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substantiate them, thus creating a suspicion and weakening its beneficial influence, yet the investigation may have been productive of good, in dissipating the idea which some persons seem to have had, that it was established for a Lying-in Hospital, or a general asylum for all classes of lodgers and vagrants who throw themselves on the charities of a large


The statistics of the Home for the last year are as fol

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Children adopted

8 Lost children restored to their parents or guardians

182 Nurses furnished with situations

27 Persons " employment

443 Adults sent to Tewksbury

42 Children

47 Persons their friends

142 Deaths

3 Eleven thousand eight hundred and six single meals furnished.

The daily business at the office has somewhat increased over that of former years, with the same number of clerks and assistants. Four hundred and sixty-five papers have been made out for new applicants seeking relief. The total number now on the Register is six thousand nine hundred and thirty-six. Number of pensioners on the Trust Funds is now two hundred and eighty-eight.

The present occupants of the Charity Building are the Overseers of the Poor, the City Physician, and the organization for "soldier's aid," whose office was removed from the City Hall during the past season.

The following private associations — an account of whose history and objects was presented in the last report – still occupy the rooms assigned to them, and are, in their respective spheres of duty, accomplishing much good in the direction for which the building was erected :

Boston Provident Association.
Industrial Aid Society.
Massachusetts Soldiers' Fund.
Boston Soldiers' Fund.
Boston Sewing Circle.
Ladies Relief Agency.
Young Men's Benevolent Society.

All these societies act in harmony with each other and the Board, and the year closes with the feeling that this department of the city service is discharging the work to which it is assigned in a satisfactory manner, and for the public welfare.

Respectfully submitted, in behalf of the Board of Overseers of the Poor.



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The Board of Overseers of the Poor of said city return the following statement of their receipts and expenditures for the year ending April 30, 1872:


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Cash on hand, May 1st, 1871
Drafts on City Treasurer,

including requisitions for

acct. of Temp. Home Cash from 112 cities and towns,

State of Mass. for relief of sick, including $2 p'd City Treas. by Treas. of State for our account, Feb. 1871, not reported to us until June, 1871, $5,600 07 for burials

3,190 00
from City Treasurer, In-

Stoughton Poor
Fund,” 2 years

from Occupants of Charity
Building, for heating
for burials

8,790 07


101 40

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380 80

24 00

$86,833 24

$95,100 40


$3,034 99

Amount paid for burials,

31 cities and towns for

relief of Boston poor expenses City Tempo

5,533 87

rary Home

8,082 21

17,016 75

351 00

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- pensions and grants at

office immediate relief of persons haviny no

coal and wood (8474
tons coal, 12 cords

for groceries
salary of Secretary

56 “ Book-keeper salaries of Clerks

66 Visitors office expenses (print

ing, stationery, furniture, postage, etc.) transportation for account of Charity

Building (fuel, etc., and salaries of en

gineer and janitor) to be refunded.

7,803 63 14,283 00 2,200 00 1,700 00 1,112 49 3,600 00

464 16

97 02

5,004 38

40 87

Cash paid City Treasurer
Cash balance, April 30, 1872 .

$70,324 37 23,295 69 1,480 34

$95,100 40


JOHN PRATT, Secretary.

Payments to the City Treasurer during the year. Amount paid him by the Treasurer of the State

for our account Feb., 1871, not reported to us · until June, 1871, and so not included in last report

$2 00 Receipts from cities and towns during the year ending April 29, 1871 .

8,022 36 On account of receipts from cities and towns since

April 29, 1871
Receipts from the State for relief of sick during

5,598 07 Receipts from the State for burials

3,190 00 Receipts from occupants of Charity Building for heating expenses to July 1, 1870 .

983 26

5,500 00

the year


$23,295 69

Fuel and gas.

Expenditures on account of Temporary Home. Groceries, provisions, etc.

$3,821 62

549 70 Furniture, $389 80, repairs $198 10

587 90 Medicines

102 11 Water rates

143 85 Stationery

9 85 Dry goods

571 54 Salaries

2,014 52 Hack hire $29 50, sundries 251 62

281 12

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