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Home of E. W. Parsons, Saratoga, Santa Clara County, California.

from all over the globe attracted by a wonderful climate, fertile valley and by the opportunities offered the working man, the farmer, the merchant, the professional man and the capitalist. It is commonly known and an accepted fact that nowhere on the globe does the same wage scale prevail as within the limits of Santa Clara Valley. The farmer and the merchant and the professional man get well paid for their products and their skill, and the capitalist gets a good profit on his investment; hence, all can afford to pay their labor well.

The industrial and agricultural opportunities offered to all are only in their infancy. There is more room here for good ideas than ever before. One need not feel afraid to make a venture with any reasonable project. If it will make a success any place it will do so here.

Touching upon the income of the county the writer will be brief, as no lengthy ex

Garden City Abstract Company's office.

planation is needed. It is only necessary to say that 97 per cent of the acres within the horse-shoe are fertile and productive, and that the average production per acre world. The crops consist of fruit, vegeis greater than any other place in the tables, grapes, hay, corn, grain, seeds, nuts, hogs, sheep, cattle, well-bred horses, etc.

The income of the Santa Clara Valley is best expressed in the words of Chauncey M. Depew, while on a tour through the valley: "Say for me, as a much-traveled man, that this is the richest valley in the world." Returning to the spider's nest sion of this topic, the writer wishes to within the horse-shoe, and to the concluadd that if a city with more advantages than San Jose as far as business, schools, income, beauty, modernness and climate can be found, he is willing to make a change; if not, he is content to live and die in what Bayard Taylor terms "One of the most beautiful valleys in the world."

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A tree of white Rambler roses. Hydrangea 12 ft. high. The Falls at Congress Springs
Tucker, Photo.




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Valley, under the management of F. E. Chapin that has been one of the greatest factors in opening up the foothill section. of Santa Clara County, and making it possible for the business man of San Francisco to enjoy life with his family in a foothill home, facing one of the grandest views in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. His little ones, no longer hedged in by the walls of over-shadowing buildings and covered by the grime and the smoke of the busy city, enjoy life's freedom to the full. Surrounded as they are by sheltering oaks of a thousand years' growth or more, fanned by the gentle foothill breezes of purest air, no wonder life is

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Foley & Rea, Inc., Rea Building, San Jose. This firm makes a specialty of country estates.

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a pleasure listening to the endless song of innumerable California birds. The welcome toot of the Interurban car is merely a reminder of city civilization and of the convenience and accessibility such a home. enjoys.

When Mr. Chapin originally undertook the management of this railroad system, it was in its infancy. He is a man of exceptional persuasive power, and to him is due the success of the railroad in obtaining permanent rights of way through the most beautiful section of the State of California.

Among the splendid homes, situated along the line of this railroad, none are more interesting than the artistic cottage of T. S. Montgomery. It is to Mr. Montgomery the city of San Jose owes the success of its popular residence district, the Naglee Park Tract. This sub-division comprised in all of 140 acres, inside the city limits, was the home of General Naglee, who has long since passed to his rest. There, amid one hundred varieties of eucalyptus trees, redwoods, pines, acacia and sequoias, is now found the home of many of San Jose's most prosperous people. The streets are well graded, sewered and curbed. On either side of the many miles of cement sidewalks are found most perfect specimens of many varieties of ornamental shade trees. Building restrictions here make it possible to maintain a very high standard of architecture. director of the Garden City Bank and Trust Company, Mr. Montgomery has been proven to be invaluable by his associates. As promoter of the Conservative Realty Company, business block after business block in the city of San Jose has been erected under his supervision. As president of the Board of Managers of Agnews State Hospital, his judgment and integrity at the end of 16 years' service is prized more highly than the thousands of dollars of State money invested in the Institution itself.



It's a peace loving community, this Santa Clara Valley, the home and the happiness of it are valued as highly as the at

Residence at 8th and Margaret Streets.
A South Whitney street bungalow.

A home at Morrison ave., near Alameda.
A pleasant home place.

The Alameda, a picturesque street in San Jose

tainments of the mind or the soul. Perhaps this is due to the thought and enterprise of its legal profession. Much tribute can be paid to Judge Davison, now Mayor of the city, and his worthy assistants in the council. Notwithstanding the success of the present administration at the polls, no one is a more ardent supporter of law and justice than their opponent, Samuel G. Tompkins. Forced into the political campaign through the enthusiasm of his friends, Mr. Tompkins was willing to sacrifice a large law practice for


On the road to Alum Rock.

what his friends believed to be the good of the city, and no one was more pleased at his defeat in the election, or more enthusiastic in congratulating the present administration on their success than S. G. Tompkins himself. His popularity with the business men and bankers of our community is largely due to his ability as a lawyer to keep his clients out of court, yet where oratorical powers are demanded, and logical argument needed to convince

Carnegie Library.

Court House and Hall of Records, San Jose. A typical villa.


judge and jury, it is Samuel G. Tompkins whose name is always found most prominent in such a roll. With his keen sense of "legal" justice, and a keener sense of moral right, persuasive powers give expression to the highest standard of human ethics.

Of the school equipments of San Jose and Santa Clara County, we have but to refer to the illustrations in this magazine, but tribute must be paid to the good streets being constructed throughout the city of San Jose, and to the thoroughness. of the work as it progresses. It is true the finances of the city may not permit of as extensive improvement along these lines as the Council of San Jose would desire, yet working on the theory of "what is worth doing is worth doing well," they are certainly passing down to succeeding

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Horace Mann School.
Santa Clara College.
Alum Rock Park.

College of Notre Dame.

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