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£. 3,537


Farber wbo art in Heaven; and in the Be- Among the many Items which compose lief, all the part about descending into hell is the above Sums, are the following: left out. In the ceremony of Baptism the French Wine imp. child is to have three or more sponsors from General Licences

8,280 the parents and relations of the family, but no Bricks

12,381 god-father or god-mother, and no signing Coach makers Licence

393 with the crofs.

Game Duty

21,550 The Gloria Patri is left out, and fome dox- Men Servants

37883 ologies introduced, to be used instead of it. Female Servants

262 la the Psalms there are particular parts print Horses ed in italicks, which the editor says may be Carts

бо left out in public worship, as they are rather Shop-Tax

97 apt to be misunderstood, or 'want explana.

Signed JOHN HUGHSON. tion t common readers. There are some Dated from the Exchequer, other al:erations, particularly wherever the April 26, 1786. Christian fystem of atonement is mentioned, and the adoration or worship of the second the number of new buildings in the city of

3. It appears by an account lately taken, that person in the Trinity. The Athanasian London and its districts, commonly called the Creed is left out, and the Absolution.

suburbs, which have arisen in the course of 27. The daughter of the Earl of Salisbury the laft 14 years, amount in the whole to was christened at his Lordthip's house in Ar.

27,500 houses, besides what have been relington-ftreet. Their Majesties with the built. Hence the increase of the rent-roll of Princess Royal were sponsors.

some of our principal landholders. His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury

5. The particulars of the death of Capt. performed the service. The Queen received Roberts of Shoreham, who was murdered in the child from Lady Effex, and the Archbi. France, are as follow : The Captain being on Thop received it froin the Queen, who named his travels from Paris to Dieppe, had occasion it Georgina-Charlotta - Augufta. The present to change his horse, and halting at a house on which his Majesty gives on this occasion, is a

the road for that purpose, at a time when piece of plate one hundred and twenty ounces

none happened to be at home, rather than weight; which is inscribed with the name of wait the return of one, which was very unthe child, the sponsors, &c. Sixteen years certain, he chose to walk forward, defiring at have elapsed without a visit of a matrimonial the same time, if one should return soon, that pledge of felicity between the Earl and Coun. it might be sent after him: he accordingly tess of Salisbury,

set out, but had not gone long before a horse 29. Since the last fefsion at the Old Bailey, came home, which agreeably to his desire the following pallages of Scripture are writ.

was immediately dispatched after him by a ten in gold letters over the Bench:

servant in the house, who overtaking the • If a falle witness shall rise up against

Captain, very politely alighted for him to any man, to testify against him that which is mount, and thich he was about to do, wben wrong, then shall ye do unto him as he had

the villain taking advantage of his defence. • thought to have done unto his brother.'

less posture, drew out a long knife, and with Deut. xix. 16.

it gave him three mortal Itabs in the back, of • A false witness shall not be unpunithed, which he instantly fell, and died on the spot ; and he that speaketh lies shall perish.'— when the affaffin robbed the pockets of the Prov. xix. 9.

deceased of what money they contained, and • Ye shall not swear by my name falsely, having dragged the body out of the road to a oneither shalt thou profane the name of thy little bridge hard by, he threw it under, then < God.'-Lev. xix. 12.

remounted his master's horse and rode home, May 1. By an account now lying on the table saying that he could not overtake the gentleof the House of Commons, for the perusal of man. The affair had not long been publish. the Members, of the Produce of all the Taxes ed before fufpicion fell on the perpetrator, during last year, and to the sth of April this who, it had been remarked, was then unusuó Year, it appears that the Totals of each De. ally flush of money; he was in consequence partment are as follow :

taken up, and confessed the fact as above Customs

£.801,394 1 3 stated; whereupon he was committed to Excise

1,405,894 8 8 prison. Two days after the body was disco. Stamps

371,071 75 vered by some persons of fashion, who were Incidents

376,219 11 3 led to it by their dogs. By some papers found

in the deceased's pocket, his name and con£: 2,955,179 8 7 nections were known. The murderer had EvaOp. Mag.



seen Capt. Roberts like out his purse at his bate of some length took place, to determine matter's house, which he said tempted him to whether the money which, before the war, che commission of the horrid crime.

was annually sent to New York, should be 7. This morning, between one and 'two continued in that channel, or sent to New o'clock, a fire broke out at the back part of Brunswick; which was carried in favour of the house of Mr. Gellibrand, bardwareman, in the latter, by a very confiderable majority. Ludgate-street, which consumed the same, 13. In the Court of Common-Pleas, the and the house of Mrs. Newbery adjo-ning, 10- trial between Miss Rankin and Miss Melih gether with one house backwards, and great. recommenced; when, after hearing evidence ly damaged the house of Mr Shuttleworth, for eight hours, Lord Loughborough summed optician, Mr. Wightwick, watch-maker, in up the whole, and the Jary returned a ver. Ludgate street, the house of Mr. Gould (late dict for Miss Rankin. Lyon, cutler) in St. Paul's church yard, and A late decision at the Easter Seffions, beld t'ie back of Mr. Wall's cheesemonger, ad- at Northallerton, being of great consequence joining.

in the doctrine of settlements, we have been This day Lord George Gordon was ex• requested to lay the following case, with Lord communicated in the parish church of St. Mausfield's judgment thereon, before our Mary.le bonne.

readers : -"

« On October the rith, the day 8. The feffions ended at the Old-Bailey, at after Michaelmas-day, 1775, Dawson, a pau. wlrich (nine c.ipital convicts having received per, hired limself to serve until the Michaela judgment of death on Saturday) 62 were mas-day Tullowing, Oct. 10, 1776. He fentenced to be traníported, 22 to be impri. gained a settlement by this hiring, and the funed and kept to hard labour in the House service under it.” Lord Mansfield : " To of Correction, several of whom are also to be sure there must be a hiring for a be whipped, 10 to be imprisoned in New. year, and this is one. Though he were gate, one to be whipped and dischargedl, one hired on the afternoon of the 11th, yet we branded in the hand, and 43 delivered on Thall say, chat he was hired at twelve o'clock proclamation.

at night on the roth: for it is settled, that At the Duchess of Portland's sale, lot 445, the law will not allow a fraction of a day. a piece of old gilt Japan, in the shape of a

He served till the 10th, that is a year. If a melon, and not bigger than a holus for ao man is born on the soth, he is of age on the Irith giant, was purchased for lady Bute, at the price of two-and-lwenty guineas.

A Receipt for SINKING SPIRITS. At the same auction, lot 431, viz. a group TAKE gum-ammoniac one drachm, asfa. of purple carpof China.ware, the centre fish fætida one drachm diffolved and mixed in 6 * Manding erect on his tail, looking as if itew. ounces of penny-royal water : Add to this ed in claret, and surrounded with unboiled mixture half an ounce of syrup of Caffroa, greens, was knocked down at twenty-seven and take a spoonful cwice or thrice a day. pounds ten Thillings.

15. His Serene Highness Prince Charles Several other articles of China, Japan, &c. of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, brother to her Ma were disposed of at prices as ridiculously jesty, arrived at St. James's. high,

Came on to be argued in the Court of 9. The following gentlemen were drank King's Bench, a question reserved on a spelo by the Lord Mayor for the office of Sheriff cial case at the lait Salisbury Allises, in an for the ensuing year, viz.

action of ejectment, brought to recover porJames Jackson, Esq. Citizen and Weaver, Session of a house in Salisbury, from the de. Henry Grace, Esq. Grocer.

fendant, who held it as tenant from year to Alexander Peter Allan, Esq. Goldsmith. year, upon giving him half a year's notice Nicholas Nixon, Esq. Wax-chandler. not ending with his year." The point was William Mills, Esq. Conper.

very ahly argued on both sides, and was de John Webb, Efy. Foundet

termined in favour of the defendant. So John Blacka!!, E19. Musician.

that in all cases, where a tenant is tenant from William Fasson, Esq. Pewterer.

year to year, it is necessary for the notice to William Timson, Esq. Stationer.

end with his year, or an ejectment will not Of the above gentlemen the following be well grounded. have paid a fine of four hundred pounds each, 16. At the Westminfter sestions, an Irish to be excused serving that office:

witness said the prisoner is a very bence Alex, Peter Allan, Esq. William Mills, man, my Lord, and was never in England, Esq. Henry Grace, Esq. Villiam Timson, till within these three months. When did E{q. Nicholas Nixon, Esq. and James Jack. you firs see him here : asked the chairinafon, Esq.

“ About balf a year ago, my Lord, in Torbilde 11. At a meeting of the Society for pro- fields Bridewell," replied the witness. pagating the Gospel in foreign parts, a de. As an instance of the bewitching nature of


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Publishid by J.

gaming, Voltaire relates that the had known Extrait of a letter from on board obe' Dutton an old woman, formerly addicted to play, and Indianan, in Calcutta River, Dec. 7. extremely indigent, who used to make brosb " Yesterday a melancholy accident hapfor some other poor players, for the sake of pened to the Montague, Capit. Brettell, laybeing permitted to look on.

ing about 100 fatbom distance from us. One 18. Was held the anniversary meeting of of the men banding some live coals in a the Sons of the Clergy, at which were pre. thovel across the fore thatchway, unfortunate. sent the Lord Mayor, Archbishop of Canter. ly dropped a part into the build, where it wwry, President ; Lord Chief Baron Skyoner, instantly set fire w lume bags of saltpetre, Vice President; Archbishop of York, Bichops and in a moment the whole was in such a of Ely, Rochester, Bath and Wells, Sa. blaze, that the ihip blew up in seven mie lisbury, Peterborough, Chester, Oxford, nutes. Lincoln, Litchfield and Coventry, Gluces. “ The firft and fifth mates, with the surter, Bangor, St. David's, and Bristol ; geon's mate, and 30 others, perished in the Lords Forrescue and Monboddo ; with many fames. The third mate was saved by being of the Clergy and Gentry. The sermon was sent on board our ship for an engine.' preached by the Rev. S. Horsley, Archdeacon Singular instances of longevity.—The counof St. Alban's, from Deut. xv. 11. For the ty gaol of Chester, at this time, cuntains three poor pall never cease out of the land, tberefore. debtors, whose ages united amount exactly to I command obec, saying, ibou shalt open toine two hundred and eighty years !--and, what band wide unto iby brothers, to shy poor, and to is very extraordinary, in the same prison there iby needy in shy land.

are fix others, whose ages, collectively, make The collection at St. Paul's on

£. So d. three hundred and fixty years.1-Several of Tuesday, the 16th inft, a.

these venerable persons have been in a mounted to


state of confinement, from three to five years Ditto, on Thursday the 18th 206 8 each, and one of them upwards of twelve. Ditto al Merchant-Laylor's Hall 568 11 7. 21. John Swinburne, Esq. eldest son of

Sir John Swinburne, Bart. renounced the Er. Total 976 8 7 rours of the Church of Rome, in the Parish

Church of St. Martin in the Fields.



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W Y N N S T A Y T H E A T R E.

(With a Second Engraving of the ADMISSION=TICKETS.] WHEN we gavc in our Magazine for performed, and propose prefenting our readers

FEBRUARY last a specimen of Mr. next month with another Elegant Engraving, BONBURY's humorous skeeches for the Ad. from a design of that Gentleman, in a diffeMISSION TICKETS at the THEATRE at rent manner, as a proof that his abilities are WYNNSTAY, we promised to give another in as conspicuous in the serious as the comic the same style. That promise we have now' line. PREFERMENTS,

May 1786. The kingdom of Circat Britain Brother H E dignities of Viscount and Earl of de Grey, his son, to be Comptrollers of the

Fırft. Fruits. Right Hon. Charles Baron Camden, Preli

Charles Hawkins, Esq. to the office of dent of his Majesty's Council, and the heirs Serjeant Surgeon to his Majesty, male of his body lawfully begotten, by the

james Monson Phillips, geni. to be Rouge name, file, and title of Viscount Bayham Dragou Pursuivant of arms. of Bayham Abbey *, in the County of To the Right Hon. George Earl of Leo Kent, and Earl Camden.

ceiller, Baron Frars of Charles, &c. and The Hon. Captain Bertie, to the command

hıs illuc, his Majesty's Licence and Authority of a go gun fhip, ftationed as a guardship at

to take and use the Surname of Ferrars in Blackwall.

addition to their paternal Name, Lord Beaulieu, to be High Steward of

Henry Jones, Gent. to be Surgeon to the Windsor, in the room of the Duke of St. Garrison of Gravelend and Tilbury. Alban's.

T. B. Bayley, Esq. of Hope, near ManThomas Lord Wallingham, and George chester, to be Receiver-General of the Duchy

of Lancaster, * The reason of Bagham being the second title to the Earldom of Camden, is in consequence of a generous act on the part of Mr. Jeffrey, uncle to Mr. Pratt, Lord Camden's lon, in the morning of his marriage to Miss Molelworth. On that day of feftivity Mr. Jetfrey sent to Mr. Prate the title-ceeds to an eltate named Bayham-Abbey, in Sussex, and Bence'ihe name of the cltate is enrolled as a compliment in the title.


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