Statutes of the Province of Quebec

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A. Coté and George Thomas Cary, 1882

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Page 39 - Given under my hand and seal, this day of , in the year of our Lord , at , in the [county] aforesaid.
Page 190 - Stock, and the money so raised shall be applied in the first place, to the payment of all fees, expenses and disbursements for procuring the passing of this Act, and for making the surveys, plans and estimates connected with the...
Page 103 - Every contract, agreement, engagement or bargain made, and every bill of exchange drawn, accepted or endorsed, and every promissory note and cheque made, drawn or endorsed on behalf of the company, by any agent, officer or servant of the company, in general accordance with his powers as such under the by-laws of the company, shall be binding upon the company.
Page 211 - The directors may, at any time, call upon the shareholders for such instalments upon each share which they, or any of them, may hold in the capital stock of the said company, and in such proportion as they may see fit, except that no such instalment shall exceed ten per cent. on the subscribed capital, and that sixty days' notice of each call shall be given in such manner as the directors shall think fit.
Page 174 - The amount of losses paid during the year, stating how much of the same accrued prior, and how much subsequent to the date of the preceding statement, and the amount at which losses were estimated in such preceding statement.
Page 194 - Company, their Successors and Assigns, all that tract or parcel of land, (describe the land,} the same having been selected and laid out by the said Company for the purposes of...
Page vi - OF ALL WHICH Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS: Our Right Trusty and...
Page 201 - Company any grant, loan, bonus or gift made to it in aid of the undertaking, and to enter into any agreement respecting the conditions or disposition of any gift or bonus in aid of the railway, and with all such other powers as under " The Railway Act, 1868," are vested in ordinary Directors.
Page 187 - Company; and in no case shall it be necessary to have the seal of the Company affixed...
Page 164 - ... shall be, to all intents and purposes, the child and heir at law of the person so adopting him or her, entitled to all the rights and privileges and subject to all the obligations of a child of such person begotten in lawful wedlock...

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