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Knights, exclusive of the sons of his Majesty, General will proceed as he thinks fit." Geor his successors, who have been elected, or neral Stuart said, it was his Lordship's persoThall be elected, Knights of the same moft nal conduct to him that he resented. The fenoble order. A fire broke out in Rateliff-Highway, fation between the parties, neither of whom

conds then put a stop to all further convernear the corner of Ratcliff-Street, when eight houses and a Dissenting Meeling-house were

had quitted their ground; General Stuart, * all consumed.

in consequence of his situation, having been 6. Last week there was a meeting of the

under the necessity from the first of putting Highland Society, for the encouragement of his back to a tree. The surgeons, Mr. Hunfisheries in the Highlands, &c. 3,000l. were

ter and Mr. Home, who wore attending at a immediately subscribed by eleven gentlemen

little distance, were brought up by Colonel present, for this particular purpose, and a

Fullarton. Colonel Gordon, in the mean much larger sum will be foon subscribed. time, affifted his Lordship in taking off his

The fellions ended at the Old Bailey, when coat, and requested him to sit down, appre. eight convi&ts received judgment of death, hending he might be faint through the loss of 49 were sentenced to be transported, 2 to be blood. Colonel Gordon then left the ground, imprisoned in Newgate, 3 to be whipped in company with General Stuart, and an easy and discharged, and 24 were discharged by

carriage was provided to convey his Lordihip proclamation.

home. 7. A duel was fought near Kensington, be

« The seconds cannot help expresfing, that tween Lord Macartney and Major-general Stuart, of which the following is an authen

no two persons ever met on a similar occa. tic account, as transmitted to us by the fem fion, who shewed more firmness and comconds, Colonel Fullarton and Colonel Gore, posure ; and they are happy to add, that the don; the former accompanying Lord Ma- ball is extracted, which wis lodged in Lord cartney, and the latter General Stuart : The Macartney's right shoulder ; and that there place and time of meeting having been pre- is every reason to hope for his recovery. viously fixed, the parties arrived about half

W. FULLARTON. past four o'clock in the morning, and look


A. GORDON.” their ground at the distance of twelve Tort The above singular circumstance of the paces, mcasured off by the seconds, who de General placing his back against a tree, haylivered cach one pistol, keeping possession ing been left unexplained by the seconds, the of the remaining arms. General Stuart told Lord Macarıncy, he doubted, as his Lord. following extract of Sir Eyre Coose's letter to

the Secretary of State, containing the particuthip was short-lighted, he would not be able to see him. His Lordship replied, he did Hyder Ali, in the Carnatic, will clearly ac

lars of the battle of Solelore, with the late perfe&tly well.” When the seconds had retired a little distance on one side, and as the

count for it. " General Stuart had the mif parties were about to level, General Stuart ob- " fortune to lose bis leg by a cannen fort, firved to Lord Macartney, that his pittol was “ whilft bravely conducting the second line not cocked. His Lordship thankcd him, and to the post which I had occupied at the cocked. When they had levelled, General " commencement of the engagement, and on Stuart said he was ready: His Lordship an- « which the enemy had kept up a very swered he was likewise ready; and they « severe fire: the same shot also carried both fired within a few inftants of each other.

6 away the leg of Colonel Brown, and The seconds observing Lord Macartney " having caused bis death, deprived the Com. wounded, stepped up to him, and declared

“ pany of a very old and faithful servant, the matter must rest here. General Stuart

« and the army of an able experienced faid, “ This is no satisfaction;" and asked if « officer." his Lordship was not able to fire another pistol? The above duel had its rise in a transaction His Lordship replied, “ He would try with which took place in the East Indies fome pleasure," and urged Colonel Fullarton to

cime patt, when his Lord hip superseded the permit him to proceed; the seconds, howe General and sent him to Europe. ever, declared it was impossible, and they

This day ended the sale of the curiofities would on no account allow it. General Stuart belonging to the late Duchess of Portland's faid, " Then I must defer it till another oc

Museum, when the celebrated Barberini aabon :" On which his Lordship answered, vase, or antique sepulchral urn, was pur. “ If that is the case, we had better proceed chased by a gentleman for the Duke of now: I am here in consequence of a meffige Marlborough. at the sum of 10291. It had from General Stuart, who called upon me to cost the Duchess 13501- The Jupiter $egive him satisfaction in my private capacity, rapis, cut out of green basaltes, went for for offence taken at my public conduct ; and

165 guineas.--The Augustus Cæsar, a Cato evince that personal Tafety is no considera

meu Onyx, for 225 guineas. --A bible in fion with me, I liave nothing personal, the eighteens, belonging to Queen Elizabeth,

with fix prayers beautifully written in six complimented with 200l. At the same time different languages by the Queen's own hand, 100l, was voted to Mrs. Wooldridge, wife was knocked down for one hundred and fix of Mr. Wooldridge, late Alderman, to be paid pounds!—The whole museum has not sold her independert of her husband, for the supfor more than 4,5461. 145. though the late port of herself and her children.George Duchess spent more than a hundred thou. Mackenzic Macaulay, Esq. is elected Alder. land pounds in the collection of it.

man in the room of Mr. Peckham, In consequence of his Majesty's como 14. The poll for organist of St. Andrew, mands, a new uniform has been made for Holborn, in the room of the late Mr. Stan. the general officers in the army. It consists ley, terminated in favour of Mr. Evance, of a scarlet coat lined with white, with blue by a majority of 103. caffs, richly adorned with plain gold lace. The coroner's inquest sat on the body of The waistcoat and breeches white cloth, and Elizabeth Ham, a butcher, in Spitalfields-, the buttons marked with a truncheon across Market, and brought in their verdiet wil.. a sword. The general officers appeared in ful murder against Catherine Hughes, her this dress, for the first time, on the King's sister. It appeared that the deceased was birth-day.

blind, and on Saturday morning was left with The Nepune, Warren Hastings, Alfred, a young child in her arms in the kitchen be. Locko, King George, Francis, and Britan. hind the shop; that in the absence of the rest nia East-Indiamen, are all safely arrived of the family, her sister, without any appahis month from Bengal, China, &c.

rent provocation, with a large knife cut her In the Warren Hastings were brought fifter's throat, of which wound the instantly over, as a present to his Majesty from one

died. of the Nabobs, fix beautiful crown birds, A curious investigator into the secrets of which cost in the East 600 guineas a pair. - art and nature has discovered a further im. They are of a most beautiful blue, resembling provement of the patent lamp, which is to the colour of a peacock's neck, are as large maiutain the splendor of the light with oneas a goose, and have a luft or plume of white third less consumption of oil ; this, he says, feathers on the top of the head which looks is effected simply by immersing the wick in a like hair finely powdered.

folution of commun salt and water, and dry. List of gentlemen returned from the Pre. ing it before it is fixed in the lamp. fidency of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, 15. Was knocked down at Garraway's by with the supposed quantum of fortune : Mr. Skinner, all the valuable manors of Rumbold 350,000 Watherstone: 50,000 Rendelsham, Butley, and Leiston, in SufSykes

100,000 folk, for the sum of

51,4001. Barwell 300,000 Kallendar 150,000 The bill recently passed for the relief of Dupre 250,600 Morley

Insolvent Debtors, is only an extension of Me Wynch 200,000

Howes 100,000 act of the 32d of his late Majesty; that act Monckton 200,000 Ramsay 150,000 relieved a debtor for the sum he was in exe. Strachey 200,000

Hull 150,000 cution for, on giving up his effects after he Verellt 200,000

Paxton 100,000 had suffered twelve months imprisonment, Hastings

300,000 | Draper 150,000 provided such debt did not exceed 100l. the Middleton 250,000 Francis 200,000 present bill extends the sum to 230l. but it Spencer 200,000 Stackhouse 150,000 is of little service, as many much involved in Crnac 150,000 | Riley

100,000 debt, muft either fly their country or be Hornby

100,000 imprisoned for life. Sibbald 150,000

Wraxall 100,000 16. A general Court of Proprietors was Hunter 150,000

Bond 100,000 held at the India-Houfe, when the whole of Holmes 150,000

the late proceedings of the Court of Direc13. A Court of Aldermen was held at tors and the Board of Control were difGuildhall, when Robert Peckham, Esq. Alcuffed. derman of the Ward of Colcman-street, in a The negociation of the Court of Directors genteel speech, wherein he set forth a series with the Minister for their new loan, was of unmerited misfortunes, and particularly arraigned as a very improper proceeding one in his mayoralty by the failure of a great without the knowledge of the proprietary. house abroad to the amount of many thou- The Court of Director's explained the absands, whereby he was disabled from sup. solute necessity there was for this loan; and porting bis station, resigned his said office of in doing that they ordered the statement of Alderman. A very flattering vote of respect their accounts to be read, by which it apinstantly passed without a difsenting voice peared, that, notwithstanding their present for his conduct in public life, and he was necessities, they would, by the arrangements



300,000 Law


300,000 Scott

they had made, be able to pay all their and got possession of the bulle--L was, debts, and in the year 1791 tu have however, rescued from his hands before he 6,000,ocol. in their treasury.

had broken the seals, and was returned to -17. Came on to be tried at Guildhall, be- Mr. Crofts, the agent of Mr. Johnson, who före Sır Francis Buller, Kot. one of the is resident at the Court of Nizam. Mr. Judges of his Majesty's Court of King's Crofts sent the diamonds to England by one Bench, and a respectable Jury, a cause of the late Tips, addressed to the care of Mr. very interesting to the public, wherein Mr. Blair, of Portland-place, who is the brotherJoseph Penoy, cornfactor, of Bath, was in-law of Mr. Johnstone. Mr. 'Blair handed plaintiff, and Mr. Samuel Ward, bargemaf- them to Mr. Hastings; Mr. Hastings ecraftter and cornfactor, defendant ; the action ed them to Major Scott ; Major Scott dewas brought to recover the sum of 1421. be. livered them to Lord Sydney; and Lond ing the value of a quantity of oats which the Syuncy presented them to the King. plaintiff had put on board the defendant's 19. Came on before Lord Loughborough, barge at Bristol, to be conveyed to Bath, and and a special jury, the trial of the action which were lost in consequence of the barge brought by the Right Hon. Charles James being sunk at Bristol bridge, occasioned by Fox against Thomas Corbett, Esq. High a piece of timber brought down in the stream Bailiff of Westminster, for maliciously with. with a great fresh, in the night of the gth of holding a return after a clear majority of in. January last, and which struck the said barge contestible votes appeared on the poll in so violent a blow as to cause her sinking in a favour of Fox. The trial lasted from noon quarter of an hour after—an accident which till nine in the evening. The jury retired could neither be foreseen nor prevented. for about forty minutes, and returned a ver. The Court and Jury were clearly of opinion dict for the plaintiff with Two Tesajurd that the defendant was not anfwerable for the Pounds damages, being the sum expended in loss, and found a verdict in his favour. that business on the part of Mr. Fox. The

Same day came on the long-contested cause damages were laid at 100,cool. relative to appointment of Clerk of the Ar.. In the cou le of three days last week, the raigns at the Old Bailey, when the Jury, officiating clergy man at one of the parish after about forty minutes consideration, re. churches at Birmingham, baptised no less turned a verdict for the defendant. This de. thao 125 children. cision vests the above appointment in the 20. This day the corpse of the late Duke Court itself, and not in the Custos Rotulorum of Northumberland lay in state at Noithun of Middlesex, which was the matter con- berland-house, in the usual style and form of tended for.

such ceremonies. The decorations cunlisted As many contradictory accounts are cir. of the escutcheons of the family arms, the culated respecting fome diamonds presented insignia of the Garter, &c. The whole formed from Mr. Hattings to his Majefty at Wed- a spectacle of great magnificence and folem. nesday's levee, it is necessary to acquaint the nity. The room was hung with black, and public, that the diamonds in question are not fuper bly lighted. pretended to be the gift of Madajee Scindia, 21. The remains of his Grace the late the Mahratta Chief; the case being, that Duke of Northumb.rland were carried in the Potentate who has the credit of having grand funeral pump from Northumberlandmade this magnificent present, is the Nizam house, and interred in the family vault in of the Decan.

Westminster-Abbey. His Grace, by a Teita. Major Scott gives the following account of nientary Paper in his owo hand writing, left the above diamonds :- The Nizam sent a 1000l. to be distributed to the poor on the Bulje * of diamonds, sealed up, to Bengal, day of his funeral, viz. to those of the directed to Mr. Hastings, for the purpose of parishes of the City and Liherty of Wife his presenting them to the King on his arrival minster 7ool. to those at Alnwick inn. at in En:land, Mr. Hastings had failed for Werngton tool. at Sion 5cl. at Stawick England before the diamonds arrived in Cala gol. Tutal socol. The money was accutta. They were therefore entrusted to the cordingly paid lo the Vertries of tbs care of Cape. Church, of the road regiment, leveral parishes. who took his paliage home the Hinchina The same morning George Griffiths, broke; the fame of these diamonds, and of George Woodward, William Watts, Dinel their immense valde, bid gone abroad; and Keefe, Jonathan Harwood, and William when the Hinchinhroke was funk in Bengal Smith, alias Storer, were executed pursuant river, a Laicar took advantage of the con- to their fentences on the scaffold csually fusion, broke open the twoks of Capt. Church, erected opposite Newgate.

* A Blie of diamonds is a peculiar sort of a package of diamonds. They are always

Soon after the above execution, Phæbe masters and Aleconners continued as before ; Harris, convicted the session before laft of the Auditors were next dominated, but warm coining filver, was brought out at the debtors debates arose relative to continuing My door, from whence the walked to a stake Tomlins another year, he having already fixed in the ground, about half way between served three years; the principal speakers the scaffold and Newgate-street. She was were the two Sheriffs Sanderson and Watson, immediately tied by the neck to an iron bolt Tomlins, and Loveland. At length the fixed near the top of the stake, and after Sheriffs resolved to return fix to the Court of praying very fervently for a few minutes, the Aldermen, when the Court was pleased co. iteps on which the food were drawn away, retura Messrs. Thorn, Wilson, Stock, and and the immediately became suspended. The Nettleship ; on which they were declared executioner, with fome Miftants, put a chain duly elected ; but a poll was demanded for round her body, which was fastened by Mr. Tomlins and Mr. Loveland. strong nails to the stake. The faggots were A box with a considerable quantity of plate then piled round her, and after the had hung belonging to Lord Berwick was stolen from about half an hour, the fire was kindled. Powell's Shropshire waggon, while the man

There was a General Court of Proprietors was baiting at Castle Bromwich, near Birat the East India House, for the purpose of mingham. It is supposed the villains had declaring a dividend from Christmas laft followed the waggon from London. Two to Midsummer ; when four per cent. for fierce mastiffs guarded the waggon, which it is che half year was agreed upon.

supposed the villains found means to intoxicate, 22. At a General Court of Proprietors The booty appears to have been of great held at the India-House, after a long debate, value. it was resolved, that it be recommended by 25. The Sunday toll on the Surry fide of that Court to the Court of Directors, to re. Blackfriars-bridge commenced in pursuance consider their determination relative to the of a late act of parliament for that purpose. price to be paid by the Company in future 27. At a Court of Aldermen, George for freightage ; and also to take into their Macknenzie Macaulay, Citizen and Bowyer, consideration the resolutions of the Ship- was sworn Alderman of Coleman-ftreet owners, lately assembled at the London Ward, the room of Mr. Peckham, who Tavern.

resigned. Charles Higgins, Esq. elected 23. The Quakers letter of this year inftils Sheriff at the last Common-Hall, gave bond the noblest principles of morality; that pallage to take upon him the office on next Michael. which inculcates paying our full debes as soon mas Eve; and Edward Watson, Esq. Founas we are able, not withstanding any com. der, elected Sheriff at the same time, paid position which creditors may accept of, 400l, and the usual fees into the Chamber, deserves to be written in most legible charac. to be excased from serving that office. John Cers, and presented to every bankrupt on ree Wilkes, Esq. elected on Saturday last by the ceiving his certificate.

Livery in Common-Hall, Chamberlain of this 24 Letters from Vienna mention, that the City, was sworn into his office. Robert members of the Divan had been in warm de Peckham, Esq. late Alderman, being the bate for great part of last month, in conse. only candidate, was appointed the City's quence of the sudden departure of the Rullian Justice in the Borough, Southwark, in the Minister, which was deemed by the Porte room of James Kettilby, deceased. introductory to a declaration of war.

28. The three young Princes, Ernest, Au. Being Midsummer-Day, a Common-Hall gustus, and Adolphus, attended by Lord was held at Guildhall, for the election of Howe and General Faucett, went to Grave'. Sheriffs for the year ensuing, and other end and embarked on board the Augusta officers. About one o'clock the Lord yacht for Germany. Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, went upon 29. A General Court of Proprietors of the Huftings, with the two Sheriffs, Sander. East India Stock was held at the India House, fon and Watson, when the Recorder opened Leadenhall-street, for the purpose of ballot. to the Livery the business that called them ing on the question, for the Court of Direcingether ; after which all the Aldermen that ors reconfidering their resolutions of the 17th had not served the office, and the Commoners of March and 26th of May last, and also the who had been nominated in several Mayor resolutions of the Ship Owners, relating to altics, were put up, when the show of hands the hire and freight of shipping. When the appeared for Charles Higgins, Esq. Citizen glasses were closed they were delivered to the and Grocer, and Edward Watson, Esq. Scrutineers, who made their report that there Citizen and Founder ; whereupon they were had ballotted declared duly elected. They then proceeded For the question to reconsider 362 In the FlAion of Chamberlain. when lolin Araint is


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The last Calcutta Gazette received at the in the truth of his confeffion, was committed India-House announces the death of Tippoo to the town jail, and will take his trial at the Saib,

ensuing Huntingdon affizes. On the 16th inft. a man went before J. Easton, Esq. Mayor of Salisbury, and volun.

Musical Fejlival in Wellminster Abbey. tarily declared, that he murdered a Drum. At the first day's performance of the Musical, mer of the name of Jones about seven years Feltival, (May 31) more than 2600 persons ago. Since that time he had been in various were present, and the choir, including employments as a Sailor, and in France, the music, consisted of 649 hands. The preWeft. Indies, Ruffia, &c. that he was lost on sence of their Majesties, with the Princess board the Sampson Man of War, lying off Royal, Princess Elizabeth, two other of the Plymouth, whence he and his companion Princesses, and three Princes, accompanied John Sheppard, a native of the Soke, in by the Prince of Mecklenburgh, and a nu. Winchester, were lately discharged. He merous retinue, formed a moft splendid apdeclared, that excepting this murder, he had pearance. at no time of his life done any injury to fo- The second day's performance, Satunlay ciety: That on Thursday the 13th, upon the June 3, was better attended, if possible, than road to Salisbury, they were overtaken near the first. Woodyate's-Inn by a thunder storm, in which Tuesday, June 6, the sacred Oratorio of he saw several strange and dismal spectres, the Messiah was performed before a comparticularly one in the appearance of a female, pany equally numerous and brilliant with any zo which he made up, when it instantly funk of the former days. And on Thursday, jato the earth, and a large stone rose up in June 8, the music of the second day's per its place; that the Stones rolled upon the formance, (the Oratorio of Israel in Egypt) ground before him, and often came Jashing was repeated by command of his Majetty. against his feet Sheppard corroborated this The musical festivals in Westminster. part of the story, so far as relates to the Abbey have this year realized 12,3261. 75. horror of the unhappy man. He persisting


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William Charles Farrel Skeffington, esą.
IS Royal Highness Prince Edward to be late a captain in the foot guards with the

colonel in the army by brevet, bearing rank of lieutenant-colonel. date the zotin of May, 1786.

Major William Richardson, from the 14th 6. The Right Hon. Richard Lyrd Milford, dragoons, to be captain of a company of the to be lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the foot guards, armed with battle-axes, vice county of Pembroke, vicc Sir Hugh Owen, Colonel Lorenzo Moore, resigned. bart. deceased.

The Hon. Major-General Thomas Bruce, 10. The diguity of a baronet of Great Bri.

to be resident major general on the staff of tain to the following gentlemen and their Ireland, vice Major-General Sc. Leger, dec. heirs male, viz.

Lord Balgonie is appointed Comptroller. John Macpherson, of Calcutta, esq. general of the customs in Scotland, vice

James Colquhoun, of Luís, in Dumbarton George Burgess, esq. dec. thire, esq.

Robert Hepburn, of Clerkington, esq. is Admiral Sir James Douglas, knt. appointed Commiffioner of the board of cul.

Major-General Thomas Shirley, of Oat- toms, in Scotland, vice James Buchannan, hall, in Sussex, Governor of the Caribbee esq. dec. Illands.

George Bond, esq. to be serjeant at law. Major General William Green, chief engi. The Rey. John Owen, to be chaplain of peer of Gibraltar.

the garrison of Fort William in the Eart-In Rear. Admiral Joshna Rowley.

dies, vice the Rev. Henry John Pemberton, Corbet Cohel, efq. (late Devenant) of Ado resigned. derley, in Salop.

Mr. Parsons, of the royal band of musicians, Lyopel Wrighi Vane Fletcher, of Hutton, successor to Mr. Suunley, as master of that in Cumberland, eíq.

band. Mr. Shields fills the vacancy occafioned Richard Hvare, of Barn-Elms, Surry, esq. by the elevation of Mr. Parsons.

James Hun:er Blair, erz. Lord Provost of The Rev. William Roberts, M. A. to be Edinburgh.

a fellow of Econ college, vice Dr. Young.


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