Correspondence Concerning Claims Against Great Britain: Transmitted to the Senate of the United States in Answer to the Resolutions of December 4 and 10, 1867, and of May 27, 1868, Volume 4

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1869

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Page 352 - where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial, if the crime or offense had there been committed;" that the primary arrest must be made " upon complaint made under oath ;" that the person charged is to
Page 65 - for the President of the United States, or such person as he may empower for that purpose, to employ such part of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia, as shall be necessary to prevent the violation, and to enforce the due execution of this act,
Page 352 - brought before a competent court, " to the end that the evidence of criminality may be heard and considered ;" and that I have only the power of surrendering the fugitive if, on such hearing, "the .evidence be deemed sufficient to sustain the charge," in the judgment "of the examining judge or magistrate." It will be necessary, therefore, for the government
Page 497 - binding must be effective—that is to say, maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast of the enemy." Now, if these words are to be understood in their strictly literal signification, to establish a lawful blockade would
Page 122 - or shall knowingly be concerned in the furnishing, fitting out, or arming of any ship or vessel, with intent,' &c., is that it is not necessary to the criminality of the individual that he should have performed every part of the crime, but it is enough
Page 40 - of State of the United States, has the honor to communicate to Lord Lyons the accompanying printed copies of the President's proclamation of the 19th instant, declaring a blockade of the ports of the States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.
Page 91 - without the leave and license of his Majesty for that purpose first had and obtained as aforesaid, shall, by adding to the number of the guns of such vessel, or by changing those on board for other guns, or by the addition of any equipment for war, increase or augment, or procure to be increased ar augmented, or
Page 173 - war unhappily existing between them: We therefore have thought lit, by and with the advice of our privy council, to issue this our royal proclamation. And we do hereby strictly charge and command all our loving subjects to govern themselves accordingly, and to
Page 178 - own country, or to some nearer destination ; and no coal shall be again supplied to any such ship of war or privateer, in the same or any other port, roadstead, or waters subject to the territorial jurisdiction of her Majesty, without special permission, until after the expiration of three months from the time when
Page 92 - augmented, or shall be knowingly concerned in increasing or augmenting the warlike force of any ship or vessel of war, or cruiser, or other armed vessel which, at the time of her arrival in any part of the United Kingdom or any of

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