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to the passions of party.--In private life who, being on the road from Valenciennes
Mr. Yoike was distinguished' for a benero- to Catillon, was cut off by the patroles of
lence and liberality of sentiment, and the Enemy, as his Majesty on that day
openness of character, which fall to the lot was returning from Bļussels to the army,
of few; and his company was courtesi by and the Enemy's patroles were already
men of all parties. -An account of the life passed over the River Selle. Capt. Ryan,
of Mr, Yorke, which was a busy one and who so distinguished himself in this affair,
much chequered, could not fail to hold up had his horse wounded, as well as the Offi-
many useful lessons, particularly to youug cers who are specified by Field Marshal
men of ardent minds. Carried away with Lieut. Otto, under whose particular com-
youtòful fervonr, he was, in his younger mand the regiinent was. MAXM. COUNT
days, a great admiier of the French Revo- Ds Mervelor, Major General, Vienna,
lution; or, as he himself used to express it, Dec. 20, 1797."-Not contented with pre-
"madly in love with ideal Liberty.” He venting the melancholy consequence above
was an officer in the French army, a mem. stated, this regiment took three pieces of
ber (if we rightly recollect) of the Natio- cannon. Much more is stated by Count
nal Convention, and personally acquaint, Mervelot; but the communicator of this
ed with all the leading characters in the article fears to trespass too much on Mr.
Revolution. He was denounced by Robes- Urban, though with some excuse, as re-
pierre; and, but for a friendly hint from the ferring to an historical fact.
celebrated Condorcet, must have been guil. May ... At Pondicherry, Lieut. Facio,
Jolined had he been one hour longer in of the East India Company's service. Be.
making his escape.---The scenes through ing one of a party of officers in a catama-
which he passed, the enormities he wit- ran, which was upset, his leg was seized by
nessed, the abuse and perversion of all a shark, and so dreadfully lacerated, that
principle which characterised almost all he died on being brought on the beach.
the demagogues of the Revolution, left a

Oct. At Dominica, Thos. Beech, esq.
strong and salutary effect on the mind of surgeon, formerly of Brackgall, Berks.
Mr. Yorke, cured him completely of all his Dec. .. In the Island of Antigua, Lieut.
Utopiau ideas, and made him highly va. Thos. C. Scotland, R. N, son of Thomas S.
lue the only practical illustration of true esq. of that Island.
Liberty which has yet been exhibited Jan. ... 11. In her 86th year, Mrs.
among the political institutions of men the Greene, mother of Mr. J. G. painter,
British Constitution. Mr. Yorke has left a Oxford.
widow and four children. His manuscripts Jan. 17. Struck in the breast by a mus-
ought to be revised for publication, for ket-ball, in the retreat near the river
their benefit, and the instruction of the Huerta, in his 24th year, Capt. Henry
publick. See our present Month's Re. Dawson, 52d foot, fourth son of Pudsey 1).
view, p. 250.

esq. of Liverpool, His fall has renewed in

his family those griefs which had scarcely DEATHS.

subsided for the loss of another son, Capt. 1811, AT Brussels, aged 71, Bertrand Wm. D. of the Piedmontaise, who lately May Cahuac, Professor of Civil died in the East Indies. Law in the Ecole de Droit at that place. Jan. 19. At Kensington, the wife of Jobu He was born of French parents, in the Vickris Taylor, esq. of Southgate, Midneighbourhood of London, in 1741.

dlesex. 1812, March Sir Edward Michael Aged 59, Mrs. Hamer, widow of the Ryan, Lieuto-col. of the 78th regiment, late Geo. H. esq. of Rochdale, Lancashire. on board a small country shin, The Vir- At Grantham, in his 89th year, Rev. ginia, on his return from Batavia, on find- Robert Heron, third son of Robert Heron, ing Sir Samuel Auchmuty, for whom he sometime town-clerk, and afterwards rehal dispatches, had returned to India-be corder of Newark, in Nottinghamshire. sailed from Madras immediately on land- This last mentioned Robert had four sons ing from Europe, for Java; and thus an- and two daughters. Of the forıner, John, xious zeal, operating with the fatigue of a the eldest, was recorder of Newark, and long voyage, has deprived the service of died in early life. Thomas, the second a distinguished officer, who received the son, was also recorder of the same place ; Imperial military order of Maria Theresa and having married to his first wife the for a most important action, as is thus re- daughter of Sir Edward Wilmot, king's Jated : “ The undersigued certifies to physician, continued to reside there till afCapi. Ryan, of the English Light-dragoons, ter her decease. He purchased the anthat on the 24th of April, 1794, the 15th cient castle of Chilham in Kent, wbitber Tegiment charged the Enemy, who were in he removed late in life, and married to his great force at Villers en Conché, routed second wife, one of the Sawbridges of the them, sabred a great many, and, by this lasi-mentioned county, who survives him. .conduct, resened his Imperial Majesty "The only surviving son of Thomas Heron froid the danger that menaced his person, is the present Sir Robert Heron, of Stub


was more

ton in Lincolnshire, who ivherits the baro- by some of those to whom it was extremely nétcy from the late Sir Richard Heron, of acceptable. whom hereafter. The third son of Robert At Levengrove, near Stokesley, co. Heron, recorder of Newark, was the sub- York, aged 92, Mr. T. Noddin, yeondan; ject of this memoir. He married in early who lived on a farm more than half a cenlife a Miss Vachel, by whom he had no tury, now the properly of Lady Amherst. issue, and whom he survived many years. He had but one only daughter; yet, like The fourth and last son of the aforesaid Joseph, he had four generations brought Robert, was Richard Heron, a solicitor of up upon his knee, and was attended to the 'consideration, who went to Ireland with grave by his son-in-law, grandson, greatthe late Earl of Buckinghamshire, in the grandson, and great-great-grandson. capacity of Secretary, when his Lordship At Laurieston, Edinburgh, David Brown, went as Lord Lieutenant. While he filled

esq. formerly of St. Petersburgh. this office, the dignity of a Baronet was At Malta, of a rapid consumption, aged conferred upon him ; in which, as has been 19, Mr. Henry Thomas Hamifton, youn. before observed, he is succeeded by his gest son of the late Wm. H. esq. R. A. nephew, the present Sir Robert, M. P. for His affectionate disposition and fine unthe borough of Grimsby. The antiquity derstanding gave every promise of future of this family may be traced to a very re- excellence, and his gentleness of manners mote period, as lords of the manor of Chip- rendered him universally beloved. chase, in the county of Northumberland; Jan. 20. At Balham-hill, Surrey, Miss and in some of its branches

Platt, mistress of a school for young ladies. than once ennobled. They appear; how- At March, Isle of Ely, aged 83, the ever, to have fallen into a state of compa- wife of Mr. Killett, late of Hackney. rative obscurity for some reigns previous At Rnlle, Switzerland, whither he reto that of Charles I.; when one of them, who tired after the completion of the education held a commission under that monarch, of their R. H. the Prince Regent and the settled in Newark, where his descendants Duke of York (to whom he was private tu. acquired coosiderable property. From a tor), in his 86th year, C. de Narbonne Pelo connection by marriage with a family of let de Salgas. the name of Crayle, and under the will of Jan. 21. In Upper Ranelagh-st. Pim. a lady belonging to it, Thomas, the father lico, John Cuthbert, esg. of the preseut Sir Robert, and in succession At Blackheath, aged 51, Mary, wife of Robert, the subject of this article, became James Milward, esq. of Doctors-commons. possessed of a life-interest in 100,0001. in At Weimar, Christopher Martin Wieland, the Three per Cents. The old lady in- the celebrated German poet. He completed tended to have left it in perpetuity to the his 80th year on the 5th of September last; children of Thomas, by name; but, find- and on that oceasion a medal was struck, ing herself in extremes before their bap which exhibits his profile, a very striking tismal appellations were transmitted to her, likeness. His latter days were employed she bequeathed the remainder, after the in translating Cicero's Letters. A paralydecease' of Thomas, Robert, and Richard, sis of the abdominal viscera was the preto Saint George's Hospital in this Metro- lude to his death. His body, after lying polis. Richard did not live to enjoy it, but in state in the Ducal Palace, was interred Thomas and Robert received the interest of at Osmanstadt, a German mile from Weiit successively for a great number of years; mar (near the remains of his wife who died and the latter (as he has lived in great pri- in 1799), where he had a small estate. vacy for some time, partly from his age, Jan. 22. In Baker-street, Portman-sq. and some partial infirmities not admitting in her 59th year, Sarah, wife of Thomas of much society, and partly from that in- Pattle, esq. late of the East India Comclination to accumulate, which great riches pany's civil service, Bengal. suddenly acquired has a general tendency At the Lawn, South Lambeth, Louisa to produce) is supposed to have amassed Maria, wife of John Burdon, esq. of his great wealth, the principal part of which Majesty's Stationery Office. he has bequeathed to the present Baronet. At Cambridge, aged 64, Mrs. Wilkes, In the younger part of his life, he was a relict of the late Hope W. esq. and mo. man of social habits, good temper, and ther of John W. esq. of Lofts, Essex. easy manners; with a considerable fund of At Thornton, co. Leic. Mrs. Margaret anecdote, a retentive memory, and a happy Buckley, relict of George Buckley, gent, koack at pourtraying characters. He was She was the daughter of Mr. John King, pot without singularities, which grew upon formerly of Witherley, and afterwards of him in the latter part of his life; of which, Stoke Golding, in that county, and was ennot the least extraordinary was a whimsic dowed with a very strong memory, 'which cal mixture of liberality and economy. It she retained to the last; had a taste for is but fair, however, to say of him, that poetry, and composed many pieces, which the latter was principally exercised on she distributed amongst her friends. Her himself, 'while the former was experienced remains were interred in the North aile of

Ratby Ratby church, in the sanie vault with her Miss Theodosia Rosser, daughter of great-grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Choyce, the late Mr. R. printer of Bristol. who died May 3, 1704, aged 106. A At Henbury, near Bristol, Anne Catha. Funeral Sermon was preached there, Jan. rine Sampson, youngest daughter of the 13, 1813, by the Rev. Mr. Martin, from late Edward S. esq. of Henbury. Rev. xiv, 13; and on Feb. 17, another at At Liverpool, in her 84th year, Mrs. Thornton, by the Rev. Mr. Wood, from Alice Kennion, relict of Jobo K. esq. forAmos iv. 12; and the following inscription merly collector of the Customs there, is intended to be put on her mooument: At the Head-quarters of the 5th division “ She was a meek woman, a tender mo- of the British Army, in Portugal, Rev., ther, a dutiful wife, always ready to re- Fred. Hervey Browne, M. A. chaplain to lieve a neighbour in want, and deeply la- the Forces, and a native of Londonderry. mented by her only surviving son William

Ow her passage to Lisbon, of a decline, Buckley.'.The abovementioned Marga. Charlotta, wife of Charles Lutyens, esq. ret Choyce, who resided at Whittington deputy-commissary-general, and

only. Grange, lived in three centuries. When daughter of Gen, De Wanginheim, forthe news arrived at Bradgate that King merly of Hanover. Charles I. was condemned to die, she fell Jan. 28. Mrs. Tait, of Jermyn-street, on her knees, and wept bitterly, praying a very pious and ainiable woman. fervently to the Almighty to save the best At Pentonville, Mrs. Hughes, relict of of men. (Hist. of Leicestershire, IV. 889.) S. H, esq. Devizes.

At Sunderland, aged 73, Mr. M. God- Jan. 29. At Ponders-end, near Enfield, dart. His wife Isabella was taken ill venerated and esteemed, in her 105th whilst making prepara:ions for his funeral, year, Mrs. Cromwell, mother of Mr. C. of and died the next day, aged 88. They Cheshunt park, Herts. This respectable were both buried in one grave.

lady, if we mistake not, has been a widow At Clifton, Mrs. Roberts, relict of R.

65 years. R. esq. formerly town-clerk of Bath.

At Alfred-place, Mrs. Anne Sewell, Jan. 24. At Alter de Chuon, Portugal, the widow of the late G. S. esq. of LondonHon. Francis Bernard, lieutenant in the street, l'itzroy-square. 9th light drag. third son of the Earl of Ban- At Windsor, in his 84th year, Dr. Tho. don, and brother of the Members for the Mingay, who practised inany years as a County of Cork and Towu of Bandon in

surgeon and apothecary, and afterwards the present Parliament, He was boru as a physician. Feb. 27, 1789.

At the Green, Richmond, co. York, Jan. 25. Io Portugal, Robt. Gilchrist, in bis 79th year, John Yorke, esq. esq. surgeon to the lith light drag.

At Lamplighter's Hall, Capt. TomlinJan. 26. In Clarges-street, aged 57, son, late Avon master of the port of Bristol. Mrs. Goldicutt.

At Caverleigh, near Tiverton, in his Aged 68, Mr. Thomas Quin, many 891h year, Joseph Nagie, esq. who served years steward to the Hon. Society of as an officer in the Irish brigade at the Gray's Inn ;. deservedly respected for his battle of Fontenoy, in 1745. integrity, liberality, and unassuming man. At her brother's, near Barnstaple, De

von, Georgiana, eighth and youngest Mrs. Anne Tilley, of Bristol, a truly daughter of the late Randolph Marrioit, pious woman.

esq. of Worcester, At Salisbury, Mr. Lnxford, one of At Edinburgh, R. Elliston Phillips, esq. the firm of Brodie and Co. bankers, a commissioner of Customs for Scotland. and proprietors of The Salisbury Journal; Jan. 30. In Bedford-place, Russell-sq. in conducting which Mr. L. had shewn, R. Morgan, sen. esq. late of Jamaica. during many years, an equal share of in. Aged 34, Mrs. Salome Bunning, of dustry and talent.

Bernard-street, Russell-square, eldest At Gibraltar, Maria, wife of Major daughter of Robert Bunstone, esq. of Pim. Aylmer, 9th reg. foot.

lico. On Jan. 27, died Henrietta Bunning, Jan. 27. Dropped down at the corner of and Feb. 21, Catharine Bunning, her in. Bucklersbury, as he was returning from fant children; all to the great grief of the Bank, in company with a friend, and their relatires. instantly expired, Mr. Inman, of Bristol. At her son's, Water-lane, Tower-street, He had nearly 10,0001. in his hands when in her 90th year, Mrs. Hillatt. he fell, which property was secured. Mr. Philip Arrowsmith, of Kentish

Gerard Wynox, esq. of Bennell-street, town, late of Upper King-st. Bloomsbury. Albion-place.

AlCamberwell, aged 65, Samuel Barnard, Aged 72, the wife of Wm. Martin, esq. formerly of Gracechurch-street, a member of Paddington.

of the Society of Friends. At Camberwell-grove, the wife of Wm. At Lymestone, Devon, in her 31st year, Younghusband, esq. commander of the Anne, wife of Mr. Joseph Fox, of Aro Hon, East India Company's ship Union. syll-street, dentist.


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At Bath, Geo. Butler, esq. of Bally, the playful and endearing manner with ragget Lodge, co. Kilkenny.

which he possessed in his favour all who vi. In her 17th year, Maria Bridget Frances, sited him. The child was attended by Dr. youngest daughter of the late Rt. Hon. Dundas, of Richmond, Surrey, Mr. Astley J. Smyth, of Heath, co. York.

Cooper, Mr. Phillips, of Southwark, and Jan. 31. Suddenly, aged 75, Mrs. Mr. Scott, of Bromley, Kent. He was Sarah Dorothy Lukin.

baprized at Newington, Surrey, on his arMr. David Windsor, of the Minories. rival from the West Indies, when 15

At Henbury, in bis 96th year, John months old; and, after a lingering sufferLee, cooper in that village 65 years; and ing, died in consequence of a gathering in a good neighbour and kind friend.

the jaw. At Islip, Oxon, aged 58, Mr. Jobn Mrs. Mildred Stevens, widow and relict Bridgwater, not less distinguished by un- of the late Mr. W. S. and one of the affected meekness, fervent piety, and daughters of Mr. Wm. Everest, formerly Christian charity, than by unalterable at. of Plas:ow, Kent. tachment to the doctrines and discipline of In her 78th year, Mrs. Willimott, of the Church of England. His affection to Cambridge. his relatives, and kindness to the poor, with At Marlborough, in his 54th year, Robt. the whole tenor of his life and conversation, Griffith, esq: procured him very general respect.

At East Looe, Cornwall, aged 76, Mr. At Lewes, after a short illless, Joseph George Coytmer. This gentleman was the Molineux, esq. banker.

last of a very ancient family, the Coyt Jackson Walsh De la Cour, esq. late mers of Coytmer-park in Carnarvonshire.' Treasurer of the county of Cork.

In the early part of his life he had served Jan. At Moralejo, Spain, of a re. as a surgeon in the Navy ; but for the last mittent fever, Col. George Wilson, 39th 45 years he resided at Looe, universally regt. in which he had mosi zealously served respected and esteemed. Having made an his couotry in different parts of the globe ample provision for a faithful servant, ho 30 years, four of them with the highest divided the remainder of his property honour aud credit to himself in the Penin. among those families in the neighbourhood sula, where he commanded a brigade of with which he had been most intimately infantry. His character as an officer and connected. a gentleman was respected and admired. In her 16th year, Sarah, youngest His remains were interred in the fortifi- daughter of Edwin H. Sandys, esq. of cations of Coria, the head quarters of the Thorp. Arch, co. York. division, on the 8th.

The wife of Lieut.-colonel Campbell, Feb. 1. At Wateringbury, near Maid. commander of the Leeds district. stone, Mary, wife of Rev. J. H. Howlett, In her 90th year, Mrs. Stacy, of Ship. M. A. of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, West. pon. minster.

At Dumfries, after a long illness, aged At Weybridge, Surrey, Fanny Sophia, 93, Mr. Wm. M‘Wish, late deacon of the wife of Capt. Prevost, R. N.

Incorporation of Tailors. — His death was At Newcastle, aged 72, Rev. Geo. Scar- occasioned by imprudent applications to field. Thougb blind for a number of years corns in bis feet, which caused a mortifi. he regularly made his own marketing; cation. and so fond was he of antiquities, or any At Momento de Beira, Spain, aged 36, thing curious, that he, perhaps, possessed Mr. W. Reynolds, surgeon in the 45th reg. a greater variety of articles of this de. Feb. 4. At Staines, in his 80th year, scription, than any other private gentleman Thos. Ashby, sén. one of the society of in the neighbourhood. He died immensely Friends, who has left a widow, sever rich.

children, 54 grand children, and five greatFeb. 2. In Torhill-fields, in consequence graud-children. of a spark of fire communicating to her Aged 77, Mrs. Catherine Pearse, a penclothes, aged 70, Mrs. Mason.

sioner of the National Benevolent InstiFeb. 3. At Kensington-gore, in his 69th tution, Bath. year, Mr. Wir. Halden, late of Milwich, At Gosport, Miss Laugharne, daughter co. Stafford.

of the late Capt. T. L. R. N. and niece of In St. Martin's-lane, aged 56, Mr. J. Rear-admiral L. commanding at Malta. Gibson, draper.

In York, J. Neville, esq. late lieutenant AC Mr. Richardson's, Southwark, aged of the 8th Veteran batt. leaving a widow 4 years and 9 months, the celebrated (who is a foreigner) and three children, and surprising Spotted West Indian, perfectly destitute of the means of subsistGeorge Alexander, who was the object He was author of a little work, of universal admiration, not only on ac

entitled “ Leisure Moments in the Camp count of the very singular marks by which and in the Guard-room." it pleased the Almighty to distioguish him At Vicar's Lodge, Dublin, in consefrom the rest of the human race, but for quence of a fever caught in administering



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the Sacrament in the Fever Hospital, increased, at that particular juncture, by Cork-street, Rey, James Whitelaw, vicar the support of the India Company, the of St. Catherine's.

personal popularity of the Minister, aw Feb. 5. In Henrietta-street, Cavendish- the sudden and vigorous preparation for square, in her 71st year, Mrs. Blake, re- a foreign war. By his death bis family, lict of the late W. B. esq.

his amiable wise, a son, and three daughAged 72, Solomon Erwood, an eminent ters, have to deplore the loss of one of billiard-table-maker, of Brownlow-street, the best of husbands and of fathers; the Holborn,

poor in the neighbourhood in which he
In Great George-street, Westminster, resided the kindest friend ; and in his de.
in his 70th year, Thos. Maude, esq. Navy parture from this world, he carried with
agent. He had been transacting business him the regret and esteem of all who had
on the 1st inst. with Mr. Secretary Cro- the happiness of knowing him, for he was
ker, at the Admiralty; and on his re- social, hospitable, and generous.
turn home, was seized with a fit of apo- Aged 73, Mr. Jolin Lapworth, an opu.
plexy, and remained speechless till his lent farmer of Little Faringdon, Berks.

Feb. 7. At Chelsea, Mr. James Brown,
At Pimlico, aged 57, Mrs. Elizabeth late of St. Paul's Church-yard.
Lockley, widow of the late J. L. esq. Feb. 8. In Cannon-street, Robert Nor.

At Islington, Mr. Fawcett, formerly of man, esq.
King-street, Cheapside.

In her 80th year, the wife of John Nutt,
At Islington, aged 61, Susannah, widow esq. of Broad-street-buildings.
of Geo. Downing, late of Stoke Newington, in Broad-street, C. Mackenzie, esq.
Navy agent.

of Scotsburo.
At Southampton, aged 83, Miss Şapte. At Air, Mrs. M‘Kerrell, relict of the late

At Bristol, Thos. Pepyatt, esq. for- Juan M.K. esq. of Hillhouse. merly captain in the 8th foot.

Feb, 9. In his 19th year, James GodAt Bath, E. Halsey Bockett, esq. of win Clementson, son of Isaac Clementson, the Lawn, South'Lambeth.

esq. Adelphi-terrace. At Bath, the wife of Rev. T. Brent.

In Guildford-street, John Upham, esq. At Barningham, North Riding, co.' At Paddington, aged 62, Edward BeauYork, aged 61, Mr. Fryer.

champ, esq: At Bangor, North Wales, the wife of In Spa Garden, aged 70, greatly reRev. Samuel Rice.

gretted, Rev. J. Achinson, many years a Feb. 6. In Bernard-street, Russell-squ. resident in Leicester. The remarkable mo; Capt. J. Burn, R. N. of South-wood-house, desty of bis disposition, and the retirement Kent.

of his habits, prevented his attainments In Sloane-street, Miss Scott, sister to and virtues from being generally known. the late Col. S. resident at Delhi, East At Brighton, Hon. Francis Charles Indies.

Knollys, Esq. second sou of General At Mitcham, Surrey, after a few minutes' Knollys. illness, Mr. Richard Goodman, plumber. At Clifton, aged 62, Mr. Thos. Mor

At Linton Coxheath, aged 66, Cle- gan, late of the Talbot Inn. ment Taylor, Esq. who by great prac- Feb. 10. In Shoreditch, in his 48th year, tical good. skill and management in bis Mr. Robert Foulds. farmning concerns and business, as a land. At Cemmes, co. Montgomery, in the surveyor and appraiser, in which he was 81st year of her age, Mrs. Hughes, relict equalled by few and excelled by none, of the late Rice Hughes, esq. attorvey-atacquired a very considerable fortune. law; a man, who, from his singular brilHe was a staunch Whig, and the firm and liancy of wit and eccentricity of humour, tried friend of his old and valued friend as well as his undeviating integrity of life, Filmer Hooywood, and one of his best was among the best known, and most es. inspectors in his various contests for the teemed, in that part of the Principality, County; and particularly at the election. In the various relations of life, social, dofor the year 1790, when that good and ho- mestic, and religious, truth itself must re. nourable man was deprived, by a train cord Mrs. H. as most exemplary; a faithof unforeseen events, of the co-operation ful wife, an affectionate mother, a warm and assistance of his respectable colleague friend, and a good Christian. She passed the Hon. C. Marsham, and when he was her long-protracted life with an approving singly opposed to a coalition, between the conscience, and she met her long ap: professed friends of one candidate, and proaching death with the calmness of faith. the avowed enemies to the principles of She was gifted by Providence with an exboth, to the clamours of bigotry and pansion of mind and rigour of intellect, superstition, excited by the recent aitempt and with a celerity of apprehension and to repeat the Test Act, and to the influ- soundness of judgment, rare in themselves, ence of Government, at all times, from and still more rare in their combination. local circumstances very extensive, and And these talents were not overlooked :

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