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Lichtenstein, Howard-Continued.

Sheba Ann Frocks, C-186, R-154.
Hunter Packing Co., R-181.
Federal Bearing Co., 2-C-191, C-195.
Indiana R. R. Co., 11-C-31, 11-R-40.
S. Blechman & Sons, Inc., R-205.
P. Lorillard Tobacco Co., R-189, 190.
Caloric Gas Stove Works, C-198.
Bendix Products Corp., R-220.
Klinck, Dold and Danahy Packing Cos., R-225,

Western Union, C-215, R-235.
Combustion Engineering Co., R-242.
Rossi Velvet, R-247, 248.
Penn. Greyhound Lines (protests).
Montgomery Ward & Co., 17-C-79.
Phillips Packing Co., C-289, 290.
Warfield Co., C-80.
Sheba Ann Frocks, C-186.
General Shoe Co., C-277.
Atlantic Greyhound Corp, 5-C-200.
Fletcher Granite Co., R-378, C-331.
Ford Motor Co. (Boston), C-398.
Kiddie Kover Mfg. Co., C-371.
International Harvester, 11-R-64.
David E. Kennedy, C-438.
Hellers Bros. Co., R-569, C-370.
Int. Nickel Co., 9-R-208.
Wisconsin Bell Tel. Co., R&C.
Alaska Pkg. Asso., R-

N. Y. Eve. Journal, R-
Morris, Stanley ---

Kelly Springfield, C-315.
Nebel Knitting Co., C-284.
Tennessee Electric Power, 10-R-74.

Highland Park Mfg. Co., C-414, R-484. l'olier, Isidore

None Rugland, Rawlings (Resigned as Cudahy Packing Co., R-318. of 10/7/39)

Trenton Garment Co., C-242.

Crossett Lumber Co., C-201, R-211. Koplow, George A., Administra- Carolina Marble, R-493, 5-6-198. tive Assistant.

Penn. Shipyards, R-427.
Ostter Candy Co., 22-R-13.
Sweet Candy Co., 22-R-11.
J. G. McDonald Candy Co., 22-R-12.
Beaumont Mfg. Co., 10-R-54.
McNeely & Price Co., C-354, R-523.
Universal Clothing Co., C-283.
McKaig-Match, Inc., C-350, R-651.
Atwater Trans. Cases (Mr. Madden).
Crane Creek Lumber Co., 20-C-197.
('omolite Corp., R-661.
Oil Well Mfg. Co., (–568.
Todd Johnson Drydocks, R-754.
Boss Mfg. Co., C-115.
Standard Oil Co. of N. J., R-825, 6, 7, 8.
KMOX Broadcasting. R-980-984.
Titmus Optical Co., C-716.
Standard Oil Co., N. J., R-867.
Fruit Products (orp., R-975.
Midland Steel Co., C-625.
Bercut-Richards Co., (-883–898.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass, XV-C-333

(Review on Appeal).
Chicago Casket Co., C-879.
Beaumont Mfg., X-C-451.

(Review on Appeal).


Name Agger, Carolyn E----

Allen, Robert D.--

Bailey, Parker----

Talladega Cotton Mills, C-450, R-590.
Jackson Daily News, R-487, C-437.
Atlantic Greyhound Corp., C-440.
Electric Auto Lite, C-389.
Electric Auto Lite, R-650.
Padre Vineyards, C & R-895.
American Newspapers, R-839.
El Paso Electric Company, C-6, R-3.
American Vitrified Clay Co., VII-C–333 (rev.

on app.).
Godchaux Sugar, Inc., C-499, R-613.
Merrimack Mfg. Co., R-1036, 1037.
P. Lorillard Co., C-851.
P. Lorillard Co., C-853.
Merit Kingston Cheese Co., 2-C-169 (rev. on

Bisso Ferry Co., 15-C-270 (rev. on app.).
Sheli Development Co., 20-C-394 (rev. on

John A. Roebling Sons Co., C-860.
Revere Copper & Brass Co., C-1046.
Illinois Zinc Co., C-1137, R-1005.
Alabama Power Co., C-1127.
Kepper's Company, R-1410.
Grayson Heat Control, Ltd., R-1420.
Ryan Aeronautical Co., R-1421.
Brewster Aeronautical Corp., R-1430.
Alber J. Barston, C-997.
The Lansing Company, C-1037.
Western Fisheries, et al., R-1546, 7, 8.
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., R-1411.
Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc., R-1427.
Wilson & Co., R-1440.
Walter Lantz Production, etc., R-1449, 1450,

1451, 1452.
Park Floral Company, R-1540.
Agwilines, Inc. (Clyde-Mallory), R-1293, 1294.
Sidney, Blumenthal & Co., R-1299.
Cullom & Chertner Co., C-973.
Schreiber Milling Co., C-1234.
United Container Co., C-1238, R-1324.
Sagamor Metal Goods, C-1239.
W. W. Kimball Co., R-1325.
Warwick Mfg. Co., R-1326.
Holston Mfg. Co., C-972.
Alabama By-Products Co., R-1319.
David Kahn, Inc., C-912, R-954, 955.
Briggs Indiana Corp., XI-C-437 (rev. on

Wells Machinery & Supply Co., Inc., C-1010.
Hartsell Mills Company, R-970, C-943.
Marlen Rockwell, C-967.
Wickwire Bros., Inc., C-1004.
Columbia Pictures Corp. et al., R-1466-1528

et al.
Indianapolis Glove Co., XI-C-391 (rev. on

Miun. Broadcasting Co., R-660.
Armco Finishing Corp., V-R-154.
Santa Fe Trails Trans. Co., R-657.
National Weaving Company, R-713.
Seas Shipping Co., 2-R-843.
Cutler Hammer, Inc., 12-R-143.

Barrow, Roscoe

Beck, Roman.


Name Beck, Roman-Continued.

Bennett, Margaret.

Boyls, Fannie M.-

Beckerman Shoe Co., C-533, R-654.
Hemp and Co., C-516.
Kimberly Clark Corp., R-851.
Indianapolis Times, R-862.
Cudahy Packing Company, R-S63.
Viking Pump Company, C-797.
Beckerman Shoe ('ompany, (-723, 724.
H. C. Sullivan Co., XV-C-228. (rev. on app.).
Stromberg-Carlson Co., C-612.
Commander Mills, Inc., 16-C-298. (rev. on

app.). Magnolia Airco Gas, 16-C-335 (rev. on app.). National Supply Co., C-862. Clovis News Journal, C-756, 757. Viking Pump Co., XVIII-C-201. Jos. S. Finch, Inc., R-394. Electric Vacuum Cleaner, R-353, C-266. Ballston-Stillwater Knitting, C-274. Republic Steel Corp. et al., C-372. Fisher Body Corp., 20-R-145, 184. Lady Ester Lingerie (Corp., C-333. Firestone Tire & Rubber, C-570. Hlubinger (Co., R-297. Ontario Knife Co., R-273. Calumet Steel ('o., R-389. General Leather Co., R-315. Indianapolis Glove Co., C-251. Knoxville Glove Co., (9-271. Niagara Box Factory, C-363, R-540, 41. Republic Creosoting, 11-C-122. The Texas Company, R-652. Berkey-Gay Furn. Co., C-474. Schwarze Electric Co., C-409. ('. H. Bacon, (-685. Calumet Steel, 13-C-612. Chesapeake Shoe Mfg. Co. (V-C_312), C-544. Washington Mfg., (-218. Emerson Electric Co., C-908. Alpena Garment Co., R-1366. Foote Bros. Gear & Machine Co., 13-C-860

rev. on app.). Alston Coal Co., R-1352. Alston Coal Co., 17-C-395 (rev. on app.). Simplicity Pattern Co., (-472 and 473. Calumet Steel Corp. of the Borg Warner Com

pany, C-786.
New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Co., R-1003,
Timken-Detroit Axle ('o., XII-C-161.
A. Fink & Sons, Inc., R-1011.
Emsco Derrick Equip. Co. (16-C-187), (-728.
Walla Walla Meat & Cold Storage Co., R-

Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co., R-1096.
Standard Hat Co., R-1129.
Jefferson Like Oil (Co., (-1067.
Swift & Co., ( 818.
New Idea, Inc., VIII-C-271 (rev, on app.).
Nash-Kelvinator Corp., (-1066.
Newark Morning Ledger Co., C-1033.
Dictaphone Corp., R 1431.
Shell Oil Co., R-1442.
Sebastian Stuart Fish Co., R-1446.
Farwest Fisherman, Inc., R-1447.
Anacortes Canning Co., R-1448.
Sun Life Insurance Co., R-1434.
Windsor Mfg. Co., C-1266

Brownstein, Harry -

Butter, Emmanuel

Name Cokin, Louis.

Compton, Raymond J---

Cases Erskine Baking Company, C_694. Sperry Gyroscope, Inc., R-1172. Heldman-Schild & Lasser, R-1176. Cooperative Knitting Co., R-1174. R. Wolfendon & Sons, C-744. KVOX, Inc., C-937. S. Y. W. Hosiery Mills, C-823. Davidow, Inc., Sportwear, C-776. Weyenoke Coal & Coke Co., 9-C-775 (rev. on

app.). Universal Film Exchanges, C-787. George C. Averill, et al., R-1257 thru 1290. Lennox Furnace Co., R-1305. Blanton Company, C-S01. Daniels Creek Logging Co., R-1346. McAdoo Sportswear Co., Inc., R-1338. National Can Co., R-1354, 1355. Locke Insulator Co., R-1364. Cowan Mill, 10–1507 rev. on app.). Carnation Lumber Co., C-1068. Marcy Hat Co., 2-C-2317 (rev, on app.). Goodman & Sons, Inc., R-1441. National Electric Prod. Co., C-1086. Yellow Cab & Baggage Co., C-1098. Friday Harbor Canning ('omnany, R-1535. Vanarnam Mfg. Co., 11-R-87. Consolidated Dressed Beef, C-449. Toledo Steel Prod. Co., R-628. The Muskin Shoe Co., C-432. General Foods Corp., VII-R-110. Fairbanks, Morse & Co., R-665. Paramount Pictures Corp., 11-R-829. Johns-Manville Corp., R-727, 728, C-1251. J. Brockwold & Sons, Inc., C-402. Rabhor Co., C-29. Mexie Textile Mills, 16–C-185. Paper, Calmenson & Co., XVIII-R-118 (review

on appeal). Texas Mining & Smelting Co., C-610, R-664. Johns-Manville, II-C-929 (Review

peal). Mathieson Alkai Works, C-872. Quality Art Novelty Co., C-1032, R-844. National Candy Co., 13-R-191. Weekly Pub., Inc., 2-R-760. Roberti Bros., C-507, R-554. Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., R-829. Foote Bros., C-513, 514, 13-R-155. Pearlstone Stationers & Printers, C-631. Link Belt Co., C-607. Illinois Knitting Co., R-1069. Pacific Mills, Cocheco Div., R-1090. Century Biscuit Co., R-1092. Timken Silent Automatic Co., C-10. Bussman Mfg. Co., C-777. Barclay Compress Co., et al., 15-R-289 through

Wilson Lines, Inc., 4-6-485, 519, C-1277–1278.
Agwilines, Inc., R-1329.
Tampa Inter-Ocean S. S. Co., et al., R-1340,

1341, 1342.
Washington Tin Plate Co., C-920.
Globe Newspaper Co., R-1413.
Diamond T. Motor Car Co., C-1107.



Codon, Robert...

wer, Evelyn N..

Name Cooper, Harry


Cooper, George Wallace

Cutler, Arnold.

Jones Lumber Co., et al., R-290 thru 296.
Carrollton Metal Prod., R-306 and 7 C-307.
Cosmopolitan Chem. Co., C-207.
Stackpole Carbon Co., C-232.
Lane Cotton Mills, C-282, C-292.
American Cloak et al., C-343.
Williams Coal Co., C-318-322.
N. Y. Evening Journal, Inc., R-715 and R-866.
Aeolian-American Corp., C-508.
Pulaski Veneer Corp., C-555, R-616.
Arcade Sunshine Company, Inc., C-579.
Jergens Company of America, R-762, C-793.
Standard Steel Screen Co., XIII-C-489 (rev.

on app.).
Capstan Glass Co., VI-C-186 (rev. on app.).
Marlborough Mill No. 1, X-C-303 (rev.

R. C. A. Mfg. Co., R-1156.
N. Trelles & Co., et al., C-748.
Long-Bell Co., R-1196.
Ohio Brass Co., R-1226.
Ohio Brass Co., C-919.
Union Stockyards Co., C-814.
Coos Bay Logging Co., R-1339.
Coos Bay Lumber Co., R-1344.
McAlbert Oil Company, C-1087, R-1039.
Roberts & Mander Stove Co. and Hatboro

Foundry Co., IV-C-694 (rev. on app.).
Proximity Print Wks., R-386.
Martin Bros. Box Co. R-529.
Woodside Cotton Mills, C-327.
Farmco Pkg. Co., C-439, R-450.
General Chemical Co., C-387.
Precision Castings Co., C-416.
Shell Petroleum Corp., R--626.
Granite Finishing Wks., R-691.
Mandell-Chevrolet, 5-R, 162.
North River Coal & Wharf Co. (II-R-111),

Knoxville Pub. Co., C-523.
Kling Factories, R-757.
Revolution Cotton Mills, C 697.
North Shore Dye House, C-537.
John Theurer Wagon Wks., Inc., C-563.
Eagle Electric Mfg. Co., Inc., II-C-605 (rev.

on app.).
Justine Dress, Inc., V-C_398 (rev. on app.).
Isthmian Steamship, II-C-1599 (rev. on app.).
California Table & Chair Co., R-1093.
Wm. J. Jaeger Mfg. Co., R-1094.
Superior Sheet Metal Works, R-1093.
Call Printing & Publishing Co., C-654.
Brown Shoe Co., Inc., C-957, R-967.
Key Musical Co., R-474.
Novelty Slipper, R-A96.
Gt. Lakes Eng. Wks., R-548.
l'ostal Telegraph, R-329, 451-3.
International Harvester, R-537.
Griswold Mfg. Co., C-329.
Shellabarger Grain Prod., 13-C-323.
Tri-State Towel Service, C-394.
Weirton Steel Co. (VI-C-71) C-1184.
Seymour Woolen Mills, C-687.
Stewart Die Castings Co., C577.
Muscle Shoals Broadcasting Co. (WMSD),

X-C-439 (rev, on app.).

Dafran, Bliss.

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