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at $60 each; 5 Clerks, at $60 each; 5 Stewards, at $60 each; 140 members, at $50 each. There are three Engine Companies and 1 Hook and Ladder Company, and 1 Hydrant Company, at East Boston, which are not required to attend Fires in the City proper, except by special order of the Chief Engineer. Their compensation is as follows: Foremen; $75 each per annum; Assistant Foremen, $60 each; Clerks, $60 each; Stewards, $60 each; Members, $50 cach.


[Ord. p. 187.]

Central Office, No. 8 City Building, Court Square. Superintendent, Joseph B. Stearns. Salary $1,000 per annum.

[Chosen by concurrent vote.] Operators, John F. Kennard, S. F. Cutting, Adam McAfee,

George S. Thom. [Salary $2.00 per day.]

A constant watch is kept at the Central Office, night and day. Each operator is on duty four hours. Two persons are required to be about the office at all times for safety, in case of accident to any of the machinery, or sudden illness of the attending operator.

No operator is permitted to sleep during his watch unless expressly relieved by some one else.

Each operator is accountable to the Superintendent for any omissions or mistakes, that may occur at the Central Office during his hour of duty.

An accurate account is kept of the time of giving each alarm, and of the District and Station from whence it originates.

Alarms are transmitted to the Central Office, from the Signal stations or Boxes, by turning the crank in the Box. The Police, and a person resident near each Box, have each a key to the Boxes.

Alarms are usually given in less than a minute from the time the crank is turned in any Box, which is done in accordance with the following directions:


1. If a fire is discovered in your vicinity, go to the near. est box in the District.

2. Turn the crank twenty-five times, rather slowly at first, then quite fast at last. If convenient, wait at the box so as to direct the Firemen where to go.

3. If you hear no reply at the box, or on the bells, turn again. If still no reply, go to another box in the District.

4. The Police, upon hearing the bells, will spring their rattles and call the number of the District.

The alarm will be given from the Central Station by striking the number of the District on the bells, and tapping the number of the Station in the boxes.


1. Be sure that your box is locked before leaving it.

2. Never open the box or touch the apparatus except in case of fire.

3. Never let the key go out of your possession, unless called for by the City Authorities.

There are 49 Signal Stations distributed and located in accordance with the following plan:


DISTRICT, No. 1. East and North of Leverett, Green, Court and State Streets. Station No. 1. — Faneuil Hall.

2. - Corner Marshall and Hanover streets.

3. — Richmond, east of Hanover street.
4. _ Eastern Railroad "Wharf.
5.-Constitution Wharf.

Station No. 6. — Phipps Place, corner of Charter street.

7. — Cooper street Church. 8. — Boston and Maine Railroad Freight Depot. 9. - Causeway, corner of Lowell street. 10. — Vernon street, corner Leverett. 11. — Sudbury street, Williams' stable. 12. — Hull, corner of Snowhill street. 13. — Engine House, No. 6 Wall street.


West of Lowell, Green, Court, Tremont, and Boylston streets.

Station No. 1. Church in North Russell street.

2.- West Cedar, corner of Cambridge strect. 3. Engine House, No. 4, foot of Mt. Vernon

street. 4.- West Centre, corner of Pinckncy street. 5. - Reservoir, Hancock street. 6. -- Bowdoin, corner of Cambridge street. 7. - Albion, Tremont street.

Poplar, corner of Spring street.



Between THE WATER, Beach, Washington, Boylston, Tremont,

Court and State Streets.

Station No. 1. - Old South Church.

2. - Central, corner of Broad street.
3. - Belmont, corner of High street.
4. — No. 21 Purchase street.
5. — Lincoln, corner of Summer street.
6. - Dr. Cabot's, Winter street.
7. - Central Office, City Building.
8. Engine House No. 7 Purchase street.

Univirsity at MICHIGAN



Between Dover, THE WATER, Beach, Washington and Boylston


Station No. 1. - Old Colony Railroad Depot.

2.- Hydrant House, No. 2 Hudson street.
3.- Seneca street, near Harrison Avenue.
4.-Indiana Place Church.
5.- Engine House, No. 12, Warren street.
6.- Providence Railroad Depot.
7. —- Boylston Market.
8. — Tremont, opposite end of Dover street.


South of Dover street.

Station No. 1. — Engine House No. 3.

2. Church on Shawmut Avenue, corner Wal

tham street. 3.- Hydrant No. 5. 4. — Shawmut Avenue, corner Chester Place. 5. —- Harrison Avenue, corner of Brookline

, strcet.


Comprises South Boston.
Station No. 1. — Broadway, corner of Dorchester Avenue.

2.- Engine House No. 2.
3. — Lyceum Hall.
4. — Broadway, near Dorchester street.
5.- 4th street, between L and M.
6.- Washington Village.


Comprises East Boston.

Station No. 1. - Near Toll House, on Boston side.


Samuel Cook, Harbor Master. Salary $1200, and $800 for

two Boatmen, and $150 for rent of Boat House. Chosen by concurrent vote annually, “if expedient." [Ordinances, p. 224.]



SECTION 1. All vessels in the upper harbor are to anchor according to the directions of the Harbor master.

SECT. 2. All vessels in the upper harbor, not intended to be hauled into some wharf immediately, must anchor below the range of India Wharf, and the easterly point of East Boston, either on the north or south side of the channel, designated by the following marks, viz. : on the south by the tall steeple in Hanover street, in range with the Granite block on Long Wharf; and on the north by Long Island Light, in range with the half moon battery on Governor's Island.

SECT. 3. The master, commander, or owners of vessels, shall, as soon as practicable, after having hauled to the end of any wharf that extends to the channel in said harbor, cause her lower yards to be cock-billed, and her top-sail yard to be braced fore and aft, and her jib-boom to be rigged in, and the yards and jib-boom shall be kept so arranged, while such vessel lies at the end of the wharf, as aforesaid, and until she is preparing immediately to leave her berth.

SECT. 4. All vessels found lying in the stream, not anchored according to the regulations, and not having a sufficient crew to move them, will be moved by the Harbor Master at the vessel's expense.

SECT. 5. No person shall throw or deposit in said harbor, or any part thereof, any stones, gravel, ballast, cinders, ashes, dirt, mud, or other substances, which may, in any respect, tend to injure the navigation thereof.

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