First Deficiency Appropriation Bill for 1936, Volume 1

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Page 432 - No executive department or other Government establishment of the United States shall expend, in any one fiscal year, any sum in excess of appropriations made by Congress for that fiscal year, or involve the Government in any contract or other obliption for the future payment of money in excess of such appropriations, unless such contract or obligation is authorized by law.
Page 271 - ... give preference to States, counties, municipalities, and cooperative organizations of citizens or farmers, not organized or doing business for profit, but primarily for the purpose of supplying electricity to its own citizens or members...
Page 568 - States, the President shall proclaim such fact, and it shall thereafter be unlawful to export, or attempt to export, or cause to be exported, arms, ammunition, or implements of war...
Page 589 - Board may promote the meeting of international conferences of experts to study problems of a technical character of common interest to the countries members of the Union, and to this end may request the governments to appoint experts to represent them at these conferences, which shall meet at the place and time determined by the Board.
Page 349 - ... or (2) repair parts, accessories, supplemental equipment, or services are required for supplies or services previously furnished or contracted for; or (3) the aggregate amount involved in any purchase of supplies or procurement of services does...
Page 345 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Page 357 - The President is hereby authorized and empowered, within the limits of the amounts herein authorized : (a) To place an order with any person for such ships or material as the necessities of the Government, to be determined by the President, may require during the period of the War and which are of the nature, kind and quantity usually produced or capable of being produced by such person.
Page 19 - Administrator is authorized to direct the preparation of all sketches, estimates, plans, drawings, and specifications, and to enter into all other contracts necessary for carrying out the purposes hereof; and he is further authorized, when deemed by him desirable and advantageous, to employ by contract or otherwise, temporary professional, technical, or nontechnical employees, firms, or corporations, to such extent as may be...
Page 594 - That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred.
Page 568 - Board shall be convened by the chairman and shall hold at least one meeting a year. (b) Every person who engages in the business of manufacturing, exporting, or importing any of the arms, ammunition, or implements of war referred to in this Act, whether as an exporter, importer, manufacturer, or dealer...

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