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Cumberland. Sir James Graham, of Ne-, Cardigan. John Martin, of Alltgoch, Esq. therby, Bart.

Glamorgan. Thomas Drake Tyrwhit, ol St. Cheshire. Henry Cornwall Legh, of High- Donate's Castle, Esq. Legh, Esq.

Pembroke. William Knox, of slebetch, Esq. Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. John Radnor. Bridgwater Meredith, of Glirow, Drage, of Sohan, Esq.

Esq. Devonshire. Alexander Hamilton, of Top

NORTH WAL E S. sham, Esq.

Anglesea. Arthur Owen, of Bodowys Ilia, Dorsetshire. Henry William Portman, of Esq. Bıyanllone, Esq.

Carnarvon. John Griffith, of Tryfan, ETq. Derbyshire. Robert Dale, of Ashborne, Esq. Denbigh. Philip Yorke, of Erthing, Esq. Llex. John Jolliffe Tuffnall, of Great Flint. John Edwards, of Kolsterton, Esq. Walıham, Esq.

Merioneth. Griffith Price, of Braich y cenCloucestershire. Charles Coxe, of Kemble, nant, Esq.

Montgomery. Richard Rocke, of Trefnan. Hertfordshire. Jeremiah Mills, of Pithio

ney, Esq. bury, Esq.

PRINCE of WALES's Council. Hereford/hire. Sir Edward Boughton, of

County of Cornwall

. Vowchurch, Bart.

At a Council of his Royal Highness the Kent. Thomas Halleti Hodges, of Hump- Prince of Wales, held at Carlton-House, the ked, Esq.

8h of February, 1786, Michael Nowell, of Leicestershire. William Herrick, of Beau- Falmouth, Esq. was appointed Sheriff for manor, Esq.

the County of Cornwall for the year 1786, Lincolnshire. ' Daniel Douglas, of Folking- by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales ham, Esq.

in Council. Honmouthshire. Robert Salusbury, of Lan.

The long-contested cause between the vi. wern, Esa.

car of Odiham, in Hampshire, plaintiff, and Northumberland. James Allgood, of Nun

the Chancellor of Sarum, and the others the wich, Eíq. Norihamptonshire. Ifaac Pocock, of Big- termined by the Judges of the Exchequer in

impropriators, defendants, was finally degin, Elg.

favour of the vicar, by his having a prescripNorfolk. Francis Lung, of Spixworth, Esq. tive right to all small tithes, though he could Nottinghamshire. Anthony Hartshorne, of

not bring an endowment. By lhis decision, Hayton, Esq.

the right of the in'erior clergy to the tithes Oxdordlhire. Joseph Grote, of Badgmore, of clover-seed, turnip-feed, and all finall.

tithes whatever, is at lait settled. Rutlandshire. Thomas Baines, of Upping

Mr. Stodhart, from the tax-office, has made ham, Esq.

a report to ibc tax-office Commiflioners at Shropshire. Sir Robert Leighton, of Loton,

Guildhall, that the shop-tax is not intended Bart.

to be levied on the keepers of taverns, cofSomersetshire. James Stephens, of Camer

fee-houses, or public-houses, they being allon, Esq.

ready heavily iaxed by way of license. &affordshire. Thomas Parker, of ParkHall, Ela.

The Emperor, by an edict dated Jan. 4,

1786, has laid an additional duty of three Suffolk. James Sewell, of Strutton, Esq.

per cent. on iron and Iteel works imported County of Southampton. Thomas Clarke

into his dominions, and on musical instruJervoile, of Belnions, Esq. Surry. Theodore lienry Broadhead, of Car

11. Came on in the Court of King'sfhalton, Esq.

Bench, at Westminster, the trial of thirteen Blixx. Francis Surgison, of Cuckfi-ld, Elq. Howick hire. John Taylor, of Bordelles, persons, prisoners in the King's-Bench, for

a design to blow up the wall of the prison, Worcestershire. George Perrott, of Persore, August last. It was a trial at har * before the

and to escape from thence, on the 14th of Efq.

four Judges, and a Special Jury, on an in, hire. Seymour Wroughton, of East

formation (at the suit of the King) filed ex cott, Esq. Yorkshire. Richard Langley, of Wikeham- officio by the Attorney-General. The indicta

inent was laid against them for a conspiracy Abbey, Esq.

and mildemeanor, and after a very long trial SOUTH WALE S. Leccon. Edward Watkins, of Llandilor

they were all sound Guilty.

13. Being the lait day of Hilary Term, tane, Esq.

the Court of King's Bench ordered the pesCarmarthen. John Lewis, of Llwynyfortune,

fons found guilty lait Friday of a conspiracy

in the King's Bench Prison to be brought to Atriai at Bar is so called in contradiftinction to a trial at Nisi Prius, the Court-confting of the four Judges and a Jury. A Court of Nil Prius, where only one Judge attends, * 2of ths Court of King's Bench, although the fitting is on the same loot.





the bar, when the following sentences were ta, as also by M. de Follve, Knight of Sc. passed,- That the prisoners Bogue, Boylon, Louis and Captain Commandant in the Keene, and Whitehead, be imprisoned for regiment of Poitou. three years in Newgate, and that they each M. de Launay, King's attorney for the do give severally two hundred pounds in se- municipal body, then addresied M. Blancurities for their good behaviour during life'. chard in the following terms : -That Sylvefter, Pocock, and Leech be “ We are proud of the honour, Sir, of confined in the Surrey Bridewell for two having you here at the same day and hour years, and that they give two hundred on which you alighted last year; but the pounds security in the same manner. - That light of this Column, and the inscriprion Yarnolet, Jordan, Willon, Orsborn, Town- given for it by the Academy, forbid ali fhend, and Barnet, be confined in the New compliment. This monument, and the ad Gaol for two years, and that they cach give of iis inauguration, which we are now gosecurity in two hundred pounds for their ing to sign jointly with you, Sir, will supply good behaviour.- The prisoners were con- its place. Both will lali to the most remote ducted to their respective places of confine- pofteriiy. Both will immortalize the mement, under a proper guard of marshalmen, mory of the first Aeronaut who had the gaolers, and their afliltants.

courage to cross the seas, and both will bear 15. A person of the name of Lewis stood witness to the just admiration, with which on the pillory in the New Palace Yard, we regard an event that will form the most Weltmifler, for perjury: Report having glorious epocha in this century.". propagated, that the public were to be

gra M. Blanchard's reply was as follows: tified by the exhibition of a certain Allor

“ Gentlemen, ney, now under sentence for the fame crime; “ This Column, ihe valuable bint of voor this drew together a much greater concourse love for the Arts, the inscription with which of people, than in all probability would it has been honoured by the Academy, say have attended Lewis on any occasion. every thing for you, Gentlemen, and say

Same morning the following malefactors much more than I have deserved; but how were brought out of Newgate, and executed Mall I acquit myself? wliat terms shall I use on a scaffold facing the Debtors' door, viz. to express my admiration of and gratitude William Cowell Davis, for forging and ul- for a treatment cqually noble and generous) tering an order for the payment of 671. 75. 6d.

Silence and respell, Gentlemen, must be my on Sir William I mon and Co. bankers,

only reply." purporting to be the order of James Branka

The Clék then read the A&t of Inauguraeombe, with an inient to defraud him ;

tion, and received the signatures ; alier William Shovell and William Collier, for a which the company returned to Guiliei, burglary in the house of William Smith, where the Major and Eschevins had caused and stealing a crown piece and two dellas, a very magnificent entertainment to be prea guinea, and four table-spoons; Willian vided; after which there was a ball; the Fox, alias Jagger, for ftealing in the dwell. Niblese and principal inhabitants, as weil ing-houle of Samuel Lesley, in Carolina- as a number of forcigners who had attended court, Saffron-hill, feveral tilver fpoons, iuo at the inauguration, wore tharers of the fellilver falis, twelve Thirts, and other apparel; civity: Aming others were two gentlemen and John Callahan, for robbing James who had accompanied M. Blanchard in his Hales on the highway, at Salıpetre-bank, of

aerial voyages, viz. thc Cheval er L'Epinard, a hat and handkerchief.

ard M. «'Honićthun, an officer in the legiou The same morning William Shaw Hines

of Maillebois. was carricd from Newgate in a cari, attend

The only crnament of the hall was a pos. ed by the proper officers, the hilver car being

trait of M. Blanchard, with a fide view of carried before him to Execution-dock, wbere

the Column, in a medallion cncircled by a he suffered according to his sentence, for

myrile wicach, and surrounded by a croul piratically entering and railing away with

of laurel, with this infcription, written by his Majesty's cutter the Swift, John Fair

M. de Laplace, cizen of Calais : head, commander.

Autant que le Francois l'Anglois fut istrefill, Particulars of the Ceremony offered at the In- Tous les deux ont piane jufya'uid plus huai uti auguration of the Column erected in the fo

airs, set of Guisnes, to the Holow of Mr. Blin- Tous les deux, sans Nuaire, ont traverséie: chard.

mens, ON the 7th of January, at three o'clock, Mais la France a produir l'inventeur et le guld. P. M. the Magiftra:es of ihe town of Guro Th’Erglth and Frenchman have like coulies, with M. de Guia de Picnaflile,

rage shewn; Mayor ard Sindic of the Nob!cile of the Both through thi' aerial tracks sublime hase district of Calais, proceeded to the Column fluwn; which had been erected in the King's foreit, Without a thip both crols:d the dang'iòus where they found M. Blanchard, accompa- tide; nied by the Viscount Defandıoudin, Cham- But France produc'd the in'entor and the berlain to the Emperor mud Knight of Malo • guide.

JAN. 30.

William Newman, Esq. to be Alderman

of Foreiredom burutegian office of Serjeant. Trumpeter, in the The Rev. Dr. Burnaby, rector of Greenroom of Joseph Probart, Esq. deceased. wich, to the Archdeaconry of Leicester.

Admiral Barrington, to be Lieutenant The Rev. H. Toity, M. A. of Christ. General of Marines, vacant by the death of church, Oxford, and the Rev. J. Walmelley, Admiral Sir Thomas Pye.

M A. fellow of St. John's, Cambrilge, to The dignity of a Baronet of the King- be Chaplains in ordinary to his Royal Highness dom of Great Britain to John Sinclair of Ulb- the Prince of Wales. ster, in the conaty of Caithness, Esq. and Mr. Joseph Fry and Sons to be letter-founthe heirs male of his body lawfully begot- ders to his Royal Highness the Prince of ten; with remainders severally to the first Wales. and every other son and sons successively of Mr. John Stephens, to be Yeoman BeaHannah Sinclair, his eldest daughter, and of dle of Physic and Arts at Oxford. Jane: Sinclair, another of his daughters, and John Chrichloe Turner, Esq. High-Sheriff their respective heirs male.

of Cambridge and Huntingdon, to the ho. Sir John Parnell, Bart. Chancellor of the nour of knighthood. Exchequer in Ireland, to be one of his Ma- The Hon. John Elliot, James Boswell, jestys Mit Hon. Privy Council in that king and William Dowdeswell, Esqrs. to the rank dom.

of Barristers at Law. Benjamin Pingo, Esq. Rouge Dragon Pur. Thx Rev. Henry Bates, D. D. to the recfuivant of Arms, to b: York Herald of tory of Bulwell, Suffolk. Arins, vice George Fletcher, Esq. decealed.

M ARR LAGES, FEBRUARY 1786. APTAIN Cooper, of the army, to Miss wick, to Mrs. Tharratt, of Half-moon-ftreet



Mr. Staples, B.inker, in London, to Miss Egerton Bridges, Esq. of St. Lawrence, Bates, daughter of the late Alderman Bares. Kent, to Miss Byrch, daughter of the Rev. The Rev. Richard Fawcett, clerk of the Mr. Byrch, of Canterbury.

parish church in Leeds, to Miss M. BainThe Rev. Mr. Myers, of Edenham, in brigge, of Headingley. Lancolnshire, to Miss Fox, of Cambridge, Clement Francis, Esq. to Miss Charlotte with a furtune of more than 10,000l. Burney, daughter of Dr. Burney.

Dr. Sims, of Lawrence lane, Cheapride, Henry Drummond, Esq. to Miss Dundas, 19 Mifs Ann Stock, daughter to Thomas daughter of Mr. Dundas, lace Lord Advocate Stock, Esq. of Birch-Anger, in Eifex. of Scotland.

The Rev. Borlace Wiilock, of Blackburn, The Hon. Mr. Petre, son of Lord Petre, to in Lancashire, lo Miss Peel, only daughter of the niece of the Earl of Surrey. Robert Peel, Esq. of Burton-lipon Trent. The Rev. Wm. Uppleby, vicar of Woo

The Rev. Alexander Lichtield, rector of ton, Lincoloshire, to Miss Margaret Midgley, Noke, to Miss Martha Bridg water, of Illip, of Beverly. Oxfordshire.

Licui. Paulus Emilius Irving to the Hon. Joseph Thomas Lockyer, Esq. of live- Lady Elizabeth St. Lawrence, Daughter to cheiter, to Miss Shapton, of Upottery, De. the Earl of Howth.

John Pardoe, jun. Esq. Member for PlympFrancis Edward Hollyoak, Esq. of War. ton, to Mits Oliver, Daughter of Thomas

Oliver, Esq. of Layton, in the County of Eflex. MONTHLY OBITUARY, FEBRUARY 1786. Jan. 10.

several perfonis who had been bitten by a RS. Ann Bland, of Kippax-park, mad dog.

22. Daniei Garnault, Esq. of Bull Cross, At Larigton in the Wolds in Yorkthire, near Enfield, aged 109, Ether Richardson.

23. Lately the Rev. Mr. Morton, of East21. At St. Jean de Luz in France, M. gate. He held the livings of Hykeham and de Cherifley, who for his botanical knowledge Bothain, near Lincoln, and of Oxendon, in was stiled the second Galen, and who hy a Nostiumptonshire. plant called the Star of the Earth, cured Evrop, Mac,



MR Yorkshire.


24. At Tunbridge, Kent, William Wills, Lately the Rev. Mr. Newton, Rector of Elq. aged 69.

Newnham Courtney, in Oxfordshire, which Lately at Newnham, near Oxford, Mr. preferment he had held upwards of 50 Charles Blizard, farnier, aged 107 years. years.

25. Ar Lancoter, Henry Rawlinson, Esq. FEB. 1. At Bruffels, George Beauclerk, lare member for the Borough of Liverpool. Duke of St. Albans, Earl of Burford, Here.

At Brocheftry, Lincoluthire, the Lady ditary Reg. of the Court of Chancery, of Charles Anderson Polban), Liq.

Lord Lieutenan: and Cuftos Rotulorum of Lately at Salisbury, Francis Powell, Esq. the county of Berks, and High Steward of only son of the lare Sir Alexander Powell. Windsor.

26. Thomus Southouse, Esq Charlotte- Ac Dunmow, Essex, Mary Jones, aged Street, Bedford square.

107 At Feverth 'm, in the goth year of his age, Lately at Tetbury, Ann Davis, upwards Mr. George Murch.

of 102 years of age.-- This woman had the Mrs. Elizabeth Athurst, aged 82, widow perfect use of her faculties till the last miof William Ashurst, Esq. of Heuingham

She had not been out of her room for castle,

upwards of 30 years, nor ever during that Mr. John Palmer, late wheeler to the time, even in the most extreme weather, Earl of Slisbury. Being 100 years of age would suffer any fire in her chamber. on Michaelmas Diy last it was celebrated at 2. Mr. Thomas Peacock, glass merchant, his Lordship's expence.

Chatham-place, Black-friars-bridge. 27. At Windsor, John Cheshire, Esq. Mrs. Bennet, of Merlin's Cave, Spa

Mrs. Elizabeth Woodbine, widow of John Fields. She was the succeflor of her uncle, Woodbine, Esq. of East Durham, in the 82d Mr. Hood, who opened the above house for year of her age.

public entertainment, for several years be28. At Batlı, Miss Wilkinson, of Hen- fore Welch Fair, now held at Barnet, was low, Bedfordshire.

removed from the Spa Fields. Ai Durban, Thomas Witham, M. D.

Mrs. Mountney, of Woolwich Warren. Ai Binti, Scotland, Sir William Dunbar, Ar Riclimond, Surry, Mr. Charles Brown, of Durn, Bart.

builder. 29. In the 9 cth year of his age, Mr. Bode, Al Mitcham Common, Mr. Edward one of the principal clerks belonging to the Nash, late of Mitcham Mills. General Polt-office,

Lately at Leeds, Joseph Tatham, a Q.12Litely at Hickoring, the Rev George ker, and fornierly an eminent school-mal. Howes, Rector of that parislı with Mattis. ter. hall Borough annexed.


At Poplar, Captain Barnston, aged 39. Richard Hardwiike, Esq. of the 101, upwirds of 60 years in the Leeward Cottoms, aged 37.

Idlands Trade. Al ocks, near Stroud, Gloucester- At Dublin, Mr. Jolin Vandermere, co1hire, William Kniglie, Eq.

median, formerly belonging to the HaymarThe lady of Sir William Ogilvie, of Banas, ket Theatre. Bart.

Mifs Emma Long, sister to Sir James At her house in Great Ormond street, Tylney Long, at Draycot, Wiltfhire. Queen-1quzre, the honourable Elizabeth 4. The Rev. Mr. Darell, Rector of Ib. Langdale, filter to the late Lord Langdale, stock in Leicettershire, and of Uppingham of Home, in the county of York, in the in Rutlandthire, und Lecturer of St. Olave's, 734 year of hei age.

Old Jewry. He was many years Chaplain At Edinburgh, Mis. Margaret Murray, to the late Duke of Bedford, and private widow of the honourahie James Murray, Tutor to the late Marquis of Tavistock. many years Prefident of the Council for the Lately at Birmingham, in hier óth year, Province of North Carolina.

Mrs. Ward, Grandmother to Mrs. Siddons. Dr. D.vid Spencer, physician, at Edin- 5. · Henry Kitchen, 'E'q. alderman of burgh.

the ward of Farringdon Within. Branton Kuks, Esq. Charlotte-street, 6.

The lady of Admiral Sir Francis Rachhone-place.

Drake, at bis leat near Guildford. Lately at Beestor., in Wettphalia, Mr. 7. At Spring-Gardens,Glynn, Esq. Ciootter, aged 125. He had ferved

At Edinburgh, Mr. Joseph Thomíon, of oficer in the armies of the Emperor, and Norton Hall. the kings of Denmark and Sweden, near Mr. John Wilkins Jepson, Attorney, at Ico years




Lately, in her journey to the South of Mr. David Bennet, principal Clerk of the France, Miss Oiver.

General Post-Office, Edinburgh. Lately in Ireland, Mr. De Courcy, fa- 15. At Tern-Hill, Worcestershire, the ther of the Rev. Richard De Courcy, of Rev. Dr. Boyce, Rector of St. Bury, in Shrewbury.

Gloucestershire. Sumuei Wale, Eq. Profeffor of Per. Lately, Mrs. Perrott, wife of Dr. Per. spective to the Royal Academy.

rott, of Braintree in Ellex. la G) don's findi, William Warn- 16. Rivers Dickenson, Elq. an emineat dell, Esq. upwards of 40 years a Merchant Brewer of St. John's Street, Clerkenwell, in Philadelphia, from whence he returned 17. In Warwick-street, Grosvenor-square, when the troubles began.

Joseph Edmondson, Esq. Mowbray Herald 8. At Parling'on, in Yorkshire, the Lady Extraordinary at Arms, Herald Painter to of Sir Thomas G. scoigne, Bart. She was the his Majelty, and F. A. S. widow of the late Sir Charles Turner,

Mrs. Elphinstone, widow of the late 9. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hay, of Captain E!phinstone of the Navy, and late Gunde Buurne, near Lewes.

Admiral of the Rullian Fleet. Mrs. Hunter, wife of John Hunter, Esq. 18. John Bindley, Esq. formerly one of member for Lsominfter.

the committioners of Excite. Lieutenant General Theodore Dury, in James Lord Colvil, eldest son of John the 87th year of his age.

Lord Coivil, of Culrors. Sir Celar Hawkins, Bart. Serjeant Surge- Thomas Powry, Esq. clerk of the works on to the King.

at Woolwich. Mrs. Bagot, wife of the Hon. and Rev. Peter Verbruggen, Esq. cannon founder to

the King 10. Mr. Pilkington, Coal Merchant, Ac Eptom, in the 104th year of her age, Cannon Row, Westmioster.

Mrs. Sarah Busby. 11. Mrs. Mary Cucke, Devonshire-Street, 19. At Windsor, the Rev. Dr. Bostock, Risen-Square.

Senior Prebend of the collegiate church 12. Samuel Marriott, Esq. Accountant- there. General in the Excise-Otiive, aged 67.

Mr. Henry Atkins, an eminent sur. William Tennent, Esq. of New Broad- veyor in Lamb's Conduit-Itreet. Itreet Buildings.

At Richmond, Mi. Murritifon, jun. 13. At York House, Twickenham, John Hawys, Esq. Johnson's Court, FleetJames Whitchurch, Esq.

ftreet. 14. Edward Chellyn, Esq. Proctor in

Laurence Sullivan, Esq. many years Doctors Commons, who for several years chairman of the East India Company. had retired from bufmers.

Dr. Bagoi.




Β Α Ν K R U P T S. ELIZA, Woolf

, of the Minories, h.ber- Robert Peckham, and Wm. Pardather. James Smith, of Hornchurch, tholomew, Auttin-friars, London, merchants, Carcase-butcher. Tho. Leachi, of Tower-vill, Wm. Aldridge, King-street, Bloomibury, tábeid.her. Richard Chaitirs, of Orping. and W. J. Aldridge, Lower Tooting, lan in Kent, maltiter. William Baldwin, Surrey, Sweep-walhers.

Val. Hayley, a Barming in Kent, hop merchant. An- Union-court, Broad-itreet, merchart. Henthouy Portingtoo, of Altord in Lincolníhne, ry Burden), Leachlace,

Glouceiterihire, Cordwainer. James Baker, of Birmingham, wharfinger. Thomas Barth, York, fadler's button-maker. James Cunnir.g, of Bristol, ironmonger. George Chuleton, Newcaillea linea draper. Thomas Hanson, of Birming- upon Tyne, merchant. J. Collier, Chou. ham, druggist. William Scholay, of King- bent within Atherton, Lancashire, nailor. iton upon Hull, linen-draper. Tnomas Biro John Rowe, Falmouth, Cornwall, topTox, of Wigan, Lancashire, inn-keeper. keeper. Thomas Wnyhall, Bating-lane, Jofeph and Mary Saul, of Birminghun, tobacconift. John Bruce, Aringdown-itreet, Warwickthire, button-merchaut. William Panton-Square, taylor. John Muirheaul, AnHeadden, of Market Rafen, Lincoluthire, dover, Humphire, shopkeeper. Thomas mercer. John Finch, of St. John Wapping, Ward, Redcross-itreet, Surrey, cabinet-mjtubacconift. Thomas Pastridge, of O tett, kör. Franc:s Labron, no or late of Ponte. Eliex, carpenter. Wm. Mailey and James fract, in Yorkshire, Inn keeper, Malley, Lymm, Chethire, cotton manufac

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