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390 BOLLEY'S Technical Analysis, a Complete | 411 BOOKS for the Country, all the latest editions,

Guide to the Testing and Valuation of the and bound in clothvarious Natural and Artificial Substances em- How to keep Pigeons, ls Youаtt on the Horse, ls ployed in the Arts and Domestic Economy, post How to keep a Garden, 1s How to keep Bees, ls

8vo, numerous engravings, cloth, 4s 6d 1857 Cage and Singing Birds, 1s How to Shoot, Blakey, 1s 391 BONAR'S Family Sermons, 8vo, cloth, 6s 1863

How to Manage Sheep, ls Flax and Hemp, Is

How to keep and rear 392 BONAR'S Commentary on the Book of Leviticus, Doyle on Rural Economy, 1s

The Poultry Yard, ls

Cattle, ls
Expository and Practical, with numerous critical Doyle on Small Farms, is How to grow Flowers, Dela-
Notes, 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d

Common objects of the Sea

mer, ls 393 BONAR'S Visitor's Book of Texts ; or the Word Shore, ls.

Agricultural Chemistry, is brought nigh to the Sick and Sorrowful, 12mo, Common objects of the Coun- Our Woodlands, Heaths, & cloth, 2s, pub 3s 6d

try, ls

Hedges, ls 394 BONAR'S Morning of Joy, a sequel to the above, Dogs, how to manage, 18 6d

British Ferns, by Moore, 1s British Butterflies, 1s

A Field full of Wonders, 1s 18mo, cloth, 2s


British Birds' Eggs, 1s Haunts of the Wild Flowers, 390 BONAR'S Hymns of Faith and Hope, first and How to Angle, by Blakey, 1s ls 6d

second series in one vol, 18mo, full bound, Tur 412 BOOKS of Field and River Sports, 12mo, cloth, key Morocco, 5s

each vol ls

1865 396 BONAR'S. The Crown of Thorns, or Jesus on

The Boat, and how to Manage it, by Salacia the Cross, with other Readings, 12mo, cloth,

The Cricket Bat, and how to use it, by an old Cricketer 3s


The Dog, and how to Break him, by J. B. Johnson 391 BONAR'S God's Way of Holiness, 18mo, cloth, The Gun, and how to Use it, by J. B. Johnson 2s

1864 The Horse, and how to Ride him, by J. Butler 398 BONAR'S God's Way of Peace, a Book for the 413 BOOK of Birthday's ; or Anniversary Poetry of anxious, 18mo, cloth, 1s 6d 1864 Human Life, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1866 399 BONNET'S (Rev. L.) The Family of Bethany, A curious Collection of Poetical Pieces, Prose Pieces,

or Meditations on the xi Chap. St. John's Gos- Amusing, Consolatory, selected from a great variety of pel, 12mo, cloth, 2s, pub 6s

1841 sources, suitable for all ages and sexes 400 BON GAULTIER'S Ballads, Illustrated with 414 BOOK of Good Thoughts, being an assemblage

outrageously laughable plates, by Doyle, Leech, of Thoughts for Bad Times, Thoughts for Better and Crowquill, 4to, 8th ed., cloth, gilt edges, Times, and Thoughts for Worse Times, by old 8s 6d

1864 Dr. Thomas Fuller, new edition, with his por401 BONAPARTE’S (The Emperor Louis Napoleon) trait, cloth, 3s 6d

1863 Political and Historical Works, with Memoir of 415 BOOK of Genis, 150 Steel Plates, from drawings his Life, 2 vols, 8vo, portrait, cloth, 6s, pub by the most eminent Painters of the past and 24s

1852 present Century, and the choice Poems of our 402 BONAPARTE. The History of Napoleon Bona- best Poets, 3 vols 4to, sumptuous binding in parte, Illustrated by George Cruickshank, in one Walnut side covers, £2 153

1866 thick vol, crown 8vo, cloth, 5s

1866 416 BOOK of Scottish Song. A Comprehensive Col403 BONNYCASTLE'S Key to the Scholar's Guide lection of the most approved Songs of Scotland, to Arithmetic, 12mo, cloth, 4s 6d

by A. Whitelaw, square thick vol, cloth extra, 404 BOOK of Common Prayer, and Rites and Cere- 7s 6d

1866 monies of the Church, Illustrated with Floriated 41 BOOK of Familiar Quotations. An Extensive borders round every page, from the Houres of Collection of Popular Extracts and Aphorisms, Geoffrey Troy, royal 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d, pub from the Works of the best Authors, 12mo, mor. 188 1866 elegant, gilt edges, 6s 6d

1860 40% BOOK of Familiar Quotations, a Collection of 418 BOOK of Quotations, 'or General Index, &c.,

Popular Extracts and Aphorisms from the Works many thousand of our most Familiar Quotations, of the best Authors, 12mo, calf extra, 5s, pub with Authors' names, &c., edited by J. C. Gro10s 6d

1860 cott, thick vol, 12mo, half bound neat, 5s 1865 406 BOOK of Psalms. Bagster's narrow edition, 419 BOOK of Praise, from the best English Hymn 24mo, morocco, ls 6d

1866 Writers, Selected and Arranged by Sir R. Palmer, 407 BOOK of Golden Deeds; of all Times and all 12mo, beautifully printed, cloth extra, 4s 6d 1866

Lands, gathered and narrated by the Author of 420 BOOK of Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Heir of Redclyffe, 12mo, full bound, smooth Medieval, from the 8th Century, with numerals,

crimson calf, a splendid copy, 8s 6d 1865 including Gothic, Church Text, German, Arabes403 BOOK of Common Prayer, and the Rites and

for Illumination, Monograms, Ceremonies of the Church, with Notes and Illus- Crosses, &c., oblong 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d 1863 trations, royal 8vo, full bound, best morocco, 421 BOOK of Shakspeare Gems, in a Series of nearly and Ilustrated with exquisite plates, from the 100 beautiful Landscapes and Illustrations, by old Masters, also borders in every conceivable eminent Artists, with descriptions of the most style on every page, 35s, pub £3 3s

interesting localities of Shakspeare's Dramas, 8vo, 499 BOOK of Praise, from the best English Hymn full bound, crimson morocco, gilt backs and Writers, Selected and Arranged by Sir Roundell broad gold borders, 20s

1854 Palmer, 12mo, full bound, smooth Turkey mor., 422 BOOTH’S (Rev. A.) Glad Tidings to Perishing very handsome, 10s 6d 1863 Sinners, 12mo, cloth, 2s

1796 Another Copy in cloth, 4s 6d

423 BOSPHORUS and the Danube Illustrated, in410 BOOK of Humour, Wit, and Wisdom, a com- cluding the City of Constantinople, its Buildings,

plete Manual of Every-day Table Talk, selected and the beautiful Scenery of the Danube, by and edited by a respectable Bagman now on the Pardoe and Beattie, illustrated with numerous Road, post 8vo, elegantly printed, cloth extra, beautiful plates, by Bartlett, 2 vols 4to, crimson 3s 6d

1865 morocco, gold borders, gold edges, 368

que, Initials

424 BOWRING’S Matins and Vespers, with other | 441* BRAIDWOOD'S Fire Prevention and Fire ExPieces, 12mo, cloth, 1s 6d, pub 5s

1851 tinction, a Memoir of the Author, his methods 425 BOUILLY'S Conseils a ma fille, last edition, of Prevention of Fires, the London Fire Brigade, 12mo, cloth, 5s


Escapes from Fires, Fire Engines, &c. &c., crown 426 BOUCHETTE'S History of the British Domi- 8vo, plates and portrait, cloth, 5s

1866 nions in North America, a Topographical and | 442 BRAND'S Popular Antiquities of Great Britain, Statistical Description of Upper and Lower Illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar and ProvinCanada, New Brunswick, aud all the other Is- cial Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions, lands, 2 vols, 4to, plates and maps, cloth, 8s, enlarged by Sir John Ellis, 3 vols, crown 8vo, pub £2 10s

1832 plates, smooth calf elegant, a choice and beauti427 BOURNE'S Catechism and Hand-Book of the ful copy, 22s

1849 Steam Engine, 2 thick vols, 12mo, many plates, 443 BRANSTON'S Druggist's General Receipt Book, cloth, 188

1566 including Receipts in Patent Medicines, Perfum. 428 BOURNE'S Treatise on the Steam Engine, in its ery, Cosmetics, Beverages, Dietetic Articles,

Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Processes, &c., 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 4s Railways, and Agriculture, with Practical In- 444 BREAY'S (Rev. J. G.) Memoirs of his Life and structions for the Manufacture and Management his Letters, 12mo, cl., 6th ed., 3s, pub 6s 1847 of every species of Engine, 4to, numerous plates, 445 BREEN'S Modern English Literature, 8vo, cloth, cloth, £2 1-63 2s 6d, pub 12s

1857 429 BOUTERWEK'S History of Spanish Literature, 446 BRENAN'S Composition and Punctuation, 12mo, translated from the German, post 8vo, portrait cloth, 1s

1865 of Author, cloth, 2s 6d

1847 447 BRENTON'S (Captain) Naval History of Great 439 BOUTELL'S Heraldry, Historical and Popular, Britain, and History of many celebrated Com.

Illustrated, nearly 1000 fine plates on Heraldry, manders, 2 thick vols, 8vo, portraits, plans of thick vol, 8vo, cloth, 20s

1864 battles, &c., calf elegant, 21s, pub 488 1837 * The most complete Work on Heraldry, should be in 448 BRERETON'S Lectures on the Christian Faith the library of every Family."

and Life, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 6s 1854 431 BOWDLER'S Theological Essays, viz., Connec- 449 BREWER'S Guide to Knowledge, last edition, tion between Religion and Melancholy, View of

12mo, cloth, 3s 6d the Character of Christ on the Atonement and 450 BREWER'S Guide to Science, containing the other important Subjects, in one vol, 12mo, cloth,

following Subjects, Geology, Physical Geograls 6d, pub 3s 6d

1855 phy, Atmosphere, Heat, Water, &c. &c., last 437 BOWES'S (Rev. G. S.) Illustrative Gatherings,

edition, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d for Preachers and Teachers, containing a Manual 491 BREWER'S Guide to Scripture History, The of Anecdotes, Facts, Proverbs, Quotations, &c.,

New Testament, last edition, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d 12mo, cloth, 5s

'1865 402 BREWER'S Guide to Grecian History, Mytho433 A Second Series of the above, in one thick vol,

logy and Literature, last edition, 12mo, cl., 3s 6d 12mo, 5s


163 BREWER'S Guide to Roman History, from the 431 BOY'S Playbook of Science, including the various

earliest Period to the Close of the Western EmManipulations and Arrangements for the suc

pire, last edition, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d cessful performance of Scientific Experiments,

BREWER'S School Recitations, last edition, by John H. Pepper, crown 8vo, 470 plates, sm.

12mo, cloth, 3s 6d calf elegant, 9s

05 BREWER'S Guide to Scripture History, Old Another Copy in cloth extra, 6s

Testam nt, with an Appendix, last edition, 12mo, 435 BOYD'S (Sir Wm.) History of Literature, or

cloth, 3s 6á the Progress of Language and Letters, from the 456 BREMER'S President's Daughter : a Narrative earliest Ages of Antiquity, 3 vols 8vo, cloth, 10s,

of the Life of a Governess, 18mo, half calf, gilt, pub 4.8

2s öd 1843

1845 436 BRADBURY'S Nature Printed British Sea- 457 BREMER'S Works ; comprising The NeighWeeds, History of the Algæ of the British Isles,

bours—The President's Daughter--The Home, with Figures and Dissections by Johnstone and

and Strife, and Peace-A Diary of the HCroall, 4 vols, royal 8vo, half green morocco,

Family, &c, translated by Mary Howitt, 4 vols, elegant set, 6s 6d 1x59 post xvo, cloth, portrait, 12s 68

1861 437 BRADLEY'S Eutropii Historiæ Romanæe Libri

58 BREWSTER'S (Sir David) The Martyrs of Septem, quibus accedunt notulæ anglicæ et Quæs

Science ; or the Lives and Adventures and tiones, last edition, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1845

Discoveries of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler, 433 BRADLEY'S Exercises and Questions, adapted

12mo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub his

1841 to the best Latin Grammars, and designed as a

*59 BREWSTER'S Life of Sir Isaac Newton, 12mo, Guide to Parsing, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

portrait, half calf, gilt, 3s, pub es

1831 439 BRADLEYS Grammatical Questions, adapted 4B0 BREWSTER'S Letters on Natural Magic, 12mo, to the Grammar of Murray, last ed., 12mo, cloth,

half calf, gilt, 3s 6d

1832 2s 6d


41 BREWSTER'S Work; or Plenty to Do, and 440 BRADY'S History of England, with the Intro

How to Do It, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1865 duction, Appendix, and Continuation to the

BREWSTER'S Kaleidoscope ; its History, Death of Richard II., portrait, 4 vols folio in 3,

Theory, and Construction, crown 8vo, 56 plates, calf, £1

cloth, 4s, pub 7s 6d


463 BREWSTER'S_History and Antiquities of Includes a copious Glossary of Words used in our Ancient Records, Laws, and Historians, and many original

Stockton-upon-Tees, royal 8vo, plates and porRecords, Councils, &c.

traits, cloth, 5s 6d, pub £1 11s

1829 441 BRAY'S (Charles) The Education of the Feelings 464 BRIDGES' Christian Ministry, 12mo, cloth, or Affections, 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d


3s 6d, pub 8s 6d

465 BRIDGEWATER GALLERY—The Stafford Ca- | 480 BRIGHTWELL'S Memorials of the Early Lives

binet of Pictures, a very extensive series of of Great Lawyers, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1800 Plates, from the original pictures belonging to 481 BRITISH BALLADS - An extensive Collection of the Bridgewater family, arranged according to the very choicest Ballads, Ancient and Modern, their different Schools, with Descriptions, 4 vols with Notes, Explanatory and Critical, by S. C. imperial 4to, fine impressions of the Plates, cloth, Hall, every page illustrated in the most exqui. £2 18s, pub £35

1818 site style of art and beauty, by the most eminent 466 BRIDGEWATER TREATISES, a complete set of artists, imperial 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 18s, pub this series on the Power, Wisdom, and Good- £3 3s

1854 ness of God, as manifested in the Creation,” | 482 BRITTON'S History of Bath and Bristol, in a 10 vols 8vo, and 2 vols crown 8vo, half calf extra, series of fine Plates of Picturesque Scenery, Ab£3 158

beys, Churches, Buildings, Seats, &c., 4to, 50 467 BRIDGEWATER TREATISES, on the Wisdom, plates, cloth, 4s 6d

Power, and Goodness of God, as manifested in 483 BRANDON'S Open Timber Roofs of the Middle the Creation, viz. :

Ages, with Descriptions, royal 4to, nearly 50 KIDD on the Physical Condition of Man, crown plates, cloth, 158 8vo, cloth, 38

484 BRITTON'S Architectural Antiquities of Great WHEWELL'S Astronomy and General Physics, Britain, illustrated with Views, Elevations, and crown 8vo, cloth, 3s

Plans of Ancient English Edifices, selected for CHALMERS' External Nature and Intellectual their grandeur of design and beauty, with DeConstitution of Man, 4s 6d

scription of their Origin and Antiquities, 5 vols PROUT-Treatise of Chemistry, Meteorology, royal 4to, early impressions of the Plates, full &c., 4s 6d

bound smooth calf, elaborately tooled sides, a BELL on the Hand, its Mechanism and En- splendid set of books, £10 10s dowments, 4s 60

485 BROCKEDON'S (Wm.) Passes of the Alps, BUCKLAND'S Geology, &c., 2 vols 8vo, cl., 12s illustrated with 109 beautiful Plates, engraved KIRBY on the History, Habits, and Instincts by Finden in the first style of art, 2 vols 4to, of Animals, 2 vols, 9s

cloth, original impressions of the Plates, cloth, 466 BRIDGES' (Rev. Ch.) Exposition of the One £3 3s, pub £12 125

1829 Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm, 12mo, half calf, 486 BROCŘEDON'S The Alps, Excursions and Ad. 3s 6d, pub 78

1-33 ventures in the Alps, the Pennine, and Bernese, 469 BRIDGES' Exposition of the One Hundred and &c., 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 10s 6d

1845 Nineteenth Psalm, as Illustrative of the Character | 487 BROCK'S (Rev. Thomas) Memoirs of his Life, and Christian Experience, new edition, 12mo, by Rev. H. Carey, 12mo, cl., 2s 6d, pub 5s 1851 cloth, 58

1862 488 BRODERIP'S Way-side Fancies, 12mo, cloth, 0 BRIDGES' Elementary Treatise on Algebra, 2s 6d, pub 6s

1857 last edition, 12mo, ls

1865 489 BROMBYS Church Students' Manual, compris. BRIDGES' Exposition of the Book of Ecclesi- ing History of the Book of Common Prayer, the astes, crown 8vo, full purple morocco, gilt edges, Church Catechism, the History of the Early 10s 6d 1860 Church, &c., 12mo, cloth, 3s

1862 471} BRIDGMAN'S History of Knole in Kent, with 490 BROMBY'S History and Grammar of the Eng.

the Genealogy of the Sackville Family, illus- lish Language, last edition, 12mo, cl., 2s 6d 1863

trated with Plates, 8vo, boards, 2s 6d 1827 | 491 BRONTES (Charlotte) Memoir of her Life, by 472 BRIERLEY'S Tales of Lancashire Life, 2 vols E. Gaskell, 2 vols crown 8vo, Portraits, cloth, 12mo, cloth, 5s 1864 6s 6d, pub 21s

1857 473 BRIMLEY'S (George, of Cambridge) Essays on 492 BROOKE'S History of Liverpool, as it was dur

Various Subjects, including Essays on the Poetry ing the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century, of Tennyson, Wordsworth, Wilson, &c., in 1 vol 1775 to 1800, with many interesting Anecdotes 12mo, portrait, cloth, 4s 6d

1860 of the older families, &c., royal 8vo, Plales, 474 BRITISH REFORMATION, History of, from the cloth, 78, published 26s

1853 rise of the Lollards to the death of Queen Mary, 493 BROOKS (Rev. J.) History of the Hebrew Nathick vol, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 7s 6d

tion, from its origin, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d, pub 6s 475 BRITISH REFORMERS— The Works of Bishop 494 BROOKS Dwelling Houses, with numerous Il. Ridley and Archdeacon Philpot, 1555, in 1 vol, lustrations, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1860 12mo, cloth, 2s, pub 6s

495 BROOKES' General Gazetteer, or Dictionary of 476 BRITISH FERNS— Plues's Introduction to the every Country in the known World, with their

Study of the Ferns, Lycopods and Equiseta, In- Towns, People, Natural Productions, &c., and digenous to the British Isles, crown 8vo, nume- the Population and Area of all Nations, thick

rous coloured Plates, cloth extra, 10s 60' 1866 vol, 8vo, numerous Maps, half bound Russia, 477 BRITISH FERNS - Śmith's History and Classi- neat, 158

London, 1865 fication of Ferns, British and Foreign, with their 496 BROOKS' New Family Herbal, or Description Cultivation, &c., illustrated with numerous En- of all the British and Foreign Plants which are gravings, crown 8vo, cloth, 6s


useful to man, thick vol, 12mo, numerous Plates, 475 BRITISH FERNS --Moore's British Ferns and cloth, 3s 6d, pub 8s

1865 their Allies, comprising Ferns, Club Mosses, 497 BROUGHAM'S (Lord) Complete Works, includPeppernuts, and Horsetails, 12mo, numerous ing his Historical Lives of the British Statesmen, coloured Plates, cloth, 2s 6d


collected and revised by the Author, 11 vols 479 BRITISH PHARMACOPEIA - Notes on, and Ab- small 8vo, hf bound morocco, handsome li brary breviations of, the Compound Preparations, with set, £4 4s

1863 the various Doses, by A. F. Haselden, 12mo, 498 BROUGHAM'S Democracy and Mixed Mocloth, 2s 60 1864 narchy, 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d, pub 12s


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499 BROWN Papers, by Arthur Sketchley, re- 522 BROWNING'S (Robert) Poetical Works, 3 vols printed from Fun, 12mo, ls

1866 12mo, Photograph Portrait, cl. extra, 218 1865 500 BROWN'S (Hugh S.) Lectures to Working Men, 52 BROWNING'S (Elizabeth Barrett) Selections in 2 vols 12mo, cloth, 4s

1866 from her Poetical Works, crown 8vo, Portrait, 501 BROWN'S (Dr. John) Horæ Subsecivæ, 12mo, wand exquisite frontispiece, cloth, 10s 6d 1866

full bound smooth calf, elegant, 10s 6d 1864 | 524 BROWNING'S (Elizabeth Barrett) Poetical Another Copy, cloth extra, 6s

Works, new edition, 5 vols 12mo, fine full length 502 BROWN'S Sketches of Locke and Sydenham, Portrait, cloth elegant, 25s

1866 Dr. Combe, Dr. Marshall, Art and Science, our BROWNING’S (Eliz. Barrett) Aurora Leigh, Gideon Grays, Edward Forbes, Henry Vaugham, 12mo, fine portrait, cloth, 7s

1866 and others, in 1 vol crown 8vo, cl., 7s 6d 1866 526 BROWNING'S The Greek Christian Poets and 503 BROWN'S (Rev. James Baldwin) The Home the English Poets, 12mo, cl., 2s 6d, pub 5s 1863

Life, in the light of its Divine Idea, crown 8vo, 527 BRUCE'S_TRAVELS to Discover the Nile, and cloth, 68

1866 Through Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, &c., 5 vols, 504

Soul's Exodus, crown 8vo, cloth, 78 6d 4to, numerous fine plates by Heath, 30s 1790 505 Divine Mystery of Peace, crown 8vo,

This important work includes a large portion devoted cloth, 3s

to the Natural History of the extraordinary country of 506

Treatment of Sin, crown 8vo, cl., 4s 6d Abyssinia. 207 BROWN'S (Dr. John) Exposition of our Lord's 528 BRUCE'S Life, with his Adventures in Africa Intercessory Prayer, 8vo, cloth, 6s

1866 and Abyssinia, by Major Head, 12mo, plates, 608 Exposition on the First Corinthians cloth, 2s 6d, pub 5s

1854 and our Lord's Resurrection, 8vo, cl., 6s 1866 529 BRUCE'S Memoirs of his Life and Adventures, 509 BROWN'S (Dr. John) Plain Sermons on Impor- 12mo, portrait and plates, half calf gilt, 2s 6d, tant Subjects, 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d

pub 6s

1830 510 BROWNS (Captain) Taxidermists Manual, or 530 BRUCE'S Introduction to the Use of the Globes,

the Art of Collecting, Preparing, and Preserving last edition, engravings, 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d 1856 Objects of Natural History, 12mo, numerous 531 BRUCE'S (Rev. John) SYMPATHY, or the MournPlates, cloth, 2s 6d

1866 er Advised and Consoled, 12mo, cl., 2s, pub 6s 511 BROWN'S Popular Natural History, or the

1835 Characteristics of Animals, pourtrayed in a series 532 BRUTZER’S Universal Commercial Corresponof Illustrative Anecdotes, founded on facts, 3 vols dent, in Six Languages : English, French, Ger12mo, numerous beautifully coloured Plates, man, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, including General cloth, 10s 6d, pub 30s

Correspondence and Special Correspondence, 2 512 BROWN'S Sacred Architecture, the Rise, Pro- vols, royal 8vo, 12s 6d, pub 24s

1861 gress, and Present State, embracing the Babylo- 533 BRYAN’S Painters' and Engravers' Biographical nian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Italian, Norman, and Critical Dictionary, from the Earliest Times &c., with a Glossary of Terms, 63 Plates, 4to, to the Present, with the Ciphers, Monograms, half calf, neat, 14s, pub £2 2s

1855 and Marks of each Painter ; also upwards of 1000 513 BROWN'S Concordance to the Holy Bible, new additional Memoirs, by George Stanley, in one

edition, 18mo, Portrait, cloth, Is 6d 1865 large thick vol, royal 8vo, portrait and plates, 514 BROWN'S(Rev.R.)Bye-ways of the Bible, a series cloth, 38s

1865 of Essays on Theological subjects, viz., the Num- 53 BRYCE'S (Rev. James) The Holy Roman Ember of the Righteous, the Lost or Saved, on In- pire, new revised edition, crown 8vo, cl., 9s 1866 fant Salvation, Heavenly Recognition, and many 535 BRYCE'S Readings from the best Authors, 12mo, others, 1 vol 12mo, cloth, Is 6d, pub 3s 6d 1860 cloth, 2s

1862 515 BROWN'S Lectures on the Philosophy of the 536 BUCHANAN’S (Robert) London Poems, 12mo, Mind, 4 vols 8vo, cloth, Portrait, 24s, pub £2 16s cloth extra, 5s

1866 1846 536*

Idyls and Legends of Inverburn, 12mo, 516 BROWNE'S (Sir Thomas) Works, new collected cloth, 58

1866 edition, edited by Simon Wilkins, 3 vols post 537 BUCHANAN’S Wayside Poesies, Original Poems 8vo, Portrait, cloth, 12s od

1862 of the Country Life, illustrated by Pictures from 517 BROWNE'S (Matthew) Views and Opinions, the works of the most eminent Artists, 4to, thick 12mo, cloth, 3s, pub 6s


plate paper, richly bound, inlaid sides, 185 1867 518 BROWNE'S (Bishop) Exposition of the Thirty- 538 BUCHANAN'S (Rev. C.) Memoirs of his Life

nine Articles of the Church of England, Histori- and Writings, by Dr. Pearson, 12mo, cloth, porcal and Doctrinal, thick 8vo, seventh edition, trait, 3s 6d, pub his

1846 cloth extra, 16s

1865 539 BUCKINGHAM'S (Duke of) Memoirs of the Another, full bound tree calf, choice Courts and Cabinets of William IV. and Victoria,

1864 from family papers, 2 vols 8vo, portraits, cloth, 519 BROWNE'S History of the Highlands, and of 5s, pub 32s

1861 the Highland Clans, illustrated with a series of 549 BUCKLE'S History of Civilization in England, 2 fine Plates, Portraits of Chiefs, &c., 4 vols 8vo, vols, 8vo, full bound tree calf, very elegant, £2 half calf, elegant and choice copy, £2 2s 1838 5s

1864 520 BROWNING'S History of the Huguenots during Another Copy, 2 vols, in cloth, £1 13s

the Sixteenth Century, 2 vols 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d, 54 BUDD'S (Rev. H.) Infant Baptism, 12mo, cloth, pub £! Is

1827 521 BROWNING'S (Robert) Select Poems, tied and 542 BUDDICOM'S (Rev. R.) Life of Abraham, in a

2s, pub is

bundled together by the Author, square 12mo, Series of Discourses, 2 vols, 12mo, cl., 5s 6d 1839 fine Portrait, full bound best morocco, rich gold 543 BUDDICOM’S (Rev. R.) Sermons (Plain and sides, gilt edges, 10s

1865 Practical) on Faith and Duty, 2 vols 12mo, half Another Copy, in cloth, 5s

calf neat, 4s 6d



copy, 198

544 BULL'S (Dr. Thomas) The Maternal Manage- 565 BUNYAN'S Pilgrim's Progress, with Notes, by

ment of Children in Health and Disease, 12mo, Rev. Thomas Scott, and illustrated by Harvey, Gast edition, cloth, 5s

1865 Corbould, and others, crown 8vo, cloth, 4s id, 545 BULL'S (Dr. Thomas) Hints to Mothers for the pub ]Os 6d

1860 Management of her Health, 12mo, cloth, last 566 BUNYAN'S. Pilgrim's Progress, from this enlarged edition, 5s

1865 World to that which is to Come, with copious 546 BULWER'S (Sir E. Lytton) Dramatic Works, Explanatory Notes, by Rev. R. Maguire, illus

complete in one thick vol, 12mo, fine portrait, trated with many beautiful plates, royal 8vo, cloth, 6s 1863 cloth, extra, 78

1866 547 BULWER'S (Sir E. Lytton) Novels, Tales, Ro- 567 BURCHETT'S Practical Geometry, new im

mances, &c., the new and handsome library edi- proved edition, post 8vo, many plates, cl, 5s 1863 tion, 43 vols, 12mo, half calf, super elegant, a 568 BURCHETT'S Linear Perspective, for the Use choice set of books, £12 10s

of Schools of Art, new ed, plates, cl, 7s 1864 Another Set, 23 vols, 12mo, cloth extra, £2 12s 569 BURDER'S (Rev. G.) Village Sermons; or Plain 548 BULWER'S Poetical Works, new collected edi- and Short Practical Sermons, 8 vols, 12mo, half tion, 12mo, cloth, 7s 6d 1865 calf, neat, 6s 6d

1861 549 BULWER'S Lelia, or Siege of Granada, illustra- 570 Village Sermons, in 1 vol, 12mo, cl, 2s 6d

ted with a series of beautiful plates, by Charles 571 BURGHLEY HOUSE. History of the Seat of Heath, from original drawings, full' bound best the Marquis of Exeter, with the Antiquities, morocco elegant, lns, pub £2 2s


Paintings, &c, 8vo, plates, hf cf, gilt, 2s 6d 1815 550 BULWER'S The Lost Tales of Miletus, svo, 572 BURGÖYNE'S Blasting and Quarrying of Stone, cloth extra, 7s tid

1866 with numerous engravings, 12mo, cloth, ls 1852 551 BULWER'S Pilgrims of the Rhine, illustrated 573 BURGON'S (Rev. John) Treatise on the Pastoral

with 27 exquisite steel plates, by Roberts, 8vo, Office, chiefly for the use of Candidates for Holy cloth gilt, 12s ( pub £l lls 6d ) 1866 Orders, 8vo, cloth, 10s 6d

1864 552 BUNĎ'S ( Rev. T. ) Aids to a Holy Life, in forms 57 BURGOYNE'S Road Construction, with illusfor Self Examination, 18mo, cloth, ls 1848 trations, 12mo, cloth, Is 6d

1861-2 55BUNYAN'S (Rev. John) Whole Works, with 575 BURKE, (Righ Hon. Edmund,) History of His

Memoirs of his Life and Times, by Rev. George Life and Times, by Thos. Macknight, 3 vols, Offor, 3 vols, royal 8vo, portrait and plates, full 8vo, cloth, extra, 18s, pub 48s

1858 bound calf elegant, £2 2s

1859 576 BURKE'S (Right Hon. Edmund) Whole Works, Another Copy of the same, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, with Memoirs of His Life, 7 vols, crown 8vo, 30s

smooth calf, very elegant, a splendid set of 554 BUNYAN'S Pilgrims' Progress, with Notes by books, £3

1854 Scott, 8vo, numerous fine plates, in 1 vol, minia- 577/BURKE'S Encyclopedia of Heraldry; or Generture size, best morocco, gold edges, most elabo- al Armoury of England, Scotland, and Ireland, rately tooled sides, 21s.

1862 comprising all the armorial bearings from the 555 BUNYAN'S Pilgrims' Progress, with numerous earliest to the present time, one thick vol, royal illustrations by Charles Bennett; edited by Rev. 8vo, cloth, extra, 20s, pub £2 2s

1866 Charles Kingsley, 8vo, cloth, gold edges, 10s 578 BURKE'S Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary (pub 21s)

1860 of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and 556 BUNYAN'S Pilgrims' Progress, new illustrated Ireland, last edition, very thick vol, royal 8vo, edition, with Life of Bunyan, and Notes by Offor, cloth, extra, £2 8s

London, 1863 110 plates by J. D. Watson, 4to, cloth, richly 579 BURKE'S Family Romances ; or, Thrilling gilt, 12s 60

1867 Episodes in the Private History of some of the 557 BUNYAN'S Pilgrims' Progress, 12mo, beauti- Titled Aristocracy of this Country, crown 8vo, fully printed, cloth, 2s 6d (pub 4s 6d) Cambridge, plate, cloth, 4s 68

1862 1862 579* BURRITT'S (Elihu) The Mission of Great 5 BUNYAN'S Jerusalem Sinner Saved, new edition, Sufferings, crown 8vo, cloth, 5s

1867 with a Life of John Bunyan, by Rev. C. Birrell, 579** BURRITT'S (Elihu) A Walk from London to emo, cloth, is 6d

John O'Groat's, with Notes by the Way, crown 559 BUNYAN'S Works in the Welsh Language, 8vo, portrait, cloth, 5s 6d

1864 Cyfansoddiadau Allegol Cyffelybiaethol Ac Arwy- 580 BURNELL'S Hydraulic Engineering, with ddluniol, John Bunyan, from the English edition plates, 12mo, cloth, 3s

1858 of Geo. Offor, translated and edited by 0. Jones, 581 BURNELL'S Limes, Mortars, Cements, &c, very thick vol, royal 8vo, portrait and fine plates, with Appendices, 12mo, cloth, Is od 1865 cloth elegant, 18s 6d

1864 582 BURNEY and HAWKIN'S General History of 560 BUNYAN'S The Holy City or the New Jerusa- Music, from the very Earliest Times, condensed lem, 12mo, cloth, ls 6d

1846 from the larger Works of Sir John Hawkins 561 BUNYAN'S Unsearchable Riches of Christ, and Dr. Burney, with Lives of Purcell, Handel, 12mo, cloth, ls 6d

1x48 Mozart, and others, by Dr. Thos. Busby, Mus. D., 562 BUNYAN'S Barren Fig Tree, or the Doom and 2 vols, 8vo, smooth green calf, elegant, marbled

Downfall of the Fruitless Professor, 12mo, cloth, leaves, a very choice and desirable copy, 21s 1819 Is 6d

583 BURNETS Lives of Sir Mathew Hale, The 563 BUNYAN'S Divine Emblems, or Temporal Earl of Rochester, Hon. Robert Boyle, Arch

Things Spiritualised, &c, edited with Preface bishop Leighton, Queen Mary II, l2mo, calf, by Alex. Smith, 12mo, cloth, illustrated with gi t, 2s

1916 beautiful etchings, 4s 6d

1865 584 BURNET'S Discourse of the Pastoral Care, 564 BUNYAN'S Pilgrim's Progress, Svo, illustrated 12mo, cloth, ls 6d

1840 with plates, in colours, large type edition, cloth, Another, with a portrait of Author, 12mo, half richlý gilt, 78 6d

calf, bands, 2s 6d


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