Colon Bacilli Infecting Urinary Tract, with Special Remarks on Certain Colon Bacilli of Anærogenes Class, W. J. Wilson -83b, Sept., p. 543. Condylomata, Pointed, of Extreme Size (Spitze Condylome von besonderer grösse), Bauer-142e, Sept., p. 297. Cystitis, Cystoscopic Findings in, D. Loree

173, July, p. 289.

Cystoscopy, Practical Points in, C. E. Barnett-76, Oct., p. 316.

Eczema, Treatment of, R. L. Sutton-6, Oct., p. 426.

Spasmodic Movements of Face and Neck, Elements of Diagnosis Between, T. A. Williams-202, Oct. 9, p. 296.

Speech Centers, New Aspects of (Neuen Anschauungen über die Sprachzentren), Blassberg-208, Aug. 13, p. 1175. Suggestion-Psychology, J. R. Etter-207a,

Sept., p. 291.

Syphilis, Nervous Manifestations of, W. House-6, Oct., p. 408.

Tetanus, Prevention and Treatment, J. H. Underwood-86a, Oct., p. 241.

Elephantiasis, Treatment of, by X-ray, W. B. Adams-81, Oct., p. 452. Epididymitis, Acute and Relapsing, T. J. Kinnear-6, Oct., p. 412. Epididymis, Gonorrheal Obliteration of, and Its Treatment (Les obliterations blenorrhagiques de l'epididyme et leur traitement), Welbet and Chevassu-18k, II, 16, p. 1201.

Epithelial Growths of Skin, Some More Unusual Forms of, J. A. Fordyce-79, Oct. 24, p. 1398.

Epithelioma, Squamous-celled; Case, W. M.

Lewis-150, Oct. 24, p. 783. Erythema, Recurrent Desquamative Scarlatiniform (Erythème scarlatiniforme desquamatif recidivant), Pelges-64f, Sept. 13, p. 433.

Erythematous and Exanthemous Rashes, Diagnosis of, C. A. Kinch-150, Oct. 24, p. 777. Favus Pilaris, J. V. Shoemaker-200, Sept., p. 489.

Tremors, Observations on (Osservazioni sui tremori), Panichi-64c, Aug. 30, p. 1097.

Genital Anomaly, A Rare Case of (Ein sel

tener Fall von genitaler Missbildung), Lichtenstern-137, Sept. 5, p. 1969. Genito-urinary Tract, Gonococcus Vaccine in Gonorrhoeal Affections of, N. E. Aronstam-79, Oct. 24, p. 1419.

Gonorrhoea, Acute, Points in Treatment of, Senftenberg and Kreshoven-32, Oct., p.

121. Gonorrhoea,

Constitutional Treatment of (Die konstitutionelle Behandlung der Gonorrhöe), Leedham-Green-40g, Sept., p. 452. Gonorrhoea, Gram Stain in; Its Value in Diagnosis, A. S. Bienenstock-6, Oct., p. 424. Gonorrhea, Symptomatology and Treatment of, H. M. Christian-200, Sept., p. 476. Granuloma Annulare-29a, Oct., p. 317. Hæmaturia, Vesical, Therapeutic Value of Medical Treatment in, P. Sauvan-10b, Oct., p. 386. Hydronephrosis, Etiology of, F. E. Gardner

-23, Oct., p. 575.

Itching, Its Causes and Treatment, W. A. Jamieson-95, Sept. 26, p. 921.

Kidney and Bone Lesions, Plea for Exact-
ness in Diagnosis of, by Roentgen Meth-
od, E. H. Skinner-119, Oct., p. 444.
Kidney, Floating, Indications for Operating
in, J. B. Bell-147, Oct., p. 433.
Kidney, Movable (Le rein mobile), Albarran
-78b, Aug. 22, p. 531.

Kidney, Recurrent, Liposarcoma of, G. Mc-
Connell-80a, Oct., p. 225.
Kidneys, Surgery of, H. C. Crowell-90, Oct.,
p. 357.

Kidney Surgery, Present Status of, A. D. Bevan-45, Oct. 17, p. 456.

Kidney, Surgical Diseases of, with Pyuria, Diagnosis in, L. W. Bremerman-111, Oct., p. 536.

Kidney, Tuberculosis of (Ueber Nierentuberkulose), Kornfeld-208, Aug. 27, p. 1231. Lepra Tuberosa; Case, J. Kingsbury-150, Oct. 17, p. 742.

Leprosy, Preliminary Notes on Case Apparently Cured by X-rays, V. G. Heiser -123, Oct. 31, p. 757.

Lupus, Local, Tuberculin Reactions in Diagnosis and Treatment of (Ergebnisse lokaler Tuberkulin reaktionen zur Diagnose und Therapie des Lupus), WolffEisner-40j, Sept., p. 355. Lymphangiomia, Tuberosum Multiplex, M. L. Heidingsfeld-81, Oct., p. 441. Microsporon Epidemic at St. Gall, A (Ueber eine St. Galler Mikrosporie-Epidemie), Zollikofer and Wenner-56a, Sept. 1, p. 553.

Osteoma Cutis, Taylor and Mackenna-81, Oct., p. 449.

Pemphigus Acutus Contagiosus in Febrile Diseases, C. Leiner-28d, Sept., p. 371. Pemphigus in Children, J. L. Bunch-29a, Oct., p. 336.

Prostate, Enlarged, Treatment of, A. Vander Veer-126, Oct., p. 758.

Prostate, The, Its Pathologic, Clinical and Surgical Aspects, A. H. Cordier-182, Oct., p. 404.

Prostatectomy, Recent Cases of, F. Cabot174, Oct., p. 867. Prostatectomy, Transvesical (A propos de la prostatectomie transvesicale), Carlier -18k, II, 18, p. 1396. Prostatic Reflex Neuroses (Die Reflexneurosen der Prostata), Porosz-142a, II, 9, p. 777.

Prostatitis, Chronic, E. A. Fletcher-207b, Sept., p. 201.

Pruritus Ani, A. M. Bessesen-6, Oct., p. 411. Raynaud's Disease, Erythromelalgia and Allied Conditions in Relation to Vascular Disease of the Extremities, B. Sachs8, Oct., p. 560.

Renal Function, Tests of, W. A. Dennis-6, Oct., p. 432.

Renal Tuberculoses, C. E. Tennant 182, Oct., p. 419.

Retention of Urine, Relief of, by Suprapubic Catheter, W. T. Belfield-118, Oct. 10, p. 477.

Rodent Ulcer, Multiple, Two Cases of; Possible Relation Between Multiple Rodent Ulcer and Epithelioma Adenoides Cysticum, H. G. Adamson-95, Oct. 17, p. 1133.

Skin, A Minor Disorder of, Keratosic in Na

ture, D. W. Harrington-6, Oct., p. 408. Skin, Arsenic in Diseases of, with Observations on Sodium Cacodylate and Atoxyl, M. B. Hartzell-79, Oct. 31, p. 1482. Skin Habitation, Our, B. H. Swayze Oct., p. 296.

Skin, What the General Practitioner Should Know About Diseases of, H. H. Koehler -17, Oct., p. 438.

Skin, X-ray in Treatment of Diseases of, H. G. Adamson-72b, Oct. 10, p. 33. Spermatorrhoea and Sexual Neurasthenia, E. G. Ballenger-182, Oct., p. 420.

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Spirocheta Pallida, A Further Note on, B. Erdman-75, Oct., p. 147.

Stone in Bladder, S. L. Gans-200, Sept., p. 494.

Stone, Kidney, Diagnosis and Treatment of, A. D. Bevan-183a, Oct., p. 551. Subcutaneous and Cutaneous Growths, Some Small, F. P. Weber-29a, Oct., p. 313. Syphilis, Etiology of (Etiologia de la sifilis; su estado actual), Alcorta-178c, June, p. 241.

Syphilis, Hypodermic Treatment of, A. J. Gilmour-152, Oct., p. 535.

Syphilis in Light of Modern Research, L. Schiller-207b, Sept., p. 188.

Syphilis, Observations on, J. A. Fordyce6, Oct., p. 428.

Syphilis, Origin of, and the Invention of Its Name, J. Knott-150, Oct. 31, p. 817. Syphilis, Precipitate Reactions with Leci

thin, Sodium Glycocholate and Taurocholate for Diagnosis of, Butler and Mefford-150, Oct. 31, p. 822.

Syphilis, Timely Recognition of, F. E. Simpson-117, Sept., p. 280.

Syphilitic Prophylaxis by Use of Calomel Ointment; Case, A. L. Wollarst-123, Oct. 24, p. 711.

Experiments on


Syphilitics, Comparative
Binding Substances in
Serum and Urine of, W. J. Wile-79,
Oct. 3, p. 1142.
Telangiectases, Multiple, Three Cases in
One Family, A. J. Ballantyne-66a, Oct.,
p. 256.


(Trichohyalin), Gavazzeni

142d, Sept. 1, p. 229. Tropical Ulcer; Case, W. E. Welmerding

26, Oct., p. 379.

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Urethra, Stricture of, A. L. Wolbarst-76, Oct., p. 307.

Urine, Direct Examination for Tubercle Ba

cilli in (Recherche du bacille des Koch dans les urines par l'examen direct), Bezançon and Philibert-94b, Sept. 5, p. 701.

Urological Department of German Dispensary, F. Bierhof-150, Oct. 10, p. 676. Venereal Disease, Prophylaxis of (Beitrag zur Prophylaxe der Geschlechtskrankheiten), Boas-4a, Aug. 25, p. 373. Venereal Diseases, Review on, J. E. Lane174a, Oct., p. 549.

Vitiligo, a New Instrument for Its Successful Treatment and for Obliteration of Scars and Tattoo Marks, M. L. Heidingsfeld-45, Oct. 24, p. 478.


Subconjunctival in

jections of, in Treatment of Some Eye Affections (Les injections sous-conjonctivales, etc.), Foucher-102, Oct., p. 559. Cataract, Fixation and Kystitomy in Operation for (De la fixation et de la kystitomie dans l'opération de la cataracte), Bonsignorio-25g, Sept., p. 574. Cataract Operations, Statistics and Practice of (Statistik und Praxis der Staroperationen), Geisler and Wick-25i, LXI, 2 and 3, p. 198. Cataract, Senile, Theories on Origin of (Die Theorien über die Entstehung des alterskataract), Possek-208, Aug. 20, p.

1208. Cataracts, 15, Further Experience with Smith-Indian Operation in Extraction of, D. W. Greene-164, Oct., p. 495. Chorioid, Angioma of, A. Quackenboss-21, Oct., p. 645. Conjunctiva,


Acquired Serous Systs of (Etude sur les kystes séreux acquis de la conjonctive), Cabannes-64f, Sept. 6, p. 423. Conjunctivitis, A Lotion for, Q. C. Smith

188, Oct., p. 470. Conjunctivitis, Morax-Axenfeld, S. H. McKee-106, Sept., p. 347.

Color Vision and Its Relation to the Other
Senses, G. A. Stephens-174a, Oct., p.
Conjunctivitis, Pneumococcus, Epidemic of;
Remarks on Acute Conjunctivitis, A.
Alt-10, Sept., p. 257.
Cornea, Recurrent Traumatic Erosion of;
Case Due to Lachrymal Stricture, R. J.
Curdy-21, Oct., p. 620.
Corneal Ulcerations, P. A. Harry-72b, Sept.
26, p. 686.


Melano-sarcoma, Pri ary, J. Gross-164, Oct., p. 501. Eye Clinics, European, L. Wolfenstein-47, Oct., p. 565.


Eye, Common Inflammatory Diseases of, and Their Diagnosis, T. A. Woodruff-73c, Oct., p. 472.

Eyelid, Accessory, G. H. Mathewson-143, Oct., p. 734.

Eyes, Facts About the, A. Bardes-59, Oct., p. 585. Glaucoma, Acute, D. C. Bryant-206, Oct., p. 511. Glaucoma, Anatomical Factors in Pathogenesis of, T. Henderson-164c, Oct., p. 746. Glaucoma, Chronic, Sclero-iridectomy in (De la sclérecto-iridectomie dans le glaucome chronique), Lagrange-64f, Sept. 20, p. 445. Glaucoma, Chronic, Sclero-iridectomy in (Sulla sclerecto-iridectomia nel glaucoma cronico), Lagrange-18h, XXXVII, 10 and 11, p. 219. Glaucoma in Consequence of Cicatrix of Cornea with Anterior Synechia, E. Fuchs164c, Oct., p. 742.

Glaucoma, Simple Chronic, Miotics vs. Iridectomy in Treatment of, Study of 65 Cases, W. C. Posey-79, Oct. 24, p. 1389. Iridectomy, Breaking of Point of Knife while Performing, W. H. Snyder-164, Oct., p. 505.

Keratitis, Diffuse Interstitial, in Acquired Syphilis, J. T. Carpenter-21, Oct., p. 617.

Keratitis, Tubercular, with Case, W. C. Posey-200, Sept., p. 460.

Lachrymal Sac, Removal of, J. H. Thompson-85c, Oct., p. 233.

Morphine Derivatives in Ocular Therapeutics, Value of, L. W. Fox-200, Sept., p. 465.

Nasal Duct, Treatment of Strictures of, with Lead Styles, H. Moulton-79, Oct. 10, p. 1207.

Nystagmus, Teleology and Interpretation of,
P. Fridenberg-21, Oct., p. 629.
Ocular Affections Associated with Disease
of Adjacent Sinuses, S. D. Risley-21,
Oct., p. 608.
Ophthalmia, Gonorrhoeal, F. B. Seitz-70a,
Sept., p. 385.

Ophthalmia Neonatorum, Observations on, W. O. Nance-73c, Oct., p. 445. Ophthalmia, Sympathetic, E. H. Cary—192, Sept., p. 11.

Ophthalmia, Sympathetic, Two Cases of, E. S. Thomson-21, Oct., p. 640. Ophthalmitis, Sympathetic, J. H. Payne70a, Oct., p. 373.

Orbit and Adjacent Sinuses, Mixed Streptococcus and Pneumococcus Infection of, C. S. Bull-21, Oct., p. 595.

Orbit, Angioma of, with Invasion of Globe Along the Ciliary Nerves, A. Quackenboss-21, Oct., p. 654.

Orbit, Calcified Fibroma of, J. N. Roy-143, Oct., p. 721.

Preretinal Hemorrhage, C. S. G. Nagel-35a, Oct., p. 351.

Retinal Hæmorrhages and High Arterial Pressure, Relation Between, L. W. Fox -164, Oct., p. 487.

Squint, E. P. Bucke-60, Oct., p. 403.
Squint, Importance of Early Correction of,
W. H. Dudley-197, Oct., p. 377.
Thiosmamine and Its Use in Ophthalmology,
E. Marmorten-138a, Oct., p. 315.
Thrombosis of Cavernous Sinus, Causes and
Symptoms of, St. C. Thomson - 164a,
Oct., p. 293.

Trachoma, with Cases, D. F. Adkinson-195, Oct., p. 155.

Tuberculoma, Epibulbar (Le tuberculome épibulbaire), Lafon-18e, Aug., p. 108. Visual Field Contraction of Hemioptic Type, Knowledge of, on a Basis of Hysteria (Zur Kenntniss der Gesichtsfeldeinschränkungen von hemioptischem Typus auf hysterische Grundlage), Kafka -174b, Aug. 13, p. 483.

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