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England-Henry's love for Rosamond-Return's to Eleanora-Succeeds to the

English throne-Eleanora crowned at Westminster-Costume-Birth of prince Henry

-Queen presents her infants to the Barons-Death of her eldest son-Her court,

Tragedy played before her-Her husband-His character-Rosamond discovered by

the queen_Eleanor's children—Birth of prince Geoffrey-Eleanora regent of England

-Goes to Normandy-Conclusion of empress Matilda's memoir-Matilda regent of

Normandy-Mediates peace-Dies—Her tomb—Eleanora Norman regent—She goes

to Aquitaine


CHAPTER II.—Eleanora in Aquitaine-Controlled by Normans-Conspires with her

sons—Jealousy—Escapes in man's attire-Means to visit her former husband-Seized

- Carried prisoner to Bordeaux-Queen Marguerite, her daughter-in-law- The

two queens in captivity-Henry defeats his sons Eleanora imprisoned in Winchester-

palace Death of Rosamond— Turbulent sons of Henry and Eleanora—Troubadour

agitators—Death of the younger king_Temporary reconciliation of king and queen

-Prince Richard's wrongs—Princess Alice-Reports of divorce-Eleanora again

imprisoned—Songs concerning her–Her subjects' love-Death of prince Geoffrey-

Grief of Eleanora-She is brought to Poitou-Claims her dominions of prince Richard

-King Henry's disquiets — Death — Burial — Queen in captivity - King Richard

releases her-Appoints her queen-regent,Her justice-Treasure-vault at Winchester

-Queen-mother's dower - Eleanora sets out for Navarre - Berengaria — Eleanora

arrives at Messina with Richard's bride-Departs-Mediates a dispute at Rome

Eleanora's regency-Her toilsome age






Isabella the betrothed of Hugh de Lusignan-Parents—Inheritance Isabella abducted

by king John-Married to king John-Challenge of count Hugh - Queen's arrival
in England-Recognition- Coronation -- Arrival at Rouen-Luxury-Conclusion of
Eleanora of Aquitaine's biography—Besieged-Relieved by king John-He captures
count Hugh—Death of Eleanora - Effigy-Character - Queen Isabella's dower-
Her return to England-Her lover, count Hugh, liberated—Isabella's son born-Her
pages-Herd of white cows–King John's cruelty–His jealousy-Her children-In-
heritance - Marriage of count Hugh to Isabella's little daughter - Royal dress-

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CHAPTER 1.-Eleanor of Provence-Parentage-Birth—Talents

Poem written by her

-Her beauty-Henry II. accepts Eleanor without dowry-Escorted to England-

Married at Canterbury-Crowned at Westminster-Costume and jewels-Henry's

attention to dress Rapacity of the queen's relatives—Birth of Edward II.- Paint-

ings in her chambers-Attempt on the king's life—Eleanor rules the king—Birth

of her eldest daughter-Queen accompanies the king to Guienne-Birth of the

princess Beatrice-Return to England–Turbulence of Eleanor's uncle—Eleanor's

second son born-King and queen robbed on the highway—Eleanor's unpopularity

in London-Dower-Eleanor's mother -King pawns plate and jewels--- Marriage of

princess Margaret_Projected crusade—Eleanor appointed queen-regent-King's de-

parture for Guienne-Makes his will—Bequeaths royal power to Eleanor-Princess

Katberine born-Her early death.


CHAPTER II.-Eleanor's regency-Great seal of England left in her hands-Unlawful

exactions—Disputes with city of London-Assemblies of parliament-Her new-year's

gift to the king-Goes to Guienne-Her son's nuptials—Feast of kings—Lands in

England—Vengeance on the Londoners Eleanor attends the king to the north—Her

sickness at Wark-castle-Court at Woodstock-Death of princess Katherine-Folly

of the king-Queen's unpopular conduct-Garrisons Windsor-Prince Edward robs

the Templars—Queen pledges jewels—Pelted from London-bridge—Takes sanctuary

-Goes to France with the king—Civil war-King and prince taken at Lewes

Queen raises forces on the continent --Battle of Evesham-Londoners fined-Her

return to England-Prince Edward's crusade-Household expenses of the queen-

Death of Henry III.-Eleanor's widowhood-Refounds St. Katherine's hospital-

Death of Eleanor's daughters-Royal letters—Queen retires to Ambresbury-Miracle

by Henry III.-Eleanor takes the veil-Visited by king Edward-Her wise advice -

Her death-Petition of Jewish converts.


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Eleanora infanta of Castile Descent-Inheritance Marriage-treaty--Queen-mother and

prince Edward visit Spain-Eleanora's marriage at Burgos-Festival-Eleanora's
journey to England-Eleanora retires to France-Returns to England-Sons born
-Crusade-Eleanora prepares to share it-Arrives at Acre-Edward's wound-
Assassin-Grief of Eleanora--Prince Edward's illness-His will-Birth of Joanna of
Acre-Death of Eleanora's sons Of king Henry III.-Queen Eleanora visits Rome-
Birth of an heir at Maine-Providential escape of king and queen-Land at Dover-
Coronation War-Marriage of Llewellyn-Eleanora assists at nuptials-War re-

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The family of Marguerite-Disconsolate widowerhood of Edward I.-Demands Mar-

guerite's sister, Blanche la Belle-Edward contracted to Marguerite-Espousals
Maids of honour—Edward leaves his bride for the Scotch war-Queen follows
Edward-Lives at Brotherton-Eldest son born there—Left at Cawood-Queen goes
to Scotland—Danger of journey owing to Wallace-Her court at Dunfermline
High festival at Westminster-palace-Marguerite's gold circlet-Birth of the queeu's
second son—Queen's kindness Robert Bruce's crown-Queen saves a goldsmith's life
- Benevolence to the mayor of Winchester-Residence at Winchester-Death of
king Edward-Happy wedlock of Marguerite

Her good qualities-Her historio-
grapher John o' London-His sketch of Edward's character-Anecdotes of Edward
--Lamentations of the royal widow-Marguerite's visit to France Friendship with
ber son-in-law-Widowhood-Early death-Burial-Charities Foundations-Debts
-- Children-Present descendants.


Affianced to the prince of Wales - Her great beauty - Her marriageNuptial

festivities-Sails for England with Edward II. Summons for ladies to wait on her

at Dover-Her wardrobe-Her coronation-Peeresses first summoned thereto-

Slights offered to Isabella-Queen's complaints-Revenues-Her popularity-Her

jealousy of Gaveston—Civil war-Queen's charity-Mediates peace with barons-

Birth of Edward III.--Presents to her servants—Queen goes to France with the

king-Return-Obtains amnesty-Conjugal happiness—Birth of her second son-

Queen's churching-robe Birth of her eldest daughter-Gifts to queen's nurse and

servants—King's grants to Isabella-Her residence at Brotherton-Roger Mortimer

-Queen's pilgrimage to Canterbury-Insolence of lady Badlesmere—Indignation

of the queen-She excites the civil war-Birth of princess Joanna in the Tower

-Queen Isabella's first acquaintance with Mortimer-Her influence with the king

-Mortimer's plots-His escape-Queen's jealousy of the De Spencers-Deprived

of her revenues-Her French servants dismissed Complaints to her brother-

Estrangement of the king-Isabella mediatrix with France


CHAPTER II.— Isabella's intrigues Queen and prince recalled to England-Her dis-

obedience-King Edward's letters Barons invite her to invade England-Familiari-
ties with Mortimer-Scandal at the French court-Isabella dismissed from France
- Her visit to Hainault-Her voyage to England-Lands Enthusiasm of the
people-Proclamation-Her triumphal progress-Capture of the king-Londoners
welcome the queen-Deposition of Edward II.-Queen's hypocrisy-Seizes the
government—Exorbitant dower-Her ball prevented by a popular tumult-Murder

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CHAPTER I.-Previous attachment of Edward III. and Philippa-His sojourn at her

father's court--Her blooming beauty-Demanded in marriage, Philippa arrives in

London-Reception-Philippa travels to York—Married there—Her dower-Corona-

tion-Claim on her shoes, bed, and silver basins Birth of her eldest son-Queen

nourishes him-Her portraits-Tournament--Dangerous accident-King's fury-

Queen's intercession-Philippa's woollen manufacturers—Scotch war-Queen be-

sieged in Bamborough-castle-Birth of the princess-royal-Of the princess Joanna-Of

William of Hatfield-Death of this prince-Death of the queen's father--Poverty of

the king_Pawns queen's crown-Philippa's residence in Flanders—Birth of prince

Lionel—Queen's visit to Norwich-King's naval victorý-Queen's fourth son-King

Edward's challenge-Pacification by the queen's mother—Extreme poverty of Ed-

ward and Philippa-Their secret departure from Ghent-Embark with their infant-

Land at the Tower-King's anger-Countess of Salisbury-Order of the Garter-

Philippa assists at the first chapter-Residence at Woodstock


CHAPTER II.- Queen Philippa left regent of England—Battle of Cressy-Queen's

uncles—Siege of Calais-Scotch invasion—Queen defends England-Queen's exhorta-

tion to the army-Her victory of Neville’s-Cross - King David captured-Queen

returns to London-Sails with many ladies to Calais-Burghers of Calais doomed

to death by Edward—Philippa's intercession-Birth of princess Margaret-Edward

and Philippa return to England-Betrothment of the queen's second daughter

Death of the princess—King Edward's letters-Queen's younger children-Philippa's

tournament at Norwich-Queen's objections to the marriage of the Black Prince

Queen receives royal prisoners Dialogue with Du Guesclin-Queen goes to France

Marriage of the Black Prince-Queen's reception of King John at Eltham-Alliances

of royal family-Philippa's fatal illness-Death-bed— Tomb-Epitaph—Benefactions

-Queen's college, Oxford-Pensions to her women--Alice Perrers-Queen's supposed

confession-Virtues of queen Philippa


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