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MAY 22.

3 dwis. china, a large organ built with ce. N Saturday laft an unfortunate accident dar, and other instruments of mulic, a cha

riot and pair of horses, with one hundred Rev. Dr. Young, Fellow of Econ college, and pounds in cash, the whole amounting to a Prebendary of Worcelter. After having 7031. rode about two miles, the Doctor's horle 31. By the new regulations in the several fell, and rolling over him, bruiled him so officers of the customs, the land-waiters are terribly, that he did not survive his fall a. to have 500l. per annum in lieu of their fore bove iwo hours. - Somc genilemen observed mer ladry of 8nl. and the lees of office, which chat the horse was out of condition, belore are to be :bolilned

and they are DISSAthe chace begun, and advised the Do:- TISFIED!!! tor to decline the sport, but he was too keen The lawvers SOLEMN DIRGE was perto be persuaded.

The Dr. was a bare formed at Berlin on the 19th instant, by his chelor, about 60 years of age.

Majelty having ABSTRACTED their num23. Was sold by Mr. Skinner, the valua

In 1977,1'1*were 15.223, 5000 of ble manors of Kinnel and Donnerbenvawr, which were a 3 5 VIATED in that year. In in Flintshire and Denbighshire, in one loi, 1785, there were 12.139. at the expiration for the sum of 47,50 ).

of which 4206 were jöruck off the roll. ---In His Royal Highnels Prince William Henry the present juar his Majelly has reduced them accepted of the freedom of Plymouth, which 10 ?ng onlv. was presented so him at Mr. Winne's, in a The following is the final decree of the very clegant box, by the four senior alder. Parliament of Paris on the fainous attair of men and cominon-counc lmen.

the necklace : liis Royal Highneis fince failed in the Pe. Tre Cardinal Prince de Rohan tonourably gasus Frigate, and the Rose, Cape. Harvey, acquiriid, and discharged, with an injunction tor Guernley, and from thence ior Halilox to be more cautious in future. and Newfoundland.

Mademoiselle d'Oliva acquitted, but ba34. The bankers waited on Mr. Pilt, and nithid froin court. Seluled the terms or the Lottery for the next Count Cogliotiro acquitted and discharged, ycar; the protis os which are io be applied with a reprimand. to the relief of the American Loyavills. Moriame de la Moste to be publicly whipThe Louiery will confiit of 50,000, peil, burnt on the shoulder, her head to be 40,000 whic are taken by Meftrs. Han. shaved, and to prilogrd for life in the kuy and other bankers, and 19,000 by the

Hoforial de la Vill: (nouse of coirection.) Bank of England, at 131. 155. od. cach Ticket. Si'ur Villeure, wno forted the initrument

25. The election ended at Weilminiter figned " Mirie Antoinette de francs." 19 sehool. The folling gunleinen were clict- firve for a llave for lite on board the gallies. ed to the two Univerwe's, viz.

Sicur d'Etienville, his accomplice, lame pus OXFORD. Mlirs. Bingham, the Earl of nithinent. Elgio's brother, Bruce, Murray, Markham. Simir de la Motte Thy con umacy, now in

CAMBRIDGE.-- Mellrs. Foster, Clapham, London, and who fold the j. weis here) fenMills, Cheiter.

lenked to perpetual imprisonment. Admited into the school, in the room of Tnc mm rial of the Cardinal Prince de those gone out, Metirs. Wrouesley, Clifton, Ronan adjudged true, and wonhy of credit. Wintle, Holmc, Taylor, Vincent, Greville, The memorial of Madame de la Motte to Hutchings.

be fuppressed, as false. and containing calumLord Cowper took his seat in the House nics against the Cardinal and others. of Peers, after an absence of twenty years.

And thus ends an affair which has astonishHis Lordship was dreiled in the inlignia of cd all Europe, on account of the singularity a Prince of ihe Holy Roman Einpire. and ing nuity of the traud.

30. A letter dated Mantua, May 19, says, JUNE 1. The freedom of the city of Here" On the 12th inslant, about five o'clock in ford was presented to Mr. Fox (by Mr. the evening, arrived here, from Milun, in Walwyn) in a box made of apple-tree; perfect health, the Duke and Dutchess of T..c Legislature of the United States of Glouceiter, with their roval offspring, and America have empowered Congress to lay an a numerous fuite. Afier villing the public import of Five per cent. on all goods impossedifices, and every thing worthy their atten- ed from any part of the worid. tion in this city, they, to our great concern, A fortunate discovery was lately made by left us on the 14th, to continue their way in a poor boy, in a barn at Wardour in Wilca V enice."

Thire. The lad was employed in catching A lady of considerable fortune, lately de- rats, when treading upon a hollow place, he cealed, by will bequeathed her luxuries to the was induced to examine it, and there found London Hospital, and they have accordingly a ftone trough, contain ng various gold and been valued, confifting of all the jewels, dia- lilver coins, and a gold ring, intermixed with monds, rines, pearls, necklaces, plate oz. carth to the amount of about 100l.


major part was of the coinage of Charles II. Princess Augufta and Princess Elizabeth and confilled of guineas, 110 crown pieces, were in pink and silver, of the same pattern, and other lilver money.

and decorated with the same taite and fancy A balloon of uncommon size was launched as their royal filter's. from a piece of ground behind the Lyceum, Miss Fitzroy was neatly dressed in white in the Strand. It is the same balloon, en- Jultring, prettily ornamented with blue and larged, with which Mr. Lockwood, Major Lilver ribbon. Money, and another genileman, went up Lady Salifbury was in a pale yellow, colaft lummer from Tortenham-Court-Road. vered with a crape and filver, and trimmed With it Capt. Blake and Mr. Rodman weni, with puce flowers; the body of her Ladyfor the purpose of trying cxperiments. fhip's dress was also PUCE.

2. The Drictors ofihe East-India Company The Lady Spencers, of the Marlborough have prelented in the Houle of Commons a family, were habited in pale blue, with VenList of their whole Civil and Military elta- dyke fcollops and silver fringe, the peuiblishments in the Eat Indies. From the coals white crape and Glver. totals of this large account it appears

thic an

“There were many suits of tabbinets, plain, nual expence of the

corded, and embroidered. The corded bad Bengal Civil Enablishment is, £.927 945

a most beautiful eff &, and were highly ad. Military Establishment is 1,078.510 mired for their brilliancyand rich appearance. Madras Civil Eitablishment 104.140

The Ladies head-dresses were chiefly of Milivary

623.605 flowers and feathers, and their bouquets Bombay Civil


were exceedingly larga. Miji'ary


The ball-room was a brilliant (peétarle Bencoolen Civil and Military 25,478 early in the evening. The Prince of Wales

entered it a liutle belore nine, and palled £: 3,031.893

some time in conversatinn with the Counters 5. This day hring observed as the anni- of Salisbury and the Marquis of Carmarversary of the King's Birth-das: [who en- then. The King soon atier appeared, and tered the 49th yeur of his age) there was a addrelied, with the utmost courtely, all the very numerous and splendid appearance of ladies within the dancing circle. In this atthe nobility, foreign ministers, and other tention her Majesty also joined, whu entered persons of difinĉion, to compliment his the Lail-roum immediately after, with the Majelty on the occalion. At one o'click the three elder Princesses. The Prince o: Meckguns in the Park and at the Tower were lenburgh was also present, as were Mr. Pilt, fired; and in the evening there was a bail at Lord Carmarther, Lord Sydney,Lord Howe, Court, and illuminations and other publick the Duke of Qurenbury, Lord Brudepel, demonftrations of joy throughout London

the Marquis of Lothian, Lord Aylesford, and Weitmiul er.

and other officers of late. Many of the fo. His Majesty's dress was plain hrown, reign Miniters were present, including that agreeable to his accustomed neatness on this new member of the corps diplomatique, the Oucafion.

Tripoline amhassador. The Prince of Wales was clegantly ha- On their Majestics being feat d, the mibited in a Gala fuit of an orange colour, nuets coinmenced in the following order, embroidered down the feains with silver. cach gentleman dancing with two ladies : The star, of the order of St. George, was

Prince of Wales

Ś Prince's Royal, composed of brillianis, with exquisite taite.

Princess Augusta. The Queen was in royal purple, entirely Lord Morton

s Princess Erizabeth, covered with fine Brusels lace. This, per

7 Lady C. Powlett. haps, is the most costly dress der Majelty ever Lord Galway

s Lady C. Spencer, wore on the occasion. It displayed at once

Lady E. Spencer. a peculiar neatness and elegance, which was

S Lady Salisbury, exccedingly heightened by the brilliant effect Mr Edgecumbe

LadyC. Waldegrave. of her jewels. Among other diamonds, her Mirwets were also danced by the Hon. Majelly had a beautiful bouquet of brilliants. Miss Thynne, Miss Fizroy, illiss Tounheit,

The Princess Royal was in a pea-green and Miss Broderick, Miss E. Waidegrave, Mils silver luftring, molt superbly trimmed. Her Jeffries, Miss Gunning, and several other laHighness's train had a rich border of various dies. colours. The petticoat was covered with an On the conclusion of the minuets, countryembroidered craps, representing vak bran- dances were formed in the following order: ches, and fleureties of the purest workman- Prince's Royal Prince of Welca ship in silver and foil. The pending acorns Princels Augufta - Marq.of Carmarthen had so good an effect, as f;arce to be diltin- Prince's Elizabeth - Lord Morton gu Thed from nature. An interspersion of Lady C. Powleic - Lord Down wbite ostrich feathers, and beautiful spangled Lady C. Spencer - Hon. Mr.Edgecumbe gauze at bottom, served to relieve, and add

Lady E. Spencer

Mr. Crawford cd much to the magnificence and lustre of After the country.dances had been gone the whole.

down, their Majelties gave notice of re• The remain-ler of the MONTHLY CHRONICLE, with the usual Lusts, will be given

tiring, and the ball ended.


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JUNE 1786.
MAY 2.

Salt-hill come years ago, supposed to have "HE pr:tice of BIDDING AT WED•

been by the wine they drank, is at last den DINGS, as it is called, which was at a veloped by the cook who then lived at the very early period universally pra&tised a

inn; and who, being on her death-bed, mongst the lower classes of the peasantry in lately sent for a clergyman, and to him rethis kingdom, has been very laiely revived

lated the following circumstances, which the in one of the northern counties, as appears

faid lay so heavy on her mind that she could from the following singular notice, which is

not dić without revealing them :- That copied from a provincial paper.

having, the preceding day, prepared a dish,

which was not called for, the suffered it to INVITATION.

remain in the stew-pan (which was of copSUSPEND, for one day, your cares and your per) till the next day, when the party al. labours ;

luded to dined there, and the dish ro kept And come to this wedding, kind friends, constituted a part of their dinner. - That beand good neighbours.

fore Me warmed it again for that purpose, " Norice is hereby given, that the mar

Me observed a large quantity of a thick greenriage of Isaac Pearson with Frances Atkin. ith scum on its surface, but the cause of such son will be solemnized in due form, in the appearance not occurring to her at the ine parish church of Lamblugh (Cumberland) on

stant, the permitted it to be sent to table, Tuesday next, the zoth of May instant ; im

and the faial effects before mentioned folmediately after which the bride and bride- lowed. That when told that the parties groom, with their attendants, will proceed were in the agonies of death, and recollec. io Lonefoot, in the said parish, where the ing to have heard of the poisonous property nuptials will be celebrated by a variety of of copper, the usaccountable appearance of rural entertainments."

the food occurred to her mind, and she bcThen come one and all,

gan to fear that she had been, inadvertently,

the cause of that dreadful catastrophe. UnAc Hymen's soft call, From Whitehaven, Workington, Harrington, declared that her only reaçon for retaining

der this impression he was miserable, but Dean,

[tween, the secret within her own bolom, was the Hail, Ponsonby, Blaing, and all places be- dread that a confession would have been fol. From Egremont, Cockermouth, Barton, St. Bees,


lowed by the punishment indicted on wilful

murderers." Cint, Kinnyside, Calder, and paris such as And the country at large may

Mr. Howard, who bas so greatly diftin. - if

guished himself in visiting the prisons of this they please. Such sports there will be as have seldom been kingdom, impressed with the idea that he has

discovered the means of preventing the rafeen, Such wrefling, and fencing, and dancing be.. nople to coafer with the Turks upon the

vages' of the plague, is gone in Constanti

subject, and to excite them to make expeAnd races for prizes, for frolic, and fun, By horses, and als, and dogs, will be run;

riments for stopping that dreadfui difo

order. That you'll all go home happy-as sure as a

3. The Gazette of this evening contains an gun.

account of the election of Knights, and the In a word, fuch a wedding can ne'er fail to

ceremony of the investiture of the most noble please, For the sports of Olympus were trifles to lowing distinguilhed personagis, viz. their

order of the Garter, on Friday, of the fole these. Nota bene. You'll please to observe that the Royal Highnesses Prince Edward (now nut

of the kingdom), Prince Erneft Auguftus, day Of this grand bridal pomp is the thirtieth

Prince Augustus Frederick, Prince Adolphus

Frederick, his Serene Highness the Land. When 'lis hop'd that the sun, to enliven the grave of Helle Cassel, the Duke of Bcaufort,

the Marquis of Buckingham, and Earl Cornfight, Like the flambeau of Hymen will deign to

wallis (now out of the kingdom). Before the

election of Knights began, the Chancellor burn bright.

read a new statute of the order, by which it The melancholy and mysterious fate of is ordained, that the order shall in future the several gentlemen who were poisoned at consist of the Sovereign and twenty-five Vol. IX



flock in


of May,

Knights, exclusive of the sons of his Majesty, General will proceed as he thinks fit.” Geor his successors, who have been elected, or neral Stuart said, it was his Lordship's persoThall be elected, Knights of the same moft nal conduct to him that he resented. The fenoble order.

conds then put a stop to all further converA fire broke out in Ratcliff-Highway, fation between the parties, neither of whom near the corner of Ratcliff-Street, when eight had quicted their ground; General Stuart, houses and a Dislenting Meeling-house were * all consumed.

in consequence of his situation, having been 6. Last week there was a meeting of the

under the necessity from the first of putting Highland Society, for the encouragement of his back to a tree. The surgeons, Mr. Hunfisheries in the Highlands, &c. 3,000l. were

ter and Mr. Home, who wore attending at a immediately subscribed by eleven gentlemen little distance, were brought up by Colonel present, for this particular purpose, and a

Fullarton. Colonel Gordon, in the mean much larger sum will be soon subscribed. time, assisted his Lordfhip in taking off his

The sellions ended at the Old Bailey, when coat, and requested him to sit down, appre. cight convicts received judgment of death, hending he might be faint through the loss of 49 were sentenced to be transported, 2 to be blood. Colonel Gordon then left the ground, imprisoned in Newgate, 3 to be whipped in company with General Stuart, and an easy and discharged, and 24 were discharged by carriage was provided to convey his Lordship proclamation.

home. 7. A duel was fought near Kensington, be

• The seconds cannot help expressing, that tween Lord Macarıney and Major-general Stuart, of which the following is an authen

no two persons ever met on a similar occa. tic account, as transmitted to us by the le fion, who shewed more firmness and comconds, Colonel Fullarton and Colonel Gore posure ; and they are happy to add, that the don; the former accompanying Lord Ma

ball is extracted, which wis lodged in Lord cartney, and the latter General Stuart : The Macartney's right shoulder ; and that there place and time of meeting having been pre- is every reason to hope for his recovery. vioufly fixed, the parties arrived about half

W. FULLARTON. past four o'clock in the morning, and took

(Signed) A. GORDON." their ground at the distance of twelve short The above singular circumstance of the paces, measured off by the seconds, who de

General placing his back against a tree, haylivered each one pistol, kceping posTession

ing been left unexplained by the seconds, the of the remaining arms.

General Stuart told Lord Macartney, he doubled, as his Lord following extract of Sir Eyre Cosse's letter to

the Secretary of State, containing the particuThip was short-lighted, he would not be able

lars of the battle of Solelore, with the late to see him. His Lordship replied, “ he did perfectly well.” When the seconds had re

Hyder Ali, in the Carnatic, will clearly zetired a little distance on one side, and as the

count for it.

« General Stuart had the mir. parties were about to level, General Stuart nb- « fortune to lose bis leg by a cannen foc, Iirved to Lord Macartney, that his pittol was “ whilst bravely conducting the second line not cocked. His Lordship thankcd him, and bi to the post which I had occupied at the cocked. When they had levelled, General " commencement of the engagement, and on Stuart said he was ready: His Lordship an- " which the enemy had kept up a very swered he was likewise ready; and they 6 severe fire: the same thot also carried both fired within a few inftants of each other.

“ away the leg of Colonel Brown, and The seconds observing Lord Macartney " having caused bis death, deprived the Comwounded, stepped up to him, and de:lared

pany of a very old and faithful servant, the matter must reft here, General Stuart

" and the army of an able experienced said, " This is no satisfaction;" and asked if It officer." his Lordship was not able to fire another pistol? The above duel had its rise in a transaction His Lordship replied, “ He would try with which took place in the East Indies fome pleasure," and urged Colonel Fullarton to

time part, when his Lordship superseded the permit him to proceed; the seconds, how. General and sent him to Europe. ever, declared it was impoffible, and they

This day ended the sale of the curiosities would on no account allow it. General Stuart belonging to the late Duchess of Portland's faid, " Then I must defer it till another oc

Museum, when the celebrated Ba berini aabon :" On which his Lordship answered, vase, or antique sepulchral urn, was pur. “ If that is the case, we had better proceed chased by a gentleman for the Duke of now : I am here in consequence of a message Marlborough. at the sum of 10291. It bad from General Stuart, who called upon me to cost the Duchess 13501- The Jupiter Segive him satisfaction in my private capacity, rapis, cut out of green basaltes, went for for offence taken at my public conduct; and

165 guineas.The Augustus Cesar, a Cain evince that personal safely is no considera

meu Onyx, for 225 guineas. --A bible in fion with me, I lave nothing personal, the eighteens, belonging to Quicen Elizabeth, with fix prayers beautifully written in six complimented with 200l. As the same time different languages by the Queen's own hand, tool, was voted to Mrs. Wooldridge, wife was knocked down for one hundred and fix of Ms. Wooldridge, late Alderman, to be paid pounds!—The whole museum has not sold her independer.t of her husband, for the supfor more than 4,5461. 145. Though the late port of herself and her children.-George Duchess spent more than a hundred thou. Mackenzie Macaulay, Esq. is elected Alder. fand pounds in the collection of it.


man in the room of Mr. Peckham. In consequence of his Majesty's com- 14. The poll for organist of St. Andrew, mands, a new uniform has been made for Holborn, in the room of the late Mr. Stanthe general officers in the army. It consists ley, terminated in favour of Mr. Evance, of a scarlet coat lined with white, with blue by a majority of 103. caffs, richly adorned with plain gold lace. The coroner's inquest sat on the body of

The waistcoat and breeches white cloth, and Elizabeth Ham, a butcher, in Spitalfields-, the buttons marked with a truncheon across Market, and brought in their verdict wila sword. The general officers appeared in ful murder against Catherine Hughes, her this dress, for the first cime, on the King's fifter. It appeared that the deceased' was Dirth-day.

blind, and on Saturday morning was left with The Nepune, Warren Hastings, Alfred, a young child in her arms in the kitchen be. Locko, King George, Frarcis, and Britan. hind the lop; that in the absence of the rest nia East-Indiamen, are all safely arrived of the family, her sister, without any appahis month from Bengal, China, &c.

rent provocation, with a large knife cut her In the Warren Hastings were brought fifter's throat, of which wound The instantly over, as a present to his Majesty from one died. of the Nabobs, fix beautiful crown birds, A curious investigator into the secrets of which cost in the East 6oo guineas a pair. - art and nature has discovered a further imThey are of a most beautiful blue, resembling provement of the patent lamp, which is to the colour of a peacock's neck, are as large maiutain the splendor of the light with oneas a goole, and have a tuft or plume of white third less consumption of oil; this, he says, feathers on the top of the head which looks is effected simply by immersing the wick in a like hair finely powdered.

solution of commun falt and water, and dryList of gentlemen returned from the Pre. ing it before it is fixed in the lamp. fidency of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, 15. Was knocked down at Garsaway's by with the supposed quantum of fortune : Mr. Skinner, all the valuable manors of Rumbold 350,000 Watheritones 50,000 Rendelsham, Butley, and Leiston, in Suf. Sykes 300,000 Law

100,000 folk, for the sum of 51,4001. Barwell 300,000 Kallendar 150,000 The bill recently passed for the relief of Dupre 250,000 Murley

Insolvent Debtors, is only an extension of the Wynch 200,000

Howes 100,000 act of the 32d of his late Majesty ; that act Monckton 200,000 Ramsay 150,000 relieved a debtor for the sum he was in exe. Strachey 200,000 Hull 150,000 cution for, on giving up his effects after he Verellt 200,000 Paxton 100,000 had suffered twelve months imprisonment, Hastings

300,000 | Draper 150,000 provided such debt did not exceed rool. the Middleton 250,000

Francis 200,000 present bill extends the sum to 2 vol. but it Spencer 200,000 Stackhouse 150,000 is of little service, as many much involved in C:rnac 150,000

Riley 100,000 debt, muft either fly their country or be Hornby

100,000 imprisoned for life. Sibbald 150,000

Wraxall 100,000 16. A general Court of Proprietors was Hunter 150,000

Bond 100,000 held at the India-House, when the whole of Holmes 150,000

the late procecdings of the Court of Direc13. A Court of Aldermen was held at tors and the Board of Control were difGuildhall, when Robert Peckham, Esq. Al cuffed. derman of the Ward of Colcman-street, in a The negociation of the Cort of Directors genteel speech, wherein lie set forth a series with the Minister for their vew loan, was of unmerited misfortunes, and particularly arraigned as a very improper proceeding one in his mayoralty by the failure of a great without the knowledge of the proprietary. house abroad to the amount of many thou- The Court of Directors explained the absands, whereby he was disabled from sup- solute necessity there was for this loan; and porting his station, resigned his said office of in doing that they ordered the statement of Alderman. A very flattering vote of respect their accounts to be read, by which it apinstantly passed without a diffenting voice peared, that, notwithstanding their present for his conduct in public life, and he was necessities, they would, by the arrangements




300,000 Scott

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