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Johnson, Dr. Samuel, rapid motion one of his most favourite amuse-

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ments, 5.

sketch of his general character, 5.

his prejudice against Scotland, 9.

his Journey to the Western Islands,' misapprehended, 10.
his arrival in Scotland, 10.


his bad specimen of Scotch cleanliness, 10.

his contempt of tragic acting, 26.

his observations on prayer, 26.

his remark on writing, 28.

his assertion of its being easier to him to write poetry than

compose his Dictionary, 35.

Diary of his life, 41.

his method of composition, 55.

presented with the freedom of Aberdeen, 78.

taken for a doctor of physic, 84.

his observations on Lord Monboddo, 99.

his object in visiting Scotland, 100.

his objection against hearing Principal Robertson preach, 109,

his kindness to young M'Aulay, 110.

his happy art of gaining instruction, 117.

his Dictionary, 118, 279.

on horseback, 120.

his generosity, 125.

out of humour, 134, 278, 319, 323, 329, 386.

his Ode upon the isle of Sky, 144.

his horror at the sight of some human bones, 160, 338.

his reverence for religious places, 160.

his discourse on death, 171.

his letter to Lord Elibank, 174.

out of spirits, 176.

his sleeping on the bed in which Prince Charles lay, 170

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not fond of eating many kinds of fish, 204.

his fall on alighting from his horse, 204.

his abstaining from fermented liquors, 212.

his melancholy, 213.

his imaginary seraglio, 215.

his minute knowledge in various arts, 213, 248, 969.

his feudal enthusiasm, 223.

his being in the state in which Lord Bacon represents
kings, 234.


Johnson, his pleasure in little things, 252.

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his conviviality, 266.

popular in the isle of Sky, 267.

his gaiety with a Highland lady, 267.
his spirit of adventure, 268.

gradual impression made by, 278.
his play of words, 285,

his sickness at sea, 286.

his mode of living in the Temple, 291.
his curious appearance on a sheltie, 291
his impetuosity of manner, 295.
his powers of ridicule, 299.

his avidity for books, 311.

his delicacy of feeling, 812.

his high opinion of London, $14.
his use of an uncommon phrase, 315.
his particularities, 316.

disgusted with coarse manners, $16.

and the Authour's princely reception during their tour, 328.

loses his walking-stick, 331.

his appearing as a Highlander, 326.

his Latin verses on Inchkenneth, 837.

his eulogium on Col, $41.

his faith in the Christian religion, 343.

his refusing to change wet clothes, 358,9.

his drinking whiskey, 359.

his meditation on a pudding, 365.

., talking laxly, 366.

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his letter to the Duke of Argyle, 378.

his politeness, 378.

his negligence, 379, n.

his sentiments on dress, 380.

his wonderful memory, 384.

his alacrity during his tour, 384.

his soliloquy, 385.

his letter to the laird of Rasay, 431.

his sentiments respecting the Highlands, 393.

his character of a rapacious Highland Chief, 395.

his horror at death, 397.

his high respect for the English clergy, 398.

his visits before leaving Edinburgh, 410, &c.

handsome compliment paid him, 416.

his parody of Sir J. Dalrymple's Memoirs, 420.

his observations on the Hebridean tour, 421.

his advertisement, acknowledging a mistake in his Journey
to the Western Islands,' 431.

Judge, English, 412..

Jurisdictions, heritable, 168, 300.

Impartiality, historical, 259.

Impostor, pretended brother of Dr. Johnson, 303.

Inch Keith, island of; 43.

Inchkenneth, island of, 324.

Infidelity, 159.

Infidels, modern, 343.

Infidel writings, increase of, 277.

Intemperance, 262.

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Kilda, curious account of the people of, 284.
Kilmarnock, Lord, 93.

King James II's grandson-see Prince Charles Edward.
King William, 259.

Kingsburgh, 176, 202, 264.

Knox, John, 50.


Labour, dangerous to increase the price of, 270.

Lake, strange story respecting one, 162.

Landlords, advice to, 301.

Langton, Bennet, Esq. 216.

Languages, the pedigree of nations, 225.

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Linen, the advantage of wearing, 215.

Literary men, instructions for writing the lives of, 242.

Literati, French, 230.

Literature, French, 320.

Literature and patronage, 47.

Locke, verses written by, 81.

London, persons of consequence watched in, 250,

and Pekin compared, 314.

Loudon, Earl of

Louth, Bishop, 68.

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McKenzie, Sir George, his work criticised, 210.

M'Kennon, Laird of, 195.

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Mr. jun. 149.

M'Laurin, Mr. 37.

M'Lean, young Laird of Col, 254, 258, 290, 304, 322, 938, 341, 842.

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M'Queen, Rev. Donald, 139, 151, 218, 224, 260.

M'Sweyn, Mr. 296,

Mallet, 167,

Malone, Edmond, Esq. 1,
Man, not naturally good, 209.
Manhood, proof of, 210.
Manners, change of, 48, 232.


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history of, the most valuable, 67.

of the great families in Wales, 281.

• Manners,' Paul Whitehead's, a poor performance, 104,
Mansfield, Lord, 16, 412.

Markham, Archbishop, 25.

Marlborongh, Duchess of, 167.

Martin's account of the Hebrides, 1.

Memory, strangely defective, 56.

Mercheta Mulierum, 332.
Methodism, 408.

Middle state, 370.

Monarchy, English, 299.

Monboddo, Lord, 33, 65.

Dr. Johnson's sentiments respecting, 70, 99,

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Montague, Mrs, her Essay on Shakspeare,' 246,
Montrose, 306.

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