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Ophthalmitis, Post-operative Sympathetic,
D. M. Campbell-164, Nov., p. 575.
Ophthalmitis, Transferred, Following Inser-
tion of Gold Ball Into Scleral Cavity;
Enucleation; Recovery; Case, C. A. Oli-
ver-164, Nov., p. 592.
Ophthalmology for General Practitioners, L.
Connor-79, Nov. 28, p. 1833.
Ophthalmology, New Therapeutic Agents in

(Neuere medicamente in der Augenheil-
kunde), Ischreyt-183b, Aug. 30, p. 403.
Optic Neuritis, Pseudo, T. B. Schneideman-
164, Nov., p. 572.

Orbit, Traumatic Pulsating Tumor of (Tu
meur pulsatile traumatique de l'orbite),
Guibal-25g, Oct., p. 622.
Ossification and Calcification in the Eye, K.
Rumschewitsch-24, Nov., p. 701.
Peribulbar Carcinoma, W. Reis-24, Nov., p.

Pigmentation, Acquired, of Posterior Sur-
face of Cornea, J. Oeller-24, Nov., p.

Ptosis, Simplification of DeGrandmont's Op-
eration for, S. Theobald-34, Nov., p.

Pupil, Action. of Cocaine Upon, Henderson
and Parsons-164a, Nov., p. 325.
Pupil, The, in Extraocular Disease, H. C.
DeV. Cornwell-15, Oct., p. 464.
Refraction, Estimation of Errors of, by As-
tigmatic Charts, E. K. Ellis-164, Nov.,
p. 595.

Refraction, Ocular, Teaching the Subject of,
E. Jackson-164, Nov., p. 547.
Refractionists, Medical and Non-medical;
Their Work Compared, H. W. Champlin
-70a, Nov., p. 412.

Retina, Bilateral Glioma of, with Numerous
Metastases, J. P. Gardiner-24, Nov., p.
Scotometer, A New Form of, P. C. Bardsley
-164a, Nov., p. 327.

Sodium Iodate Injections, Subjunctival, in
External and Internal Eye Diseases, A.
Schiele-24, Nov., p. 701.
Sphygmomanometer, Practical Value of, to
the Ophthalmologist, J. Dunn-24, Nov.,
p. 687.

Squint, Early Treatment and Recognition of,
W. F. Blake-35a, Nov., p. 385.
Symblepharon, Corneal Opacities and a

Probably Fibrofatty Tumor of Conjunc-
tiva, All of Prenatal Origin, in Woman
with Hereditary Cataracts at an Early
Age, B. Chance-24, Nov., p. 680.

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General Practitioner and Cases Usually
Referred to Specialist, Particularly
Those of Nose and Throat, H. A. Harri-
son-68, Nov., p. 829.

Infectious Diseases, Nose, Throat and Ear
Complications of, F. E. Carmody-58,
Nov., p. 215.

Laryngeal Tuberculosis, Present-day Treat-
ment of, H. Barwell-28, Nov. 26, p. 189.
Laryngitis, Stridulous (Ein Beitrag zur
Laryngitis stridula), Rahner-143a, Oct.
13, p. 2139.

Larynx, Large Tumors of (Tumori gigan-
teschi della laringe), Massei-250, Oct.,
p. 149.

Larynx, Recurrent and Abductor Paralysis
of, J. W. Gleitsmann-22, Sept., p. 587.
Larynx, Recurrent and Abductor Paralysis
of; Diagnosis and Treatment, W. E. Cas-
selberry-22, Sept., p. 607.

Larynx, Trachea and Esophagus, Direct Ex-
amination of, by Brüning's Instrument,
H. Tilley-95, Nov. 7, p. 1359.
Larynx, Villous Tumor of (Tumeur villeuse
du larynx), Lannois-18d, Sept., p. 241.
Maxillary Sinus, Anatomical and Pathologi-
cal Conditions of, in Relation to Teeth,
A. S. Underwood-84a, Nov., p. 62.
Maxillary Sinusitis, Intraosseous Anæsthe-
sia in Radical. Treatment of (L'anesthé-
sie intraosseuse dans la cure radicale
des sinusites maxillaires), Garrot-78c,
Oct. 4, p. 629.

Mouth Breathing, Causes and Evils of, W.
G. Harrison-1, Oct., p. 635.

Nasal Hæmorrhage, Common Source of, in
Persons Previously Healthy, H. G. Lang-
worthy-207b, Oct., p. 243.

Nasal Respiration, Its Relation to General
Diseases; G. R. S. Corson-168, Nov., p.
Nasopharynx, Fibroid Tumors of, W. Schep-
pegrell 59, Nov., p. 654.

Nose, Congenital Deformity of (Deformita
congenita del naso), Giuseppe 94d,
Sept. 30, p. 1416.

Neuroses, Reflex, Arising from Ocular and
Nasal Abnormalities, S. L. Ziegler
150, Nov. 7, p. 869.

Oral Cavity, Relation of, to the Great White
Plague and Other Preventable Diseases,
P. G. White-59, Nov., p. 644.

Orbital Phlegmon Due to Fronto-ethmoidal
Sinusitis, Treatment of (Traitement des
phlegmons orbitaires dus aux sinusites
fronto-ethmoïdales), Fromaget 78c,
Oct. 11, p. 645.


ALCOHOL in Its Relation to Physical and

Mental Health of the Community, A.
Gordon-59, Nov., p. 641.

Papilloma of Larynx in Children, J. P. Clark
-22, Sept., p. 787.

Alcohol Question, Latest Verdict of Science
Upon, J. H. Kellogg-142, Oct., p. 245.

Pharynx, Relation of Hypertrophy of
Lymphoid Tissues of, to Tuberculosis
(L'hypertrophie du tissue lymphoide du
pharynx, ses rapports avec la tubercu-
lose), Nobécourt and Tixier-64a, Sept.
22, p. 1287.

of Mucous Membrane of
Mouth, H. G. Anthony-79, Nov. 14, p.

Recurrent Laryngeal Nerves, Etiology of
Paralysis of, of Peripheral Origin, D. B.
Delavan--22, Sept., p. 631.

Rhinitis, Atrophic, Treatment of, L. S. Som-
ers-138a, Nov., p. 342.

Rhinitis, Hypertrophic, Histo-pathology of
(Contribution à l'histo-pathologie des
rhinites hypertrophiques), Della-Vedova
and Clerc-179c, Oct. 10, p. 431.
Septum, Deviations of, W. R. Hobbs-206,
Nov., p. 569.

Septum, Nasal, Indications for Operation on
(Des indications de l'opération de la
cloison nasale), Réthi-179c, Oct. 3, p.

Septum, Nasal, Killian's Submucous Resec-

tion of, C. M. Stewart-40, Nov., p. 677.
Syphilis as Seen by the Nose and Throat
Specialist, H. G. Thomas-35a, Nov., p.

Tongue, Amyloid Tumors of (Zur Kenntniss
der Amyloidtumoren der Zunge), Heiler
-208, Oct. 1, p. 1383.

Tongue, Black Hairy, N. R. Blegvad — 22,
Sept., p. 753.

Tonsillar Ring and Paranasal Sinuses as
Portals of Entry of Infectious Diseases,
S. Rosenheim-34, Nov., p. 338.
Tonsillitis, Follicular, Local Use of Aspirin
in, G. Fetterolf-196, Nov., p. 761.
Tonsil, Faucial, The Tuberculous, G. B.
Sweeney-201, Nov., p. 261.

Tonsil, Method for Complete Enucleation
of, J. A. West-34, Nov., p. 328.

Tonsil Operations, The Fear of (Die Furcht
Mandeloperationen), Hopmann


143a, Sept. 22, p. 1970.


Tonsil, The Tuberculous Faucial, G. B. Swee-
ney-58, Nov., p. 230.

Uvula, Ablation of, J. A. Pratt-207a, Oct.,
p. 316.

Windpipe, Gullet and Stomach, Direct In-
spection of, J. A. White-202, Nov. 27,
p. 366.

Antituberculosis Educational

Universities and Colleges as Factors in,
W. McN. Miller-85c, Nov., p. 285.
Antituberculosis Program, The, R. W. Philip
-57a, Nov., p. 381.

Bakeries and Restaurants, Sanitary Super-
vision of, L. M. Powers-35a, Nov., p.

Brighton, Sanitary Condition and Health of
(Etude de l'état sanitaire et de la salu-
brité dans Brighton), Dabout-78a, Oct.
10, p. 403.

Climatic Fallacy, The, LeR. S. Peters-73c,
Nov., p. 586.

Colorado as a Health Resort, F. D. Patter-
son-182, Nov., p. 449.
Consumption's Problems, Probing, G. B. H.
Swayze--151, Nov., p. 325.

Contagious Disease Hospitals, Municipal;
Their Importance to the Community, R.
J. Wilson-32, Nov., p. 195.
Coroners and Their Duties, J. W. Brodnax-
202, Nov. 27, p. 369.

Disinfection Experiments with New Autan
Preparations (Einige Desinfektionsver-
suche mit dem neuen Autanpräparat),
Marmann-73b, Oct. 1, p. 1137.

Evil, The Baneful, of Society, N. E. Aron-
stam-6, Nov., p. 453.

Expert Testimony, Thoughts on, G. H. Bo-
gart-182, Nov., p. 451.

Filtration System, Intermittent Continuous,
T. A. Murray-60, Nov., p. 453.
Food Preservation, Value of, H. L. Harris--
17, Nov., p. 481.

Hospital Construction, J. N. E. Brown-40,
Nov., p. 609.

Housing of the Poor, Question of (Zur
Wohnungsfrage armer Leute), Heiden-
hain-217, Oct. 20, p. 711.

Hygiene, Personal, F. R. Keefer-165, Nov.,
p. 670.

Industrial Evils Considered, C. G. West-58,
Nov., p. 252.

Innocent Wife and Child, The, A. H. White
-52, Nov., p. 657.

Insane, Development of Legal Relations Con-
cerning the, with Suggestions for Re-
form, A. McL. Hamilton-123, Nov. 7,
p. 781.

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Medical Expert in Court, The, C. R. Parke-
199, Oct., p. 251.

Medical Secret, The (Le secret medical),
Marsan-102, Nov., p. 629.

Medical Work in the Philippines, H. J.
Nichols-199, Oct., p. 251.

Milk Hygiene, History of, up to Middle of
Last Century (Zur Geschichte der Milch-
hygiene bis zur Mitte des vorigen Jahr-
hunderts), Hanauer-73b, Oct. 15, p.

Morbidity Returns, International Classifica-
tion as Applied to, C. F. Mason-150,
Nov. 28, p. 1016.

Morbidity Statistics, Purposes and Objects
of, and the Methods of Collecting Them,
J. M. Eager-150, Nov. 7, p. 878.
Municipal Kitchens for the Sick (Städtische
Krankenküchen), Sternberg-58i, Oct.
8, p. 145.

National Department of Public Health in
Relation to the Antituberculosis Prob-
lem, C. A. L. Reed-32, Nov., p. 203.
Physician as an Educator, G. B. Lake-131,
Nov., p. 263.

Prophylaxis vs. Treatment, S. W. Smith-
123, Nov. 14, p. 834.

Prostitute, The, S. Carleton-68, Nov., p. 824.
Public Health Administration in England.

and United States Compared (Contin-
ued), A. Ravogli-182, Nov., p. 456.
Public Health, A National Department of,
C. A. L. Reed-79, Nov. 28, p. 1856.
Public Health Plank, The, C. E. Wood-150,
Nov. 28, p. 125.

Pure Milk Problem, The, G. H. Kress-35a,
Nov., p. 369.

Public Health, Relation of Military Forces
of United States to, W. C. Rucker-79b,
Nov., p. 333.

Rigor Mortis, Instantaneous, E. S. McKee-
122, Nov., p. 358.

Sanitarians and Sanitary Inspectors, A
Course of Instruction for, F. F. Wes-
brook-82b, Nov. 15, p. 466.

School Child, The, J. W. Van Derslicé-150,
Nov. 7, p. 881.

School Children, Medical Inspection of, R.
P. Williams-174a, Nov., p. 725.
Sewage Purification, Present Practice in, E.
J. Fort-100c, Nov., p. 397.
Smallpox in Minnesota, Present Status of,
G. W. McIntyre-82b, Nov. 15, p. 470. *
Smallpox, Present Management of, in Min-
nesota, H. M. Bracken-82b, Nov. 15, p.

Smoke, Bituminous Coal, Its Chemistry and
Effects on Health of Man and Plants,
Works of Art and Commerce, J. W.
Wainwright-123, Nov. 7, p. 791.

Social Evil, Regulation of, in Our Large
American Cities, G. F. Lydston-193,
Nov., p. 183.

Sociological Medicine, J. Ullman-32, Nov.,
p. 179.

Texas Antituberculosis Association, L. B.
Bibb-193, Nov., p. 204.
Tropical Diseases in the Mississippi Valley,
G. Dock-101, Nov., p. 175.
Tubercular Infection, Public Education
Against, T. F. Lockwood-85c, Nov., p.

Tuberculosis and Poverty, E. T. Lies-82b,
Nov. 15, p. 472.

Tuberculosis as a State Problem, R. L.
Combs-195, Nov., p. 172.
Tuberculosis, New Contribution to Vaccina-
tion of Cattle Against (Nouvelle contri-
bution de la vaccination des bovidés
contra la tuberculose), Calmette and
Guerin 181, Sept. 25, p. 689.


Law, G. H. Bogart-

114, Nov., p. 402.

Cell Proliferation, Reactive, in the White
Rat and Its Relation to the Genesis of
Transplantable Tumors, I. Levin-82a,
Nov. 5, p. 811.

Clinical Research, Basic Conditions of a
National Association for, J. Krauss
155, Nov., p. 547.


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Colleges, Our, Why We Should Take More
Interest in, A. H. Seibert-113, Nov., p.

Esperanto and the Medical Profession, C. H.
Fessenden-155, Nov., p. 560.
Interscapular Gland, The, E. Bonnot-79a,
Oct., p. 43.

Kidney Tissue, Study of Experimental Re-
duction of, with Special Reference to
the Changes in That Remaining, Samp-
son and Pearce-82a, Nov. 5, p. 745.
Leucocytes, Precipitation of Bacterial Ex-
tracts by Extracts of, Hiss and Zinsser
-80a, Nov., p. 399.

Liver, Morphology and Development of, O.
C. Bradley-79a, Oct., p. 1.

Medical Advance, Currents and Counter-cur-
rents in, A. R. Elliott-101, Nov., p. 161.
Medical Colleges and Examining Boards, W.
C. Smith-127, Nov., p. 605.

Ocular Pathology, Teaching of, to Graduates
and Undergraduates, C. A. Wood-164,
Nov., p. 553.


174g, Nov., p.

Tuberculosis War, The Red Cross in the, S.
A. Knopf-150, Nov. 28, p. 1013.

Typhoid Fever in Berlin (Der Unterleibs-
Typhus in Berlin), Nesemann-217, Oct.
5, p. 677.

Active Principles, The, W. C. Abbott-114,
Nov., p. 418.

Typhoid Fever in the South as Deduced
from a Study of Typhoid Fever in Rich-
mond, Va., Levy and Freeman-163a,
Nov., p. 315.
Ventilation, E. R. Swan-183a, Nov., p. 636.
Water, Boiled; Is It Unsafe?-114, Nov., p.

Adrenalin Chloride, Uses of, C. O. Aber-
nethy-163a, Nov., p. 344.

Water, Drinking, Importance of Hypomin-
eral Character of (De l'importance du
caractère hypominéral de l'eau d'usage
interne), Voisin-64a, Oct. 13, p. 1395.

Pædiatrics, Teaching of, in European
Schools, H. M. McClanahan-167, Nov.,
p. 681.

Pathology, The New, M. Whitacre-45, Oct.
31, p. 505.

Pathology, The Teaching of, at the Univer
sity of Michigan, F. P. Rous-34, Nov.,
p. 336.
Post-graduate Student, The, W. G. Spiller-
199, Oct., p. 234.

Psychology of Lower Animals, Convincing
Phenomena in, G. F. Lydston 187a,
Sept., p. 358.
Qualification to Practice Medicine, What
Schedule of Documentary Evidence
Should Be Accepted as Evidence of, D.
D. Van Meter-58, Nov., p. 221.
Respiration, Physiological Mechanism of,

with Special Reference to Movements
of Vertebral Column and Diaphragm, J.
F. H. Dally-79a, Oct., p. 93.


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Adrenalin, Diuretic Action of, and Active
Principle of Pituitary Body, Houghton
and Merrill-79, Nov. 28, p. 1849.
Adrenalin Therapy, S. Floersheim-15, Oct.,
p. 450.
Antipyretics and Fever, J. A. Burnett-207a,
Oct., p. 315.

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