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The Joint Special Committee, to whom was referred so much of the Mayor's Address as relates to the organization of a new Board of Health, having carefully considered the subject, beg leave to submit the following


The necessity for a more efficient organization of the Health Department in this city has been recognized for a number of years; but it was not until last year that the subject was presented to the City Council in a definite shape. The alarming discovery which was then made in regard to the extensive sale of unwholesome provisions in the streets and market-houses, and the numerous facts brought to light by the investigation which followed, showed very clearly the dangers to which the inhabitants were exposed from the lack of systematic measures for the preservation of the public health, and led to a recommendation for the establishment of an independent Board, which should have the exclusive control and management of this department.

Before proceeding to give the details of the proposed change, and the reasons on which they are based, it may be well to refer briefly to the manner in which the present organization has grown up.

Previous to 1799, the powers of a Board of Health were vested in a Health Committee, chosen at the annual town

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