Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War: Sherman

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Page 17 - GENERAL, — I received your dispatch describing the man Clark detailed to assassinate me. He had better be in a hurry, or he will be too late. The news of Mr. Lincoln's death produced a most intense effect on our troops. At first I feared it would lead to excesses, but now it has softened down, and can easily be quieted.
Page v - ... deliberately planned and executed• a foul and dastardly massacre which would have disgraced the veriest savage among those •who were the victims of his cruelty.
Page 87 - R. 0. ABBOTT sworn and examined. By Mr. Gooch : Question. What is your present rank and position in the army? Answer. I am a surgeon in the army of the United States, and medical director for the department of Washington, at present. Question. Have you any knowledge in relation to the manner in which the government has been supplied with ice for hospital purposes, &c., since this war began ? Answer.
Page 6 - Va., after I had returned from Savannah, whither I went to open up the Savannah River and reap the fruits of my negotiations with General Johnston, and to give General Wilson's force in the interior a safe and sure base from which he could draw the necessary supply of clothing and food for his command. It was only after I had fulfilled all this that I learned, for the first time, through the public press, that my conduct had been animadverted upon, not only by the Secretary of War, but by General...
Page 19 - I learned what was proper enough, the disapproval of the President, I acted in such a manner as to compel the surrender of General Johnston's whole army on the same terms which you had prescribed to General Lee's army, when you had it surrounded and in your absolute power.
Page 14 - I am fully empowered to arrange with you any terms for the suspension of further hostilities between the armies commanded by you and those commanded by myself, and will be willing to confer with you to that end.
Page 13 - Gillmore is well situated in all respects, except as to rapid communication with the seat of the general government. I leave him also with every man he ever asked for, and in full and quiet possession of every strategic point in his department; and General Wilson has in the very heart of Georgia the strongest, best appointed, and best...
Page 7 - April would be the earliest possible moment at which I could hope to have all things in readiness, and we were compelled to use our railroads to the very highest possible limit in order to fulfil that promise.
Page 8 - Corps to Jones's Station. On the supposition that Johnston was tied to his railroad as a line of retreat by Hillsboro', Greensboro', Salisbury, Charlotte, etc., I had turned the other columns across the bend of that road toward Ashboro'.
Page 16 - General, and satisfied me of the ability of General Johnston to carry out, to the full extent the terms of this agreement, and if you will get the President to simply indorse the copy and commission me to carry out the terms, I will follow them to the conclusion.