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for their visitors, entitle it to the most potash (or potass”) and sugar,or some particular attention of the publick. Other combustible substance, as camIn addition to Mr. Bissel's Picture phor, sulphur, &c. My sole object Gallery, that gentleman has now re- in sending you this notice is, to caumoved hither his much-admired Mu- tion your Readers against employing seum from Birmingham. On the effi- this inethod of procuring a light cacy and high estimation of the Wa- wbile in bed, for it must be extremely ters I forbear enlarging, as I hear there dangerous. I have already heard of is now in the press a poetical guide, by several accidents with these matches. Miss Sarah Medley, to which will be one person had the acid driven out annexed several of the most remark- of the bottle by an explosion, which able and well-authenticated cures oh- was occasioned by his rubbing the tained by the use of this Spa, and the match against the sides of the bottle, names of many eminentPhysicians who it was supposed, in introducing it. have analysed the Waters, and given The acid so driven out inflamed a their mosť decided testimony in their heap of the matches which were just favour. The New Pump-room is at hand, to the no small pain and terbuilt upon an extensive and most su- ror of the operator. A much preferperb plan, and has cost the proprie able apparatus for producing a light, tors 15,0001. The Assembly Room is but certainly much more expensive, spacious and elegant; 90001. has been is sold by Banks, 441, Strand. It expended on its erection. The num- consists of a handsome box, lined ber, cheapness, and plentiful supply of with copper, containing hidrogen the Hot Baths is not surpassed in any gas, confined by water. Op turning other part of the Kingdom. Hygeia. a cock, a stream of the gas issues from

it, and is inflamed at the same moMr. URBAN,

May 14.

ment by an electrical spark proceedΑΝ N apparatus, superior to phos- ing from an electrophoros placed at

phorus bottles," for producing the bottom of the box: a candle or instantaneous light, is daily advertised lamp is placed before the flame, by in' the London papers. It consists of which it is immediately lighted. The matches, which are to be thrust singly cock must then be turned back to into a small bottle; and this opera- prevent an unnecessary consumption tion is all that is necessary to inflame of the gas. The process for replethem. According to Dr. T. Thomson nishing the box with the gas is cheap (Annals of Philosophy, &c. for April and easy, and is but seldom required. 1813), the bottle contains sulphuric This apparatus would save the exacid, and the matches are covered, pence of a constant light in a bedat one end, with a mixture of a salt chamber, and might be used with percalled by chemists the oximuriate of fect safety.

E. M. MeteoROLOGICAL Table for May, 1813. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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Apr. 27 28 29 30 M.1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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45 40 40 39 44. 47 52 57 56 49 56 57

50 45 45 48 50 54 64 63 66

40 29, 65 rain
40 ,50 rain

65 cloudy
40 65 rain
45 67 rain
50 82 cloudy
55 ,86 fair

98 showery
55 98 fair /even.
56 92 fair, light?.
57 ,78 fair thun.
50 67 fair

,68 cloudy
54 ,88 showery

,76 showery

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

57 56 58 57 56 55 48 55 56 55 46 50 51 54 52

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55 29, 68 fair
55 ,68 fair
50 ,51 fair

,60 showery

,50 stormy 5.1

88 showery 52 ,77 rain 56 , 75 fair 50 ,45 showery 44 ,56 hail storms 50

,,54 stormy
54 ,52 showery

,49 showery
50 ,72 Thail and


64 60 59 63 55 64 61 50 56 62 59 61 56

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, 70 fair

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Jan. 1. and figurative acceptation of words, L ., a

INDISFARN, or the Holy Island, when their obvious and literal meaniniles from the N. E. coast of North- and unexceptionable. And this rule, umberland, is about eight miles in cir- as it appears to me, is applicable to cumference, two miles and a quarter the subject, on which I have been deJong, and one mile and a half broad. sired, with so much civility, by two of It has a towo, consisting of a few scat- your Correspondents (pp. 115. 208.) tered houses, a church, and formerly to say something more ; namely, a castle of considerable strength. Une “ Whether our blessed Saviour ever der the antient castle is a commodious used irony in his discourses.” It is a harbour, defended by a battery. Here question of fact; did he, or did he is a life-boat, for the preservation of pot? But what fact can be established, shipwrecked mariners, which, on a if we allow ourselves to explain it sigual made from Bamburgh castle, away by figure or allegory? instantly puts off, in every weather, Irony is of two sorts, the grave and and has beea the means of rescuiog the jocular. Of the former there are, many from a watery graye. The I conceive, many instances in holy island consists of one continued plain, Scripture; and perhaps we may now the town standing on the most ele. and then discern something which apvated ground on the South point. It proximates to the latter. The Al. was antiently the See of the Bishop of mighty threatens, by the voice of the Lindisfarn, of whom there were twen- Preacher, that because, when be 1y-lwo successively, till the See was stretched out bis hand, no man retranslated to Durham. Considerable garded, therefore “I also will laugh remains of the old Abbey, subsequent. at your calamity, I will mock when ly founded, still remain; of the ruins your fear cometh.” Prov. i. 24. 26. of which you have given a view in if he ever did what he here deVol. LXXVIII. R. 1137.

nounces, who shall call him to acThe antient Church was in the form count, and say, What doest thou ? of a cross, the body and chancel of When Elijah i mocked” the priests which are yet standing'; the other parts of Baal, and said, “Cry aloud; for greatly ruived, and in some places le- he is a god, either he is talking, or he vel with the ground,

is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or The inside view (See Plate 1.) is peradventure he sleepeth, and must taken on entering the West doorway, be awaked” (1 King's xviii. 27.); and looks direct East ; and was coin- what was thiş but sarcastic irony? mudicated by Mr. Wilson, the present But the grave irony, wbich bids a excellent Rector, who has a family man do a thing, meaning to deter him of twelve children. The architec- from it, is more common. The Lord ture is plain ; the columns and arches says to the House of Israel by Ezeon the left, by their circular turn, are kiel, “Go ye, serve ye every one his Saxon. On the right, octangular co- idols" (xx. 39); on which Mr. Lowth lumns and pointed arches; a later remarks, that it is “ an ironical perwork, and not improbably of the fif. mission, full of indignation and reteenth century. 'Above the arches buke.” 'The Lord says by the proplaiu brackels. The windows in the phet Amos, “ Come to Bethel, and ailes pointed, agreeing in style with transgress; at Gilgal multiply trunsthe masonry on the right side, above. gression,” iv. 4. But did it then ever noted. There is also a similar taste enter into his heart to command, or in the font, which is octangular. The even to give licence to, any man to same method is observable in the sin ? Assuredly not; the meaning is pointed arch entering into thechancel, the same, as when he says in the next where, in the Eastern window, are chapter, Seek not Bethel, nor enter three small pointed windows united. into Gilgal.” The roof is plain, being entirely de- To the blessed Jesus " the Spirit void of tracery.

AN OBSERVER. was not” indeed “ given by mea.

sure;” but it was the same Spirit, by Mr. URBAN,

April 20. which the Prophets also spake; and T is an acknowledged rule, in ex. the same Almighly Spirit speaking in

pounding Holy Scripture, that we both, why might not the language and should not have recourse to a remote forms of expression often be the same GENT. Mag. May, 1813.

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or similar ? When our Lord says, fluous adjunct, it being sufficient to " Fill ye up the measure of your fa- assert the fact simply, and without thers,” what is this but the prohibitory emphasis, and then to prove it, as our permission of the Prophet, “Go to Lord does, by aileging an instance. I Bethel,” that is, “Go not to Bethel! conclude, therefore, on the whole, go at your peril; go if ye are re- that we cannot without violence desolved lo incur wrath and destruc- part from what I conceive to be the tion.” And though in the other pas. cominon punctuation and generally sage, “ Full well ye reject the com- admitted sense of these passages. mandment of God,” there is not the Yours, &c.

R. C. keen taunt of Elijah's “ Cry aloud,” yet surely there is a similar, but more Mr. URBAN,

April 13. gentle, rebuke or upbraiding. Walton's Polyglott, I am sorry to

FIND the observations you did I

me the honour to insert on the say, I have not at hand, nor Whitby Strand Bridge bave brought upon me on the New Testament, to which your the anger of R. G.“ Millwright.” Correspondent W. W. refers as autho. Upon reading his letter, I could not rities for translating the passage inter- forbear exclaiming, “What sudden rogatively, which he seems to prefer anger's this? How have I reaped it?" to the common 'version). But, with (Shakspeare's Henry VIIIth.) Why all deference to your learned Corre- should a Millwright" feel himself spondent, I cannot bring myself to ap- hurt? Does R. G. consider the conprove of this translation, “ Do ye struction of a centre as a piece of well reject * ?" Does this, like the millwrightery; and, therefore, feel question put to the Prophet, “ Dost sore for the credit of his craft? If thou well to be angry?" (Jonah iv. 4.) so, make yourself happy, good Mr. equally admit, in different circum- Millwrighi, for no blame can attach stances, of Yes or No? Is there any to you. It is no part of your profesgood rejection of God's command- sion to build a bridge, or lo compose ments, as there is, sometimes, justi. or construct the centering thereof. fiable anger? If there is not, then The whole of the business properly xahwe is either superfluous, or else we appertains to Architecture, which is are driven again io the ironical sense, equally a Science, as well as one of which we are so ansious to avoid. the Fine Arts. And let any man of Besides, what coherence is there in science look at the truss of the exter. this way?. “Do ye well reject ?-Fornal dome of St. Paul's, at the centre Moscs said.” Is not this the intro- on which the painted dome of the duction of an argument on some pre

same building was turned ; and many ceding position or fact ?

other ingenious pieces of carpentry, S. R. refers me (p. 115) to another which will readily occur to the expelearned work, which, alas ! I do not rienced Architect; and even (notwithpossess-Bishop. Pearce's Commen- standing their faults) at the trusses of tary. He has also another expedient Blackfriars and Westminster Bridges ; in Ğ. Wakefield's " Enirely.In all and then turn to view the centre of the passages (and there are 36 of the Strand Bridge. The difference them) where xxas occurs,

must immediately strike the observer. tomary acceptation, "well,” yields a If, indeed, the latter was designed by commodious sense. There is perhaps

Millwright,the difference is an instance or two, which will bear easily accounted for; as his previous the sense of “entirely;" but Mark study and experience could not be exvii. 7. is not one of them. If "eu- pected to afford the information of tirely” means “ universally,” it is not ihe mode of action in the centre from true; for the Pharisees did not "re- the progressive weighting; or of the ject” all God's commandments, but requisite strength or combination to only such as interfered with their pre- counteract that action, so as to effect judices, or thwarted their covetous, the desired purpose with simplicity, pess. If καλως is rendered sevi. safety, and decent economy. Such a denter," or " clearly," it is a super- person would naturally be led to copy * W. W. translates it,

ye well

some precedent, and the last he would reject ?" But that rather requires a dif- probably take for granted to be the ferent reading: καλας ποιείτε αθετανες, as

best; and, not accurately comprehend2 Pet. i. 19. xc7.5 TOveils teposegories.

ing the principle, he would (under the


its cus



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