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Dandelion greens. See Vegetables.

Danger areas:

Aircraft, danger areas for:

Authority of Civil Aeronautics Administrator to designate areas, 14 § 60.13a Designation of areas in various States, Territories, etc., as areas in which hazards to aircraft exist, 14 Part 608

Danger areas along coast, etc.; marking of, 33 §§ 62.01-25

Danger zone regulations, for various areas near navigable waters, used for military or naval operations. See Engineers, Corps of.

Dangerous articles:

See also Explosives and other dangerous articles.

Dangerous matter in mails; prohibitions or restrictions, 39 §§ 14.2, 15.2

Firearms, etc. See Arms, ammunition.

Dangerous occupations for minors; child labor regulations. See Labor Department. Danish citizens. See Denmark.

Daring, acts of; medals for. See Medals.

Dates. See Fruits and berries.

Davis-Bacon Act:

Armed services procurement regulations respecting wage rates, etc., 32 §§ 12.400-12.404-12, 601.404-7 (b) (2)

Coast Guard procurement regulations respecting, 33 § 118.04-22

Labor Department regulations, 29 Part 3

Day signals and lights, to be displayed by various types of vessels, etc. See Coast Guard and Engineers, Corps of.

Dead bodies. See Deceased persons.

Dead, down, or damaged timber, sale of, 43 §§ 284.1-284.19

Dead mail (undeliverable mail); disposal of, 39 § 48.8


See also Retail dealers.

Aircraft; dealers' registration certificates, 14 Part 502

Securities, dealers in, regulations affecting. See Federal Reserve System; and Securities and Exchange Commission.

Wholesale and retail dealers in liquors and other commodities subject to excise tax. See Internal Revenue Service.

Death benefits:

See also Deceased persons.

Burial payments, for certain deceased personnel. See Burial payments.

Social Security benefits. See Old Age and Survivors Insurance Bureau.

Veterans, deceased; claims of dependents and beneficiaries. See Veterans Administration.

Death Valley National Monument:

Aircraft, designated landing area, 36 § 1.61 (a) (2)

Commercial automobiles and busses, 36 § 1.36

Mining, 36 §§ 1.27, 20.26 (a), (d)

Permits, 36 § 20.26 (c)

Water, use of, 36 § 20.26 (b)

Deaths, death certificates, etc. See Deceased persons.


Banks for cooperatives debentures; issuance, etc., 6 Parts 72, 73

Federal Home Loan Banks, 24 Part 106

Federal Housing Administration debentures, transactions in; Treasury Department regulations, 31 Part 337

Federal intermediate credit bank debentures, lost, stolen, etc., relief, 6 § 45.1 Federal Ship Mortgage Insurance Fund debentures; transactions and operations in, 46 Part 297

Issues, transfers, etc.; excise tax regulations, 26 Part 113

Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund and Housing Insurance Fund debentures, 24 Part 271

Debt claims, respecting property of aliens, 8 §§ 502.200-502.205

Debt settlement:

See also Indebtedness.

Review of settlements, by General Accounting Office, 4 Part 2

Set-offs of debts owing to United States by certain persons, against payments due same persons, for agricultural conservation practices, 7 Part 1109 Settlement of indebtedness arising from loans, etc., made pursuant to various acts and programs of Agriculture Department, 7 Part 3

Deceased persons:

See also Death benefits.

Agricultural programs, amounts due under, to deceased persons; payment of, 7 Parts 1108, 1109

Air Force personnel:

Death gratuity to beneficiaries of military personnel, etc., 32 Parts 833, 867

Death incident to noncombat activities; claims against United States, 32
§ 836.19

American nationals dying abroad; duties of consular officers respecting:
Burials, personal estates, reports, etc., 22 Part 120

Real property, 22 § 109.24

Seamen, 22 Part 130

Army personnel:

Assistance to relatives, etc., 32 Part 511

Claims for expenses, 32 §§ 536.50–536.57
In national cemeteries, 32 Part 553

Interment flag, 32 § 536.52 (a) (5)

Claims in connection with death incident to noncombat activities, 32

§§ 536.12-536.29

Gratuity to beneficiary, 32 Part 533

Transportation of remains, 32 § 633.6

Bodies of deceased persons:

Autopsies, performance of, in Public Health Service hospitals, 42 § 35.16
Importation of bodies of deceased persons:

Customs regulations, 19 § 8.15 (c) (22)

Persons dying from quarantinable diseases, 42 § 71.157

Burial payments, for certain personnel. See Burial payments.

Citizens dying abroad; customs entry of personal effects, 19 §§ 8.50, 10.14
Claims for compensation on account of injury or death. See Claims.
Creditors of United States; claims for payment of amounts due, 4 Part 5
Customs employees, deceased; unpaid salary and death benefits, claims for,
19 § 24.32

Estate tax regulations. See Internal Revenue Service.

Federal employees; claims for payment of amounts due, 4 Part 5

Income tax regulations, 26 §§ 39.126 (a)–39.126 (c)−1

Indians; heirs and wills. See Indian Affairs Bureau.

Mail addressed to; delivery to executors, etc., 39 § 44.2 (d)

Maritime service cadets and enrollees:

Cadets in State Maritime Academies; claims, 46 § 310.27

Enrollees of United States Maritime Service; transportation of remains, 46 § 310.27

National cemeteries, burials in, 32 Part 553

National Guard members, deceased; burial authorized, expenses, etc., 32 § 1101.41

Navy personnel:

Death benefits; Naval Reserve members, 32 §§ 713.81-713.85
Death gratuity, 32 Part 716

Death incident to noncombat activities; claims against United States for,
32 § 750.2

Finding of presumptive death, in case of missing servicemen, 32 Part 718 Old-age insurance beneficiaries; death benefits payable to survivors of. See Old Age and Survivors Insurance Bureau.

Panama Canal Zone; death certificates, records, etc. (Canal Zone Order 21), 35 Chapter I, Appendix

Passengers on vessels arriving from foreign territory; record of deaths, and penalties in case of death of steerage passengers, 19 §§ 4.50, 4.52

Public creditors, deceased or incompetent; claims, 19 § 24.70

Railroad Retirement Act; lump-sum death payments under, 20 §§ 237.501237.504

Residual lump-sum payments, 20 Part 238

Selective Service registrants, deceased:

Emergency transportation and burial of, 32 § 1609.51

Identification of, 32 § 1622.63

Veterans deceased; benefits, etc., on account of. See Veterans Administration.

Deception or misrepresentation. See Misrepresentation.

Deck coverings, for merchant vessels; specifications for, 46 § 164.006
Deck officers:

Merchant marine officers; licensing, etc. See Coast Guard.

Vessels in Canal Zone waters, officers on, 35 §§ 4.31, 4.33

Decommissioning ships; authority and responsibility of general agents to decommission ships and tankers to be withdrawn from operation and placed in reserve fleet, 32A Chapter XVIII, OPR-4, OPR-6

Decorations, medals, etc. See Medals, decorations, etc.

Defaced checks or securities. See Lost, stolen, etc., property, securities.
Defense, national. See Civil defense; and National defense.

Defense Areas Advisory Committee; establishment in Office of Defense Mobilization, in connection with critical defense housing areas, 32A Chapter I, DMO I-3 Defense Bases Act, compensation for injuries or death under, of persons employed on military, air, or naval bases outside United States. See Employees' Compensation Bureau.

Defense contracts. See Contracts.

Defense Department:

See Air Force Department.

Army Department.

Navy Department.

Advertising, procurement by, 32 Part 2

Aircraft, transportation by:

Aircraft of Defense Department other than Military Air Transport Service; eligible passengers, cargo, etc., 32 Part 32

Military Air Transport Service; eligible passengers, charges, baggage, etc., 32 Part 31

Reimbursable and nonreimbursable travel on military and naval aircraft, 32 Part 33

Nongovernmental travel; authority and policy respecting, 32 §§ 33.3, 33.4

Travel with reimbursement, 32 § 33.2

Travel without reimbursement, sponsored and nonsponsored, 32 § 33.1 Aliens, employment of, on military aircraft contracts; restrictions on, for security purposes, 32 § 12.901

Allowances, servicemen's dependents; period of entitlement and payment of family allowances, 32 § 47.1

Baggage; transportation by Military Air Transport Service, 32 Part 31
Bidders, debarred, ineligible, or suspended, 32 §§ 1.600-1.609

Bids, in connection with procurement of property, 32 Part 2
Blind-made products, procurement of, 32 §§ 5.501-5.508-2


Defense Facilities Maintenance Board; representation on, 32A Chapter I,

Military justice boards of review; rules of procedure, 30 Part 61

Bonds and insurance, in connection with contracts for procurement of military supplies, 32 Part 10

Buy American Act, exceptions from, in connection with military procurement, 32 $6.101-6.109-2

Canada, military purchases in, 32 §§ 6.201, 6.202

Certificates of necessity. See Emergency facilities.

Classified information, safeguarding of, within industrial plants, etc.; industrial security regulations, 32 Parts 66, 72

Code of conduct for personnel engaged in procurement activities, 32 § 1.113 Compensation; appointees serving without compensation. See Persons of outstanding qualifications, serving without compensation.

Contractors with Government:

Delivery of Government property in trust to, 32 Part 13
Procurement regulations. See Procurement regulations.
Safeguarding classified information 32 Parts 66, 72


Armed services procurement regulations. See Procurement regulations.
Defense contracts, financing of, 32 Part 82

Defense Department-Continued


Emergency powers under Title II, First War Powers Act of 1941, as amended; exercise of certain authority under, in connection with amendment, correction, or formalization of informal commitments, 32 Part 83 Payments on incentive-type and price redetermination-type contracts, 32 Part 84

Research contracts with commercial or nonprofit organizations, 32 §§ 13.505,
13.506, 15.200-15.205, 15.300-15.305

Convict labor, products of. See Prison-made products.
Copeland ("Anti-Kickback") Act, 32 §§ 12.400-12.404-12
Copyrights and patents, procurement involving, 32 Part 9

Correspondents accompanying armed forces of United States, assignment, transportation, censorship, etc., 32 Part 147

Customs duties, on foreign purchases, 32 §§ 6.301-6.303

Customs Bureau regulations, 19 § 10.104

Davis-Bacon Act; regulations respecting wage rates, etc., 32 §§ 12.400-12.404-12 Defense mobilization program, 32A Chapter I

Emergency facilities; issuance of payment certificates under section 168 (formerly section 124A) of Internal Revenue Code in regard to payments for unamortized cost of emergency facilities, authority of Secretary of Defense respecting, DMO I-11

Industrial mobilization measures, development and administration of, responsibilities of Department respecting, in connection with defense mobilization program, DMO I-12

Mobilization base; maintenance to meet minimum wartime mobilization
needs of Department, DMO VII-7

Representation of Department on Defense Facilities Maintenance
Board, DMO VII-7

National Industrial Equipment Reserve; return of, to Department, DMO

Production equipment and machine tools, owned by Department, listed in
Central Inventory Production Equipment Group; return of, to De-
partment, DMO VII-1A

Responsibilities of Department respecting development and administration of industrial mobilization measures, DMO I-12

Dependents of servicemen, allowances for; period of entitlement and payment of family allowances, 32 § 47.1

Depreciation on emergency facilities covered by certificates of necessity, treatment of, for contract pricing purposes, 32 Part 81

Discharge, standards for, under Selective Service Act of 1948, 32 Part 44

Physical and mental, 32 §§ 44.1, 44.2

Reasons other than physical and mental, 32 §§ 44.3-44.18

For honorable or general discharge, 32 §§ 44.8-44.12, 44.13-44.15

For undesirable discharge, 32 §§ 44.16-44.18

Types of discharge, 32 §§ 44.3-44.7

Discrimination in employment because of race, color, creed, etc., contract clause prohibiting, 32 §§ 12.801-12.805-7

"Dollar-a-year men". See Persons of outstanding qualifications, serving without compensation.

Economy Act, procurement under, from or through another Federal agency, 32 §§ 5.700-5.702

Educational institutions and training schools, loan to, of property in national industrial reserve, 32 §§ 145.650-145.654

Eight-Hour Law of 1912; procurement regulations, 32 §§ 12.300-12.303-2,


Emergency, national:

Contractual authority, exercise of, under Title II, First War Powers Act of 1941, as amended; amendment, correction or formalization of informal commitments, 32 Part 83

Purchases abroad during, exemption from customs bond and duty, 32 §§ 6.301-6.303

Defense Department-Continued

Emergency facilities:

See also Defense mobilization program.

Emergency facilities covered by certificates of necessity; treatment of depreciation on, for contract pricing purposes, 32 Part 81

Explosives, Class A and B, transportation of, by military or commercial motor vehicles:

Certification, inspection of vehicles, etc., 32 Part 34

Special instructions for drivers, 32 Part 37

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938; procurement regulations, 32 §§ 12.70112.703

Federal Supply Service, procurement from or through, 32 §§ 5.101-5.303
Fees and charges:

Contingent and other fees in connection with procurement, 32 §§ 1.500-1.509
For copying certification, and search of records, 32 Part 144

Financing of defense contracts:

Defense contract financing regulations, 32 Part 82

Advance payments, 32 §§ 82.13, 82.14, 82.50-82.60
Basic policies, 32 §§ 82.20-82.27

Guaranteed loans, 32 §§ 82.11, 82.12, 82.30-82.45

Memoranda from Secretary of Defense respecting, 32 Part 82, Appendixes 1, 2, 3, 4

Progress payments, 32 §§ 82.15, 82.16

Depreciation on emergency facilities, treatment of; statement of policy, 32 Part 81

Informal commitments; standards for amendment, corrections, and formalization, 32 Part 83

Payments on incentive-type and price redetermination-type contracts, 32 Part 84

Foreign countries, military purchases in, 32 Part 6

General Services Administration Stores Depots, procurement from, 32 §§ 5.2015.204

Government property, use of by contractors in connection with military procurement, 32 Part 13

Gratuities, clause in procurement contracts respecting, 32 § 30.4

Household goods, transportation of. See Transportation.

Housing; mortgage insurance for servicemen to aid in construction or purchase of homes under certain conditions, 32 Part 42

Importations by Department:

Customs Bureau regulations, 19 § 10.104

Customs duties on foreign purchases, 32 §§ 6.301-6.303

Induction standards, mental and physical, 32 Part 43

Industrial mobilization. See Defense mobilization program.

Industrial reserve.

See National Industrial Reserve regulations.

Industrial security regulations:

Classified information; armed forces industrial security regulation, 32
Part 72

See also Manual.

Central index file records, 32 §§ 72.4-100-72.4-102

Clearance procedures:

Contractor personnel, 32 §§ 72.2-200-72.2-210

Facility clearance, 32 §§ 72.2-100-72.2-115

Foreign-owned United States facilities, 32 §§ 72.2-300-72.2-307

Definitions, 32 §§ 72.1-200-72.1-299

Education program, industrial security, 32 §§ 72.5-100-72.5-107
Forms, 32 §§ 72.6-100-72.6-116

Security cognizance, 32 §§ 72.1-300-72.1-305

Visitor control, 32 §§ 72.3-100-72.3-100

Defense; armed forces industrial defense regulation, 32 Part 71

Education program, industrial security, 32 §§ 71.3-100-71.3-105
Forms, 32 §§ 71.4-100-71.4-101

Individual plants, 32 §§ 71.2-400-71.2-404

Industrial defense cognizance and responsibility, 32 §§ 71.1-200


Key facilities, selection of, 32 §§ 71.2-100-71.2-104

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