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102 L'Union Médicale du Canada. Mon-
treal. M., $2-50c.

102a Lyon Médicale. France. W., $5-25c.
104 Maryland Medical Journal. Baltimore.

M., $2-20c.

104a Marseille Médicale. Marseilles. Semi-
m., $3-25c.

105 Massachusetts Medical Journal.
ton. M., $1-15c.
Maritime Medical News. Halifax, N. S.
M., $1-10c.
Medical Brief.
Medical Century.

St. Louis. M., $1-10c.
Chicago. M., $2-

Manchester, Eng.

113a Medical Chronicle.

113b Medical Consensus. Atlanta, Ga. M.,

Philadelphia. M.,

114 Medical Council.

114a Medical Counselor. Detroit. M., $1-

115b Medical Electrology and Radiology.
London. M., $2-25c.

117 Medical Examiner and Practitioner.
New York. M., $2—20c.




118 Medical Fortnightly. St. Louis. $2—

119 Medical Herald. St. Joseph, Mo. M.,

122 Medical Progress. Louisville. M., $1—

123 Medical Record. New York. W., $5-

123a Medical Recorder. Shreveport, La. M.,

125 St. Louis Medical Review. St. Louis.
M., $2-20c.

126 Medical Review of Reviews. New
York. M., $2-20c.

127 Medical Sentinel. Portland, Ore.



128 Medical Standard. Chicago. M., $1.50

Medical Summary. Philadelphia. M.,


134 Medical World. Philadelphia. M., $1—

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We will receive subscriptions for all journals here quoted, or supply single copies at published prices.

The number following the title refers to the name of the Journal containing the article, in the Key to Periodicals.

Give both the number (or name) and date of publication of any journal ordered. The subscription price and the cost of a single number in the Key are given in dollars and cents.



CHYLIA GASTRICA, 16 Cases of, A. E. Woehnert-150, Nov. 14, p. 928. Acidosis and Other Toxic Conditions, E. S. Talbot-4, Nov., p. 1415. Adams-Stokes Syndrome; Case Observed for more than Eight Years, Turrell and Gibson-29, Nov. 14, p. 1486. Addison's Disease, L. H. Hempelmann-77a, Nov., p. 870.



Diagnosis and Clinical Significance of, A. C. Croftan23c, Oct., p. 346. Albuminuria, Orthostatic, Pathogenesis of (Per la patogenesi dell' albuminuria ortostatica), Pari-64c, Sept. 20, p. 1193. Anæmia, Pernicious, Etiology of and Therapeutic Research on (Aetiologie und therapeutische Versuche bei perniciöser Anämie), Reicher-93, Oct. 12, p. 1838. Anasarca, The, of Urinary Retention (Anasarca da ritenzione di urina), Magni— 64c, Oct. 4, p. 1261.

Aneurysms, Large, Pulsation of, Non-expansile but Transmitted, S. Lange - 150, Nov. 21, p. 985.

Appendicitis, Summary of Views on Medical Treatment of, C. H. Newth-131, Nov., p. 264.

Appendicitis Treated Medically, R. W. Hal

laday 182, Nov., p. 453. Arteries, Normal and Pathological, MacWilliam and Mackie-29, Nov. 14, p. 1477. Arteriosclerosis, Clinical Forms of (Die klinischen Formen der Arteriosklerose), Huchard-91c, Sept. 28, p. 1041. Arteriosclerosis, Iodoform in Treatment of,

F. Kalmus-138a, Nov., p. 347. Ascites in Typhoid Fever, A. McPhedran—

8, Nov., p. 641.

Autopsy Work in General Practice, Importance of, J. M. Frazier-195, Nov., p. 174.

Beri-beri, M. T. Micou-206a, Nov., p. 159. Biliary Tract, Notes on Medical Treatment of Inflammations of, W. N. Berkeley123, Nov. 14, p. 831.

Blood Corpuscles of Foreign Species, Cause of Sudden Death Following Intravenous Injection of, A. F. Coca-199, Oct., p. 243.

Blood Pressure, Symptoms and Management of Early Stages of Increased, A. C. Kimberlin-122, Nov., p. 364.

Blood, Viscosity of (Beiträge zur Lehre von der Viscosität des Blutes), Blunschy56a, Oct. 15, p. 664. Bronchial Dilatation, Experimental (Dilatation bronchique expérimentale), Thiroloix and Debré-197a, Sept. 26, p. 597. Cardiac Disease and Tuberculosis in Relation to Pregnancy, H. G. Partridge-174f, Nov., p. 189. Cardiac Insufficiency

in Arteriosclerosis (Faits cliniques de l'insuffisance cardiaque des artério-sclereux), Josué-174d, Oct. 24, p. 517. Cardiovascular Conditions, Principles


Drug Treatment of, J. L. Miller-79, Nov. 21, p. 1745. Cardiovascular Disease, Ear Symptoms of, with Special Reference to Low-pressure Cases, L. F. Bishop-79, Nov. 7, p. 1594. Cardiovascular System in Prognosis, with Special Reference to Life Insurance, H. W. Cook-79, Nov. 14, p. 1692. Catalase, Occurrence of, in Human Tissues and Its Variations in Disease, Winternitz and Meloy-82a, Nov. 5, p. 759. Cholera, Hydriatic and Dietetic Treatment

of (Zur Hydriatischen und diätetischen Behandlung der Cholera), Winternitz27b, Sept., p. 165.

Colitis, Mucous, A. Rose-134, Nov., p. 470. Constipation, Causal Factors in, A. W. Herr 114, Nov., p. 409.

Consumptive, The Care of the, E. W. Schauf

fler-85c, Nov., p. 273.

Dechlorinized Diet (Régime dechlorure),
Valin-102, Nov., p. 624.
Diabetes, Alcohol in, A. L. Douglass-182,
Nov., p. 455.

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