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Infant Feeding by Country Practitioner, F.
A. Carmichael-90, Nov., p. 393.
Infant Feeding, Criteria and Standards in,
T. G. Allen-79, Nov. 14, p. 1687.
Infantile Paralysis; Case (Quelques considé-
rations cliniques sur un cas de paralysie
infantile), Carles and Desqueroux-78c,
Sept. 27, p. 613.

Infantile Paralysis, Lovett and Lucas-79,
Nov. 14, p. 1677.

Infants' Food Mixtures, Percentage, Composition and Caloric Values of, L. Porter167, Nov., p. 673.

Infants, Peculiarities of Anatomy of, R. B.
Gilbert-91d, Nov., p. 697.
Leucocyte Count of Normal Institutional
Children, H. O. Mosenthal-25, Nov., p.

Mediastinum, Tuberculous Adenopathies of (Adénopathies tuberculeuses du mediastin), Hutinel-179m, Oct., p. 413. Meningoceles (Les méningocèles), Kirmisson-78b, Oct. 10, p. 644.

Milk, Nutritive Disturbances from Fat in, J. Zahorsky-77a, Nov., p. 865.

Nervous Affections of Childhood, Diagnosis and. Prognosis of Some of the Commoner, C. S. Raue-155, Nov., p. 568. Neuroses, Factors in Causation of, W. Jordan-28d, Oct., p. 432. Overfeeding of Children, P. F. Barbour-17,

Nov., p. 491.

Peritonitis, Acute Pneumococcal, with Three Cases in Children, N. W. Nuthall-27a, Oct., p. 174.

Pneumonia, Lobar, Diagnosis of, in Children, M. G. Variot-72b, Nov. 14, p. 163. Pylorus, Congenital Hypertrophic Stenosis of, Mitchell and Oliver-25, Nov., p. 806. Rubella, An Outbreak of, M. B. Arnold-29, Oct. 31, p. 1331.

Scarlet Fever, Differential Diagnosis of, with

Special Reference to Scarlatiniform Eruptions, G. R. Pisek-23c, Oct., p. 337. Scarlet Fever, Home Treatment of, R. Milne -29, Oct. 31, p. 1333. Scorbutus, Pathology and Anatomy of (Zur Pathologie und Anatomie des Skorebuts), Sato and Nambu-201a, Oct. 6, p. 151.


150, Nov. 14, p. 933. Adiposis Dolorosa; Case with Involvement of Large Nerve Trunks, P. N. Bergeron -150, Nov. 28, p. 1036. Angioneurotic Edema as a Familial Cause of Sudden Death, A. J. Whiting 95, Nov. 7, p. 1356. Aphasia, New Doctrine of (La nouvelle doctrine de l'aphasie), Souques-34a, Sept. 26, p. 837. Apoplexy, Indirect Traumatism as an Occasional Cause of, J. E. Wilson - 155, Nov., p. 563.

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Sick Child, The, T. M. Rotch-200, Oct., p. 521.

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Syphilitic Osteochondritis, Congenital, Simulating Erb's Paralysis, T. H. Myers33c, June, p. 30.

Tetany in Children and Its Pathogeny (Kindertetanie und ihre Pathogeneses), Pexa-91c, Sept. 21, p. 1012; Sept. 28, p. 1053. Tuberculin Reaction, Cutaneous, and Findings in 200 Post-mortems on Children, C. von Pirquet-47, Nov., p. 585. Tuberculin Test, Cutaneous and Ophthalmic, in Infants, H. L. K. Shaw-25, Nov., p. 801. Tuberculosis in Children at New York Postgraduate Hospital, Recent Tests in Diagnosis of, Chapin and Coffin-174, Nov., p. 956. Tuberculosis in Children, Pre hysical Signs of, W. C. Hollopeter-79, Nov. 21, p. 1752.

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Typhoid Fever, Four Cases of, in Infants, J. L. Morse-167, Nov., p. 663. Vomiting, Obstinate, or the Personally Conducted Baby, W. P. Northrup-123, Nov. 21, p. 866.

Whooping Cough, Present Knowledge of, H. H. Donnally-25, Nov., p. 819. Whooping Cough, Treatment of (Die Behandlung des Keuchhustens), Feer 58a, Oct. 8, p. 1753.

Astasia-abasia; Case in a Child of 10 Years (Un cas d'astasie-abasie chez un enfant de dix ans), Babonneix--64a, Oct. 8, p. 1371.

Asylum Officials; Is It Necessary or Advis able for so Many to Live on the Premises? F. A. Elkins-85b, Oct., p. 691. Attention, Nervous Correlate of, M. Meyer175, Nov., p. 358.

Beri-beri, M. T. Micou-206a, Nov., p. 159. Brain, Blood Pressure in Diseases and Injuries of, W. H. Wilder-1, Oct., p. 643. Brain Composition (Ueber die Hirnmaterie), Reichardt-142b, Oct., p. 285.

Brain, Headache in Tumors of (La céphalée dans les tumeurs de l'encéphale), Perol -78a, Aug. 22, p. 333.

Brains, Three Chinese, Description of, II, E. H. J. Schuster-79a, Oct., p. 59. Central Nervous System, Effect of Complete Anæmia of, in Dogs Resuscitated After Relative Death, Crile and Dolley-82a, Nov. 5, p. 782.

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Chorea, Huntington's, A New Family of (Eine neue Chorea-Huntingtonfamilie), Curschmann -58c, XXXV, 3 and 4, p.


Chorea, Treatment of, J. Burnet-28d, Oct., p. 424.

Consciousness and Meaning, F. J. E. Woodbridge-175, Nov., p. 397.

Cortex, A Localized Traumatic Lesion of; Case, W. W. Watkins-185, Nov., p. 524. Cretinism, Epidemic, in the Chitral and Gilgit Valleys, R. McCarrison-95, Oct. 31, p. 1275.

Criminals of Minimum Responsibility (Les Criminels à responsabilité atténuée), Grasset-158a, Oct. 25, p. 385.

Delirium Tremens (Delirium tremens), Wassermeyer-25k, XLIV, 3, p. 861. Dementia Præcox, A. R. Urquhart-85b, Oct., p. 661.

Dementia Præcox, R. L. Gillespie-58, Nov., p. 255.

Dementia Præcox, Psychological Factors in, A. A. Brill-81a, Oct.-Nov., p. 219. Dementia Præcox, The Question of, R. Jones -85b, Oct., p. 651.

Dissociated Personality, My Life as a, B. C. A.-81a, Oct.-Nov., p. 240.

Epilepsy and Diet (Epilepsie et régime ali mentaire), Brunon-34a, Oct. 17, p. 901. Epilepsy, Partial Continuous (L'épilepsie partielle continu), Schmiergeld — 174c, Sept. 26, p. 617.

Epilepsy, Principles of Treatment of, A. McDougall 85b, Oct., p. 718.

Epileptic Fits, Observations Bearing on Supposed Thrombotic Origin of, J. Turner-85b, Oct., p. 638.

Facial Paralysis, Peripheral, in Early Syphilis (Peripherische Facialislähinung im Frühstadium der Syphilis), Lowinsky-40j, Oct., p. 5.

Facial Paralysis, Peripheral, of Syphilitic Origin; Diagnostic and Prognostic Importance of Its Recognition, A. Gordon23c, Oct., p. 374.

Friedreich's Disease, Two Cases of (Deux cas de maladie de Friedreich), Gaerts173c, Sept. 1, p. 257.

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Insanity of Persecution (Un délire de persécution), Joffroy-78b, Oct. 24, p. 678. Landry's Paralysis, or Polyneuritis (Paralisi di Landry, o polineurite), Rossi-180a, Aug. 31, p. 953.

Leucocytosis, Its Relation to and Significance in Acute Mental Disorders, C. F. F. McDowall-85b, Oct., p. 669. Locomotor Ataxia, A New Theory and Treatment, with Cases, LeG. N. Denslow123, Nov. 21, p. 870.

Lumbar Puncture and Blood Analysis in Treatment and Diagnosis of Meningococcic and Tuberculous Meningitis, J. F. Haltgen-43, Nov., p. 625.

Lumbar Puncture in Diagnosis and Thera

peutics; Description of a Device for Manometric Estimation of Intraspinal Pressure, G. E. Ebright-79, Nov. 7, p. 1566.

Lumbar Puncture, Technique and Indications (La ponction lombaire, etc.), Bourgoin102, Nov., p. 638.

Melancholia, H. Padgett-188, Nov., p. 507. Meningitis, F. J. Fralick-131, Nov., p. 267. Meningitis, Cerebrospinal, with Case, A. R. Gordon-36, Nov., p. 177.

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Palsies, Differential Diagnosis of Functional
from Organic; Hemiplegia, Paralysis
Agitans, Occupation and Habit, Cramps
and Spasms, T. A. Williams-23c, Oct.,
p. 385.
Paralysis, Ascending, Syndrome of (Le syn-
drome paralysie ascendante), Claude
and Lejonne--88b, Sept. 15, p. 900.
Polyneuritis and Subacute Myelitis (Poly-
névrite et myélite subaiguë), Raymond
-78b, Oct. 17, p. 659.
Poliomyelitis, Anterior, D. T. Bowden-86a,
Nov., p. 280.

Prostate, The, as a Factor in Nervous Dis-
ease, J. L. Boehm-17, Nov., p. 525.
Pseudohypertrophic Paralysis, with Case, F.
L. Christian-182, Nov., p. 445.
Psychoglandular Relations, Introduction to
Study of (Introduction à l'étude des rap-
ports psycho-glandulaires), Laignel-La-
vastine 179a, Sept., p. 373.
Psychophysiological Processes, Study of
Deflections Due to, I,
Sidis and Kalmus-175, Nov., p. 391.
Psychoses, Trauma and (Trauma und Psy-
chose), Obersteiner-137, Oct. 3, p. 2177.
Rabies-Hydrophobia; Its Treatment, Pre-
vention and Restriction, J. G. Cumming
-173, Aug., p. 353.


Reflexes, Value of, in Diagnosis, J. S. R.
Russell-38, Nov., p. 261.

Self-words, Study of Early Use of, by a Child,
C. H. Cooley-175, Nov., p. 339.
Smell, Psychology of (Psychologie de l'ol-
faction), Bérillon-179k, Oct., p. 98.
Spinal Cord, Case of Tumor of, and a Case
of Pachymeningitis Suppurativa Ex-
terna, J. E. Donley-174f, Nov., p. 194.
Spinal Cord, Diagnostic Considerations in
Surgical Affections of, J. Grinker-43,
Nov., p. 630.

Spinal Nerves, Cutaneous Branches of Pos-
terior Primary Divisions of, and Their
Distribution in the Skin, H. M. John-
ston-79a, Oct., p. 80.
Syringomyelia; Case Suggesting Relation-
ship with Acute Cerebrospinal Menin-
gitis 18 Years Ago, L. S. Manson-123,
Nov. 28, p. 925.

Tetanus, Contribution to Treatment of (Con-
tributo allo curo del tetano), Pancrazio
-64c, Sept. 27, p. 1225.

Thomsen's Disease, A Study of, A. Birt-
143, Nov., p. 771.
Unconscious, The, M. Prince-81a, Oct.-Nov.,
p. 261.

Venous Accommodation, Remarkable Case

of, After Compression of Superior Longi-
tudinal Sinus by a Glioma, Phillips and
Smith-95, Nov. 7, p. 1364.

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Bladder, Spontaneous Extraperitoneal Per-
foration of (Perforazione extraperitone-
ale spontanea del vescica), Li Virghi—
64d, Sept. 14, p. 359.
Bladder, Tuberculosis of, W. Karo
Nov. 10, p. 507.
Blastomycosis Cutis; Two Cases, M. D.
Hutchins-81, Nov., p. 523.


Calculus, Urinary, Relation of Malassimila-
tion to, J. H. Dowd-59, Nov., p. 658.
Calculus, Vesical, Diagnosis and Treatment
of, L. W. Bremerman-190b, Nov., p. 573.
Cheilitis Exfoliativa, M. L. Ravitch-79, Nov.
14, p. 1684.

Circumcision, Importance of, E. E. Lusk-
113, Nov., p. 328.

Circumcision in Newborn, Simple Method of,
W. R. Wilson-25, Nov., p. 841.
Cystitis Glandularis et Follicularis, H. L.
Kretschmer-190b, Nov., p. 510.
Demodex Folliculorum in Men and Animals
(Demodex folliculorum des Menschen
und der Tiere), Gmeiner-25e, XCII, 1
and 2, p. 25.

Dermatitis, Exfoliative, Atypical Case of, M.
W. Emmert-78, Nov., p. 264.
Detrusor Paralysis, W. F. Waugh-118, Nov.
10, p. 513.

Eczema, Its Proper Management, J. H. Cum-
roe-6, Nov., p. 467.

Eczema, Nature and Causes of, M. B. Hart-
zell-79, Nov. 28, p. 1829.
Epididymitis, Acute Gonorrheal, with Spe-
cial Reference to Operative Treatment,
J. H. Cunningham-28, Nov. 19, p. 669.
Epithelioma-Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus,
J. V. Shoemaker-200, Oct., p. 569.
Epithfelioma, Treatment of, by Roentgen
Rays, G. E. Pfahler-79, Nov. 21, p. 1761.
Fibroma Multiplex Cutis; Case in Pregnancy
(Fibroma multiplex cutis bei einer
Schwangern), Goth-142e, Oct., p. 423.
Genito-urinary Emergencies, F. Wieland

52, Nov., p. 639.

Gonorrhoea, Abortive Treatment of (Traite-
ment abortif de la blenorrhagie), Streiff
-78a, Sept. 26, p. 381.

Gonorrhoea and Obscure Nervous Diseases,
R. O. Keiser-113, Nov., p. 330.
Gonorrhoea, Acute, G. H. Day-122, Nov., p.

Gonorrhea, Deep Complications of, J. W.
Handley-188, Nov., p. 512.

Hæmaturia, C. J. Drueck-43, Nov., p. 637.
Hæmoglobinuria and Hæmolysis (Hämoglo-
binurie und Hämolyse), Czernecki
208, Oct. 15, p. 1435.

Hyponomoderma; Another Case Demon-
strating the Immediate Curative Effect
of Chloroform Injected in Situ, M. B.
Hutchins-81, Nov., p. 521.

Ichthyosis, Congenital, with Case, J. J. Wy-
mer-149, Nov., p. 348.

Intravesical Operations Without Knife or
Anæsthetic, with Special Reference to
Removal of Benign Tumors, H. Meyer-
10b, Nov., p. 432.

Kidney, Acute Hæmatogenous Infection of,
in Persons Apparently Well; Report of
Eight Cases, F. Cobb-23, Nov., p. 680.
Kidney, Congenital Cystic, in Man, Four
Cases of, with Observation on Same
Condition in a Dog, S. L. Smalley-173,
Aug., p. 337.

Kidney Diseases, Present Status of, A. D.
Bevan-75, Nov., p. 184.

Kidney, Lipoma of, W. H. Mitchell — 150,
Nov. 21, p. 980.

Kidney, Movable, and Associated Visceral
Ptoses, The Corset for, A. E. Gallant-
79, Nov. 7, p. 1568.

Kidney, Neoplasm of, Presenting Unusual
Features; Case, Parnell and Gompertz-
174a, Nov., p. 737.

Kidney, Sarcoma of, C. C. Rush-25, Nov.,
p. 857.

Kidney Stone in Male, Use of Wax-tipped
Catheter for Diagnosis of, W. Ayres-
11, Nov., p. 330.

Kidney Surgery, Present Status of, A. D.
Bevan-101, Nov., p. 166.

Kidneys, Cystic Disease of, with Pyuria and
Hæmorrhages, T. Carwardine-29, Nov.
7, p. 1427.

Leprosy, W. S. Mills-113, Nov., p. 329.
Lichen Planus, Hypertrophic (Sul lichen
piano ipertrofico), Vignolo-Lutati-66c,
LXIX, 4, p. 463.

Lupus Erythematosus;

Its Nature and
Treatment, J. M. H. MacLeod-95, Oct.
31, p. 1271.
Pathology, Modern Dermatological, as Re-
lated to Practical Therapeutics, M. B.
Hartzell 81, Nov., p. 485.
Pathology, Modern Dermatological, as Re-
lated to Practical Therapeutics, C. J.
White-81, Nov., p. 490.
Pemphigus Neonatorum, An Epidemic of, H.
J. Schwartz-33c, June, p. 1.
Prostate, Contribution to Surgery of, S.
Alexander-6, Nov., p. 473.

Prostate Gland, Diseased, Psychic Aberra-
tions Associated with, J. F. Percy-73c,
Nov., p. 571.

Prostatectomy for Hypertrophy (De la pros-
tatectomie dans l'hypertrophie de la
prostate), Michon-18k, II, 19, p. 1441.
Prostatectomy, Formation of Calculi After,
E. Loumeau-10b, Nov., p. 423.
Prostatectomy in Treatment of Prostatic
Abscess of Gonorrheal Origin, S. Alex-
ander-28, Nov. 5, p. 605.
Prostatectomy, Subpubic; Case; Recovery
(Un cas de prostatectomie sus-pubienne
-Guérison), Duhot-94b, Sept. 26, p.


Prostatectomy, Suprapubic, A. E. Rockey-
127, Nov., p. 628.

Prostatic Disorders Treated with Success,
R. G. Hendricks-182, Nov., p. 461.
Prostatic Hypertrophy, Carcinoma a Grave
Menace in Case of, H. Packard - 147,
Nov., p. 481.

Pruritus, D. Meister-131, Nov., p. 276.
Pruritus Ani, W. F. Waugh-6, Nov., p. 472.
Renal and Ureteral Surgery, Contribution
to, Eisendrath and Herzog-23, Nov., p.

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Corneal, and Myopic Cen-

tral Choroiditis, A. Senn-24, Nov., p.
Blood-letting in Diseases of Eye, P. Friden-
berg-59, Nov., p. 663.

Burns of Conjunctiva, Self-inflicted; Case,
F. L. Henderson-10, Oct., p. 289.
Capsulo-pupillary Membrane in Both Eyes,
Persistent; Case, A. Y. Massey-164c,
Nov., p. 866.

Cataract, Immature, Treatment of, H. Smith
-24, Nov., p. 672.

Cataract; Possible Prevention, Probable Op-
eration Which? L. Y. Baker 70a,
Nov., p. 419.


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Cataract, Senile, Two Cases of, Illustrating
Desirability of Reliable Ophthalmo-
scopic Examination Made While a View
of Fundus Is Possible, M. H. Bell-140b,
Nov., p. 125.

Chancre, Indurated, of Conjunctiva (Chan-
cre induré de la conjonctive), Roche-
104a, Oct. 1, p. 585.

Syphilis, Treatment of, H. C. French-29a,
Nov., p. 349.
Syphilitic Cases Simulating Surgical Emer-
gencies, M. A. Austin-45, Oct. 31, p. 508.
Tuberculosis of Skin, B. Foster-183a, Nov.,
p. 618.

Choroid and Ciliary Body, Perithelioma of,
J. B. Thomas-152, Nov., p. 573.

Ureter Fistulæ, Kidney Atrophy and (Nie-
renatrophie bei Ureterfistel), Asch-93,
Oct. 5, p. 1804.

Urethra, Hyperesthesia of, J. H. Lieber-
mann-207a, Oct., p. 317.

Urethra, Stricure of, A. L. Wolbarst — 76,
Nov., p. 340.

Urethritis, Chronic Posterior, Including In-
flammation of the Prostate, A. L. Bar-
nard-114, Nov., p. 412.

Urethritis, Obliterative, Suprapubic Cystot-
omy as a Means of Identifying the Deep
Urethra in Cases of, H. Crutcher - 6,
Nov., p. 449.

Urinary Tract, Vaccine Treatment of Infec-
tion of, J. Miller-66a, Nov., p. 356.
Urticaria Hæmorrhagica (Ueber Urticaria
hæmorrhagica), Beck-142d, XLVII, 8,
p. 393.

Vas, New Technique for Suture of the, H.
M. Richter-190b, Nov., p. 585.
Vesical Calculi, Multiple, W. J. Maloney—
95, Nov. 21, p. 1517.

Vesical Tumors, Practical Notes on, G. F.
Lydston-45, Nov. 28, p. 624.
Xanthoma Planum, Generalized; Case in a
Child, R. Abrahams-150, Nov. 14, p.

Yaws and Tropical Ulcer, Therapy in, G. P.
Heard-87a, Oct. 15, p. 305.

Choroid, Case of Cartilage Formation in, O.
Pes-24, Nov., p. 718.

Choroid, Primary Atrophy of, with Sclerosis
of the Vessels, N. J. Cuperus-24, Nov.,
p. 709.

Choroiditis, Etiology of, J. B. Lawford ·
164, Nov., p. 557.

Color-blindness, Can It Be Remedied? R. V.
Brawley-76, Nov., p. 356.

Conjunctival Cysts and Papillomata, A. Alt
-10, Oct., p. 292.

Conjunctivitis, An Old Form of, S. B. Hays-
17, Nov., p. 499.
Conjunctivitis Associated with B. Pyocy-
aneus in an Adult; B. Pyocyaneus Found
in Normal Conjunctiva, B. Pusey-24,
Nov., p. 683.
Cyclodialysis vs. Iridodialysis, P. J. Living-
stone-86b, Nov., p. 525.

Disc, Case of Pigmentation of, H. Dyckmees-
ter-24, Nov., p. 698.

Eye, Double Perforation by a Fragment of
Iron, A. Genth-24, Nov., p. 714.
Eye Dressing, A New, J. L. Hiers-164, Nov.,
p. 568.

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