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A few volumes include appendices (some separately paged) mainly reports of state officers.

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Page 710 - If any bill presented to the Governor contain several items of appropriation of money, he may object to one or more of such items while approving of the other portion of the bill. In such case, he shall append to the bill, at the time of signing it, a statement of the items to which he objects; and the appropriation so objected to shall not take effect.
Page 26 - County, to be appointed by the Governor subject to the approval of the Senate, who are hereby...
Page 555 - ... vacancy in the office of said Clerk the Court of Appeals shall appoint a Clerk of said court, who shall hold his office until the election and qualification of his successor, who shall be elected at the next general election for members of the General Assembly...
Page 445 - Act to prevent the introduction of contagious and infectious diseases into the United States, and to establish a National Board of Health.
Page 44 - ... and to file complaints in any court of competent jurisdiction to enforce the provisions of this act, and it shall be the duty of the county attorney of the proper county to appear and prosecute all complaints so filed.
Page 338 - Therefore Be it resolved by the house of representatives of the State of Kansas, (the senate concurring therein...
Page 422 - ... on or about which they shall be employed, and no contract which restricts such liability shall be legal or binding.
Page 301 - Said inspectors shall have a theoretical and practical knowledge of the different systems of working and ventilating coal mines and of the nature and properties of the noxious and poisonous gases of mines and of mining engineering; and said...
Page 89 - Binder for the term of two years from and after the expiration of the term of the present incumbent, and until his successor is elected and qualified.
Page 734 - States, of high crimes and misdemeanors in office ; and we do further inform the Senate that the House of Representatives will in due time exhibit particular articles of impeachment against him, and make good the same; and in their name we DO DEMAND that the Senate take order for the appearance of the said Andrew Johnson to answer to said impeachment.

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