Continue Rail Transportation Services: Hearing, Ninety-second Congress, First Session, on S. 2494 ... September 16, 1971

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Page 11 - Act, and to extend its line or lines: Provided, That no such authorization or order shall be made unless the Commission finds, as to such extension, that it is reasonably required in the interest of public convenience and necessity, or as to such extension or facilities that the expense involved therein will not impair the ability of the carrier to perform its duty to the public.
Page 16 - Departments and agencies of the Federal Government shall exercise their powers, duties, and functions in such manner as will assist in carrying out the objectives of this Act.
Page 11 - ... unless the Commission finds, as to such provision of facilities, as to such establishment of public offices, or as to such extension, that it is reasonably required in the interest of public convenience and necessity...
Page 3 - ... as between the carriers as they may agree upon, or, in the event of their disagreement, as the Commission may after subsequent hearing find to be just and reasonable...
Page 14 - In order to carry out the purpose declared in section 501, the Commission, upon terms and conditions prescribed by it and consistent with the provisions of this part, may guarantee in whole or in part any public or private financing institution, or trustee under a trust indenture or agreement for the benefit of the holders of any securities issued thereunder, by commitment to purchase, agreement to share losses, or otherwise, against loss of principal or interest on...
Page 17 - To enable the provision of service for which there is an immediate and urgent need to a point or points or within a territory having no carrier service capable of meeting such need, the Commission may, in its discretion and without hearings or other proceedings, grant temporary authority for such service by a common carrier or a contract carrier by motor vehicle, as the case may be.
Page 2 - Commission shall, under the power herein conferred, direct that such preference or priority be afforded. "(16) Whenever the Commission is of opinion that any carrier by railroad subject to this Act is for any reason unable to transport the traffic offered it so as properly to serve the public, it may, upon the same procedure as provided in paragraph (15), make such just and reasonable directions with respect to the handling, routing, and movement of the traffic of such carrier and its distribution...
Page 11 - ... to the guaranty of due process. They were sustained, however, upon the express ground that the railroads had undertaken the service and must supply facilities adequate and reasonably necessary to its performance. The requirements were found not to involve the rendition of a new or different service from that to which the owners had agreed when they dedicated their property to a public use. Where, however, the state's mandate involved the rendition of a service beyond the agreement of the carrier,...
Page 16 - ... days of the operation of the motor carrier properties sought to be acquired by the person proposing in such pending application to acquire such properties, if it shall appear that failure to grant such temporary approval may result in destruction of or injury to such motor carrier properties sought to be acquired, or to interfere substantially with their future usefulness in the performance of adequate and continuous service to the public.
Page 11 - We cannot so read the statute, but think the power granted by paragraph 21 is confined to extensions within the undertaking of the carrier to serve, and cannot be extended to embrace the building of what is essentially a new line to reach new territory.

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