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My recreations are the very opposite of martyrized. And yet when I heard it-assathose that might be anticipated from the fætida, pure, unadulterated, undisguised, title I have selected for my narrative. My to be taken three times a day, would have general habits are retiring and domestic. been to me a preferable nostrum.

Any I love my wife, my children, my books, interruption which forced me from my my garden. I love too a quiet day's fish- retirement was a source of annoyance. ing, a ramble in the woods, a solitary walk Though I had read much in a desultory among heath and ferns, and other wild way, and was not a stranger to men and plants that I can collect or classify ; or a manners, to languages and countries, as stroll by the sea-side, where I can pick up they appear in the works of by-gone shells and alga marina. Such have been authors, nevertheless, to the existing realimy pursuits for years. I dislike crowds; ties of life I was like a child, and just as I failed at the bar, although I thirsted for unfit to enter into unwonted scenes. the distinction I had not the courage nor However, the affectionate entreaties confidence to attain ; and believing myself my wife prevailed; and after considerable unequal to contend with the bolder spirits discussion as to the plan of my pilgrimage, who were my associates, I withdrew from it was decided that I should try the waters the world at the death of my father, and of Germany, as, in the language of the retired to a small property he had be- Bubbles, “my brain required calming, my queathed to me in one of the most pic- nerves soothing, my skin softening, and my turesque of our English agricultural limbs a parboiling in the Kochbrunnen. counties, the quiet scenery of which har- I should have preferred a trip to Harrowmonised with my hermit disposition. gate with my wife, who was a striking con

I have deemed it right to give so far this trast to myself-active, energetic, goodinsight into my character, in order that the humoured, easily pleased; and so healthy

be prepared to understand the that she hardly knew at which side of her nature of the recreations I shall present to body her liver was seated; she would have | his perusal. Out of doors I was irritable, been the best companion for me on my and very disagreeable to all around me. The tour had she not been just then a nursing village doctor exhausted the nharmacopoeia mother. Our family physician gave me a in vain for me; my wife became uneasy, professional poke in the right side, to test and insisted on my consulting the cele- the sensibility of my liver, and urged me brated Doctor of London, who to set out without needless delay. advised me to travel. This advice was My wife forthwith began to sew buttons substituted for the blue pills and rigid on my shirts, and to air the changes of linen dietary by which I had previously been | and flannel I might require, slipping a pill.


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