AEC Authorizing Legislation: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States. 84th-93rd Congress, Part 3

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Page 1883 - Secretary of the corporation named as contractor herein; that , who signed this contract on behalf of the contractor, was then of said corporation; that said contract was duly signed for and in behalf of said corporation by authority of its governing body, and is within the scope of its corporate powers. [Corporate seal.] I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and.
Page 1816 - Reasonably Assured Resources (RAR) refers to uranium that occurs in known mineral deposits of such size, grade and configuration that it could be recovered within the given production cost ranges, with currently proven mining and processing technology. Estimates of tonnage and grade are based on specific sample data and measurements of the deposits and on knowledge of deposit characteristics. Reasonably Assured Resources have a high assurance of existence.
Page 1808 - Authorizing legislation for these additional items will be proposed to the Congress by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission. I recommend that the foregoing amendments to the budget for the fiscal year 1968 be transmitted to the Congress. Respectfully yours, CHARLES L.
Page 1881 - Company is a corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Washington, with its principal place of business in...
Page 1949 - Revenue from sale of products and services" consists of items for which the related costs are Included under the program "Cost of work for others," and the second category "Other revenue" consists of revenue items for which the costs are reflected under the related program costs, and other income of a miscellaneous nature. "Revenue from sale of products and services...
Page 1783 - A schedule of funding requirement and discussions of program requirements on a functional basis is presented in the following schedule and program justification. The Rover Program comprises three functional areas as follows : NERVA, Advanced Rocket Reactor Technology and Nuclear Rocket Development Station Operations.
Page 1955 - This estimate consists of revenue derived principally from the sale of pamphlets to museum visitors, sale of classified technical publications to access permit holders and sale of unclassified technical publications to the Department of Commerce for resale to the public. Related costs are included under other budget programs either currently or in prior years.
Page 1841 - Total 10, <500, 000 Section B Obligations for capital equipment not related to construction JUSTIFICATION The fiscal year 1965 estimate of $22 million provides for the capital equipment necessary for continuation of safe, efficient, and economical operation of facilities for the production of special nuclear materials. COMPARISON OF AMOUNT AVAILABLE WITH ACTUAL COST EXPERIENCE Special nuclear materials program...
Page 1953 - Euratom for their fast reactor program. The above estimates are subject to adjustment dependent upon accomplishment of program scheduling by users of material.
Page 1938 - CSC. The Commission-approved program for selective reinvestigation of previously cleared personnel continues in order to assure that the program is protected from individuals whose clearance eligibility may have changed since the time of the last clearance action in their cases.

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