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Antistreptococcus Serum, Clinical Results
with, W. D. Roussel-149, Nov., p. 327.
Aspirin, Local Use of, in Follicular Tonsil-
litis, G. Fetterolf-196, Nov., p. 761.
Atropine Treatment of Morphinomania and
Inebriety, M. S. P. Strangman-85b, Oct.,
p. 727.

Bacterial Treatment of Disease, H. A. Dun-
can-59, Nov., p. 650.

Baths, Hot, at Hot Springs, M. R. Richards
-15, Oct., p. 475.

Berberine and Berberine-bearing Plants, J.
M. French-4, Nov., p. 1444.
Bier's Hyperemia, Technique of, H. M.
Cohen-55a, Nov., p. 440.

Bier's Hyperæmia, Treatment of Acute In-
flammatory Conditions by, G. B. Buch-
anan-95, Nov. 14, p. 1430.
Bryonia Alba, F. Ellingwood-170, Oct., p.

Cactus Grandiflorus as a Cardiac Remedy, R.
G. Curtin-196, Nov., p. 763.
Caffeine, J. Burke-174g, Nov., p. 374.
Camphor Monobromide, W. C. Abbott-207a,
Nov., p. 339.

Cinchona and Its Alkaloids, W. F. Waugh--
4, Nov., p. 1426.

Clysters and How to Use Them, B. F. Hard-
ing-4, Nov., p. 1433.

Cocaine, W. C. Abbott-12, Nov., p. 252.
Creosote, Therapeutic Potency of, C. H.
Hughes-114, Nov., p. 406.

Electricity and X-rays, Practical Advice on
Medical Use of (Conseils pratiques sur
l'électricité et les rayons X à l'usage des
médecins), Dumont-179b, Oct. 1, p. 649.
Electrotherapeutics as a Factor in the Mod-
ern Sanitarium, C. E. Sawyer-52, Nov.,
p. 634.

Epsom Salt, More About, W. N. Burgess-
131, Nov., p. 266.

Fraxinus Americana, J. J. Davis-52, Nov.,
p. 653.

Heart Drugs, Modern (Moderne Herzmittel),
His-196c, Oct., p. 433.

Heart Stimulants, Pharmacology of, H. C.
Wood, Jr. 8, Nov., p. 659.
Hydrotherapy in Mental and Nervous Dis-
eases, A. T. Hobbs-60, Nov., p. 435.

Hyoscine, Practical Application of, in Treat-
ment of Drug Addiction, with Mental
Suggestion, W. S. Robinson-73, Sept.,
p. 513.
Hyperemia, Active, Passive and Combined,
Therapeutic Uses of, E. P. Fowler-11,
Nov., p. 333.

Hyperemia, Induced, with Special Reference
to Tuberculous and Stiffened Joints, W.
Bennett-29, Nov. 21, p. 1533.

Iodipin in Treatment of Arteriosclerosis, F.
Kalmus-138a, Nov., p. 347.

Ionic Medication, F. T. F. Stephenson-115,
Oct., p. 202.

Iron, J. Knott-150, Nov. 14, p. 919; Nov. 21,'
p. 969; Nov. 28, p. 1029.
Joglidine. Application of, in Treatment of
Respiratory Diseases (Die Anwendung
von Joglidine in den Erkrankungen der
Atmungsorgane), Schütte-63b, Sept. 30,
p. 852.
Kephaldol, Reports on (Meine Beobach-
tungen über Kephaldol), Szamek-208a,
Oct. 10, p. 482.

Lactalexin as a Therapeutic Agent, Lang-
held-196a, Nov., p. 127.

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Oxgall, Observations on, W. E. Putnam-
111, Nov., p. 641.

Pharmacy, Relation of, to Medicine, J. P.
Remington-79, Nov. 28, p. 1832.
Phenolphthalein, Action and Dosage of, W.
P. Elmer-123, Nov. 14, p. 838.
Physical Therapeutics, Elements of, W. B.
Snow-15a, Oct., p. 371.

Picrotoxin, W. F. Waugh-138a, Nov., p. 345.
Prescription, A Homeopathic, The Basis of
a, J. C. Loos-57, Nov., p. 361.
Psychotherapeutics, J. B. Kirk-206a, Nov.,

p. 157.

Pyramidon in Typhoid Fever (Le pyramidon
dans le traitement de la fièvre typhoïde),
Vinay-102a, Oct. 11, p. 577.
Pyrenol (Ueber Pyrenol), Horowitz-
Oct. 1, p. 439.


Pyrenol and Eglatol (Zur Pyrenol- und Eg-
latol-Frage), Hirschberg-58d, Oct. 15,
p. 461.


Querbrachin, Effect of, on the Lungs, H. C.
Wood, Jr.-79, Nov. 7, p. 1593.
Radium, Action of, on the Blood (Die Wir-
kung des Radiums auf das Blut), Auber-
tin and Delamasse-40c, Oct. 17, p. 1037.
Roentgen Ray Flashes, or Intermittent X-
rays, F. R. Cook-123, Nov. 14, p. 828.
Roentgen Rays, Treatment of Epithelioma
by, G. E. Pfahler-79, Nov. 21, p. 1761.
Salines, The, M. A. Blanton-182, Nov., p.

Serotherapy of Nephritis, New Researches

Into (Nouvelles recherches sur la séro-
thérapie des néphrites), Teissier-34a,
Oct. 10, p. 877.

Serum, Antituberculous, Applications of, in
Man (Applications à l'homme d'un sé-
rum antituberculeux), Lannelongue,
Achard and Gaillard-34a, Oct. 14, p.
Serum, Maragliano's, Untoward Effects Fol-
lowing Use of, H. R. M. Landis-196,
Nov., p. 768.

Serum, Rogers-Torrey Antigonococcic, Obser-
vations with, G. K. Swinburne 123,
Nov. 14, p. 825.
Serum Treatment of Epidermic Cerebro-
spinal Meningitis, with 22 Cases, F. T.
Fulton-28, Nov. 5, p. 617.
Serum Treatment of Erysipelas, A. D. Dry-
foos-138a, Nov., p. 341.


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Silver, Colloidal, in Infectious Diseases (Les
applications de l'argent colloïdal dans
les maladies infectieuses), Netter-173a,
Sept., p. 201.
Sodium Benzoate, J. A. Burnett-91, Nov.,
p. 307.

Sodium Nucleinate, Treatment of Acute In-
fections by, D. T. Lainé-196, Nov., p.

Somnoform, C. G. Parsons-55a, Nov., p. 451.
Sulphur, Special Action of, E. Fornias-68,
Nov., p. 812.

Therapeutic Prejudices, E. E. Cornwall-.
100c, Nov., p. 416.

Therapeutic Suggestions, A. S. Talbott-90,
Nov., p. 309.


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Valisan, a New Sedative, Maeder 196a,
Nov., p. 126.
Veratrum Viride, P. F. Price-62, Nov., p.

X-ray Uses, Dangers and Abuses, W. S. Gott-
heil-79, Nov. 21, p. 1763.

Zinc Phosphide, W. F. Waugh-128, Nov., p.

Manhattan Dermatological Society, Febru
ary and March-81, Nov., p. 526.
Medical Association of Greater City of New
York-123, Nov. 28, p. 942.

Medical Society of London-95, Oct. 31, p.
1297; Nov. 14, p. 1445.
Minnesota State Medical Association-82b,
Nov. 1, p. 433.
Mississippi Valley Medical Association
123, Nov. 14, p. 853.

New York Academy of Medicine, Section on
Obstetrics and Gynecology-123, Nov..
21, p. 898; Section on Medicine, Nov. 28,
p. 944.

Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, June,
1908-23, Nov., p. 787.

ACCIDENTS, Industrial, F. L. Hoffman-

117, Oct., p. 307.

Albany Hospital, Sixth Report of Pavilion
F, J. M. Mosher-2, Nov., p. 873.

Banks, William Mitchell, His Life and
Works, H. Morris-29, Nov. 7, p. 1417.
County Medical Society, The, W. F. Mitchell
-85c, Nov., p. 293.

Dickens' Doctors and Things Medical, T. R.
Currie 168, Nov., p. 134.
Eclecticism, The Theory of, F. Ellingwood-
4, Nov., p. 1440.


Ethics, Questionable, of Medical Journals in
Publishing as Original Matter Papers
Read at Medical Conventions, O. H. Al-
lis-168, Nov., p. 130.

Faith, C. A. Hadsell-55a, Nov., p. 455.
Greek Medicine, Ancient, C. W. Super-150,

Royal College of Surgeons of England, H.
Marsh-95, Nov. 7, p. 1388.

Nov. 7, p. 883.

Heredity and Environment, Relation of, to
Life Expectancy, L. H. Montgomery-
119, Nov., p. 487.
Homœopathy, Why We Believe in, A. M.
Cushing-72, Nov., p. 488.
Hospital Work, A Layman's View of, J. R.
Robertson-40, Nov., p. 691.
Impressions Derived from a Visit to Warm
Springs of Virginia, A. H. Buck-123,
Nov. 28, p. 922.

India, Notes from, G. E. Miller-62, Nov., p.

Insurance Examiner, Trouble Savers for, the
Company and the Applicant, B. J. O'Con-
nor-117, Oct., p. 297.

Invisible, I View Thee, Oh My Soul! A. S.
Ashmead-118, Nov. 10, p. 511.

Royal Society of Medicine-95, Oct. 31, p.
1296; Nov. 7, p. 1370; Nov. 14, p. 1444;
Nov. 21, p. 1522.

Sixth International Congress on Tuberculo-
sis-123, Nov. 21, p. 901.

Life's Empty Shell, A. S. Ashmead — 111,
Nov., p. 639.

Life Insurance Medical Examiner, The, W.
E. Grant-117, Oct., p. 302.

Life Insurance, The Medical Examiner for,
E. D. Chesebro-174f, Nov., p. 179.
Motoring Notes, C. T. W. Hirsch-95, Nov.
14, p. 1461.

National Guard, The, C. D. Rhodes - 165,
Nov., p. 680.

Nursing, Romance and Reality in, E. H.
King-78, Nov., p. 262.
Optimism, H. L. Henderson-62, Nov., p.

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Obstetric Diary of William Hunter, 1762-
1765 (Continued), J. N. Stark-66a, Nov.,
p. 338.

Piracy Among Members of the Profession,
How to Prevent, R. E. Garnett 17,
Nov., p. 494.

Priest and Physician, Relations of, A. B.
Conger-150, Nov. 14, p. 917.
Research Defense Society, Work of the, S.
Paget-29, Oct. 31, p. 1325.
Specialism, Influence of, on General Practi-
tioner, D. W. Reid-73c, Nov., p. 580.
Swift, Jonathan, The Case of, G. M. Gould-
77a, Nov., p. 878.

Teratological Literature, Recent, Eighteenth
Report on, W. Wright-79a, Oct., p. 115.
Toothache-Cause and Treatment, L. B.
Wilson-207a, Nov., p. 342.


Vivisection, F. T. Hupp-206a, Nov., p. 160.
Wilder, Alexander, His Life and Work, R. A.
Gunn-13, Nov., p. 451.

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