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Diabetes Mellitus, Pathology and Treatment
of, F. W. Pavy-95, Nov. 21, p. 1499.
Diagnosis, W. F. Conwell-206, Nov., p. 567.
Diagnosis from Several Viewpoints, M. F.
Bettencourt-62, Nov., p. 560.

Digestive System, Practical Applications of
Recent Studies in Physiology of, W. B.
Cannon-207b, Oct., p. 223.

Digestive System, Vicious Circles Associ-
ated with Disorders of, J. B. Hurry-95,
Nov. 21, p. 1514.
Endocarditis, Chronic Tuberculous Fibro-
calcareous (Endocardite tuberculeuse
chronique fibro-calcaire), Lortat-Jacob
and Sabareanu-174c, Oct. 3, p. 633.
Endocarditis, Infective or Ulcerative, N.
Tirard-174a, Nov., p. 629.
Endocarditis, Phagocytic Immunity


Therapeutic Injection of Dead Bacteria
in, E. C. Rosenow-79, Nov. 7, p. 1571.
Enteritis, Epidemic of, Caused by "Liverpool
Virus" Rat Poison, Williams and Klein
-29, Nov. 21, p. 1547.
Extremities, Cases Illustrating Symptoms
Referable to Ends of, T. D. Savill-72b,
Nov. 7, p. 137.
Functional Diseases, Diagnosis of Some, R.
T. Edes-23c, Oct., p. 361.
Gall-bladder, Its Diseases and Treatment,
H. M. Folkes-140b, Nov., p. 132.
Gall-stones, Medical Treatment of, H. E.
Mitchell-1, Oct., p. 655.
Gastric Neuroses, The So-called, T. A. Wil-
liams-163a, Nov., p. 365.

Gastric Secretion, Alcohol and Disorders of
(L'alcool et les troubles de la sécrétion
gastrique), Koettlitz-173c, Oct. 1, p.

Gastric Secretion, Factors in Physiology and
Pathology of, Foster and Lambert-82a,
Nov. 5, p. 820.

Gastric Tetany; Case; Operation and Recov-
ery, Brown and Engelbach-190b, Nov.,
p. 558.

Gastric Ulcer, L. H. L. Mackenzie-174a,
Nov., p. 669.

Gastric Ulcer, Diagnosis and Medical Treat-
ment of, J. E. Dedman-1, Oct., p. 658.
Gastric Ulcer with Perforation, Three Cases,
W. E. Olmsted-60, Nov., p. 449.
Gastric Ulcer, with Special Reference to Its
Precancerous Influence, W. D. Haines-
45, Oct. 31, p. 510.
Gastroptosis in Tuberculosis, Report of 50
Cases, B. Reed-185, Nov., p. 526.
Goitre, Exophthalmic, W. J. Clark-36, Nov.,
p. 161.

Heart and Blood Vessels, The Senile, J. L.
Heffron-152, Nov., p. 569.

Heart Diseases, Organic, and Immunity from
Pulmonary Tuberculosis, B. Runnells-
52, Nov., p. 655.

Heart Muscle, Ataxia of, E. Schmoll — 8,
Nov., p. 663.

Heart Sounds, Theory of Transmission of,
on Chest Wall (Theorie der Ausbreitung
der Herztöne an der Brustwand), Kürt
-137, Oct. 17, p. 2312.

[blocks in formation]

Malnutrition, J. A. Lichty-47, Nov., p. 590.
Mechanico-biological Standpoint in Medical
Problems, The, J. Wright-150, Nov. 7,
p. 875.

Medical Expert, The, G. G. Burdick-207a,
Oct., p. 305; Nov., p. 343.
Medicine and Surgery, Certain Evil Tenden-
cies in, M. H. Richardson-28, Nov. 26,
p. 711.

Medicine and Surgery, Recent Progress in,
H. E. Randall-86b, Nov., p. 549.
Mediterranean Fever and Hepatic Syphilis
(Febbre mediterranea e sifilide epatica),
Lavagna-64c, Oct. 11, p. 1296.
Milk Sick and Milk Sickness, J. A. Reagan—
41, Nov., p. 319.

Mind as Factor in Cause and Cure of Dis-
ease, W. T. Marrs-131, Nov., p. 272.
Mitral Stenosis, Experimental, Volume
Curve of Ventricles in, and Its Relation
to Physical Signs, A. D. Hirschfelder-
34, Nov., p. 319.

Muscle Pains (Ueber Muskelschmerzen),
Schwartz-40g, Oct., p. 505.
Nephritis and Arteriosclerosis, Relations of
Lesions of Adrenal Gland to, R. M.
Pearce-82a, Nov. 5, p. 735.
Nephritis, New Researches Into Serotherapy
of (Nouvelles recherches, etc.), Teissier
-34a, Oct. 10, p. 877.

Nephritis, Secondary, with Case of Trans-
placental Typhoid Infection, J. O'Malley
-15, Oct., p. 460.

Nutrition Therapy, New Means of (Neue
Wege der Ernährungstherapie), Löbl-
208a, Oct. 3, p. 469.

Ocular Reaction to Tuberculin, O. H. Wilson
-79, Nov. 22, p. 1836.
Ophthalmo-reaction, Repeated and Conjunc-
tival Anaphylaxis (L'ophtalmo-réaction
répétée et l'anaphylaxie conjonctivale),
Marzorati and Terlinck-94b, Oct. 3, p.

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Pepsin, Ricin Method of Jacoby-Solms for
Quantitative Estimation of, E. H. Good-
man-8, Nov., p. 734.
Pericardium, Adherent, W. J. Fenton-174a,
Nov., p. 637.

Peritoneal Pseudotuberculosis in an Over-
eater of Vegetables (Pseudotubercolosi
peritoneale nell' uomo da residui vege-
tali), Allesandri-74c, XV-C, 8, p. 329.
Physiology, Applied, T. G. Atkinson-128,
Nov., p. 670.

Pleura, Endothelioma of, H. B. Delatour-
123, Nov. 21, p. 870.

Pleurisy, Right Purulent, and Septicemia
Due to B. Tetragenes (Pleurite puru-
lente destra e setticemia da tetrageno),
Spadaro-73c, Oct. 4, p. 1253.
Pleuroglandular Insufficiency, Syndromes of
(Les syndromes d'insuffisance pluri-
glandulaire, leur place en nosographie),
Claude and Gougerot-179d, Oct. 10, p.
Pneumococcæmia with Late Pulmonary Lo-

calization (Pneumococémies avec locali-
sation pulmonaire tardive), Lemierre,
Abrami and Joltrain-64a, Sept. 29, p.
Pneumococcus Infections, W. Osler-57a,
Oct., p. 361.

Pneumonia, W. S. Hutton-123a, Nov., p.

Pneumonia, A Specific Skin Eruption in, F.
M. Pape-29, Nov. 21, p. 1550.
Pneumonia, Lobar, Sense of Weight in Af-
fected Side; Its Value in Diagnosis of,
T. F. Reilly-23c, Oct., p. 352.
Pneumonia, Lobar, 445 Cases, with Special
Reference to Diminished Mortality
Since the Fresh Air Treatment, G. W.
Norris-8, Nov., p. 645.
Pneumonia, Lobar, Treatment of, with Leu-
cocyte Extract, Hiss and Zinsser-80a,
Nov., p. 455.

Pneumonia, Three Years' Experience with,
W. G. Wolverton-4, Nov., p. 1437.
Poisoning, Late Chloroform, and Adolescent
Insanity, The Clinical, B. Holmes-122,
Nov., p. 357.

Poisoning, Sulphuric Acid, Proposed Anti-
dote for (Degli antidoti propositi nell'
avvelenamento da acido solfidrico), Sab-
batini-178d, Oct. 10, p. 651.

Poisoning, Veronal, Glycosuria and (Vero-
nalvergiftung und Glykosurie), Neu-
mann-93, Sept. 14, p. 1682.

Proteid Matter in Cause and Cure of Dis-
ease, J. Burke-207a, Oct., p. 310.
Pulse, Pathogeny of the Permanently Slow

(La pathogénie du pouls lent perma-
nent), Busquet-174c, Sept. 30, p. 625.
Pulse, The Normal Venous, T. Lewis-29,
Nov. 14, p. 1482.

Pulse, Venous, Interpretation of, G. Bach-
mann-8, Nov., p. 674.
Purin-free Diet, The Limitations of a, A.
Bryce-29, Oct. 31, p. 1327.

Rheumatic Fever, J. B. Brown-174g, Nov., p. 371.

Rheumatism, D. W. Reed-114, Nov., p. 408. Rheumatism, Arthritis and Gout, Facts and Fallacies Regarding, A. L. Blackwood52, Nov., p. 660. Rheumatism, Polyarticular, Pseudo-appendicitis During (Pseudo-appendicite cours d'un rhumatisme polyarticulaire), Tricot-64a, Sept. 17, p. 1265. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, with Case, A. A. Robinson-123, Nov. 28, p. 913. Serositis, Multiple, W. L. Bierring-45, Nov. 28, p. 627.

Sleeping Sickness, F. M. Sandwith-72b, Oct. 24, p. 85.

Status Lymphaticus, Two Cases Suggesting, O. Kauffmann-27a, Oct., p. 182. Stomach, Acute Dilatation of, Complicating Typhoid Fever, C. Wilson-23, Nov., p. 78.


Stomach, Cancer of, C. Graham-28, Nov. 12, p. 635.

Stomach, Carcinoma of, Following Achylia (Carcinoma ventriculi exachylia), Alexander-143a, Oct. 6, p. 2086.

Stomach, Carcinoma of, Following Achylia (Carcinoma ventriculi exachylia), Boas -143a, Oct. 21, p. 2191.

Stomach Cramps, Pancreatic Concrements as Cause of (Konkremente im Pankreas als Urscache von Magenkrampf), Skaller-91c, Sept. 21, p. 1009. Stomach, Dilatation of, H. L. Akin — 206, Nov., p. 560.

Stomach, Experimental

Contribution to Pathogeny of Round Ulcer of (Contributo sperimentale alla patogenesi dell' ulcera rotonda della stomaco), Zironi180a, Sept. 21, p. 1046.

Stomach, The; A Review of Recent Work, F. C. Moore-174a, Nov., p. 711. Stomach, Types of Acute Dilatation of, with Experimental Researches, R. C. Kemp— 11, Nov., p. 321.

Stomach, Value of Reverberation in Diagnosis and of Gastric Massage in Treatment of Atonic States of, T. S. Wilson---27a, Oct., p. 165. Tachycardia, Paroxysmal, Auricular Fibrillation and So-called Auriculo-ventricular Extrasystoles, A. D. Hirschfelder34, Nov., p. 322.

Trichinosis, Sporadic, with Case, W. R. Steiner-28, Nov. 26, p. 720. Tubercle Bacillus and Its Mode of Action, F. F. Wesbrook-183a, Nov., p. 599. Tuberculin Tests and Treatment (Tuberkulinproben, etc.), Meissen-219, XIII, 3. p. 199. Tuberculin Reaction, Von Pirquet's (Ueber die Pirquetsche Tuberkulinreaktion), Ganghofner-208, Oct. 8, p. 1403. Tuberculin, Urethral Reaction to (L'uretroreazione alla tubercolina), Pagano 178d, Sept. 19, p. 597.

Tuberculosis Apparently Cured by Accidental Inhalation of Lime Dust, S. C. Boston-15, Oct., p. 480. Tuberculosis, At What Age Periods and in What Measure Has the Reduction in Tuberculosis Mortality Manifested Itself in City of New York During the Past 40 Years? W. H. Guilfoy-150, Nov. 28, p. 1018.

Tuberculosis, Cause of Failure in Treatment of, F. M. Pottenger-45, Nov. 7, p. 539. Tuberculosis, Climate and, C. C. Browning -185, Nov., p. 519.

Tuberculosis, Common-sense Treatment of, H. C. Schmidt-57, Nov., p. 366. Tuberculosis, Early Positive Diagnosis of, and Use of Tuberculin in Diagnosis and Treatment, E. H. Schorer-85c, Nov., p. 263. Tuberculosis, Evolution and Treatment of, in Syphilitics (Evolution et traitement de la tuberculose chez les syphilitiques), Sergent-174c, Oct. 14, p. 657. Tuberculosis, Home and Sanatorium Treatment of, D. R. Lyman-209, Nov., p. 110. Tuberculosis, Home Treatment of, B. J. Maycock-113, Nov., p. 334. Tuberculosis, Home Treatment of, in Dublin, W. J. Thompson-174a, Nov., p. 625. Tuberculosis, Human and Animal, Relation

Between, T. Smith-28, Nov. 26, p. 707. Tuberculosis Immune Blood, J. K. Treatment, C. Spengler-196a, Nov., p. 121. Tuberculosis in Lime Workers-29, Nov. 14, p. 1493. Tuberculosis, Influence of Heredity Upon, A. Latham-95, Nov. 21, p. 1512. Tuberculosis, International Congress on, B. S. Paschall-155b, Nov., p. 345. Tuberculosis, Mercury in Treatment of—A Warning, C. E. de M. Sajous-200, Oct., p. 537. Tuberculosis, New Methods for Early Diagnosis of (Neue Methoden zur Frühdiagnose der Tuberkulose), Calmette-58a, Oct. 1, p. 1707. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, C. H. Young-155,

Nov., p. 572. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Comparative Value of Change of Climate and of Treatment in Sanatoria Near at Hand in Cases of, C. E. Edson-28, Nov. 26, p. 716. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Contribution to

Study of Administration of Tuberculin in, Latham and Inman-95, Oct. 31, p. 1280.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Diagnosis of, W. B. Bartlett-209, Nov., p. 97. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Diagnosis of, W. J. Marcley-183a, Nov., p. 609. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Graduated Labor in, J. Walsh-200, Oct., p. 528. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Mixed Infection in, A. T. Laird-152, Nov., p. 576. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Sanitary Measures in Open-air Treatment of, G. W. Hartman-68, Nov., p. 842.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Treatment


Nursing of, in Dublin, W. J. Thompson
-174a, Nov., p. 625.


Pulmonary, Treatment
Cases of, Discharged from a Sanatorium,
H. L. Taylor-183a, Nov., p. 616.
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Treatment
with Kuhn's Mask (Zur Behandlung der
Lungentuberkulose mit der Kuhn'schen
Saugmaske), Zickgraf-40c, Sept. 26, p.


Tuberculosis Question, The Real, J. Burke-
43, Nov., p. 651.
Tuberculosis, Serum Diagnosis of; The Tu-
berculo-opsonic Index; The von Pirquet
Skin Test, and the Conjunctival Test,
M. C. Lincoln-79, Nov. 21, p. 1756.
Tuberculosis, Sixth International Congress
on, R. B. H. Gradwohl-111, Nov., p. 595.
Tuberculosis, Some Suggestions, J. H. Ben-
nett-147, Nov., p. 501.
Tuberculosis; The Sixth Tuberculosis Con-
gress, W. Anderson-165, Nov., p. 641.
Tuberculosis, Treatment of, by Mercury, B.
L. Wright-79, Nov. 28, p. 1854.
Tuberculosis, Vaccine Treatment of, J. Mil-
ler-66a, Nov., p. 356.

Tuberculous Disease, with Mixed Infection,
Vaccine Therapy in, D. P. D. Wilkie—
62a, Nov., p. 420.
Tuberculous Exudates, Properties of; Diag
nostic and Prognostic
(Propriétés humorales des exsudats,
etc.), Courmont-102, Nov., p. 621.
Typhoid Fever, Active Immunization from
Subcutaneous Injections of Living Ty-
phoid Bacilli in (Immunisation durch
subkutanes Injektionen lebender Ty-
phusbazillen, etc.), Pescarolo and Qua-
drone-40c, Oct. 3, p. 989.


Abdominal Wound, New Method of Closing,
After "Gridiron" Operation Without
Buried Sutures by Means of Crossed Su-
tures of Silkworm Gut, G. Torrance--
196, Nov., p. 767.
Acetonuria, Post-anesthetic; Case, with De-
layed Excretion of Acetone, After Child
Labor, N. C. Forsyth - 29, Nov. 7, p.

Ether, Methods of Administering, Cunning-
ham and Anderson-79, Nov. 7, p. 1574.

Typhoid Fever, Comparative Bacteriologic
Blood, Fæces and Urine Examination in
(Vergleichende bakteriologische Blut-,
Stuhl- und Urinuntersuchungen bei Ty-
phus abdominalis), Bohne-215, LXI, 2,
p. 213.
Typhoid Fever, Diet in, C. O. Munns-113,
Nov., p. 333.

Typhoid Fever, Differentiation of Outbreaks
of, Due to Infection by Water, Milk,
Flies and Contacts, J. Anderson-
Nov. 28, p. 909.
Typhoid Fever, Laryngeal Complications of,
J. S. Gibb-200, Oct., p. 531.
Typhoid Fever, Needless Slaughter in; Ra-

tional Treatment Makes Death-rate Al-
most Nil, C. E. Page-151, Nov., p. 321.
Typhoid Fever, Pyramidon in (Le pyrami-

don, etc.), Vinay-102a, Oct. 11, p. 577.
Typhoid Fever, Symposium on-4, Nov., p.

Typhoid Fever, Therapeutic Treatment of,
C. F. Wahrer-17, Nov., p. 531.
Typhoid Fever, Treatment of, C. T. Arnett-
206a, Nov., p. 156.


of Pain in Lower

Left Quadrant of, J. T. Pilcher-100c,
Nov., p. 411.
Abdominal and Pelvic Operations, Drainage
in, C. S. Ogden-206a, Nov., p. 145.
Abdominal Disease, Diagnostic Value of Hy-
peralgesia in, Elsberg and Neuhof-8,
Nov., p. 690.

Typhoid Intestinal Perforations (Perfora-
tions intestinales d'origine typhique),
Milhit-174d, Oct. 10, p. 493.

Uric Acid in the Organism (L'acide urique
dans l'organism), Lebovice-64e, Sept.
15, p. 5.

Urine, Clinical Examination of, with Special
Reference to Urea, A. Foxwell
- 95,
Nov. 14, p. 1425.

Urine, Routine Work in Testing, G. Richter
-6, Nov., p. 460.

Viscosity of Blood, Its Value in Clinical
Medicine, G. W. McCaskey-79, Nov. 14,
p. 1653.

Vomiting (Les vomissements), Lequyer

64g, Oct. 3, p. 781.

X-ray in Medicine and Surgery, B. Davey-
174, Nov., p. 968.


Amputation, Submalleolar, with Osteoplasty
of Calcaneus and Tibia (Amputation
sus-malleolaire avec ostéoplastie cal-
canéo-tibiale), Duval-179i, Oct. 10, p.


Anesthesia, R. W. Blackmore-147, Nov., p.

Anesthesia, Chloroform, W. D. Haggard-
79, Nov. 7, p. 1578.

Anesthesia Commission of the A. M. A., Pre-

liminary Report of-79, Nov. 7, p. 1572.
Anæsthesia, Local; The Extent to which It.
Has Been Adopted in America, J. P.
Mitchell-79, Nov. 7, p. 1582.
Anesthesia, Nitrous Oxide, W. D. Haggard—
79, Nov. 7, p. 1576.

Anesthesia, Some Difficulties of, W. W.
Stevens-182, Nov., p. 464.
Anesthesia, Special Methods of, F. Allen-
79, Nov. 7, p. 1584.

Anesthesia, Surgical, A Consideration of the
Introduction of, W. H. Welch-28, Nov.
5, p. 599.


Anæsthesia, Surgical, Blood Changes Inci-
dent to, with Special Reference
Nitrous Oxide, Hamburger and Ewing-
79, Nov. 7, p. 1586.

Anæsthetic Emergencies, T. E. Costain-52,
Nov., p. 629.

Anesthetic, General, Use of Ethyl Chloride
as, in the Pennsylvania Hospital, W. E.
Lee-23, Nov., p. 641.

Anæsthetic, Hints on the Giving of an, D.
Cassady-114, Nov., p. 407.
Anæsthetics, Administration of, in Surgery,
R. White-202, Nov. 13, p. 341.
Angsthetics, Local, Indications for, and Se-
lection of, L. Gwathmey-202, Nov. 13,
p. 344.

A. B.

Anæsthetics, Physiological Action
Greiner-202, Nov. 13, p. 337.
Aneurysm, Statistics of Radical Cure of, by
Intrasaccular Suture, R. Matas 79,
Nov. 14, p. 1661.

Appendicectomy for Recurrent Appendicular
Colic (Appendicectomia per colica ap-
pendicolare ricorrente), Carini 64d,
Sept. 28, p. 379.
Appendicitis, E. S. Hawkins-144, Oct., p.



Appendicitis, Aseptic Technique and Post-
operative Treatment of, T. K. Oates-
206a, Nov., p. 152.

Appendicitis, Diagnosis of (A propos du di-
agnostic de l'appendicite), Brelet-64g,
Sept. 26, p. 769.

Appendicitis, Gangrenous, F. H. Jackson-

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Botryomycosis of Ear; Case (Un cas de bo-
tryomycome du pavillon de l'oreille),
Beurain-179 I, Sept. 25, p. 329.

Breast, Tumors of, in Childhood, Jopson,
Speese and White-23, Nov., p. 662.
Burn, Extensive, Involving Knee; Skin Graft-
ing, E. Speidel-91d, Nov., p. 686.
Bursitis, Subacromialis, E. A. Codman-28,
Nov. 26, p. 723.

Calculus, Biliary, Weighing Two and One-
half Ounces Taken from Common Duct,
W. Bartlett-23, Nov., p. 676.
Cancer, Heredity in, E. F. Bashford

Nov. 21, p. 1508.

Cancer in Trevancore, South India, 1700
Cases, W. C. Bentall-29, Nov. 7, p. 1428.
Cancer, Inoperable, The Palliative Treat-
ment of, Drage and Morgan-95, Nov. 7,
p. 1367.

Asepticism, E. F. Fish-139, Nov., p. 361.
Bile Duct, Intrapancreatic Segment of, Is a
Significant and Practical Landmark in
the Biliary Ducts, B. Robinson - 23c,
Oct., p. 356.
Blood-vessel Surgery, Physiologic Aspects
of, C. C. Guthrie-79, Nov. 14, p. 1658.
Blood Vessels, Organs and Limbs, Result of
Transplantation of, A. Carrel-79, Nov.
14, p. 1662.

Cancer Problem, Popular Enlightenment on
the, C. M. Echols 139, Nov., p. 357.
Cancer Question, The (Ein Beitrag zur
Krebsfrage), Naegeli-Akerblom and Ver-
nier-196b, Oct., p. 493.

4, Nov., p. 1447.
Appendicitis, Preparatory Indications in (In-
dications préparatoires dans l'appendi-
cite), Guilbaud-64g, Oct. 17, p. 821.
Appendicitis, Three Very Unusual Cases of,
C. W. Trueheart-123, Nov. 21, p. 879.
Appendicitis, with Gangrene of Omentum
and Perforation of Colon; Operation;
Recovery, H. G. Macdonald-182, Nov.,
p. 451.
Appendicular Stump, A Detail in Treating,
H. S. MacLean-41, Nov., p. 325.
Arthritis, Infectious, J. T. Halsey 149,
Nov., p. 340.
Arthritis, Pneumococcus, with Case, G. S.
Mathews-174f, Nov., p. 172.
Arthroplasty for Complete Ankylosis of El-
bow; Result One and One-half Years
After Operation, C. L. Scudder
Nov., p. 711.


Cancerous Process, The Nature of the, R.
Park-190b, Nov., p. 536.
Carbuncle, Treatment of (Zur Behandlung
des Karbunkels), Grasmann-58a, Oct.
15, p. 1807.

Carcinoma, Implantation, A Certain Case of
(Ueber einen sicheren Fall von Implan-
tationskarzinom), Laufer-174b, Oct. 1,
p. 571.

Carcinoma in General, Nature of, and Early
Diagnosis of Gastric Carcinoma, J. M.
Anders-150, Nov. 21, p. 965.

Cases Seen in Railroad Practice, Interesting,
F. T. Fort-178, Nov., p. 99.

Catgut, Sterilized; Use of Argyrol in Its
Preparation, T. R. MacClure-23, Nov.,
p. 769.

Cervical Glands, Possibility of Avoiding
Scar Formation in Softened Tuberculo-
sis of, W. Meyer-123, Nov. 21, p. 865.
Cholecystitis, with Suggestions for Preven-
tion of Gall-stones, H. W. Bettmann-
123, Nov. 28, p. 923.

Club Foot, Congenital, Rational Treatment
of, J. C. Schapps-155b, Nov., p. 327.
Constipation, Chronic, Surgical Treatment
of, H. Heath-55a, Nov., p. 445.
Coxalgia, Hystero-traumatique (Coxalgie
hystéro-traumatiques), Glorieux 173c,
Aug. 15, p. 241.
Craniectomy, Point in Technique of (Un
point de technique opératoire dans la
craniectomie), DeMartel-174c, Oct. 7,
p. 641.

Crippled Children, A Plea for, K. Osterhaus
-41, Nov., p. 313.
Cystic Duct, The, B. Robinson-122, Nov., p.

Deformities of Lower Extremity, Treatment
of (Zur Behandlung der Deformitäten
der unteren Extremität), Schultze-218,
XXII, 1-3, p. 1.

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