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Seated from left-Renato Beghe, Robert P. Ruwe, Arthur L. Nims III, Howard A. Dawson, Jr., Joel Gerber,
Herbert L. Chabot, Julian I. Jacobs, and Laurence J. Whalen

Standing front row from left-David Laro, James S. Halpern, Thomas B. Wells, Mary Ann Cohen, Stephen J. Swift,
John O. Colvin, Carolyn P. Chiechi, and Maurice B. Foley

Standing back row from left-Mark V. Holmes, Robert A. Wherry, Jr., Harry A. Haines, Michael B. Thornton,
Juan F. Vasquez, Joseph H. Gale, L. Paige Marvel, Joseph Robert Goeke, and Diane L. Kroupa

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Senior Judges recalled to perform judicial duties under the provisions of section 7447 of the Internal Revenue Code:

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1 Judge Colvin succeeded Judge Gerber as Chief Judge on June 1, 2006.

2 Judge Gerber retired May 31, 2006, and was recalled June 1, 2006.


Seated from left-Carleton D. Powell, D. Irvin Couvillion, Peter J. Panuthos, and Stanley J. Goldberg Standing from left-John F. Dean, Robert N. Armen, Jr., and Lewis R. Carluzzo

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