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And the above order shall not be departed from but by the votes of a majority of the members of the Council present.

Sect. 31. When a vote is doubted, the members for and against the question, when called on by the President, shall rise and stand till they are counted.

SECT. 32. All questions relating to priority of business to be acted upon, shall be decided without debate.

SECT. 33. When a motion is made to refer any subject, and different Committees are proposed, the question shall be taken in the following order:

A Standing Committee of the Council;
A Select Committee of the Council;
A Joint Standing Committee;
A Joint Select Committee.

Sect. 34. The seats of the members of the Council shall be numbered, and shall be determined, in the presence of the Council, by drawing the names of members, and the numbers of the seats, simultaneously; and each member shall be entitled, for the year, to the seat bearing the number so drawn against his name; and shall not change it except by permission of the President.

Sect. 35. No member shall call another member by his name in debate, but may allude to him by any intelligible and respectful designation.

Sect. 36. If the reading of any paper is called for, and any member objects thereto, it shall be decided by the Council.

SECT. 37. No rule or order of the Council shall be dispensed with, altered or, repealed, unless two-thirds of the members present consent thereto.

Petitions, Memorials, dc.

SECT. 38. All papers addressed to the Council shall be presented by the President, or a member in his place, and shall be read by the President, Clerk, or such other person as the President may request; and shall be taken up in the order in which they are presented, except when the Council shall otherwise determine.

Powers and Duties of Committees, &c.

SECT. 39. The rules of proceeding in the Council, shall be observed in Committee of the Whole, so far as they are applicable, excepting the rule limiting the times of speaking ; but no member shall speak twice upon any question, until every member choosing to speak, has spoken. A motion to rise, report progress and ask leave to sit again, shall be first in order, and shall be decided without debate.

SECT. 40. A Standing Committee on Elections and Returns shall be appointed at the commencement of the municipal year, and shall consist of five members.

SECT. 41. No Committee shall sit during the sessions of the Council, without special leave.

SECT. 42. All Committees of the Council, chosen by ballot, or consisting of one or more from each ward, shall be notified of their first meeting by the Clerk, by the direction of the President; they shall organize at their first meeting, by the choice of a Chairman, and shall report the same to the Council ; and members on the part of the Council, of Joint Committees, chosen as aforesaid, shall choose a Chairman at their first meeting, and report to the Council in like manner.

In all cases where the President appoints a Committee, unless otherwise provided for, the member first named shall be Chairman, and in his absence the member next in order, who shall be present, shall be Chairman pro tempore.

SECT. 43. All Select Committees of the Council shall consist of three members, unless otherwise ordered.

SECT. 44. No Report of any Committee shall be entitled to be received, unless agreed to in Committee assembled.

SECT. 45. No meeting of any Committee shall be called

upon less notice than twenty-four hours. SECT. 46. It shall be the duty of all Standing Committees to keep a record of their doings, in books provided by the City for that purpose.

SECT. 47. Committees of the Council, to whom any matter is specially referred, may be required to report within four weeks, or ask for further time.

Ordinances, Orders, &c.

Sect. 48. All Ordinances, Orders and Resolutions shall have two several readings, before they are finally passed; and no Ordinance, Order or Resolution, imposing penalties, or authorizing the expenditure of money, whether the same may have been appropriated or notand no Order or Resolution authorizing a loan, shall have more than one reading on the same day; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the passage of an Order at any meeting of the Council,

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to authorize the printing of any document relating to the affairs of the City.

Elections, &c.

SECT. 49. In all elections by ballot on the part of the Council, the number of blanks and ballots for ineligible persons shall be reported, but shall not be counted in the returns.

SECT. 50. All salary officers shall be voted for by written ballots.

Duties of Clerk, dc.

Sect. 51. The Clerk shall keep minutes of the votes and proceedings of the Council, enter thereon such orders and resolutions, as are adopted, by their title or otherwise, — shall notice Reports, Petitions, Memorials and other papers which are presented,—and shall enter all accepted Reports of Select Committees of the Council, at length in a separate journal, to be kept for that purpose, and provided with an index, — shall draw up all messages to the Board of Aldermen, and send them by the Messenger, and shall attend the meetings of Committees of the Council, and make their records when required.

SECT. 52. The members of the Council shall not leave their places on adjournment, until the President shall declare the Council adjourned.

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