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Patterson, Garnet L., Regional Director-
Disser, Louis J., Field Examiner..
Williams, Robert C., Field Examiner-
Ryder, Meyer S., Field Examiner--
Fee, Leo B., Field Examiner.---
Leiserson, Avery, Field Examiner--
Vadden, Ross, Field Examiner..
Myers, Ida N., Clerk-Stenographer---
Casey, Cecilia M., Sr. Stenographer---
McElroy, Virginia M., Sr. Stenographer.
Szymonick, Rose M., Sr. Stenographer.
Carroll, Josephine A., Jr. Stenographer.
Goggin, Corene G., Jr. Stenographer--
McElligott, Anna M., Jr. Stenographer-
Markley, Pearl D., Jr. Stenographer--
Ault, Grace L., Sr. Typist_
Niemet, Emily J., Jr. Stenographer.
Jason, Florence J., Jr. Typist_
Jacobson, Raymond, File Clerk.
Dorman, Isaiah S., Regional Attorney-
Rissman, Robert R., Attorney-
Evans, Jack G., Attorney-
Reynolds, Stephen M., Attorney-
Consedine, William R., Assistant Attorney
McErlean, Charles F., Assistant Attorney-
Schulson, Hyman A., Assistant Attorney-

5, 600 3, 200 3, 200 2, 900 2, 900 2, 600 2, 600 1, 860 1, 740 1, 680 1, 620 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1, 440 1, 440 1, 320 1, 260 5,000 3, 800 3, 600 3, 600 3,000 3,000 2, 900

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DeSchweinitz, Dorothea, Regional Director-
Ryan, Frederick L., Field Examiner.
Cannon, Grant C., Field Examiner--
Derr, King, Field Examiner---
Heydorf, Naomi, Clerk-Stenographer..
Cole, Verna S., Jr. Stenographer---
Jullen, Celeste V., Jr. Stenographer-
Eichler, Dorothy S., Jr. Stenographer-
Meyer, Katherine M., Jr. Stenographer.
Smooth, Thurlow, Regional Attorney-
Campbell, David Y., Attorney-
Elmonds, Norman F., Attorney-

4, 800 3, 800 2, 600 2, 300 1, 860 1,500 1,500 1, 440 1, 440 3, 700 3, 400 3, 200


Logan, Charles H., Regional Director.
Neblett, Thomas, Field Examiner-
Kyle, Charles A., Field Examiner-
Gund, Helen E., Clerk-Stenographer.
Donner, Helen M., Sr. Stenographer.
Fleech, Vernell S., Sr. Typist.-

5,000 3,500 2, 300 1, 860 1, 620 1, 620



Price, Madeline S., Jr. Stenographer.
Rose, Dorothy M., Jr. Stenographer.
Smith, Aline, Jr. Stenographer..
Lang, Samuel, Regional Attorney-
Barker, C. Paul., Attorney--


1,500 1,500 3, 400 3, 000


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Elliott, Edwin A., Regional Director.
Oliver, Jay, Field Examiner..
LeBaron, Howard F., Field Examiner-
LeBus, John F., Field Examiner--
Cullen, Harold D., Field Examiner..
Simpson, Katheryne, ('lerk-Stenographer..
Minchew, Doris N., Sr. Stenographer---
Childress, Shirley S., Jr. Stenographer-
('hristian, Mora W., Jr. Stenographer-
Hickey, Helen B., Jr. Stenographer.
Reid, Mary L., Jr. Stenographer-
David, Elmer P., Regional Attorney
Martin, Alba B., Attorney..
Duncan, Harry C., Jr., Assistant Attorney-
Wells, Leonard X. D., Jr., Assistant Attorney-

Sperry, Hugh E., Acting Regional Director-
Slater, ('yrus A., Field Examiner-
Watson, Joseph E., Field Examiner
McAlpin, Baker, Field Examiner.-
Halverson, George C., Field Examiner
Leichsonning. Gertrude, ('lerk-Stenographer-
Watson, Margaret A., Sr. Stenographer..
Heimlich, Ellie S., Asst. Clerk-Stenographer.
Richter, Virginia, Jr. Stenographer..
Bergen, Gertrude M., Sr. Typist..
Daynosky, Sarah S., Jr. Stenographer.
Ducov, Ed., Jr. Stenographer.----
Leslie, Evelyn R., Jr, Stenographer---
Swanson, Wilhelmina C., Jr. Stenographer-
Nachtman, Paul F., Attorney.
Hoskins, Joseph A., Regional Attorney-
Leary, Daniel J., Attorney-
Foster, Henry H., Jr., Assistant Attorney

3, 800 3, 300 3, 200) 2, 600 2, 300 1. 800 1, 620 1, 620 1,500 1, 440 1, 410 1, 440 1, 410 1, 440 4, 000 3, 400 3, 200 2, 800


4, 600 3, 800 3, 300 1, 620 1, 620 1, 620 3, 600 3, 400

Wiener, Robert J., Regional Director..
Shields, James N., Field Examiner--
Vogt, Herbert, Field Examiner--
Brandanger, Leonore I., Assistant ('lerk-Steno.
Warner, Richard V., Jr. ('lerk-Stenographer-
Willcuts, Mildred G., Jr. Stenographer.
Asher, Lester, Attorney
Loevinger, Lee, Regional Attorney.

Eagen, Elwyn J., Regional Director.
George, Harry H., Field Examiner
McGuire, Roger G., Field Examiner.
Hailey, Arthur, Field Examiner.
McClaskey, E. Kenneth, Field Examiner.
Roll, Ala C., Field Examiner..
Smiley, Thomas J., Field Examiner

4, 800 3, 200 3, 200 2, 900 2, 600 2, 300 2, 300



Hanson, Essie G., Clerk-Stenographer..
Turnbull, Lorna A., Sr. Stenographer.
Lukan, Helene M., Jr. Stenographer--
Sipple, Maude, Jr. Stenographer--
Veblen, Aileen O., Jr. Stenographer.
Boyd, Ruth, Jr. Stenographer..
Brook, Florence B., Jr. Stenographer--
Evans, Else A., Jr. Stenographer...
Steele, Betty C., Jr. Stenographer-
Graham, Thomas P., Regional Attorney-
Walker, Patrick H., Attorney-
Babcock, William A., Jr., Assistant Attorney-

$1, 860 1, 620 1, 680 1,500 1,500 1, 440 1, 440 1, 440 1, 440 3, 800 3, 400 3, 100


Rosseter, Alice M., Regional Director_
Wills, Arnold L., Field Examiner---
Larsen, Anders P. M., Field Examiner.
Graham, Charles A., Field Examiner-
Neal, Earl S., Field Examiner.
Knowlton, Harry E., Field Examiner---
Marchioro, Marie M., Clerk-Stenographer-
Putnam, Helen, Sr. Stenographer.
Bird, Mercedes, Sr. Stenographer--
Berlowitz, Esther, Jr. Stenographer
Allen, Maude F., Jr. Stenographer.
Coulton, Gloria, Jr. Stenographer.
Hayes, Dorothy K., Jr. Stenographer.
Graham, Marie C., Jr. Stenographer..
Hayes, Beryl U., Jr. Stenographer--
Stack, Helen S. P., Jr. Stenographer
Tokushima, Hiroshi, Jr. Stenographer.
Fenner, Jeanne R., Jr. Typist.-
Lind, Mazie, Jr. Typist ----
Wilson, Welford R. Jr., Under File Clerk-
McTernan, John T., Regional Attorney-
Jennings, John P., Attorney-
Howell. Jonathan H., Attorney-
Lubliner, Leslie, Field Examiner...
Shawe, Earl K., Assistant Attorney--

Nylander, Towne J., Regional Director (Term. 929–39).
Spreckels. Walter P., Regional Director.-
Howard, Maurice W., Field Examiner
Davies, Robert, Field Examiner.
McKay, George D., Field Examiner-
Tager, George A., Field Examiner.
Muir, Robert A., Field Examiner..
Pomerance, William M., Field Examiner
Johnston, J. Richard, Field Examiner.
Ginsberg. Lillie, Clerk-Stenographer.
Schoen, Julia, Sr. Stenographer.
Dempsey, Mary L., Sr. Stenographer.
Riemer, Marion C., Clerk --
Anderson, Marion A., Jr. Stenographer.
Raring, Rose E., Jr. Stenographer-
Reese, Margaret, Jr. Stenographer-
Shugard, Irene, Jr. Stenographer..
Fan Sickle, Gladys L., Jr. Stenographer
Goodfellow, Della, Jr. Stengrapher-
Hutchings, Helia M., Jr. Stengrapher-
definnis, Olive L., Jr., Stenographer.

5,000 4, OCO 3, 800 3, 600 3, 400 2, 900 1, 920 1, 680 1, 620 1, 680 1,500 1,500 1,500 1, 440 1, 440 1, 440 1, 440 1, 260 1, 260 1, 260 3, 800 3, 600 3, 400 3, 200 3,000

218054-40-vol. 1-11

5, 809 5, 600 3, 500 2, 900 2, 800 2, 800 2, 600 2, 600 2, 000 1, 920 1, 860 1, 620 1,560 1,500 1, 500 1,500 1, 500 1, 500 1, 140 1, 440 1, 440

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ExhibiT No. 2


A. SUPERVISORY STAFF The following attorneys comprise the supervisory staff of the Review Division. As such they do not work directly upon specitic cases but supervise the work of the regular review attorneys who are assined to a particular case. However, some of the supervisors handled (ases as review attorneys before they assumed supervisory functions. The names of the present supervisors aud the cases thus handled by them are as follows: Name

('ases Thomas I. Emerson, Associate Dwight Manufacturing Co., R-9.

General Counsel.
Alexander B. Hawes, Assistant American ("yanide & Chemical Corp., R-148.
General Counsel.

Appalachian Electric Power Co., C-175.
Interlake Iron Corp., R-149.
Johns-Manville, R-155.
Westinghouse Electric, R-158.
Grower-Shipper Veg. Assn. of Central Calif.,

Friedman, Joseph M.

Highway Trailer Co., C-204.
Southern Lumber Co., R-210, C-200.
Armour & Co., R-207, 208.
Pacific Gas & Electric, R-274.
Lane Cotton Mills, R-222.
(ons. Edison, N. Y., C-245.
Woods Mfg. ('0., 15-(-71.
Afenaugh Mfg. Co., 15-C-70.
I. M. M. Grace Line, R-217, 8, 9.
Biles-Coleman, (9-197.
Petroleum Iron Works, R-2.55.
Southern Cotton Chem., R-239.

Acme Sealing Co., Inc., R-217-9.
Fuchs, Herbert.-----

Novelty Steam Boiler Wks., R-317,
Osgood Company, R-314.
Northland Ski Mfg. Co., R-204, C-243, 233.
Douglas Aircraft Corp., C-268, 9.
Dunbar Glass ('o., (+372.
Newport News Shipbuilding Co., C-470.
Borden Mills, Inc., C-703, R-769.
Ford Motor Co. (St. Louis) R 700, (-807.
Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc., C-557.

Name Garrett, Sylvester..

Gill, Lewis M.

Harris, Abraham..

U. S. Testing Co., R-578.
Ohio Steel Foundry, R–575.
Sandusky Metal Prod., R-582.
Fried-Osterman Co., R-583.
Terminal Flour Mills, R-603.
Swift & Co., C-355.
Union Drawn Steel Co., C-397.
Southern Pacific S. S. Co., C-457.
Ideal Foundry & Machine Co., C-745.
Moltrup Steel Co., C-779.
Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc., R-308.
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corp, R-303.
Waterbury Manufacturing Company, 2-R-

Waterbury Clock Co., R-320, 321.
Star Publishing Co., C-238.
Fansteel Metallurgical Co., 13-C-80-C-235.
Goldstein Hat Co., R-349 (Em-Bee Hat Mfg.)
Star Publishing Co., C-309.
Industrial Rayon Corp., C-188, R-156.
Ford Motor Co., 3-(-83, C-878.
Inland Steel Co., C-252.
Mock-Judson Voehringer, C-541.
Aeolian-American Piano Co., C-508.
Eagle Picher Mining, C-73.
Ann Arbor Press Company, C-519, R-692.
Harnischfeger Corp., C-323, R-296.
National Sewing Machine Co., 13-R-145, R-

Valley Mould & Iron Corp., R-542.
Hood Rubber Co., R-545.
Simplex Wire & Cable Co., C-359.
Mt. Vernon Car Mfg., C-328.
Des Moines Steel Corp., 13-R-174.
Black Mammoth Cone, Mining, C-530.
Ford Motor (Chi.), 13-C-386, C-1054.
American Tobacco Company., Inc., R-971.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, XIV-C-174.
Bradford Dyeing Assn., C-265.
Southern SS Co., C-707.
Bendix Products Corps., R-1127–1128.
Bank of America, (-903.
Oliver Iron Mining Co., 18-C-275 (Review on

Konner Clothing Store, 2-C-2084 (review on

Scottdale, Whittier & Silver Lake Mills, C-

1229, R-1197, 1198.
Aspinook Co., 1-C-676 (review on appeal).
New Idea, R-485; 8-C–183.
Inland Steel Company, (–252.
Weirton Steel Co., 6-C-74.
Hamrick Mills, R-
Alma Mills, R-
Limestone Mills, R-
Gaffney Mills, R-705.
Dow Chemical Company, C-712.
West Oregon Lumber.
Chattanooga Bakery, X-C-554.

(Review on appeal.)
Ward Baking Co., V-C-696.

(Review on appeal.)
Charles Cushman Shoe Co., R-161-172.
Louis Hornick, C-111.
American Potash & Chemical, C-127.
Lukens Steel Co., C-181.

Kalender, Mortimer..
Leo wittes, Aaron.---

Lichtenstein, Howard.

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