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Deformities, Paralytic, Surgical Treatment of, with Plea for Prevention, E. A. Rich -155b, Nov., p. 335.

Dislocation, Congenital, of Hip, Treatment of, F. Barnes-28d, Oct., p. 444. Dislocation, Congenital, of Hip, Treatment of (Traitement de la luxation congénitale de la hanche), Ducroquet - 174c, Oct. 10, p. 649.

Dislocation of Shoulder and Hip, An Operation for, G. Barling-190b, Nov., p. 566. Dislocation, Upward, of Humerus, B. Edson -114, Nov., p. 404.

Dislocations, Congenital, Treatment of (Traitement de la luxation congénitale), Calot-78b, Oct. 3, p. 625.

Dislocations of Shoulder (Luxations
l'épaule), Tédenat and Rives
Aug. 30, p. 193.

Drainage in Abdominal and Pelvic Operations, C. S. Ogden-206a, Nov., p. 145. Emphysema, Surgical; Case, J. A. Jackson

401, Nov., p. 446.

Empyema; Case in Subject Suffering from Purpura, F. Huber-25, Nov., p. 838. Enterocolitis, Mucomembranous, Surgical Treatment of (L'enterocolite mucomembranosa e sua cura chirurgica), Todaro-178d, Sept. 26, p. 613. Epithelioma of Lip, E. S. Judd-163a, Nov., p. 339.

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Fistula in Ano, W. M. Beach-168, Nov., p. 113.

Foot, Flat, Contracted, Treatment of, During Sleep (Die Behandlung des kontrakten Plattfusses im Schlafe)-40a, Oct. 17, p. 1225.

de 158a,

Foot, Flat; Important Facts for Assimilation and Dissemination, E. A. Tracy123, Nov. 7, p. 796.

Fracture and Dislocation of the Neck at Sixth Cervical Vertebra in a Man of 60; Recovery, G. H. Williams-123, Nov. 7, p. 795. Fracture of Coccyx, New Apparatus for Treatment of (Sopra un nuovo apparecchio di cura delle fratture della coscia), Martini-74b, Sept., p. 632. Fracture of Neck of Femur in Adults, Operative Treatment of, C. P. Flint, Jr.-23, Nov., p. 729.

Fracture of Patella, Radiographs of Treatment of, by Suture, J. M. Batchelor-149, Nov., p. 332.

Fracture, Simple, of Humerus, Unexpected
Results in Treatment of, E. J. Carolan—
76, Nov., p. 337.
Fractures of Femur, Conservative Treat-
ment of, Ashhurst and Newell-23, Nov.,
p. 748.
Gall-bladder and Appendix, Hæmorrhages
from Stomach and Bowels Following
Operations Upon, A. D. Kohn-190b,
Nov., p. 546.

Gall-bladder Case, An Interesting, W. S.
Deutsch-77a, Nov., p. 876.
Gall-bladder, Septic, T. B. Tibbals
Nov., p. 544.


Gall-stone Disease, J. B. Deaver-8, Nov., p. 625.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer, Acute Perforating (Continued), E. Eliot, Jr.-11, Nov., p. 341.

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Goitre, G. T. McCollough—127, Nov., p. 616. Hæmatology of the Lower Half of the Body

(Zur Blutleere der unteren Korperhälfte), Momberg-40a, Oct. 10, p. 1193. Hæmorrhoids, Internal, Operative Treatment of, L. H. Adler-168, Nov., p. 118. Hand, Infections of, C. D. Fisher 174g, Nov., p. 363. Head Injuries, W. H. Axtell-155b, Nov., p. 342. Heath Operation, The, C. H. Long-43, Nov., p. 648.

Hernia, Congenital Diaphragmatic, in an Old Man, A. Don-62a, Nov., p. 442. Hernia, Inguinal (La hernie inguinale), Im

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for (Ein vereinfachtes Operationsverfahren des Nabelbruches), Ebner-26a, LIX, 3, p. 475.

Hernias, Abdominal Intraperitoneal Method for Radical Cure of, M. M. Lucid-190b, Nov., p. 568.

Hip Disease, Treatment of, B. E. McKenzie -38, Nov., p. 255. Hip-joint Disease, Five Cases of, A. E. Booth

-52, Nov., p. 649. Infection of Extremities, Cause and Management of, L. Sexton-178, Nov., p. 111. Infective Processes, Influence of Nervous

System on, G. L. Cheatle-29, Nov. 14, p. 1490.

Inguinal Canal, Epidermoid Cysts of (Cisti epidermoide del canale inguinale), Gasparini-180a, Sept. 28, p. 1065. Inguinal Canals, Large, Management of, W. Van Hook-190b, Nov., p. 564.

Intestinal Obstruction; Case, L. Stewart-
Cogill-200, Oct., p. 536.
Intra-abdominal Adhesions; Can We Diag-
nose Foreign Substances in the Appen-
dix? B. Saunders-195, Nov., p. 169.
Intraperitoneal Diffusion with Reference to
Toxine Absorptions, Experimental Study
of, J. L. Yates-190b, Nov., p. 495.
Intrathoracic Operations, A Positive Pres-
sure Apparatus for, H. M. Richter
190b, Nov., p. 583.
Intussusception, Two Interesting Cases of,
R. F. Jowers-95, Nov. 14, p. 1441.
Joint Disease, Subacute or Chronic, Non-
tubercular; Diagnosis and Treatment,
E. S. Hatch-149, Nov., p. 334.
Knee, Etiological Importance of Abnormal
Foot Posture in Affections of, D. Silver
-8, Nov., p. 726.

Knee-joint, Some Surgical Conditions in, B.
Tenney-23, Nov., p. 714.
Knee-joint, Synovitis of, as Late Manifesta-
tion of Acquired Syphilis; Case, I. Levin
-123, Nov. 14, p. 836.
Laparotomy, Mobility of Patient After, W. B.
Chase-9, Nov., p. 790.


Ligation of Innominate Artery, Successful,
W. B. Burns-79, Nov. 14, p. 1671.
Liver, Differentiation of Echinococcus Cyst
and Abscess of (Sulla diagnosi differen-
ziale fra cisti da echinococco e ascesso
del fegato), Moro-73c, Oct. 11, p. 1285.
Liver, Note on Diagnosis of Abscess of, C.
G. Cumston-23c, Oct., p. 354.

Liver, Tropical Abscess of; Case Cured by
Means of the Flexible Sheathed Trocar,
L. Rogers--29, Oct. 31, p. 1330.
Ludwig's Angina; Five Cases, with One
Autopsy, J. W. Price, Jr.-23, Nov., p.
Mamma, Rapidly Growing Fibro-adenoma
of; Case, G. T. Beatson-62a, Nov., p.

Myiasis; Case, J. H. H. Harrison-87a, Oct.
15, p. 305.

Esophagus, Roentgen Examination of, S.
Lange-45, Nov. 7, p. 531.
Omentum, Great, Case of Torsion of, and
Partial Reduction en Masse, Corner and
Grant-29, Nov. 7, p. 1427.
Operative and Post-operative Treatment, R.
C. McDaniel-127, Nov., p. 609.
Osteochondritis Dissecans of Knee (Zur
Frage der Osteochondritis dissecans am
Knie), Ludloff-25c, LXXXVII, 3, p. 552.
Osteomyelitis, Acute, F. G. Dyas-190b, Nov.,

p. 550.

Osteomyelitis, Acute, Great Importance of
Prompt Diagnosis in, J. R. Eastman—
401, Nov., p. 444.

Osteomyelitis, Non-tuberculous, of Os Calcis,

J. G. Sheldon-23, Nov., p. 762.
Osteophonic Percussion; Rubber Bandages

and Gloves; Operation for Bony Non-
union; Hallux Valgus, etc., R. H. M.
Dawbarn-76, Nov., p. 343.

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Sarcoma, Maxillary; Case Cured by Can-
croidine (Un cas clinique de sarcome
maxillaire récidivé guéri pár la cancroi-
dine), Claes-174e, Oct. 18, p. 995.
Sarcoma, Three Cases Illustrating Relation-

ship Between Certain Diseases of Blood
and, F. G. Bushnell-34, Nov., p. 332.
Scoliotic Deformities, Early Treatment of
(Du traitement précoce des déforma-
tions scoliotiques), Terrien-18b, Sept.,
p. 265.

Segregation, B. Robinson-139, Nov., p. 360.
Shock and Burns, T. S. Blair-114, Nov., p.

Shock as Seen in Railway Injuries, W. G.
Stafford-76, Nov., p. 357.
Splenectomy for Enlarged Wandering

Spleen Complicating Early Pregnancy,
A. B. Davis-33c, June, p. 24.
Sprains, Simple, Treatment of, W. Truslow
-76, Nov., p. 335.
Stomach, Surgery of, H. G. Nicholson-41,
Nov., p. 324.

Subdiaphragmatic Abscess; Cases-9, Nov., p. 886.

Surgery, Conservative, A Plea for, W. F. Sterman-101, Nov., p. 184.

Surgery, Cosmetic, Limitations and Use of Paraffin in, C. C. Miller-207a, Oct., p. 312; Nov., p. 333.

Surgery, Emergency, Rare Aves in, C. E. Fisher-113, Nov., p. 321.

Surgery in Edinburgh, Evolution of, F. M.
Caird-62a, Nov., p. 389.
Surgical Cases, 442, from Surgical Service
of Fordham Hospital, A. Nicoll - 150,
Nov. 21, p. 976.
Surgical Cases, Two Interesting, C. E. Mc-
Girk-15, Oct., p. 478.
Surgical Dressings, G. M. Cushing-52, Nov.,
p. 645.

Surgical Progress, Excerpts from Transactions of German Congress of Surgery, 1908, Taft and Joerg-23, Nov., p. 772. Surgical Situation, The, L. Waite-123, Nov. 14, p. 834.

Syphilis of Bones and Joints, Hunkin and Harker-35a, Nov., p. 379.

Temporal Region, Left, Penetrating Wound of (Plaie pénétrante méconnue de la région temporale gauche), Spick-102a, Oct. 18, p. 621.

Thyroid Gland, Surgery of, E. N. Crockett-

127, Nov., p. 623. Transfusion of Blood, New Method for, R. T. Frank-150, Nov. 28, p. 1023. Tubercular Joints, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of, I. J. Sellers-1, Oct., p. 678. Tuberculosis of Joints and Its Modern Treatment, R. Rudis Jacinsky-78, Nov., p. 257. Tuberculosis, Surgical, W. Courtney-183a, Nov., p. 625. Tuberculosis, Surgical, A Brief Review of, C. E. Tennant-147, Nov., p. 499.

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Tuberculosis, Surgical Aspects of, with Especial Reference to Bone Tuberculosis, A. G. Cook-209, Nov., p. 118. Tuberculosis, Surgical, Use of Tubercle Residue of V. C. Vaughan in, J. W. Vaughan-86b, Nov., p. 534. Tubérculous Rheumatism and Inflammatory Tuberculosis (Rhumatisme tuberculeux et tuberculose inflammatoire), Poncet64a, Oct. 6, p. 1359.

Tumors, Malignant, Novel Methods of Operation in, H. Manders-95, Nov. 14, p. 1436.


Cæsarean Section, R. E. Webster-143, Nov., p. 821. Cæsarean Section, Present Status of, with Five Cases, C. C. Frederick-9, Nov., p. 847.

Ulcers, Treatment of, G. F. Payne

Nov., p. 366.

Vaccine Therapy in Surgical Infections,
Clinical Conclusions as to Value of, J. C.
Hollister-45, Nov. 21, p. 587.
Vermiform Appendix, Gangrene of, J. D.
Malcolm-190b, Nov., p. 529.

Vertebræ, Actinomycosis of, J. K. Young--
199, Oct., p. 241.
Volkmann's Ischemic Contracture




tracture ischémique de Volkmann), Denuce-64f, Oct. 4, p. 473.

Volvulus of Sigmoid, Treatment of (Zur Therapie des Volvulus der Flexura sig moidea), Kleinberg-183b, Sept. 13, p. 438.

Wet Dressings, G. E. Nour-182, Nov., p. 470.
Wounds, Granulating, Adhesive
Strapping for, C. S. Neer-114, Nov., p.

Wounds, Surgical, Use of Disinfectant in
Treatment of, F. T. McCormick-57a,
Nov., p. 397.

X-ray, The, in Theory and Practice, S. T.
Hutton-178, Nov., p. 117.

Yearly Report of Heidelberg Surgical Clinic
for 1907 (Jahresbericht des Heidelberger
Chirurgischen Klinik für 1907
LIX, Supplement, p. 1.

Cæsarean Section, Suprapubic, An Indication
for (Eine Indikation für den suprasym-
physären Kaiserschnitt), Wiemer-40b,
Sept. 26, p. 1276.
Chorio-epithelioma Malignum, F. A. L. Lock-

art-143, Nov., p. 784.
Confinement Cases, Difficult, Complicated,
J. R. Gilbert-206, Nov., p. 572.
Curette, Sharp, Employment of, Within the
Uterus, B. Robinson-12, Nov., p. 239.
Dysmenorrhea, R. A. Murray-11, Nov., p.

Eclampsia, A Fatal Form of, K. C. Mcllwraith-36, Nov., p. 183.

Eclampsia, Antepartum, Treatment of, J. F.
Winn-41, Nov., p. 320.
Eclampsia, Puerperal, J. M. Peck-91d, Nov,
p. 638.

Ectopic Gestation, C. L. Bonifield-9, Nov.,
p. 815.

Ectopic Gestation, E. Walker-75, Nov., p.
Ectopic Gestation, Etiology of, C. D. Wil-
liams-190b, Nov., p. 519.
Ectopic Gestation, Case with Conclusions,
A. B. Eustace-73c, Nov., p. 549.
Ectopic Gestation; Two Cases Operated on,
C. A. Finley-174, Nov., p. 927.
Ectopic Gestation with Viable Child; Three
Cases, X. O. Werder-9, Nov., p. 796.
Ectromelia with Other. Deformities; Case,
G. W. Kosmac-33c, June, p. 22.
Fibroid Tumors of Uterus, Operative and
Non-operative, F. DeW. Reese 123,
Nov. 7, p. 788.
Fibroids Complicating Pregnancy; Cases,
W. J. Gillette-9, Nov., p. 870.
Fibroids, Intraligamentous, J. F. Erdmann-
9, Nov., p. 861.

Fibroids, Uterine, Two Cases Showing Peri-
theliomatous Changes; Long Immunity
from Recurrence After Operation, Doran
and Lockyer-29, Nov. 21, p. 1543.
Foetal Death in Utero, C. G. Smith - 73c,
Nov., p. 566.

Gaertner's Canal, Abscess of, M. S. Tate-
9, Nov., p. 841.

Gonorrhoea in Women, Treatment of, A. S.
Douglass-1, Oct., p. 649.

Gynecology, Operative (Des actes opéra-
toires dans la pratique gynécologique),
Chapus 64h, Oct. 15, p. 307.

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Hæmorrhage, Ante and Postpartum, E. Al-
com-91d, Nov., p. 636.

Herniæ, Inguinal, of Uterus (Les hernies in-
guinales de l'utérus), Cranwell - 179n,
Oct. 10, p. 777.

Homœopathy in Obstetrics, A. R. F. Grob-

52, Nov., p. 643.

Hysterectomy, Abdominal, for Cancer of
Cervix; 17 Cases, T. B. Henderson-29,
Nov. 21, p. 1545.

Hysterectomy, Abdominal, Technique of, A.
E. Hertzler-79, Nov. 7, p. 1563.

Hysteria as the Surgeon Sees It, A. M. Vance
-9, Nov., p. 757.

Infection Following Abortion or Full Term
Delivery, Gonococcus as Factor in, F. B.
Gurd-143, Nov., p. 798.

Intrapelvic Abscess, Comparative Merits of
Abdominal Cœliotomy and Colpotomy in
Treatment of, W. S. Smith-9, Nov., p.
Labor, Normal, Preparation for, S. L. Beard
-91d, Nov., p. 633.

Labor, Normal, Preparation of Patient for,
J. M. Peck-91d, Nov., p. 635.
Lymph Nodes in Mucous Membrane of Por-
tio Vaginalis Uteri (Ein Lymphnötchen
in der Schleimhaut der Portio vaginalis
uteri), Lesniowski-40b, Oct. 3, p. 1312.
Mammary Glands, Abnormal Secretion of, in
Non-pregnant Women, G. Gellhorn-79,
Nov. 28, p. 1839.

Maternity Cases, Advantages of Hospital
Treatment of, B. F. Betts-68, Nov., p.

Midwifery, Bacteriology and, J. L. Wolfe-
182, Nov., p. 469.

Myoma of Cervix Uteri, F. Reder-9, Nov.,
p. 875.

Obstetric Practice, Cleanliness in, Z. T. Ca-
son-111, Nov., p. 643.
Obstetrical Work by the County Doctor, C.
B. Brown-73c, Nov., p. 552.
Obstetrics, Application of the Homopathic
Remedy in, E. A. Krusen-68, Nov., p.


Modern, The Foundations of
(Der Begründer der modernen Geburt-
shilfe), Boer-208, Oct. 22, p. 1490.
Obstetrics, Nature and Science in, E. L. Orle-
man-115, Oct., p. 214.

Obstetrics, Solving the Problems of, E. G.
Zinke-9, Nov., p. 733.
Occipito-posterior Position, Diagnosis and
Management of, J. W. Winston - 202,
Nov. 27, p. 371.
Occipito-posterior Positions, Management of,
H. B. Ritter-91d, Nov., p. 640.
Ovarian Cysts, Enormous; Case, O. J. Fay-
190b, Nov., p. 1515.

Ovary, Follicular Origin of Papillomatous
Cysts of (De l'origine folliculaire des
kystes papillomateux de l'ovaire), Re-
casens-64h, Oct. 1, p. 289.
Ovary, Solid Fibroids of, Ostructing Deliv-
ery, J. Stewart-29, Nov. 21, p. 1545.
Ovum, Human, Development of, During First
Eight Weeks of Pregnancy, H. Schwartz
-9, Nov., p. 851.
Paralysis, Obstetrical, K. Osterhaus-150,
Nov. 7, p. 887.

Parturient Patient, Medical Treatment of
the, M. B. Tuller-41, Nov., p. 317.
Placenta, Cause of Premature Separation of,
S. Robbinovitz-150, Nov. 7, p. 891.
Placenta, Normally Situated, Premature Sep-
aration of, D. B. Phemister-128, Nov.,
p. 668.

Placenta Prævia, F. D. Hollenbeck


Nov., p. 519.
Placenta, Premature Detachment of, Nor-
mally Situated, R. W. Holmes-79, Nov.
28, p. 1845.

Placental Syphilis, with Regard to Presence
of Spirochaeta Pallida, W. O. Pauli-34,
Nov., p. 326.
Placentation in the Woman (La placentation
de la femme), de Bovis-184a, Oct. 14,
p. 493.
Pregnancies, Multiple, in Double Uteri, with
Case, C. F. Jellinghaus-33c, June, p. 37.
Pregnancy, Abdominal, J. E. Cannaday-58,
Nov., p. 226.

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Pregnancy, Extrauterine, and Retrouterine
Hematocele, A. B. Keyes-73c, Nov., p.

Pregnancy, Extrauterine; Case, the Fully
Developed Child Being Removed from
Its Cavity Two or Three Months After
Its Death, R. S. Hill-140c, Oct., p. 210.
Pregnancy, Extrauterine, Diagnosis of, H. J.
Boldt-174, Nov., p. 932.

Pregnancy, Extrauterine, Experience with,
and Report of Cases, H. E. Hayd -9,
Nov., p. 808.

Pregnancy, Extrauterine, Treatment of, J.
N. West-174, Nov., p. 942.
Pregnancy, Right and Left Tubal, Cases Op-
erated on Twice Within Seven Months
for, C. Ballard--174, Nov., p. 929.
Pregnancy, Ruptured Tubal, When Shall We
Operate? H. Robb-79, Nov. 21, p. 1767.
Pregnant and Parturient Woman, The, H. J.
Morlan-4, Nov., p. 1453.
Puerperal Infection, J. O. Gurney
Nov., p. 128.
Puerperal Septicemia, A. H. Wright - 36,
Nov., p. 170.

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Puerperal Septicemia; Ectopic Gestation;
Cases, T. B. Tibbals-86b, Nov., p. 544.
Scarlatina, Puerperal; Complications (Scar-
latine puerpérale; Complications), Hali-
pré-1791, Oct. 10, p. 345.
Sophol (Sophol), v. Herff-40b, Oct. 17, p.

"Sutika," the Puerperal Diarrhoea of Bengal, F. Pearse-95, Nov. 7, p. 1366. Thrombosis, Prophylaxis of (Zur Thrombosenprophylaxe), Zurhelle - 40b, Oct. 24, p. 1421.


DENITIS, Cervical Submaxillary, in Convalescence from Diphtheria, J. D. Rolleston--28d, Oct., p. 419.

Anemia in Early Childhood (Zur Anämie im frühen Kindesalten), Schelble-89c, Oct. 10, p. 410.


Ureter, Interesting Complication to, After
Hysterectomy for Fibroid of Cervix, J.
T. Hewetson-27a, Oct., p. 185.
Uterine Adenoma Malignum with Vaginal
Implantation; Case 11 Years After Oper-
ation, G. E. Shoemaker-168, Nov., p.

Anatomy of Infants, Some Peculiarities of,
R. B. Gilbert-167, Nov., p. 699.
Bronchopneumonia, Our Experience in, C. S.
McVicar-60, Nov., p. 441.
Cardiotuberculous Cirrhosis

Case (Un cas de cirrhose cardio-tubercu-
of Hutinel;
leuse d'Hutinel), Babonneix and Ber-
teaux-18c, Oct. 15, p. 699.
Children, Examination of, as a Fine Art, C.
S. Moody-4, Nov., p. 1423.

Children, Recent Work in Diseases of, G. F.
Still-174a, Nov., p. 702.

Colic in Infants, M. McH. Hull-59, Nov., p.

661. Constipation, Chronic, in Infants and Children, LeG. Kerr-15, Oct., p. 445. Convulsive Seizures in Childhood, Unusual Sequela of, F. J. Poynton-95, Oct. 31, p. 1291.

Uterine Cancer, Bacteriology of (Contribu-
tion à l'étude de l'état bactériologique
du cancer utérin), Daels and Devlor-
94b, Oct. 10, p. 801.
Uterine Displacements and the Pessary, C.
V. Cook-105, Nov., p. 424.
Uterine Fibroids, A. R. Simpson-62a, Nov.,.
p. 398.

Uterine Inversion, D. Patrick-143, Nov., p.
Uterus, Arteriosclerosis of, C. M. Rees-9,
Nov., p. 748.

Uterus, Cancer of, How May We Secure Its
Earlier Recognition? W. F. B. Wake-
field-35a, Nov., p. 367.

Uterus, Is Cancer of, Contagious? W. B.
Crawford-114, Nov., p. 420.

Uterus, Modern Methods of Treatment of
Posterior Displacements of, J. W. Mar-
tindale-86a, Nov., p. 288.

Uterus, Perforating Wounds Inflicted Dur-
ing Instrumentation, A. P. Heineck
163, Nov., p. 617.
Uterus Perforation with Intestinal Wounds
(Zur Kasuistik der Uterusperforationen
mit Darmverletzung), Seadowski - 40b,
Oct. 10, p. 1329.


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Uterus, Retroversion

of; Its Prevention After Childbirth, E. P. Davis-168, Nov., p. 109.


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