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If the humble Christian is thus furnished with comprehensive, correct, and luminous information, on the most important of all subjects, from the writings of the most celebrated poets, orators, and divines, at a small price, and in a convenient and systematic form; and if the reading of the work should lead to his establisment in the sublime and interesting doctrines of Christianity, and stimulate him to follow more ardently "those, who through faith and patience inherit the promises," or, if it should in any degree promote the spread of evangelical knowledge, and edify the weakest of the Saviour's flock, the labour of the compiler will not have been in vain.

London, May, 1828.



IN presenting another Edition of the CHRISTIAN'S SKETCH Book to the Public, the Editor acknowledges his obligations to the Conductors of those respectable Periodical Works in which the former Edition has been so favourably noticed, and to the Christian Public in general for that prompt and extensive patronage it has received. In order to render the work still more acceptable (especially to Lay Preachers) he has added an Appendix, containing brief outlines of Sermons on important subjects, principally selected from the discourses of modern evangelical authors.

He would now dedicate the whole unto Him who is able to make the feeblest efforts productive of the greatest blessings to his people.

London, 1829.

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