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Ceremony of inauguration of a column to the Egypt, the arts fourished there at an early
honour of M. Blanchard, 136

period, 323
Character of Mr. Glover, by Dr. Brocklesby, Ejectment, decision in a cause of, 378
5-of Eudoxus, 393

Elegies, Welch, 339, 340
Characters, by Dr. Johnson, 19

Episode, Milton's advantage over Homer and
Charges exhibited against Warren Hastings, Virgil, in, 81
Esq. 280

Epitome of Dr. Apthorp's discourses on pro.
Chateau de Ferney, description of, 310 phecy, 348
Chemistry, effay on the rise and progress of, Enclosures promote population, 419

323, 404-an inexhaultible subject, 405 Ermenonville, deicription of, 155
Child, the litigated, 400

Errors of painters, 241
Chronology of the most remarkable events Eldy on the rise and progress of Chemistry,
of 1785, 54

323, 404
Circumstances attending the death of Rous. Eudoxus, character of, 393
seau, 110

Evelyn, John, his description of the man.
Clergy, their duty as examples, 394

ners, &c. of a foregoing age, 73
Clown and Tradesmeni, a tale, 214

Euler, L. memoirs of, 81-loses his fight
Club, the critical, 238

by too intense study, 82-some of his
Cobb, Mr, anecdotes of as an author, 182 most important labours completed wben
Compirison between laughing and senti- blind, 83-is knowledge extensive, 84
mental comedy, 97*

Eulogy on a country life, by M. Mercier,
Convicts, number of capital ones for the 407
Lent Circuit, jor.

Executions, 62, 63, 64, 136, 213, 299,
Cook, Captain, particulars of his life and 301, 466, 467

character, 3:1-Mr. Samwell's narrative Exercise, its use as a preservative from the
of his death, 427

scurvy, 76
Cook, Thomas, letter from, to Mr.Baker, 91 Exhibition at the Royal Academy, 311
Coral, Miss, history of, 36

Fable of the countryman and bee, 238
Corn, price of, iv, 140, 138", 226, 306, Farmers considered as the most useful citizens

in Japan, 316
Cornet Castle in Guernsey, account of its Fecunuity, remarkable instance of, 372
blowing up by lightning, 335

Feudal Power, comment on, 414
Country life, eulogy 01), 407

Fires, 132, 134, 378, 464
Country Wedding, a bidding to, 463

Fishes, account of the organ of ring in,
Cradle of Security, an old play, account of 16

Fitzgerald, George Robert, Esq. acccunt of,
Crofs, ceremony of trampling on, in Japan, 387-imprisons his Father, 389_con.

victed of the murder of Mr. M'Donnel,
Cumberland, Duke and Duchess of, visit the 390-his speech on sentence of death bee
Pope, 372

ing passed on liim, ib-executed, 391.
Customs of Indians in North America, 398. Fitzherbert, Mrs. account of, 227
Debates in Parliament, 42-48, 111-120, Florio and Lucilla, a moral tale, 244

184—203, 268-285, 353-362, 430, Flying Bridge described, 259

Fortunes, list of, made in the East Indies,
Denmark, Princess of, married, 460

Description of Ermenonville, 155--of Lud. Fragnients by Leo, 13, 238

low castle, 232-of Raghery and, Fraud, new species of, 62
258_of a flying bridge, 259--of the Free Malons, reply of one to the President of
Giants Causeway, 266--of Chateau de the Academy at Munich, 57
Ferney, 310-of the ruin of King John's Free Thinking, reflections on, go
house at Warnford, 334

Garter, the number of Knights of the Order
Discoveries, 132, 133, 374, 460, 461, 463 of increased, 463.
Distillation of spirituous liquors, a fatal in- Germany, Emperor of, his edict against the
vention to mankind, 75

Papal power, 53-reicript against the
Dog, sagacity of one, 61-affifts in the Sal- Free Masons, 59--edict against gaming, 13:
inon Fithery, 260

Giants Causeway described, 260
Dress of Japancre, stridly national, 236 Gillies, Dr.strictures on his Hiftory of Greece,
Duel, 464

Dwarfs, account of, 328

Gluver, Richard, Esq. account of, i-his
East India Company, Directors of, 300- speech on declioing the poll for Chamber.
new arrangement of their serrants, 301

lain, 3-

-character of him, by Dr.
Eden, Right Hon. William, account of, 307 Brocklusby, 5

-his letter to Lord Shelburne, 308 Gordon, Lord George; excommunicated 378

America, 337

Great Men, few uniformly so, 319-ex• Letter from Thomas Cooke to Mr. Bakery
emplified in Dr Johnson, ib

Great Women, their rank among the In- from the Duchess of Buckingham to
dians, 400

her Lord, 144
Gregory, Profeffor, account of, 9

from Dr. Jebb to the Bifhop of Nor.
Grief, the best reliet under it, 393

wich, 158
Guftavus Adolphus, particulars relating to his from the Right Hon. William Eden to
death, 460

Lord Shelburne, 308
Hallewell East-India Ihip, particulars of the Letters (two) from Mr. Boswell, in defence
loss of, 60

of his Tour to the Hebrides, 397
Hastings, Warren, Esq. charged with high Literary and Philosophical Society of Man.

crimes and misdemeanors, 280-defends chester, lift of, 32 regulations of, ib
himself at the bar of the House of Com- London Hospital, remarkable bequest to,
mons, 357, 358-evidence examined

against him, 358-impeached, 452 Longevity, observations on, 345
Hayley, William, Esq. account of his life and

Tables of, 146
writings, 385

Circumstances necessary to, 149
Health, the best means of preserving it in

List of, for 1785, 213
severe cold climates, 22, 74

Instance of, 379
Heat, the most friendly mode of procuring Lottery Tickets, subscription price of, 46!
it, ,6

Love in a Camp, a farce, account of, 129
Heireis (the) a comedy, account of, 8

Lucilla and Florio, a moral tale, 244
Henderson, Mr. list of characters he appear. Ludlow Castle, description cf, 232
ed in, 11

Macartney, Lord, arrives from the East.
Hereford Cathedral, its west tower falls, Indies, 61-Particulars vi the duel be,

[ween him and Gen, Scuart, 464
Heron, Mr. remarks on his philosoply, 87 M.doc, a Welch Prince, fiift discovers
Highway-rate, application of one, 418
Historical paintings, remarks on, 311, 314 Magnesian Earth, a masterly differtation on,
History of a Virtuoso's daughter, 36

Holme, in Herefordhire, account of, 392 Mankind, promptitude of to decry the present
Homer, his description of a duel, 239

age, 73
Horses, their number and use in the family Manufactures, arrets of the French King in
of Lord Percy in 1912, 240

favour of, 63
Houses of the Japanese described, 313 Medal on the peace between the Dutch and
Hunter, Mr. his account of the organ of heare the Emperor, description of, 132
ing in fiihes, 16

Meditation upon a stage play, 395
Japanese, observations on the manners, &c.

upon a Nobleman's pedigree, 396
of, 233, 313, 401--description of their Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical
persons, 233---dress, 236--houses, 313 Society of Manchester, extract from, 91
-account of their meals, 314---their ig. 20, 74, 77, 145
norance in medicine and anatomy, 315

of the life and writings of M.
practice of agriculture, 316-method of Euler, 81
computing time, id-ceremony of trampling Mercier, M. his Eulogy on a country life,
on the cross, ib-their religion, 402- 407

Milton, his episodes more connected with
Ideas, the most elevated acquired in the his subject than those of Homer and
country, 408

Virgil, 81
Jebh, Dr. John, account of his life and Mind, sources of its pleasure from the exer
writings, 157-his letter to the Bishop of

cise of its faculties, 77
Norwich on resigning his living, 158 Mineral Waters, observations on drinking,
Indians in North America, customs of, 398 150
John's (King) house at Warnford, ruin of Montague Falt-India ship burnt, 379
described, 334

Monthly Catalogue of publications, 231,
King's Speech at opening the sefsion of par- 384
diumeni, 41

Morality, srongly recommended in the Qia-
Laughing and Sentimental comedy, com- ker's yearly epiftle, 467
parison betwcen, 97*

Mother and no Moche an anecdote, 400
Lawyers, their number 'leffened at Berlin, Murder, confeffion of, 468

Murderers, providential discovery of, 375
Leaves from the Piozzian Wreath, 142, 247, Murders, 297, 390, 374, 375, 377, 465

Museum, Sir Albton Lever's disposed of by
Lco, fragments by, 13, 238

lottery, 215


arms, ib



Museum, Portland, sale of, 464

187, 193, 275-on the Shop Tax, 189
Music, essay on the different schools of, 96 193, 194, 200.-on the Navy Eftimates, 191
Musical Profeffor, saying of one, 321

on the Mutiny bill, 199-on the India
Musical Festival, produce of, 468

Judicature bill, 200, 203, 274, 279-19
Natural Philosophy compared to a Pyramid, the Report of the Select Committee, 273,

277-on the new Taxes, 278, 361-OA
Nirman Bachelor, a tale, 431

the Disqualifying bill, 279-the Proceed-
Northumberland Household Book, extract ings against Mr. Hastings, 280, 353, 358,
from, 240

434, 436, 444, 447, 450, 452-on the
Duke of, lies in state, 466 Civil List, 281, 282-on the Finance bill,
buried, ib.-legacies to parish poor, ib. 283, 359, 433, 433-on the Salaries of
Oak, English, its mode of growth, 27-the the Scotch Judges, 284- on the Quebec

most useful of trees, ib.-account of some Petition, 356-on printing Tax bills, 439
remarkable ones, 26—its value at mar. on the Perfumery bill, 440—on the
ket more than equals the flowness of its Message from the House of Peers, ib.
growth, 82

on the Greenland Fishery bill, 442-on
Observations by Dr. Johnson, 17, 92

the Rohilla War, 444, 447–on the Wine
on Sea Bathing by Dr. Bu- Duty bill, 448, 449—upon the Rajah of
cho n, 93

Benares, 450, 454
on Longevity by Dr. Fother. Proceedings in the House of Peers on the
gill, 145

Address in answer to the King's Speech,
-- on Drinking Mineral Waters

43-on the Mutiny bill, 268-on the
Dr. Buchan, 150

Shop Tax bill, 270-on the India Judi.
-on the Japanese, 233

cature bill, ib.-on the Civil Lift, 271,
Officers for City of London chosen, 467 360*. the Stourbridge Canal bill,
Old Knights, their manner of visiting, 73 430-un the Surplus Fund bill, 430, 431
Ornament in Style, too great attention to it, Projects (the) a farce, account of, 129

apt to degenerate into feeblencés, 330 Prophet, a pretended one started up in the
Painters, Errors of, 241

Ottoman empire, 57
Painting, the moderns excel in the art of, Pruning of Timber Trees, observations oa

Paracelsus, the first who read public loc. Public Receipt and Expenditure, abstract of,
tures in Chemistry, 404

Parith Settlement, decision in a cause of, Punishment, an exemplary one, inflicted in

Japan, 235
Parliament of Paris, its decree on the neck. Raghery Ifand described, 258
lace affair, 465

Rain, essay on the descent of, 344
Peckham, Alderman, resigns his gown, 465 Raynal, Abbe, his address to the Americaos,

-appointed Justice of the Bridge Yard, 59

Redman, Mr. ascends with a balloon, 462
Pedigree, table of, in a nobleman's house, Reflections on Freethinking, 90
meditations on, 396

Reformation in the Episcopal Church at Phi-
Peruvian (the) a musical piece, account of, ladelphia, 299

Reichardt, Mr, remarks on his musical com-
Philosophy of Mr. Heron, remarks on, 87 positions, 320
Piozzian Wreath, leaves from, 142, 247, Rein-deer's Blood, a salutary drink in cold

climates, 75
Pleasure, the exercise of our mental faculties Remarks on some attempts to pass the wiu-
the greatest, 77, 81

ter in high northern latitudes, 20, 74
Political State of the Nation and of Europe,

on Mr. Heron's Philosophy, 87
5, 71, 211, 295, 309, 458

- on Dr. Goldsmith's Ellay on the
Poor rate, experiment to letsen it at Pains. Schools of Music, 153
wick, 373

Rhyme, objections to its use, 77-seems ne.
method whereby it was lessened cessary to Poetry in modern Languages, ib.
at Bradford, 374

Robberies, fingular ones, 61, 62, 213, 467
Population promoted by enclosures, 419 Roberts, Capt. particulars of his murder, 377
Presents, 465, 466

Rousseau, circumstances attending his death,
Proceedings in the House of Commons, on
the address in answer to the King's speech,

his Tomb described, 155
46.-on the Militia bill, 113, 115, 117, 197, Royal Academy Exhibition, Itrictures on,
434-on the Army Estimates, 119-on

the Fortifications, 118, 185, 189, 191, Salisbury, Earl of, their Majesties stand
437-A the Production of ladia Papers, sponsors for his daughter, 377




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in it, 13

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Salchill, cause of the death of fome Gentle. Style, too great attention to ornament in, apt
men who dined there, 463

to degenerate into Feebleness of, 330
Salmon Fishery, account of, 259

Suicides, 133, 214
Samwell, Ms. his account of Capt. Cook's Sunday toll at Blackfriars-bridge commencedo

Life and Character, 321-and his Death, 467

Supply, particulars of, 282
Schools of Music, essay on, 96

Taxes, new, 278
Scripture, Texts of, placed over the bench in Theatrical Journal, 8, 127, 207, 263, 364
the Seffion-house, 377

Register, iv, 140,215,457, 473,474
Sculpture, the antients exceeded the moderns Thermometer, State of, ii, 70, 138 *, 226,
in that art, 346

306, 384
Scurvy, spirituous liquors productive of, as Thompson, Captain Edward, account of his

well as (alt provisions. 23, 73-Exercise life and writings, 357*--his character,
a preservative from, 76

Sea-bathing, observations on, 93

Timber, comparative value of, 28
Sea-salt, a principal cause of the scurvy, 75 Timber -crees, observations on the pruning of,
Select Commitcee, report of, 273

Sentimental Comedy and Laughing, com-

Time, method of computing it in Japan, 316
parison between, 97*

Tongue, the loss of is a punishment for an un-
Sertions, 63, 213, 378

just Judge, 159 *
of Admiralty, 133

Tradesmen and Clown, a Tale, 421
Shaw, Cuthbert, account of, 14

Translation, on the delicate precision necessary
Shelburne, Lord, Mr. Eden's letter to him,

Travellers, natural cause of the Incredulity
Sheriffs for 1985, list of, 134

which their narratives meet with, 257.
Perfons drank to, co serve that of Treasure, discoveries of, 374, 460, 463,
fice, 378

Trials in Common Pleas, 466
Shipwrecks, 60

in King's-Bench, ib.
Siroc, a disagreeable wind, account of, 286

Trial at Bar in King's Bench, 135
Slavery, fourteen English released from, 59

Trials for Murder, 374, 390
Small Tythes, determination of a cause on,

Tumult at the Hague, 297

Vapour, Elsay on the ascent of, 344
Sons of the Clergy, anniversary meeting of, Vergennes, Comte de, account of, 140*

Voltaire, his Seat at Ferney described, 310
Sound, experiments on its progress in wa- Ways and Means, particulars of, 283
ter, 262

Weich, their antient national character, 158*,
Sound, (the) number of vessels which passed - Colony of them settled in America

it in 1785, 131

years before Columbus arrived there, 337
Speech, King's, 41

Welch Elegies, 339, 340
of the Speaker of the English House Werter, a tragedy, account of, 309
of Commons, 432

Westminster School, election at, 461
of the Speaker of the Irish House of Widow's Vow, a farce, account of, 438
Commons, 298

Window Tax, number of houses chargeable
Speeches of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to, and exempted from, 64
64, 373

Wir, various senses in which the word is used
States General present the French King with by Mr. Pope, 168
two Ships of the Line, 58

Wives, their qualifications in old times, 73
Stocks, price of, ii, 7o, 138*, 226, 306, Women, a council of among the Indians, 400

Worccrter, Bifhop of, epitome of his Sermon
Stone, a remarkable one extracted, 60

before the House of Peers, 112
Scorms, 60, 61, 62,133

Wynnstay, theatrical amusemenis at, 71
Stuart, Gen, particulars of the duel between Young Ladies, their employments and diver.

him and Lord Macartney, 464

Lons, 74

[blocks in formation]


medy, together with Essays on various fube
sex. By William Mainwaring Esq. jects. By James Nelson, 426

Anticipation (the) of the review of the Horse
(A short) to the public, on the pay of Guards, &c. By Timothy Twaddle, Efq.
the British Army. By an Officer, 417

Poet Laureat to the troops, 419
Affectionase Father, (the) a sentimental com Asylum for fugitive pieces, Vol. 2, 426

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Authentic account of Forgeries and. Frauds licy, policy, and operation. By Williams

of various kinds, committed by Charles Pulteney, Esq.417
Price otherwise Patch, &c. 424

India Guide ; or, a journal of a voyage to
Beauties (the) of Mrs. Siddons; or a review the East Indies. By Miss Emily Brittle,
of her performance in the characters of

Belvidera, Zara, Isabella, &c. in letters from Inserior Politics ; with an appendix, contain-
a lady of distinction to her friend in the, ing a plan for the reduction of the national
country, 356*

debt. By Hewling Luron, 418
Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy translat. Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, with Sa-

ed from the Latin ; with notes and illustra- muel Johnson, LL. D. By James Bol.

tions. By the Rev. Philip Ridpath, 40 well, Esq. 163, 340, 413
Bozzi and Piozzi ; or, the British Biogra. Juvenile indiscretions, a povel, 426

phers, a town eclogue. By Peter Pındar Legal attempt (A) to enforce the Practice of
Esq. 354*

Infânt Baptism; being a genuine copy of a
Breeches (the) or the Country Curate and Cob. petition to parliament by the nurses and

ler's Wife, a comic, satiric, poetic, descrip- chambermaids of London &c. againft the
tive tale, 41

anabaptists, 266
Cary's actual Survey of Middlesex, on a scale Letter to Archibald Macdonald, Esq. on the

of an inch to a mile, wherein the roads, intended plan for reforming the police of
rivers, woods, &c. are distinguished, and Westminster, 182
every seat shewn, with the name of the por. Letters concerning the Northern Coast of the
feffor, &c. 108

County of Autrim. By the Rev, William
Circumstantial account of the loss of the Hamilton, M. A. 258, 352
Halrewell India-man, 179

(two) to the Right Hon. Mr. Pitt for
Compendium of Useful Knowledge. By obtaining an equal system of taxation, and
Dr. Trusler, 108

for reducing the nationaidebt. By P. Bar.
Confiderations on the necessity of lowering the

foot, E14.423
exorbitant Freight of ships employed by the

Life (the)

i Hyder Ally, with an account of
East India Company. By Anthony his usurpation of My-fore, and other conti.
Brough, 267

guous provinces ; to which is annexed a ce-
Consolation to the Mourner, and Instruction nuine narrative of the sufferings of the Bria

both to Youth and Old Age, from the ear. tih prisoners of war. By Francis Robson,
ly death of the Righteous. By Samuel Esq. 267
Cooper, D. D. 422

Medical cautions for the confideration of In-
Discourses on Prophecy, read in the Chapel valids, those especially who resort to Buch.

of Lincoln's Inn, at the lecture founded by By James Makittrick Adair, M. D. 184
the late Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By E.uft Melvyn Dale, a novel. By a lady, 266
Apthorp, D. D. 348

Memoirs of the literary and philosophical so-
Efficacy (the) of a finking fund of one million ciety of Manchester. Vols, I and 2, 32,
per annum confidered. By Sir Francis

97, 161, 344
Blake, 336

Mufe (the) of Britain ; a dramatic ode. 19-
Elegy written in a Country Church Yard, scribed to the Right Hon. William Pitt, 4:

translated into Latin, to which other poems Narrative (a of the Death of Captain James
are added, 424

Cook, to which are avded some particulars
English Claffics, being select works of Addi- of his life and character; and obl Tvations

fon, Pope, and Milton, adapted to the peru- respecting the introduction of the Venereal
sal of youth of both sexes at school. By J. Disease into the Sandwich lands. By D2-
Walker, 109

vid Samwell, 423
Enquiry (an) into the influence which enclo.

(a genuine) of facts which led to the
i fures have had on the population of Eng. murder of Patrick Randall M'Dennel, E:ą.

land. By the Rev. J. Howlett, 419 near Castlebar in the Kiaguom of Ireland,
Errors (the) of innocence, 104
Farewell Oiles for the year 1786. By Peter -( an authentic) of Miss Fanny Davies,
Pindar, Esq. 415

the celebrated modern Amazun, &c.
Florio, a tale for fiue gentlemen and fine la- 424

dies : and the Bas Bleu ; or, conversa- New Foundling Hospital for Wit; being a
tion : Two poems, 109

collection of fugitive pieces in proie and
History of Wales, in nine books. By the verse, a new edition, 426
Rey William Warrington, 337

Observations on a late publication entitled
History of Sandford and Merton, a work in. thoughts on executive justice. To which
tended for the use of children, Vol. 2, is adued a letter containing remarks on the

fame work, 39
Impress of Seamer, considerations on its lega. Philofophical, historical, and moral ET



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